Protein Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake

I'm excited to share another fun recipe with you guys today, and I've realized something about these fun little protein items is that they are going to be best if you eat them within a few days. I know that a box cake can be left for like a week and still be good, but these are going to be best like the day of and the day after but typically the macros are typically really great, so why not eat it all in one sitting right? