Garmin SALE!!

So I tried to make this post the other day and for some reason, the links caused something weird on my blog, so I'm going to try again because I want you guys to know about the sale going on this week. 

Garmin has two watches on sale, and they are both really great watches so I wanted to make sure yall knew about them.

I will upfront say that Garmin is not sponsoring this post. I just know that I get asked a lot about them and wanted to share. I also have not had either one of these watches, but I know tons of friends that have and love them both. The Garmin Forerunner 235 is a little more popular but they are very similar watches. 

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is on sale by $80!! Another thing of note is that Garmin doesn't do sales often so if you are thinking of buying one, I would go ahead. It's normally $330 and it's $249.99 (aka it's $250 lol). It comes with the wrist heart rate capabilities. 

You can exchange the bands on both of these watches as well to any color that you like! :) 

The second one for sale this week is the Garmin Forerunner 230. It's very similar to the 235 and it's a little cheaper. It's $50 off (normally $250 and is $199). 

The watch that I have is the Garmin 920XT which is my favorite tri watch. I honestly love how bulky it is but yet light weight. It makes me feel like a legit athlete (ha). The forerunner 235 and 230 have biking capabilities but not the swim so if you are interested in tri, then I definitely recommend this one. I love that it's not touch screen because I like to have buttons. When I'm working out, I don't know where my fingers are hitting all over that screen so I like to have something that I can physically touch with the buttons! Here is that link: 

It's so insane to me that just last year when I got this watch, it was $500 and now it's $400. That just goes to show you that technology is going to always improve. I make investments, and then I take really good care of my stuff so that even when there is the newest latest and greatest, mine still works fine. There are some newer watches out but everyone is being pretty negative about them and saying the battery life is not good and will die before the end of an ironman. I literally have no basis for that so that's just rumor and take it with a grain of salt, but sometimes newest isn't best because I LOVE my Garmin 920XT!! 

What watch do you guys have and why do you like it? In 100% honesty, I want to hear because I get asked all the time from being associated with Garmin and I'm always looking to learn. 


How I Respected My husband and made our marriage better

I always like to start these semi controversial blogs with "DIS IS MY BLOG. YOU DO YOU BOO BOO." 

This is not your typical southern baptist "well the bible says to respect my husband as head of the household therefore I'm going to lie down and not speak" so while the title may have made you think that, that's not what this is about. I also think it's important to recognize I'm sharing this in efforts to show others even small little issues can be resolved without huge blow ups, but that I'm being vulnerable so maybe keep that in mind. ;) 

I just simply wanted to share a story on how I really did something that I've never done before and how it changed my marriage. When Tanner and I moved to NYC, there was no trouble in paradise but there were a few heated arguments over REALLY silly stuff. I can remember the days but like not even really what they were about. I think we all have these. I do remember one thing though...he felt completely and utterly disrespected from the way that I treated him in front of other people. He never said those words of course though.

I am not one to deal with this well so I fired shots. Shots like, "OH COMEEEEEE ON CALM DOWN IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS DUDE! IT WAS A JOKE!" I also fired shots of "How dare you demand respect like this is 1910? I am a woman. Here me roar." 

We all know I'm over exaggerating here, but you get the point. To explain what was going on-I was doing what every wife does right? Her husband says something that she believes to be silly. She rolls her eyes in efforts to let everyone know "He's so silly. I know he's silly. I'm embarrassed." I have this thing that I do to myself also. I point out my flaws to make everyone laugh. I thought the same humor would hold true when pointing out the flaws of my front of him...and friends. I'm not a terrible person. These are not like REAL flaws, but like funny flaws. For example, I always laugh about how someone will tell me "I saw someone that looked JUST LIKE YOU the other day" and I'm like "Let me guess. They had a long horse face." (cue the laughter) 

Everyone laughs when I say this because they know I have a long face which makes it even more funny when I'm like "YEA SEE WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING SO HARD!!" I'm not offended by this. I don't have low self esteem about my long face. I just have one and I like to make people laugh about it. So what was the harm in playing this game with my husband right? 


I was having a bible study with a group of girls and we were going through the book, Love and Respect and the "crazy cycle." The crazy cycle goes like this. You feel unloved so you disrespect him. He feels disrespected so he doesn't love you well. You aren't loved well so you disrespect. You get it? In order to break this cycle someone has to just say "Okay, I'm just going to sacrifice my desires in efforts to do this for you." Typical Christian-ese marriage talk. 

So, I'm reading along in the book and it says something about making a joke at the expense of your spouse to make others laugh. I thought "Woah... do I do that?" I had never thought of it in that way. My little grinch heart started to soften. We went to our group that night and I had this epiphany moment. I know they all probably thought it was just normal talk but I was thinking "No really, this is huge. I've got to stop. I'm going to stop. I'm being so mean to him in efforts to make others laugh. I get embarrassed by some goofy thing he might say and I roll my eyes at him. That's not the wife I want to be. I want to lift him up." 

I'm going to be honest, and I know that some might think it's silly but men were CREATED to have their ego stroked.... and especially by their wives. No, my husband does not ask me to stroke his ego or even make reference to this but when I started uplifting my husband instead of picking on him, he was a different person. Let me tell you though... that did NOT happen overnight. The word I would describe him as was ... defensive.

I started to notice that any time there was even a hint at something that I was putting him down, almost like he thought I was treating him like a little kid, he would give a snide remark (mind you it's Tanner-he doesn't raise his voice but he would immediately make it clear he thought I was putting him down and he didn't understand why I always do that). I kept thinking to myself how I created him that way when that was NOT how he used to be, so it was my job to undo it and show him I wasn't going to pick on him or put him down. I know yall only know me through this blog, but yall, I don't do well with keeping my mouth shut in moments like this. It took genuine REAL effort to be think to myself "KATIE DO NOT SNAP BACK!!" I can remember twice I had moments of broken down tears of "I'm trying so hard to uplift you and be so biblical with the way I'm treating you and you don't even recognize how hard I'm working over here" and him immediately being like "Oh wow. I had no idea you were even trying. I'll start trying too." 

Little by little, he started to give back. Little by little, he started to not have the knee jerk response of defensiveness. It's been really cool to see the change in our marriage simply by me sacrificing just getting that last word in. When I say we don't fight...we like legit don't fight. I can't even remember the last time.  We agree on really big issues that people argue about (politics, religion, food preferences, financial preferences, ways to raise a kid [we will see how that lasts ha], etc etc) so we find it rather easy to agree. I honestly will say that without a doubt, I made him into the defensive person that he was for a year. I picked on him. I made him feel belittled. But, I had no idea I was even doing it. It took introspection to see the things that I needed to change. It took a solid year to undo the response he had towards me, and then now I look back and think "when did the defensiveness stop?" I don't even know. But, it did. 

I know there will be tons of stories like this in our marriage, but it's really cool to look back and know that through making Christ the center of our marriage, I was able to recognize that it's not about me and my desires, but about how can I make us better together. I'm not saying I got this gig figured out and it was most definitely the work of the Lord through me in those moments of prayfully keeping my mouth shut and knowing how to uplift him not put him down, but in all those moments of wanting to say "NO! ME ME ME! I AM WOMAN HERE MY ROAR" to saying "I respect you so much and I think you're wonderful and a true gift to me so I'm going to shut up and sit down", I was able to see my husband become an even better husband and love me even better than he already did. 

((There are so many run on sentences in this blog and yall all know I'm not a grammatically well written author and I'm more of a 'spew my thoughts on the world wide web' type of blogger so please forgive me. hahaha!!))





Quit Freaking Out Over Weight Gain

Okay first things first ladies....quit freaking out in general. 

I read an article about the science behind hitting your goals, and you wanna know what the number 1 thing that helped people to reach their goals-HAVING FUN! 

Yes, the treadmill will burn calories but if you hate running on the treadmill and stop after 2 weeks, how is that going to help anything? If you are getting on it even for a 6 month period (for example for like a bikini bodybuilding show) and then you stop, that's just going to set you up for a rebound. I am a FIRM believer that if you remain 20lbs overweight in a stable manner eating well, eating a lot and doing what you love moving your body, you are MUCH healthier than someone that drives themselves into the ground and then rebounds. 

The one thing that you need to do in your weight loss journey is to find stability. You need to find a place that you can maintain and you should eat well to maintain that. I always go back to my friend Brandy who has an incredible relationship with food. She's been seriously the same weight since I've known her for 6 years. She doesn't eat healthy foods hardly ever but she looks like she does because she just simply listens to her body. On days she may eat a lot the day before, she's like "welp I'm not as hungry today so I'm not going to eat as much today." DONE. FINISHED. IT'S NOT THAT COMPLICATED. 

Everyone says "Yea she's young" but the reason she stays like this is she just simply doesn't make food a big deal!! 

Everyone says "Yea she's young" but the reason she stays like this is she just simply doesn't make food a big deal!! 

At my race as I was passing these two ladies, they yelled at me "Yea, we were young and skinny once without trying!" YEA OKAY WOMAN...if you only knew me... 

I was talking with my neighbor yesterday and she said that her family reads my blog about nutrition and we got to chatting about weight loss and how complicated we all make it. We want a magic pill. We say we want it easy but really, we want to make it complicated. We want a detox. We want some supplements, and a shake that will promise weight loss. I'm here to tell you it just really isn't that complicated. 

Can you have ice cream every day? Honestly yea you probably can. Can you have 2 bowls full? Well, probably not unless you are having that as your dinner. 

If you are actively trying to lose weight, then yes you are going to have to continually stay on a path that gets you there, and that's more complicated but for those that may have like 5lbs to lose that they have to fight for...why fight so hard? Do a cut for a little bit (just like I did because it's not that serious), and if it doesn't work, why not just enjoy life and food? Again, I feel I always have to add in the disclaimer that I DO NOT mean just having no goals and just going off on the other end. I'm talking about MAINTAINING your weight as foreign of a concept as that is. What a world it would be if we weren't either gorging and gaining or starving and losing!!! There IS a middle ground. 

If you take care of yourself, I promise you'll be much happier. 

What if you lived one day without waking up in the morning and thinking how you need to lose weight? It's possible. Just let go. 

Let's go back to the title...let's say that you've gained 20lbs. Let's say you've gained 50lbs and you are like "well crap!" Anyone would feel that way and those feelings are totally natural, but don't let that consume you. Don't let it affect your mood. Don't let it control you. Just start eating better. "BUT I DONT WANT TO EAT BETTER!" Well, it's really not that hard. Eating better does not mean eating salads and nasty food. Just start making small adjustments here and there, and it will start to add up. Maybe just add a side salad instead of those fries with your burger. Maybe just don't get ranch with the fries? Don't expect HUGE results overnight but know that you'll get to keep these results forever without messing with your metabolism.

The reason that everyone always talks about this "lifestyle change" is because in order to stay in good shape, you've got to just accept that you can't eat burgers and fries every day but that also doesn't mean that you can't have burgers and fries. We ALWAYS have to take it to one extreme or the other, and we really need to camp out in the middle. If you go to a church potluck and can't eat, what the heck is the point of that diet? If you go to a church potluck and eat until you can't move, why would you do that? haha! When talking with my neighbor, she said that women ask her all the time what she does (she's in her 60's) because she's very thin and "what diet is she on?" She has never once been on a diet. She's just not an idiot. She doesn't eat heavy foods because they make her feel BAD. Why do we want to feel bad so badly? haha! 

When we go on vacation, we lose all regards for foods that make us feel good because we have such a warped relationship with food. I'm a firm believer in just listening to your body on vacation. Why go on vacation and feel bloated and gross the entire time just to enjoy gross food? Why not feel awesome and just eat when you are hungry, stop when you're full, and whatever you want on vacation. It doesn't mean that you can't have those fun foods....but just STOP when you're full. 

Tanner's grandmother passed away yesterday afternoon. Do you think it matters what she ate? Do you think that it mattered what she freakin ate? NO. NO ONE CARES. NO ONE REMEMBERS THAT. Just STOP. Life is too short. Stop with all the extremes!!!! You were made for more.

Well, that felt good. ;) 

What does your body feel like after an ultra?

This was something that I was very curious about. What would my body feel like?

When I came across the finish line, I honestly thought "Wow. I could do more!" and by more I mean like ... not another step but like I actually didn't feel horrible. The weather was really nice, so I think that helps. We started at 7:30 so by the time that I finished all 36 miles it was around 12:30-1ish so the sun was out a little more at that point but not bad at all. The point of that meaning that I didn't get that dehydrated.


I really didn't make efforts to get in a certain amount but just tried to drink along the way as much as I could. When I say as much as I could, I mean... not enough. I'm SO SO bad about this kind of stuff. Typically I feel terrible when I guzzle down a bunch of water so I try to take smaller drinks along the way. I've got to figure out a better system in the leading months coming up to the ironman. I think one thing I'm going to switch to is not just water but drinks with something more sustainable in them. If you have your favorite sports drink, then please comment and let me know what you use and why you love it. 


Again, I didn't do well. I woke up and had 1 cup of oatmeal then a cliff bar before the start. My stomach was honestly hurting, and I wasn't nervous so not like that kind of hurting. So, I took 2 gus in the first 10 miles and then a peanut butter sandwich and that was it. Yikes. That's a total of approximately 850 calories, and I could have burned as much as 4000 from what I calculated. That put me in a deficit of 3150 calories. When I finished, I wasn't hungry... at all. I never am. Different people are affected differently but I think many feel this way. The hunger doesn't hit until later. I forced down part of a banana and felt sick. They had barbeque, hushpuppies, etc and the smell of the barbeque made me want to vom. I got 2 hushpuppies and 2 cookies. I ate one hushpuppy and thought "NOPE!" 

Aches and Pains

After Grandfather Mountain Marathon, I got this weird sensation where all the toxins started going into my legs and my legs have never hurt so bad. I expected that to happen at the end of this, and yes my legs were aching, but not like that. I was hobbling around and it hurts to walk but not like THAT intense. Tanner carried me for a bit. 

I determined when I got in the car that I had in fact injured the top of my foot. I sat on the ground and Tanner took off my socks (which was the moment of the glorious foot picture) and it just really hurt differently than the rest of my body. At mile 10, I thought I had hurt my ankle but that went away during the race. On the way home, I was scared to move my foot much. Turns out, that was a total false alarm. My foot is totally fine and didn't hurt like that by the time we made the 3 hour drive home. 

We had chips in the car (along with those cookies) and different bars. I kept trying. I would take bites hoping my appetite and hunger and lack of nausea would be there and it just wasn't. I knew it would hit me eventually. 

We were home at around 3:30-4 and Tanner asked me what I wanted to do. My cousin was having an alumni soccer game at the school we are young life leaders at, and I wanted to go see her play. She was SO good at soccer in high school. I wanted to go to dinner before we didn't have time, so I literally came home, showered, changed and was out the door again for her game. I could walk normal (of course it did hurt a little though). 

Right before we left a deep (DEEP) hunger hit and I had 1 cup of oatmeal with 2 cookies because I knew we would be having a huge dinner later. After the game, I had a falafel wrap with fries. It was a huge wrap with tons of fries but it was like typical after an event, my belly was just still empty with that deep hunger. I came home and ate waffles before bed like I always do (even though we had just left the restaurant like 30 min prior). 

This is where the hunger gets REAL. I have never experienced anything like this. My body went into hypermetabolic state overnight. As you can see from the food I posted above, that was CLEARLY not enough and I knew that but I knew myself well enough that the hunger would come, and BOY DID IT on day 2! I have no idea what my calories were (although I kinda wish that I did know the epicness of it) but there is no hunger like an ultra hunger. Ultra-the gift that keeps on giving! LOL! 

At 4:30am, I woke up so hungry that I came downstairs and had a big bowl of cookies & cream ice cream and went back to sleep. I woke up and had Cinnamon Rolls with Tanner and then we went to church. I wrote on my hand "So hungry" during church to show Tanner as I thought my body was literally eating itself. That communion bread never tasted so good. HAHAH! The pot luck dinner we had with church was PERFECT timing! I just KEPT on eating. You know those moments when you burp and you're like "YES MORE ROOM!" hahaha! That was dinner. I'm going to give you a play by play of my food but just know ... if you do an ultra... you will feel as if there is no way you could possibly still be hungry and then your stomach growls. It's pretty freakin awesome. LOL! 

As far as pain, I of course woke up sore. The biggest soreness for me was my hips and joints. They just felt tight so I really did some good stretching and yoga on Sunday. I do actually what Tanner calls "intuitive yoga" and I do it for about 20 minutes just slowly feeling the places that my body feels tight and doing poses that stretch those areas. It felt really great. 


Yall, this part was something that I didn't expect. On Saturday night, when we went to the game for my cousin, my vision was a little blurry and I thought "My electrolytes are off. I know I haven't eaten enough but I feel sick so this will go away tomorrow."

I woke up and the vision thing was still there. I realized what it was though. It was seriously that my eyes were SO heavy and I was SO sleepy that I could barely keep them open so it was almost like they were watering from wanting to close. I had too much to do to be honest with these week ahead so I did not get to sleep on Sunday afternoon like I wanted to and take a nap. I just had to fight it, and I've never felt such sleepiness. 

We went to the potluck dinner and my grandmothers house (my entire family goes every Sunday night) and I acted normal but I DID NOT feel normal. I was so incredibly tired that I can't even explain it. Obviously, it didn't help that from the moment I got home I did stuff until Sunday night so I know that's a huge factor. We got home on Sunday night at 9pm and I slept HARD until 6am when I had to get up for work for client check ins. 

Yesterday (Monday), the hunger was still there. I woke up STARVING after that epic day of eating and I just kept on eating. Yes, there are definitely ways to keep up with how much I need but I'd rather just eat in abundance and not add one more thing to the list of things to think about. Upon waking up this morning, I feel back to baseline hunger... I think...but probably not. 

My soreness is gone as of this morning, and my coach wants me to do a 60 minute run today super duper duper slow just to work out soreness and see how I feel. If you guys will remember, the last epic adventures of 2016 is the ironman and so the training for that will rev up next week for that. Part of me is like HOLY CRAP RUNNING ALREADY, but I know that my coach knows best and that's why I hired him is to be the boss and so I trust that he takes care of me. 

Post ultra was a fun thing to experience as well, and I imagine post ironman will be the same. I don't feel this way post marathon really. I'm of course hungrier than normal but it's not that DEEP emotion that I felt in my soul with the ultra. haha! 

Reminder form the top of the post: What's yalls favorite sports drink and why please?

Oh, and just while you're at it, do you ever plan on doing an ultra? Have you done one? What are your favorite races?





Gamelands Ultra 50K

RACE Profile: Almost No elevation, great trails with some loose sand and creek crossings-->3 loops of 10.5 miles each

Wow. Wowie. WOWZAS. What a day Saturday was!

How does one remember what happened across 36 miles?...not me but I'm going to do the best I can. I know yall don't want to be reading all day either, so I'll keep this as short as I can ;) 

When I was reading my splits to Tanner, he was like "OH MY GOSH THAT'S SO MANY SPLITS!" hahaha! Yea I KNOW! I never EVER EVER imagined that my little leggies could take me 36 miles and when I woke up Saturday morning, I really had no idea what was in store. I never got nervous once leading up to not even at the start line. I did that thing I always talk about. I just didn't think about it. Tanner would be like "How ya feeling?" and I'm just like "Ah..well..haven't thought about it. I'm sure I'll make it to the end eventually" HAHA!

My pre race meal is EMBARASSING yall (and hilarious). We got to the town the race was in and didn't look it up. It was 8pm and I was like OMG WE HAVE TO EAT DINNER. The only thing in that town (we would have had to drive 30 min away) was freakin fast food so Bojangles chicken supreme combo was my great pre race nutrition. LOL!! IT WAS GOOD DOE. I ate really well the entire rest of the day but just 100% whole foods and carbs only. Two days before a race, I never even think about protein and try to keep fat grams down. If you just straight eat whatever, you'll end up with a lot of fat grams so I try to eat all carb (smoothies, bagels, english muffins, pasta, beans, potatoes, oats, mashed potatoes (ha), fruit, granola, froyo, etc). 

I talked to Tanner on the way...I would start with a 9 min mile then see how I felt. Why do I never listen to my plan? OH well. It worked out. 

The race started. I like IMMEDIATELY moved to second place in the pack. It separated quickly. The guy in front of me runs a 2:42 marathon.  At mile 3, we took a wrong turn that we thought the signs were telling us to do and ended up 0.5 mile (approximately) extra with that. I was so grumpy about that which is HILARIOUS knowing what was to come. 

We caught back up with the group and passed them again. I felt amazing. I didn't look at my watch but when I looked down with the beep, it said 7:37 for one of those miles...ON TRAILS. I was like WOAHHHH. Slow ya roll girlfriend. Did I slow that roll? OF COURSE NOT. 

Ultras don't make you pay for race day photos-haha! Coming into the first loop feeling awesome here!  

Ultras don't make you pay for race day photos-haha! Coming into the first loop feeling awesome here!  

[[I will go ahead and say I was thinking 'I'm totally going to bonk at the end of this with these splits...I'm gonna die a slow and painful death at mile 20..AND I NEVER DID. That's what I always tell Tanner when he gets mad at me for going fast. MIGHT AS WELL TRY because maybe you won't bonk and then you PR!!! lol!!!]]

Mile 4ish I think, Josh caught up with us. He is an amazing person who got me through parts of this race. He has lost 220lbs and is now a plant based ultrarunner and has been on Rich Roll's podcast. Here's his blog. Yall will love it! Miles 5-11, we all hung out (Josh, me and Sean)! Sean and Josh were the first and second place finishers. We all told our stories and kind of what led us to that point, and I tried to ask them questions about ultras and how to handle miles 26+.

[[SPLITS FOR MILES 1-11--> 8:07, 8:02, 7:43, 7:47, 8:01, 7:59, 7:53, 7:57, 7:43, 7:37, 7:54]]

It's a loop course so at 10.5-11, we got back to the start. They both sat down to take fluids and food. I don't like to sit so I kept going. Sean caught back up to me soon after and went out ahead. We had all decided to split up at that point. Tanner took off with me for two miles. That was so nice and I loved just getting to spend a little time with him. It was good to be with him on those splits to slow me down a little and regroup. At mile 12-13, he turned around to run that 2 back and .... then it began. I feel really silly but the signs were little, I look down while I run and being alone running is just a bad combo for me in terms of directions, and my internal compass literally does not exist. I was fine for a while though, and I felt so great. There was an aid station at mile 2.5 and 8 because the course was like a loop inside of a loop so you passed the same one twice (so there was really only one aid station that you hit up twice). Tanner made me promise to stop on the way back (mile 18ish). I had taken a gu while we were together and during my first lap.

When Tanner and I split up, I easily started cruising in the 7:50's range again. It was like time was whizzing by and I couldn't believe I had ran so far. My legs didn't hurt. My breathing wasn't labored. I was lapping people on the course who I think really thought I was actually crazy because they knew that meant I was returning on my second loop. I thought to myself how I knew I would hit a wall at mile 20. I just was preparing myself mentally for that. I can't remember what I thought about...pretty much nothing (except those times I got lost). Like I legit don't remember having one thought during that 5 hours....? I always say I think the trauma represses my memory or something. LOL! Like who doesn't think to themselves for 5 hours? Anyway... 

Tanner took this on the second loop and posted it to my team katiesfitscript facebook group! hahaha! 

Tanner took this on the second loop and posted it to my team katiesfitscript facebook group! hahaha! 

I came to a fork in the road. I knew I'd been there before, and it was a tall corn field. I stopped. I went back and looked at the little sign that was right before that. It had a straight arrow but it was kinda like curved. Just like on many tests I've taken, I had it down to 50/50 ......... AND I CHOOSE THE WRONG ONE! lolol! I went straight. I was supposed to go left. The trails on this course are beautiful and perfect so therefore when I'm off, it's hard to even know because it's not like you can tell by where people have been. I was alone on the course anyway at that point because I was ahead by so much. I was second overall at this point (18-19 miles in). 

That took me on a loop that was about 3 miles extra. I didn't know what to do. I knew I was lost after about a mile and all I knew to do was to keep running in the direction that I was and hopefully eventually I would run into something that would guide me back. I saw people to my left and so I just started running back that direction. I.WAS.SO.UPSET.AND.MAD.AT.MYSELF. 

How could I be doing so well and do something so silly? At the time, I didn't even realize where I had gone wrong. I was just so confused because I though the arrow was pointed straight and I went straight. Where did I mess up? I didn't understand. I asked a few people what mile they were on and they said they were with the 10 miler. I was just trying to get a gauge for how far I was from the aid station because at this point, I knew I REALLY needed something. I felt fine and wasn't foggy headed but I just knew it would happen if I didn't. We were past that though and I didn't realize it. I honestly wasn't even emotional at this point. I was just like "well shoot!" because I had half of a brain to think at those miles. haha! 

I asked the girl how far the aid station was, and they had already passed it so I guess that's what she thought I meant so she said "probably a mile and a half" meaning we were on our way back. At this point, I was around 23ish miles and I should have been done with the second loop by that point so I was like WHAT IS GOING ON!? 

We got closer. I realized the aid station was in fact BEHIND me, but close enough to the second loop that I'd just get stuff from Tanner. When I hit that second loop, I was at 24 miles (should have been 21), I was SO upset and to be fair and honest... mad. I didn't have enough glycogen to think straight so I was mean. LOL!!! Tanner was trying to force me to take salt tablets, drink this and that and I was just in tears. I ate a peanut butter sandwich and just wanted to start running again. I told him I was just going to run the 7, take a DQ because I knew that's what they would do and told him that I knew mentally there was no way I could run that many extra miles....dun dun dun. He sweetly tried to convince me to just walk to finish it. 

[[SPLITS FOR MILES 12-24--> 8:44, 8:15, 8:15 (3ish when T was with me), 7:52, 7:49, 7:45, 7:50,7:51, 7:54, 8:17(lost), 9:13(lost), 8:56(lost), 8:47]]

The whole 24-28, I was in my head so much like "I'll just turn around to make it an even 31. That's what is fair because that's what I came here to do. No, Katie, do the loop. That's like cheating. But it's not cheating because I AM running the 31 miles. No, Katie, that's cheating. I'll turn around to make it an even 31 and then I'll tell Tomas, the race director, that I can't accept first place because I didn't complete the final loop. Maybe he'll be nice and say he understands. No, he won't. I'll be disqualified."

I literally went back and forth and back and forth.

My watch hit 26.2 miles and I couldn't help but look down. I was at 3:25. I had qualified for Boston on a trail. That was a really cool moment to continue to pick one more foot up and know I wasn't even close. Wow. What a moment. 

 I ran into Josh again at mile 28. I should have been ahead of him but because I went that extra loop, he was FAR in front of me. This just made me SUPER emotional seeing that he was on his way back into the home stretch and I was on my way out still. I told him I was going to turn around. He was like NO YOU ARE NOT. YOU KEEP GOING. YOU COMPLETE THIS. I started crying and he just like pulled me in and let me cry. In all honesty, looking back, it's not THAT serious but at those high miles, I got dramatic. But, as I type this, I feel like the biggest drama queen ever. LOL!! It was my first ultra and while I had heard that people get turned around on ultras a lot, I just assumed it wouldn't happen to me. Josh told me that it would make me a true ultrarunner by finishing what I came out here to do and that I could still pull out first place women overall and would do it with 3 extra miles (I haven't gotten to the final 2 yet HA). 

[[SPLITS 25-29--> 10:13 (had a side stitch lol), 9:54, 9:35, 9:31, 10:13]]

I told Josh that I couldn't promise I was going to take his advice and that I might turn right back around soon after. But, when he ran off, I got a second/third wind and thought "YES KATIE YOU DO THIS!! YOU COMPLETE THIS!" At the time, I thought that would put me at around 34 miles which still sucked but I was going to complete the loop and I continued forward. I had decided since word 1 that I would go by effort the entire race so I knew my pace was slowing down into the 9's but it didn't bother me. I had already run 30 freakin miles at that point. Who cared? NOT I! I continued forward, and kept running and running and running. 

At around mile 31 (and thinking I was well on my way back into the home stretch), I suddenly was IN A FREAKING NEIGHBORHOOD. I kid you not guys. There was a house to my left. I literally bent over, face into my knees and started sobbing. Balling. Sobbing. "GET YOURSELF TOGETHER KATIE. WHERE AM I? I'M SCARED. I don't have my phone. Maybe I should knock on this door. How did I miss a turn? UHHHHH HOW ARE YOU SO STUPID KATIE?!!?" 

[[SPLITS MILE 30-32--> 9:02, 9:23, 9:35]]

Inside my head: "Okay, breathe. You can't run if you can't breathe. Turn around. Find where you missed something. You'll find a sign." I started semi sprinting back (because I was scared that I was lost), I hit 31 miles...."the finish line." The time was 4:22:17. I was supposed to be done, and I was lost in the middle of the woods. Wow. "I'll never do this again. I'm not made out for woods. I don't do well with only tiny baby signs and no one in front of me." (of course I'm over that now just fyi) 

It was a straight path back and as I was running, I saw two men take a turn. In those moments, it just felt really good to know I wasn't completely lost and had gone about a mile out (so making 2 extra miles with the turn around). I knew where I had missed the sign. The signs were little pieces of wood in the ground that were probably about the size of two index carbs stacked on top of each other. I look down when I'm running on trails so I don't break my ankle so of course I miss them. That's no one's fault but my own though and I realize that. 

For some reason, I still thought I was 2 miles from the end. I think back to the thoughts I was having about distance and where I was, and yall, what in the stinkin world? I clearly needed glucose. It makes no sense and was just getting me more upset because I kept thinking I was close to the end when I wasn't. I was running on this straight away and passed a bunch of people again (I hadn't even had food again this lap-I didn't even care nor had I even thought about fueling-I didn't bonk-I just was laser focused on finishing and I was going faster to finish because I just wanted to be done). I asked them how far we were from the finish and they said 4 miles. I was like NO WAIT WHAT? HOW ARE WE STILL FOUR MILES OUT? I'M AT 32 MILES RIGHT NOW!!!!! I was delusional. Of course I was 4 miles out if I had added up all the times I was off, but in those moments that made no sense to me and I thought "this is just straight awful" 

[[SPLITS MILE 33-36--> 9:34, 9:26, 9:46,10]]

It's funny though because I've realized now that you have extra gears after a marathon. You just never work them. If you tell your mind to keep going, it just keeps going. It was cool to see that in action. I'm a little ashamed of my thoughts in that moment but I'm going to tell you: 

"I'm not running again for a long time after today. I'm not going to do the ironman. I'm just going to be normal and maybe I'm just not made for epic things. I can't even do them right. I just get lost. This is silly and I'm just not cut out for all of this." 

This race was not fancy butterflies, fight to the finish boston marathon style. This was different. This was just REALLY REALLY hard. I pulled away from those people quickly (this was the crew that had the second place female finisher in it who is seriously the sweetest EVER and I loved getting to know her after the race). I still felt great (my hips and glutes were tight but felt really strong-insert plug for heavy lifting because it STRAIGHT UP is the reason I got through that race feeling the way I did). 

After the race feels... 

After the race feels... 

I questioned every single step. Was I lost again? I don't even know anymore. I'm just going to keep putting one foot in front of the other. No thoughts other than finishing. Time stood still it felt like. I had a serious "I'm lost again moment" and let me tell you my thoughts because 32+ mile delirium is HILARIOUS thinking back.

"I'll just be one of those stories. I'm going to just lay right here in the grass and they won't find me for days. I'll be glycogen depleted, dehydrated and starved and maybe I'll even just die out here. But if I'm lost, I'm just going to lay right here until I'm found. Tanner will be so devastated when I don't come back for hours. I wonder if he'll be okay." 

HAHAHA!! What in the world? That's just hilarious to me now that my brain works. 

I wasn't even lost is the funny part. All of a sudden I see a guy in a grey shirt running towards me. I thought "Oh thank goodness. I'm not lost. This is someone coming out for their third loop so I'm finally like 2ish miles from the finish. PRAISE YOU JESUS I'M NOT LOST." 

Then, this guy starts doing this wave and I can hear his voice. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS THAT'S TANNER!!!! He says that when he saw me, he just assumed that I had been running and crying the whole way at this point. I was like NO CRAZY MAN, I STARTED CRYING WHEN I SAW YOU. 

He started yelling "I'm so proud of you. You never give up. I'm so so proud of you. You're so close to the finish. I'll just talk. You just keep moving. Do you want to walk? Do you need water?" 

No. No. No. I don't want to talk, drink, eat, or walk. I just want to shuffle step until I get to the end of this. I tell him I got lost again and he said he knew I had because of the time which is why he came out looking for me again. He said he had prayed that I would just walk if I had to but that I would not give up. 

We round the corner where you can see the end in sight but you still have 0.75 mile to go. He told me he was going to split off to get a picture at the finish line and for me to reflect on this and what I had just done and to be so proud of myself. I tried so hard. The finish line seemed to stretch into oblivion that I would never reach but I just kept putting one foot, one foot, one foot. Shuffle shuffle. That's all it takes. 

YOU ARE WELCOME! HAHAHA! I'm dang proud of these feet! 

YOU ARE WELCOME! HAHAHA! I'm dang proud of these feet! 

I rounded the FINAL corner and was 0.1 from the finish line. Everyone was clapping and I have never been so happy in my life. I had done it. I was still the first place female, I had finished with 36 miles (35.5 per my watch-I actually accidentally hit stop on the final stretch which is why I say 36 when my watch says 35.5-of course I would). I was an ultrarunner. Forever. Nothing can EVER take that moment away and it will be sealed in my memory forever. Not only had I completed a 50k but I had done 5 miles extra. I had just run 36 miles. HOLY STINKIN COW! And the crazy part-I FELT GOOD! I wasn't dying. I wasn't really even emotional at this point. I honestly was just proud of myself....really really proud of myself. 

Not to leave a cliff hanger, but I'll pick up at this point for tomorrow's blog (including more nutrition stuff and post race recovery). This recap has been long enough with all it's un necessary drama!! I'm forever changed, and that's a fact. When people ask me about it, it's hard to explain my emotion. I always feel as if people in my real life will think I'm so crazy so I try my best to not even talk about it. I went to church yesterday and potluck for our pastor and when people bring it up, it's hard to really even put into words what I had just done the day before. So, I just say it went well and I'm happy. Of course they are always like "HOW ARE YOU STILL WALKING OMG WHY ARE YOU HERE?!" hahaha!! 

My love for running is like no other. I never thought I'd find something in life that truly makes me so passionate. I never knew up until a few years ago that there was this thing that I was going to find that was going to mean so very much to me. It's really cool to be able to do something like that every day, and I never plan on stopping. 

As always yall, life without limits. I'm not special. I'm not extraordinary. One foot. In front of the other. You can do absolutely anything you set your mind to and never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

I could literally write about this for days, and if I had all the time in the world, I could grow faster so tip #1-BE PATIENT! You don't have all the time in the world so you aren't going to grow overnight and it just simply takes consistency throughout time to really do this. But just this week I've realized how passionate I am about helping others to figure out all these "secrets" that I have had to learn the hard way in coaching online as well as blogging and how to be successful in that. I hope to bring you information in this blog series that is informative and USEFUL not the typical "I just provide valuable content and millions flock to me" which is genuinely what I heard ALL the time when trying to grow.

I remember the first day that I made my instagram page and I came across some fitness pages and I never had the thought "Man I want to be fit like them" but rather "Man I want to be successful like them" which is totally my personality (admitably flawed part of it). The one tip that I will say that is valuable but isn't actionable is just to be genuine. People are going to pick up on things IMMEDIATELY if you aren't genuine about it and yourself. It's so hard to continue over the life time of your brand to keep up some show of who you really aren't, so you just need to be who you are. So, now that I've given you 2 tips, let's start with some actionable tips: 


So, obviously mine started on instagram but then I built this blog. I tried so hard back in the beginning of this year to be apart of the cool kids club and do youtube. It's just not me. If I'm going to put up a youtube video, I want it to have sustenance and something useful that you guys can take away from. I just simply cannot have a camera following me day to day and Vlog.

You have to recognize that about yourself and what channels are going to be best for your personality and go with that. I actually guess I start originally on facebook but recognized the fast pace that you can grow on instagram and shifted my efforts towards that. Growing an instagram, blog and facebook is work enough much less if you are also trying to grow youtube, twitter,  pinterest, snapchat, and all these other channels. 

You are going to spread yourself too thin, and people don't want to follow across that many platforms so you just need to focus on one or two and using the others to redirect them to your primary (pinterest is great for that). 


This is actually a really huge one that should be at the top of the list. Connection with others is actually the only way that you are going to grow. Relationships and connections with people and companies! But, how do you do that? GREAT QUESTION! haha! There are so many ways, but the primary one that people use is just commenting. 

I want to be 100% honest in these blogs and give you valuable information. Yes, there are those that don't have to do these things and that is wonderful but sometimes when you are starting from the ground up, people don't know how awesome you are yet and you need to get them to your page. So, when you comment on their stuff consistently, they start to take notice. They may click on your page. People will start to see your name in the comment section of other big names, and they will click on your stuff. People will start to see that the person posting the photo actively engages with you because you have a friendship and connection and they think "Oh this person knows this person. Who are they?" 

When they come to your page, you want them to trust that this is something that they want to follow. Here are just some quick tips on that: 

  • Your instagram is your art project and I do a terrible job at this. I do better on @_katieamelia so look to that. Em_dunc is a great example of a perfectly artistic masterpiece of an instagram, so when anyone comes to that page they value the beautifulness and want to follow. 
  • Followers=trust (as sad as that is-the more that you get the more people will trust that you are someone worth following because 10k, 20k, 30k people before you have done so) 
  • Keep your theme consistent (this deserves its own)


This could be included in the "things katiesfitscript should have learned from day 1." I have learned many lessons along the journey and I have changed ALOT! But the one piece of advice that I have is just that whatever content that you decide that you are going to share, you need to be willing to stick with that. In fitness, I obviously started as fitfam and have transitioned into a runner so while I have a lot of followers on instagram, I have low engagement. Many people think that low engagement comes from bought followers, which I guess could be the case for some, but for me it's a clear indication of my switch. I have followers from my fitfam days but they are not interested in running and triathlon. Even the runners aren't interested in biking and swimming and the number of likes on pictures shows that. It's really not a big deal but it's a measure of things and something that as a business owner, you need to be aware of. 

The pictures that you are sharing should have the same type look to them and same filters. It cracks me up the pages that have the most engagement on instagram. They literally just basically share the same photo over and over and over and over again, and people just love it. They follow you for a specific reason and when they hit that follow button they are expecting for you to produce that kind of image. 

They do not care about your home life. They do not care about your dogs. The people reading my blog right now will tell me that they care about that with me, and I love you much. Those are the true "ride or die" people that you want on your #squad but just being honest, most are not like that and especially not on instagram where things are so visual. 


The things that I share on instagram and all of this might not be the exact way that I would say something in person. I'm not going to talk about my passions and dreams and deepest thoughts to someone's face, but yet they have read it on my blog. Sooooo, that's awkward right? Yep, it sure is. As you grow, people in your real life are even going to be a bit rude. I'm not even saying this is because of jealousy as so many would like to say (although sometimes it could be that). Most of mine was due to the fact that I was sharing pictures of my body to be honest and I think my friends didn't approve of that on the world wide web. I'm not saying that I disagree or agree with that, but it simply caused rifts in friendships but that's all better now so it's cool. ;) Friendships built on love through faith are a beautiful thing!

There will also be friends that read your blog and social media stuff and support you and that's a beautiful thing that I appreciate so much. There were also (MANY MANY) friends that became my friend and then nonchalantly wanted to use what they could get from the following to increase their efforts online. AH...that's the worst and so hurtful. But, just know that it's going to happen in some way or another. Don't feel awkward. Try to keep personal and business as separate as you can but the two are mixed when you are in this world so be cognizant of that. 


First of all, moving back to the first thing is that you need to be truthful and genuine about who you are. But sometimes, maybe you associate with who that person is. Copying them exactly is the last thing that you want to do, and it's also just really unfair to the person who has worked really hard to build what they have to just turn around and copy them. You can use them as something to look up to and move towards but you need to create your own path. The world wide web is HUGE. There is space for all of us, but really... don't do this. I've had it happen which I think is why it's so hard to find information about all of this because people get greedy and stop sharing details when everyone just steals from them. 

This is going to be a continued series and there has actually been emails/posts about people wanting me to do a workshop which I could totally work towards arranging. I'll have a little section on my blog for bloggers and how to get started with that coming soon! I tell people I meet all the time in person that they can do this too and that I'd love to teach them so I thought "well Katie, why don't you teach the people?" so here's efforts for that! :) If you want to subscribe, then I'll be posting a lot more of these. I'm prayfully considering doing income reports. I LOVE LOVE LOVE viewing them online but that's a huge step for me to take of course and I think thats why others love them because you are able to actually see where income comes from, where to concentrate your efforts, but it takes a lot of bravery to do that because people get hot and bothered ;) 

Patience and integrity are two of the biggest adjectives in this game with many more actionable steps to help you get there.



Pre Race Jitters and Thursday Thoughts

I think that we all get these jitters, but it's weird how prepared I feel emotionally, physically, and nutritionally for this race. I've never felt this way before and I have very little nerves. I just want to get out there and do the best that I can do. I think it's partly because ultras are really about enjoyment in nature, and with this being a loop course (10.5 miles 3x), I will get to see Tanner twice before I finish which is exciting. I'm just going to take it easy. With marathons, I think there is always that pressure to push just a little bit harder to see how fast you can go. I will always leave everything out there, but it really does just take the pressure off. 

It's hard to believe this weekend is here when I'm going to be completing an ultra. What a year this has already been! 

A couple of weeks ago, I posted that I was going to start becoming more of a healthy lifestyle blogger. I didn't want you to think that this was not what was happening behind the scenes still. I know no one truly notices but me, but let me tell you making those transitions and changes take ample amounts of time. Some of the topics that I'm moving towards are: 

  • Fitness Fashion 
  • Healthy Recipes with printables for you 
  • Big giveaways for you guys 
  • Blogging Tips 
  • How You Personally can become successful on social media/blogging 
  • Marriage & Faith 

I feel that health is an all emcompassing pendulum of financial, spiritual, mental, emotional, as well as physical. So many people just take it as face value but you have to have wellness in all of those areas to truly feel healthy. If you are financially crumbling but physically aesthetic then what does that do for you? 

One of the things that someone taught me at the beginning of this blogging journey which is something that I really try to keep in the back of my mind always, but that is, wherever you are, be present. I get asked so much "How do you do it all?" and the truth is that I don't. I have people that help me, and I do work really hard and most days I don't finish all that I set out to do. I feel overwhelmed some days, but if I'm spending time with my husband then I really do try to put the phone away and look into his eyes while we talk. When I'm spending time with my mom that is away from business, I try to REALLY spend time with her. I actually get mad at her if she texts while we are talking. I'm like "I KNOW YOU AINT LISTENIN WOMAN!" 

If I'm working, Tanner knows not to mess with me. He knows that Mondays are my check in with client day and that I'm going to be all in. I am 100% there. If I'm working towards something on transitioning of my blog then I'm going to be all in. I have the perfectionism streak and there are some days where I'm like AH I'M GOING TO PULL MY HAIR OUT but for the most part, I genuinely love every aspect of my life and I feel so very blessed. I feel blessed by this blog, blessed by my ever growing and changing business, and blessed by the community of people that I have in my life that make it so wonderful. 

I always think a lot while I'm running, and I feel that writing and blogging go so hand in hand. They are both this introspective way of expressing yourself, and I'm able to really verbalize the emotions that I feel and experience while running. That's all for today! :) 

26.2 Marathons to Complete

Okay, I had a bucket list for races that I wanted to do a while back, and that list was just so small and it's always expanding and so I wanted this to be a list of races or even like challenges that I put together to give yall ideas of fun races to complete, or challenges to take on. I made the title "marathons" but there will other little funsies on here too. Let's get goinggggg. Also, please comment below one that you think of as well!!! It's my plan to complete all of these before I croak! :) 

1- Boston Marathon (the mac daddy of course-completed)

2- NYC Marathon

3-Chicago Marathon 

4- Pikes Peak Marathon

5-Big Sur Marathon 

6- Great Wall of China Marathon

7-London Marathon

8-Berlin Marathon

9-Philly Marathon (completed)

10-Twin Cities Marathon

11-Marine Corps Marathon

12-Vegas Strip Marathon

13-LA Marathon

14-Miami Marathon

15-Honolulu Marathon

16-Run Disney Series (Dopey Challenge)

17-Ragnar with only 6 people

18-St George Marathon

19-Lofoten Ultra trail 

20-Grandma's Marathon

21-Houston Marathon 

22-Paris Marathon

23-Tokoyo Marathon

24-All marathons in the Revel series (EXTREME downhills for epic PR's)

25-All World Major Marathons

26-Marathon in all 50 states

26.2 Marathon in each county of Cleveland County in one week to raise money for world hunger

I'm so glad I put this together so now I can GET.TO.WORK!!! It will be fun to slowly tick these off the list. Tanner and I are buying a huge map to go downstairs that we are doing the pushpin thing of where we have been and I'm thinking I'll get a different push pin to indicate where I've ran all my different races! WOO! Adventure and all is coming ;)

10 Common Myths to Weight Loss

Weight loss can be super confusing at times with different information presented to you on every website or magazine that you may read, and leaves you to believe there are certain rules to follow.  These rules are not always factually backed up by science, and so you want to make sure that you know how to avoid these traps.  You want to be educated and informed to make the best, safest and most healthy options for your weight loss journey. Here are some myths that you may have heard:

1.     You shouldn’t eat carbs to lose weight

Carbs are needed for essential functioning of the vital cells and organs of your body, and are needed for muscle, energy, and metabolism. If you completely avoid carbs, then you will probably experience weight loss. This process for losing weight can also lower your metabolic rate so that it becomes even harder in the future to lose weight. Avoiding carbs also will cause a rebound weight gain when you re-introduce carbs into your diet. Normally, someone would not be able to avoid carbs for the rest of their life so it is essential to reduce carbs in a moderate, realistic, and efficient manner to conserve metabolism and muscle.


2.     You should eat tons of fruit and veggies.

On the opposite side of the pendulum, carbs should be moderated. I have seen crazy weight loss detox 3 day programs where you eat 17 bananas all day, and that’s all you eat. That would mean that you intake approximately 510g carbohydrates, and no protein. This makes no sense for weight loss, and you probably would not even feel satisfied or full. You should realize that a balance of fats, carbs and proteins is essential for all the different functions of the body as well as weight loss, and that you should moderately eat all there.


3.     Starving yourself will get you results faster

Starving yourself is a common misconception of the way that you should lose weight. First, starving yourself is not smart because again this can lower your metabolic rate making it harder and harder in the future to lose weight. I feel as if this is not taken seriously enough and many women end up in their fifties saying that they have to eat 800 calories just to lose one pound. This is from years of crash dieting. Keep your metabolism strong by dieting appropriately and your body will thank you for the rest of your life. Not to mention, if you starve yourself for a diet, you are going to be miserable, weak and your body will most likely start producing more cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can lead to water retention and prevents the body from letting go of those fat cells as well, so you could end up causing yourself to not lose any weight at all just by starving yourself.


4.     Low fat and low sugar is healthier.

If you see something that is low fat or low sugar, then this does not mean that it is the healthier option. The same thing goes from any product that is a processed meal. Most of the time, there is going to be some chemical alteration and preservatives added to be able to keep this product sustained to be edible. This also doesn’t mean that the calories are necessarily lower either. You want to make sure to check the label on these products. Make sure that there isn’t an excessive amount of ingredients added, and compare to the regular fat or regular sugar products. I know that many times, you want to save time so you grab a microwave “healthy” cuisine, but you would be better off to make this meal yourself and save yourself the calories and chemicals.


5.     You should stop eating 3 hours before bed.

I think that maybe this rule was created to help individuals that are trying to lose weight to have a rule to help them to stop snacking at night. However, there is nothing that our bodies do physiologically that mandates that three hours before bedtime, you should stop eating. Your weight loss is going to be an overarching caloric intake deficit that is created over time. Therefore, if you are eating within these requirements every single day over a period of time no matter if this is all in the morning or all at night, you will still continue to lose weight.


6.     You should always avoid fat.

Fat is another macronutrient that is needed in a large quantity that is essential for brain function, and membrane protection. Many products contain exorbitant amounts of fat, and so this should be taken into account however avoiding fat altogether is the wrong choice. You need it for survival.


7.     The more cardio that you do, the more weight that you will lose.

Low impact steady state cardio (just simply jogging or riding the elliptical) is going to be counterintuitive for your long-term weight loss goals. In the beginning, you will see changes based on this amount of cardio however your body will become accustomed to this as a baseline requirement and you will have to do this amount of cardio to stay at the desired weight. If you are not dieting correctly and also lifting weights, then you also run the chance of decreasing muscle mass by doing excessive amounts of cardio. Decreasing your muscle mass can cause a decrease in metabolism which is the last thing that anyone on a weight loss plan wants.


8.     Supplements are good for weight loss goals (fat burners, carb blockers, fat blockers, etc)

Many times supplements are a money gimmick and have absolutely no science or regulations and should be taken with precaution. If you are thinking about taking some sort of supplementation for weight loss purposes, then you should check with your doctor and check the literature to make sure that this supplement does in fact do anything. Many times, the supplements are not going to help and will only hurt you and are not worth your time.

9.     Genetics are the reason that you can’t lose weight

It would not be correct to say that genetics do not matter in weight loss. They absolutely matter, and it will be the predisposition of what your metabolic rate may be. However, this is not an excuse to not try. Losing weight works the same way in every person with bioindividuality in caloric intake needed and metabolic needs.  Therefore, if you begin a weight loss journey and are not seeing results, then you should adjust some things and not just assume that it’s not possible for you just because your mother or father never tried to lose weight.


10. Eating breakfast will help you lose weight.

Many articles will tell you that eating breakfast helps to increase your metabolism. Eating breakfast has been shown to jump start your day, and also to help to curb your appetite for the rest of the day. However, eating breakfast alone will not be the reason that you will lose weight if you don’t make other changes to your diet and exercise. If you continue to eat the same amount of food for the remainder of the day, then you will not see results. However, if this is one positive change that you make then it would be a good one.


Again, there is going to be information all over to guide you in different directions and telling you different rules to follow. It’s important that you realize what works for you will not work for everyone, and that it’s important that you realize that not everything that you read will lead you in the right direction.

Nutrition & Training-Ultra Marathon Week

So I was reverse dieting (and still will be doing so) but for the next week going into my ultra, I decided to go into a surplus. Training always comes first #duh and I'm going to need as much as I can get down this week without it being too much. The thing that I stress to my clients is first that you have to know yourself well enough to do this. Pro athletes (I'm not in any way on this level but I like to think "What would Scott Jurek do?" haha!) always are going to increase their intake by a certain amount and not just gorge.

I'm actually going to shoot for 2340 calories (145g P 335g C 60f F). The key to this ESPECIALLY while tapering and doing less is that I will be eating foods that have a high glycemic index but are whole foods. You don't want it to be junk food. Junk food will just sit in your stomach, but things like beans, potatoes, whole wheat pasta, etc. The other key to jumping intake is just recognizing the threshold. If you are just honestly so stuffed you could bust, re evaluate for the next day and try to schedule meals to where you can get those calories in. Ever since I was seriously born, I've been one to not eat much (not a restriction thing-just like even as a baby and toddler). So, the first time I did this, it was most definitely a change but once I added in some things like granola and pasta, I saw how easy it was to get those carbs up. I want to really fill out the tank!! WOO! 

This past week, weight actually went down which is typical for me in the beginning. 

I never share these types of images anymore so this feels a bit AWKWARD but here we have it ;) haha! This is from 2-3 weeks ago actually, but you get the point. :P

I never share these types of images anymore so this feels a bit AWKWARD but here we have it ;) haha! This is from 2-3 weeks ago actually, but you get the point. :P

I also just want to make a comment here that you can't ever be afraid to increase your intake. Like, if my coach said "You need to eat 550g C next week" then I would do that. Some don't feel that way but I just think it's important to realize that your body can handle much more than you probably give it credit. They are also very fluid and forever changing so like this is for a purpose. The days right before (2 days), I'm going to switch to an 80% carb, 10% protein, 10% fat (like a vegan haha).

Pre Race Dinner: This has always been a burger and fries and I'm re evaluating that after feeling like crap every single race. Can't believe it took me so long. I'm thinking a huge whole foods bowl with black beans, corn, pasta, potatoes, and veggies. 

Pre Race Breakfast: I'll keep this the same as I always do which is 1 cup oats with peanut butter when I wake up and then a cliff bar before the go time. 

Intra Race Nutrition: REALLY hoping to do a gu per hour. UH! I hate gus and one day I'll practice with better nutrition but for now, that's what it will be. 

I actually was looking at the website, and it looks like I might be competitive in this ultra which is quite hilarious, but also exciting so I want to do things right. It's always this unwritten rule to not give time goals, but honestly I'm not being competitive, I'm just sharing what I'm hoping to achieve and if not like I've said before, who cares? I'm just happy to be there. 

It's a multi loop course that has almost no elevation and some loose sand. That's literally about all I have figured out. Tanner is going to hopefully do a few loops with me depending on the length as we don't know what that is yet. I've been trying to convince him to just jump in and try but he legit is very underprepared so that would not be smart. HAHA! Maybe next year! :)

Weather: It's looking like it's going to be 60 at the start to work it's way up to 80. SHEW! Our start time is 7:30am so hopefully by 12:30 at least, I'll be finished so I guess that won't be too much time in the scorching heat. It's also looking like thunderstorms so uhhhh, that's exciting? LOL! I weirdly hope it storms, but not too much.. just enough to where I feel like a BA ;) 

  • Plan A: 4:30 (this would be around 8:30min/mile)

I know this is a stretch but at the same time, I can easily hold sub 8 min/mile for long runs so I'm hopeful this is achievable. It all depends on the course which I have no idea about, and also the weather of course.

  • Plan B: 5 hours 
  • Plan C: Finish alive (this should probably just be Plan A and I forgo the rest)

Race Plan: Keeping it simple-just listen to my body but making sure to stay conservative in the beginning. Recognizing that the pain cave starts at mile 18-20 no matter your distance so being prepared on how to fight through that for 11 more miles and not just 6 for most marathons. 

I only have last week's workouts so I'll share those.

There were actually some changes to this though and the totals in hours ended up being:

  • Swim: 1 hour 
  • Run: 5 hours 
  • Bike: 3.5 hours (all done on the trainer)
  • Lift: 2 hours 
  • Weekly Total: 11 hours 

I have never been so organized about all of this in my life. I typically just fly by the seat of my pants, figure out a time to squeeze some workouts in and never think about it. It's cool to see it all written out and will be cool to look back post ironman. I think I'll keep it up all the way up until the Ironman which is 22 weeks away. I FINALLY learned how to clip in yesterday. It was ABOUT TIME. I did my half ironman in tennis shoes which I didn't know any different, but apparently that's just so hilarious to the biking world. ;) 

I'm excited for next week's post about how all of this week went, and have a recap of the race for you. 

The Difference Between Running and Being a Runner

First, have you voted for me to be on the cover of Runner's world?

If so, it's day 2 so you can vote again ;) If not, it would mean the world to me! THANK YOU THANK YOU! 

Second, have you ever sat and thought? What makes me a runner? When does that switch happen? At the end of my marathon, I thought to myself "Am I marathoner?" and then I quickly told myself no.

That was silly of course because I had in fact completed a marathon, but it just didn't feel right yet placing that title for myself. This is also for funsies because obviously none of this REALLY matters, but just thoughts that I have. I really don't consider myself a triathlete either even though I've done 3 tris at this point. The bike and I are still going through peaks and valleys in our relationship and I guess that doesn't make the distinction for me to be a triathlete or not, but it feels that way. I did however ride that thing for 2 hours yesterday. WHOOP WHOOP! I'm severely behind in my bike training for my ironman, but I assume I still have plenty of time. I wanted to wait until the ultra was done, and then I will dive head first into Ironman training. 

SPEAKING OF ULTRA, ARE YOU AN ULTRA RUNNER IF YOU RUN ONE ULTRA? HA! 7 days out guys! It's taper week, and by taper week, I mean my coach still has me running 15 miles today. haha! I was able to find a friend of a friend who is letting us stay at their place 9 minutes from the start line. WHAT? So blessed to have friends all over to let me crash on their floor/couch/basements/etc.

The start time is 730am in efforts to beat the heat, and it's 31 miles of flat trails and apparently some loose sand which should be interesting (and fun!). 


When I used to go outside for a little jog, come back in and not go again for 2 weeks, was I a runner? I'm going to go with no. I was not in fact a runner. When did that switch happen when people went from thinking I was a bodybuilder (ha) to a marathon runner? 

I think it has to do with heart. 

Are you running because you feel like you have to? Are you running even though you hate it? Are you ever looking to run races? (This is not a for sure qualification to the "You're a runner" status because you can be a Christian without going to church #ProudOfThatMetaphor) Are you ever structuring a program for yourself to get better at your sport? 

Running is just the act of moving your feet. Being a runner means that it is your sport, your love, your passion! If you are going into the run thinking about how many calories that you will burn or thinking about when it will be over so that you never have to do it again, then I'm going to say that you are....A FUTURE RUNNER! ;) hahah! 

It's a process. For me, I was like an almost runner and then I gave it up for years. I hadn't truly found myself in it yet. I was way too focused on that body image. BOOO! It wasn't until I really sank into what running could do for my overall health, how I could excel in it as a sport that I began to truly get into that nirvana. I started to fall in love. Those runs were no longer about what I could get out of them, but just how much I could sink into the moment and enjoy every second. 

Being a runner to me means that I'm the most at peace when all I can hear is my feet hitting the pavement. Being a runner to me means that I get to travel all over the world in motion seeing sites I would never normally see. In the runner's world entry, they made us describe our breakthrough moment in 200 words or less when we would never look back on running. 


I was like torn on which of my moments I wanted to pick. Some of those that came to mind were: 

  • My very first 16 mile run 
  • My first marathon finish
  • My 3rd place finish at my 3rd marathon (which is the one I ended up picking) 
  • The first time my mom walked a 5K (because Id love for her to one day run and that means a lot to me) 
  • All the moments in between at sunsets and sunrises when I see that there is no possible way that my God isn't so very present because I can't look at those paintings in the sky and nature while in motion and not believe 

I think that becoming a runner means that it means more. Becoming a runner means that you are able to see that the first mile is just the warm up. You never feel the nirvana until at least MILE FOUR. Becoming a runner means that you actually love running and you find more meaning in it than just what you can get out of it. Becoming a runner means friendship, nature, travel, perseverance, dedication when you don't want to and so many other things. I definitely recommend going from just running to becoming a runner. Make a program and stick to it. See how you feel after. Don't just go on one run and make that decision. Don't just go on 5 singular runs and decide you hate it. Consistent running-let your body get good at it and then come back and tell me how you feel! :) 

You can just call Katie (wants everyone to be a runner) Ringley! 



Should You Be Exact on Your Macros to See Results?

This is a very common question that I get a lot. How close should I be to my macros? Within 5g, 10g...etc. 

I think the most important thing that I want to point out is that consistency is key but also that macros are not meant to be these exact to the gram numbers that you obsess over. There is no one on the planet that can tell you for a fact that this amount of protein, carbs and fat is going to be the perfect distribution for your body and if you eat that, you will be good to go. No. Our body's just don't work like that. We are also not robots. We don't need the same thing everyday, but let's start with the original question. How close should you be? 

Honestly, I always say to stay within 5g just as a general guideline. The purpose of macros is not that you are hitting individual grams but that you are recognizing that you can add variety into your diet, and that everything has a protein, carb and fat amount that you can track. It allows flexibility and variability into your day when some are so stuck in the mind frame of "good foods and bad foods." This is NOT about obsessing over food, but rather about giving you guidelines and a target to hit so that you know how to make adjustments if needed. However, if you are someone that has big goals and you are really trying to lean out, then the more exact that you are and the more consistent that you are, the better your results are going to be. 

I always say to just structure a plan for your day that fits into your numbers and keep that as a backbone. If you have a change in plans or if you want to go out to eat, then that's no problem. You can restructure your day but it just gives you a nice starting point. You can make adjustments from there. 

I also mentioned that our body's are not robots and that we need different amounts every day. Does this mean that you should eat different amounts every day? It all depends on your goals. If you are trying to cut, then most likely you have a set amount of macros that you are to eat, and unless you have some form of refeed day (which really has no literature or real utility) then you are going to be eating the same amount every day and that's the correct way for the cutting goals that you have. It gives you exact bench marks of where to hit. If you are an athlete, specifically an ironman athlete, then you are going to want to have differing amounts on different days based on the workouts that you have. 

At the end of the day, you need to be consistent. If you are not seeing results, you probably need to hit those goals closer. It's all about trial and error, and figuring out what works for you. For example, you may realize that you do really well on a low fat, high carb diet (that's the way that I am and many other athletes are) and you may find the exact opposite (high fat, low carb). The truth is that bioindividuality is very real. What works for me is not going to work for you and vice versa. I wanted to touch on this topic and be super short and sweet about it because it's a question that I get a lot, and one that I thought I'd go ahead and address here even for those that may already know.


They are the same thing!!! When you are hitting macros, you are hitting calories. I know that this in turn means that you are counting calories, and essentially the answer is yes but in a different way that makes it better. However, macros=calories because... 

There are 4kcal/g in carbs & protein and 9kcal/g in fat. Therefore if you take the macros that you are given: 

(4kcal/g x grams of protein) +(4kcal/g x grams of carb) + (9kcal/g x grams of fat) = Total Calories

You can do this backwards and use it for anything that you are calculating just by knowing those numbers so commit those to memory! :) 

Hope this helps clear up some questions that anyone might have and I'll add it to my list of articles about macros for those starting up in the future! 


Officially One Year since NYC

Wow. It's been an entire year since we moved from New York City. 365 days. 

It's insane how much of an impact that singular year had on me more than any before that. I don't remember my time in Cary that I lived for one year. I don't remember my time in Raleigh that I lived for one year. I've moved every single year of my life since I went to college 9 years ago, and this is the first summer that I will not be moving. Oh. Happy. Day. We have a house that we are in for a long time until we want to build one day. 

How am I in this phase of life? "The settling down phase!" It makes me feel so old, and how I blinked my eyes and here I am. Tanner and I are so thankful for New York. New York will chew you up and spit you out and honestly, that's kind of what it did to us. The year was a whirlwind, but it was one of the most influential years of my life and the lessons that we learned while we were there were things that shaped our marriage and who we are. 

Ironically enough, it has everything to do with faith. We learned how to live out the gospel because of the people in our lives. I'm 100% certain that our year in NYC was because of the people that we were able to be in contact with and become our best friends for life. They taught me so much. They taught me about happiness and what it meant to laugh from the soul. They taught me about true friendship and being there when no one else would be. They prayed over us in hard weeks, and they were joyous with us in the good. (begin sobbing now)

New York is another planet and living there feels so crazy sometimes. No one can really understand unless you actually live there, but it's this constant up and down emotion. You get stuck on a train for an hour because something went wrong mid ride and you want to scream. You walk miles to get to a destination. You do your laundry in community rooms, and it's stolen sometimes. If you leave anything anywhere, you can kiss it goodbye. People don't care about you. They care about their destination. Do not say sorry if you bump into someone. They won't say sorry to you. People aren't mean like everyone makes it out to be. They just have a purpose and a destination and wasting time with every person you bump into is just too much energy. You become so little. You realize that you are so little, and that your worries are so small. 

You find your friends in the crazy and they become your lifeline. You don't have family so they become family. You get asked every other second where you are from because of your accent (oh okay, that's just me). In a sea of millions and millions of people on a tiny little island, you do life with them every single day. The highs are so very high. You feel as if you could just like open up your arms, breathe in the fresh <dirty> spring air in Central Park and never ever leave. You get on a roof top bar with friends and it's like the heavens open up their glory reigning down the purest of life's moments. 

Then, you wonder when you'll leave. You question it. You come close to it, but then you change your mind right back because you know you can't leave yet. It's a love/hate relationship. Mine mostly love to be honest. I didn't want to leave so soon. I wasn't done with NYC. Sometimes, I feel as if I'm still not done, but I know that sometimes God has a way of saying "this is where I need you and your family" and you listen to that. I knew it was what was best for us. And it was. 

We are so happy in Shelby. New York City to Shelby is quite the change. It's one extreme to the other. It's a million restaurants down to about 2 that you frequent most. It's knowing no one when you go out to knowing everybody when you go out. I loved New York but I also love Shelby. I love the trees, and I love the people. I love the excitement for town development, and I love my car in my driveway. I love getting groceries easily and doing laundry when I please at my own house. I love not worrying about how much rent is and if we are going to be able to make the payment along with student loans. I love being able to have time for other things because I'm not spending it all walking everywhere. I love the new church family we have and the new friends that have become family in that and Young Life. I love being close to is so so wonderful. I love that when my grandmother is sick, I'm here. I love that I can hug Jackson and that he knows who "Aunt Tay Tay and Uncle Nanner" are. I love seeing my husband happy. His job situation was so rough, and I've never seen him like that before. I love getting to see my husband because he's not at work for once. Unfortunately sometimes, job situations can make or break a city and that's what happened. He applied to a million different ones, but that just wasn't happening. However, if that hadn't happened he wouldn't have the job he has now which brings him so much joy. It's so cool to see God's path for his life and how that's fulfilled when He is such a great listener in that. 

Every single year of my life, I change. I mature, and I grow up. That has most definitely been the case this year. (Side note: I really don't enjoy Timehop. I find it embarrassing to look at the things I've posted-yikes. hahaha!) As someone with a "platform and following", I find it hard to change. I find the transitions to be really rough. You feel as if no one likes the new you. You feel like you say offensive things that you can't take back when you never meant them in that way. You feel that no one will ever let you live down the person you used to be even though you are no longer that person anymore. You start to wonder if you really are a horrible person. This is actually something that I never experienced until this year because people don't want you to change. That's not allowed. You have to stay the same person because that's who they have followed, and that's what they expect from you. You keep quiet about the emotions that go along with that. And believe me, I know "I shouldn't care and can do whatever I want" and believe me I can reasonably talk myself through those things, but in the quiet moments, it doesn't take away my emotions. 

But New York taught me that no matter what, you dust yourself off and you stand back up. You have to do you in all circumstances and love yourself in that. Lastly, I will say that because of Tanner's job situation and some things with me, we felt a little robbed of our year there in that we didn't get to experience what we went to experience. It was gone in a flash and a lot of money spent for Tanner to just work all the time. I only say that because I so deeply wish we could have had a little more time there, but that just wasn't God's plan and that's okay.

I just want New York City to know that I miss it. ALOT!

I feel like I'm always giving advice in my blogs which is almost silly because who am I to tell you how to do this life when I still hardly have this thing figured out, but if I have one little tidbit to share today, it's just that if you have somewhere you want to go, follow it with all of your heart. It could end up being the most life changing experience you will ever have. You will get to a point in life where those things are no longer possible and if you have an opportunity thrown at you, you need to run after it. You'll never ever regret trying. 



How To Stay Motivated

I get this question so much. I feel like that I've navigated a good answer that I give almost always but then again, this is what works for me. As we all know, some of us are just more intrinsically motivated than others. I don't say that as one is better than the others. Sometimes I joke with my brother (who is very un intrinsically motivated and laughs about it and could care less that he is) that I would love some more of him in me. My best friend laughs that she wishes she wanted to work out. She wants the desire but it literally doesn't exist at all for her, but that's okay too. 

I think sometimes we all force ourselves to be intrinsically motivated for working out when quite frankly the simple answer is that you might just not enjoy working out and you know what, that's okay. Maybe you don't want to go to the gym. Don't go. Maybe it feels good to just walk around your neighborhood and you should do that. The first step in any sort of movement is finding what you enjoy. Never do a fitness activity that you don't find enjoyable. I don't run marathons and ultras because I think that I need to. Heck to the no. Believe me, I know it's completely unnecessary. I really do just simply enjoy it. It's like nirvana for me to be out in nature just moving one foot in front of the other. 

So, step 1: Find what you enjoy or you are never going to want to do it. 

Step 2: Find a goal in that thing that you enjoy. 

For me, that means a new race and the new race is typically something different. I love marathons but I want a marathon in a different city with a different goal. I wanted to venture into the world of ultramarathons. I am doing triathlons. I have a list of big goals that I want to achieve and so I slowly tick those off the list. The more that you start doing them, the more that you realize that really nothing is outside of our reach. You just have to sign up and start the training program. 

Step 3: Stop thinking so much. 

The more that you think about stuff, the more that you are overanalyzing it and making it more difficult than it is. So maybe, just close this blog and stop trying entirely. Make efforts when you can and don't at other times, and that's okay. If you are trying to get rid of a bad habit, thinking about it is the last thing that you want to do because then it's just going to be on your mind all the time and that doesn't produce results. You want to just be relaxed and not get stressed about it. 


Always-always-write it down! 

It's like it solidifies it into the world so that you have to do it. haha! Okay, not really but it always helps me to really get a plan of action going. Write down your small and your large goals-short term and long term. You want to begin practicing the short term now so that in the future you will be able to move forward towards the long term goals. Write out exactly what the plan is for the following week and then start implementing those things into practice. 

If there is something that you want to achieve or a place that you want to be, then you should go be that and do that. You don't want to just sit back and watch the world unfold day by day and never taking steps in the direction of your dreams. Like legit, I would not be writing this blog as part of my daily job if I didn't take a few leaps of faith, write out my goals, and then just go after them. It takes time and efforts but eventually you can look back and know that in a few months you set forth on a journey and you moved towards those goals instead of continuing to look back and say "Man I wish I had started then" 

This is NOT in reference to weight loss. I feel as if so many of my blogs are trying to show you how to lose weight, and you guys know how I feel about that. Life is just simply not about that. This is about all of your goals and dreams and what to do to achieve those.

Sooooo, now I'm inspired and going to go write out new goals of mine. It's fun! Getting a new planner always helps with that too and I'm running in the last month of my last one. WOOHOO for new planner time!! 

If you have a favorite planner, let a sista know because I don't use electronics and always looking for new ones?! :) 

Cut Done, Reverse Week 1

It's funny that it was even called a cut because honestly, I didn't stick with those macros one day because obviously, training fuel comes first but I feel great and going to add on moving forward going into the taper for my 50K.

With my nutrition in terms of training, I basically added in 100 calories/hour of exercise (in 100% carb so 25g C) for each day. On Saturday, I ran for 3 hours (all of the workouts are per my coach leading into my events so I don't set this), and he reviews my nutrition as well. I'm not going to do a cut without making sure that was okay first of course. So, on Saturday I did 75g C extra and my fats were right around 50g F too (so total was 300g C for that day as I wasn't exact). If I'm ever ever hungry on those long run days, I NEVER ignore a hunger signal...ever ever. On Sunday, I didn't events and hashtag balance. Obviously, you can see that my approach is much different than it used to be because when you learn how it all works, you know you don't have to be obsessive to still get the desired end result. I was hesitant with weighing myself because people get SO JUDGE-Y but I did just for the sake of making this little experiment as exact as possible. 

It is of note to remember that this is simply a baseline target. With my training, I'm adding a lot more. I also feel it's important to let the entire world know that I have a regular period. TMI but I think it's an indicator of overall health so it's important. 

It is of note to remember that this is simply a baseline target. With my training, I'm adding a lot more. I also feel it's important to let the entire world know that I have a regular period. TMI but I think it's an indicator of overall health so it's important. 

This week, I will be going up 20g C. I typically only do 5g carb for my clients, but I know that this initital jump for me can be substantial since I was higher before and I was maintaining. I will increase this round based on hunger cues (i.e. If I'm super hungry, I'll go up more the next week). I expect to get pretty high this round, as I'm feeling good. haha! But who knows and I take it week by week just like I do with everyone to see how my body is responding. 

I love looking at my workout weeks in review. I'm just like WOOHOO I DID ALL THAT and it was so fun! Legit, I just love meeting up with people and getting in these workouts and just find it all so fun! I update my coach in training peaks and then he gives me new workouts each day to help me progress towards the goals that I have in speed and races. Also, I have been really really diligent about mobility work and stretching and going to add in some epsom salt baths because I feel so great right now-in peak shape but not feeling any aches, pains, or even soreness after big workouts. Tanner and I have been putting down the plans for our next adventure, which is the Lofoten Trail 50 miler in Norway in June 2017!!! WHAT WHAT? I've mentioned this race before, but I'm just so thrilled about it.

We were also discussing the logistics and how we would go about training. I just bought the book "Running your first Ultra" and it's a fantastic and well done book. She has a guideline for a 50 miler, but it legit has you running back to back long runs on the weekends (so long runs on Saturdays and Sundays) for 6 months..... yea we aren't that type. haha! We do way too many other things to commit to that so our ultra experience will be more of a "let's just finish this thing in one piece while having the most #doepicstuff of our life before we have babies and travel the world doing it." 

We were discussing last night how we really want to make the rest of this year a year of travel and fun! It's easy to get complacent and just stay at home on the weekends and be lazy but when you get out and explore, it's amazing. My 3 hour run on the trails...ah! So wonderful! Nature does something to my soul and I become 100% a hippy and just want to stay out there forever. So, we want to do some really cool trips exploring the beauty of the world (top choices: Costa Rica, Peru, Ireland, Scotland, Western US) Here's a video of the Norway ultra and you'll see why I love it so much. 

Hope you guys had a wonderful Mother's Day of rest and relaxation loving on your moms!!! 

Chicken Casserole

This is a family favorite in our household growing up. The beautiful part is that I only made one small adjustment from regular milk to almond milk when mixing together the stuffing mix. It's so easy and such few recipes and even just the smell of it in the oven brings back so many memories before soccer practice paired alongside some canned green beans and boxed mashed potatoes with sweet tea! YUM YUM! Anyway, the macros are great in my opinion and I can't wait to make this more often now that I've remembered it! :) 

I can't wait to see if you guys do this! The macros are below and the macros are for 1/8 of the 9x13 pan! You can add more protein and chicken to the base if you'd like and cheese on top if that tickles your fancy but momma never did it that way growing up so therefore I don't mess with it ;) 

7 Lessons Learned During Injury

I didn't talk about it much because I think I was pretending it didn't exist but during my Boston training, I had about 10 weeks of a nagging groin problem. I kept calling it my hip because in the beginning that's what it felt like but then I realized that was radiating pain and that the actual pain was coming from my groin area specifically my Sartorius muscle. I was convinced this is what it was. The coaches that I work with actually have a PT on staff who said they thought it sounded more like pectineous strain and then I had a PT tell me after just evaluating in person that they thought I had early stage arthritis based on the constant throbbing for about a day after each run. 

I never got an Xray. I'm very stubborn, and not because I don't want to know what's going on or to help myself but truly junk is expensive folks and I've had enough Xrays lately. haha! Nevertheless, the injury is gone now and I'm not sure which of the three that it was, but like 99.9% sure it's not early stage arthritis because if so, then I would have HAD to take a long amount of rest for this to get better and going into Boston I didn't feel that I could do that, and then it went away. Can I tell you about the day I was told this? I literally cried like for 8 hours. hahaha! I thought my career in running was over forever (career meaning my hobby ha). I was probably being a bit dramatic. So, that's the short story of what happened and now for what I learned. 


I said this in another blog post, but you have to decide the importance of the race to you. Most races are not going to be life or death but I had put A LOT of money into this race and I really didn't want to let it go.

Is this really something that I should completely stop running? If so, then by all means. However, in marathon training you have to realize that things aren't going to be rosy and peachy all the time and you have to decide if something is serious or not. Things are going to hurt. That's just part of the game, but is this just soreness? Is this an injury? Has this lasted a long enough time? 

I honestly get REALLY annoyed when you tell people like "eh my knee had a little inkling of pain today" and they are like "REST. DO NOT RUN. IF YOU RUN, YOU ARE SO ADDICTED AND STUPID." I know that's not what they say but they infer it. Like calm down folks, it's okay. I'm not running on a torn ACL here. It's just a nagging little pain that I was having. haha! 


I guess I won't say everyone because some people are lucky enough to avoid, but people on the world wide web want to always give opinions on how certain people get injuries and others don't and like it's a cause of them not taking care of themselves or something and that is just simply not true. There are things that happen to all of us and yes there are things that you can do for injury prevention and if you aren't doing those, then that's one thing, but my husband is a great example of someone who eats so much food of all varieties and mostly plants, stretches literally every day, does mobility work, form is literally perfect or he won't move up in weights, and yet he continues to get injury after injury. It makes me so sad for him, but sometimes that's just life.


I have taken MANY weeks off and come back from vacations or injuries and your endurance goes nowhere. I get LOADS of emails of people just terrified to rest during a training cycle. It's hard when you are first beginning marathon running because you feel if you miss a day then your whole training is just going to fall apart, but seriously it's not that serious. Your body will bounce right back, and just have trust in that. 


I ALWAYS tell clients to envision the aftermath of the injury. Let's say they are told to rest for 6 weeks. Six weeks feels like forever but it's a blip on the radar when it comes to life. You will be back out there. I actually kind of am like "Oh what a great time to lift" if it's like my last injury in that it doesn't hurt to lift. Find what you can do and enjoy that instead of worrying about what you can't and the time will fly by. When you look in the rear view, you are like "wow. that was really no time at all and now it's gone and I'm good." My groin thing was nagging me for 10 weeks-TEN WEEKS. I literally thought I had come out of the womb with that pain after 10 weeks but really that's no time at all! hahaha! 

For example-I'm over here talking about hip/groin issue and not even remembering I was out for 5 weeks with this! haha! 

For example-I'm over here talking about hip/groin issue and not even remembering I was out for 5 weeks with this! haha! 


If there is one thing I pride myself on and Tanner can tell you this, I seriously don't really get worked up and stressed out about something hurting until I've had it for like 2 months straight and then I'm like OKAY BODY I'M GONNA NEED YOU TO COOPERATE. hahaha! But really, is there anything that you have stressed about in terms of injuries that you think "Wow. that was worth stressing over." Negative. it's not. Just do what you can and come back when you can. You aren't going to blow up into a whale overnight. You aren't going to lose all athletic abilities and endurance overnight or over the period of injury. 

As if I don't talk about it enough, but forreal, think about other stuff. Push it out of your mind. It's not worth it. 


Think perspective and you'll stop stressing real quick. If I feel bad for myself that I have a pesky injury, I think about the athlete with cancer that would give anything to be able to just pedal on a bike again. So, that's about all I have to say about that. 


I think that could be an answer to all life's problems. But really, do the stretches that you need to do for your injury. Put ice on after runs. Do mobility work before and stretches after. It's silly to think that you can just be lazy with stretching and expect to get better. For example, plantar fasciitis. I even asked a PT about mine and he was like "Literally, all you can do is stretch and it will get better." I was just like "Are you kidding me? That's all. Well okay then." So be a responsible human unlike myself and stretch. 



Results on Cut Week 1

This first week has a story- "My body didn't like me story" 

I'm not one to weigh myself every day but I wanted this process of cutting then reversing to really give detailed stats so I went ahead and am going to track all of that. I don't every day and will only do so every week but here goes: 

Here's a few things to note: 

1) I felt awful all week to the point of being super frustrated. I felt lethargic from less food, but am not one to not take a plan seriously so then my lifts sucked and I felt bloated. I was compensating for lack of calories with things such as gum and diet soda which is stupid, so I got rid of that and instantly felt better. 

2) I started scheduling carbs specifically to be right before working out so that I would have lots of energy for that. 

3) I reminded myself cutting is temporary. No, I don't need to "lose weight", but we all know that we all have a place we feel most like ourselves so I'll cut until the end of next week then reverse! YAY! 

4) I had work crew all weekend, and just ate what was provided...#obviously #liveyourlife Honestly I probably ate less than normal just from not thinking about it and working so I feel great. 

5) The only reason I "lost" 1.5 this week is because I was definitely holding water when weighing the first time so most of that was just a drop in water and I don't expect but a tiny change this week. 

Here were my workouts for the week:

My long run I ended up doing on Sunday and took a rest day on Saturday. As you can see, I have a large focus on strength. I'm kinda hoping my mileage is increased this week as I'm feeling a bit underprepared for the ultra (50K on May 21) but we had a heart rate assessment last week and my heart rate was high for a 8:45 pace which made us think I wasn't fully recovered from the marathon and had lost some fitness so trying to gain that back. I'm looking forward to that. 

I hope that you'll enjoy following along with the stats that I'm going to cover with my cut and then reverse as my workouts get more intense moving into my ironman! :) I don't have pictures this week but I will start with those next so that you can see my progress as well. 



6 Things I wish I had known when I started running


You are injured. You don't know what to do. THERE'S ALWAYS ANOTHER RACE. There are big races that matter. If Boston hadn't been Boston, then I would have not run that marathon from all the hip/groin issues that I had for TEN WEEKS (meh), but I felt that I had to continue pushing through it. I would NEVER normally do that. It's gone now though. HALLELUJAH PRAISE YA JESUS! 

If you are wanting to complete a marathon, just take the time to get better and rehab. It's worth it and then you can enjoy your experience vs forcing something that is just not meant to happen and ending up even more hurt. 

It's also not something to freak out about. Life freakin happens. If it was your best friend or family member, and you looked from the outside you would say "Girl it's not that serious. Just do the next race" and that's the truth. That's what you should do. If there is ever a situation that I'm freakin out about (and this is also how I dealt with body image issues back in the day) is that I would look at myself from a bystanders perspective or I would look at my situation from someone else. Would they say it was okay for me to be upset? If not, MOVE THE STINK ON. If it's an important race, then do your due diligence of rehab and just do what you can. But if it's real serious, there's always another Boston.


Okay I am such a dang turd on stuff like this. I mean ...the worst. I am ashamed to say how I used to feel about this. I thought it was for woozies. HAHAHA! And I wonder why I have had a handful of injuries in my short little marathonin days. How stupid right? Good news is, I don't feel that way anymore.

The rule of thumb is: You do mobility work BEFORE your workouts meaning that you might rotate your hip in circles getting it warmed up. I have a little routine from hips to calves that I do before each run, and it takes me like 2 minutes. It's really not something that takes long but makes a huge difference.

The static stretching (hold 1,2,3) is shown to be best AFTER your workout. You don't want to do this on cold muscles as you could hurt yourself just in stretching. How bad would that suck? Whomp. 

Foam rolling-AHH! It's like a deep tissue massage. It hurts so good! My husband is a foam rolling fool. He legit asked if he could take it with us on vacation. No, Tanner, you may not embarrass me with your foam roller. No. HAHA! 


Okay, if you want to be a runner and you want to actually improve your times, you gotta put the work in. I will admit that I get slightly annoyed when people just casually run 5K's and don't really train much at all but are upset if they don't hit PR's in their races. Hello duh. You have to work for those. 

But I also think that when I was running for my first half marathon, I legit just thought that like whatever speed you were, that's what speed you were. Some people were lucky and could run faster and some people just didn't have it. While that is partly true (genetics do play a big role) but you can do speed workouts and tempo workouts every single week and continually get faster over time. During my last training cycle for boston, I got in maybe 5 total speed workouts because that's what hurt my groin the most and I felt it. My body was never used to going at faster speeds and if you don't use it, ya lose it. 


Legit, like it's really fun to be an athlete. No matter your discipline or sport of choice, this is supposed to be fun. I legit look forward to reading articles about running. I look forward to doing workouts and I absolutely love races to try to get better. 

The rule of thumb in running if you haven't started yet is that it really does take getting past the 3-4 mile mark to really start to enjoy the sport of running. If you are just casually doing a few miles here and there, it really will just be something that is awful. It's not until you get past those points when you are able to sink into it. 


No matter how much you are wanting to run mileage wise, you can put in the work and you will be able to get to that point a lot quicker than you think. If you've never run a marathon before, you put in an 18 week training cycle and you'll be more than ready. Each week my body surprises me on what it is capable of doing and how well it progresses. The flip coin of that is that if you don't continue doing it, you will lose it so fast. If I get sick or am gone for 10 days on a trip, I feel awful when running on the return. It's the continual habitual running every day that allows for enjoyment and progression. 


I think we all know this, but it really does. If you eat terrible one day and then you are trying to run a big workout the next day, you can forget it. Even if the foods that I'm eating are within my macros for the day, if it's like chips and crappy processed foods, I feel like junk. I've noticed a huge difference with 1-drinking water (which I suck at) and 2-eating whole foods (which I suck at haaaaa). I've started adding in a green smoothie everyday and it keeps my digestion so lovely and me feeling fantastic on my runs.

I could actually really start doing more of these because I have many many more things that I've learned that I think will be helpful, but I'll keep it short and sweet this time!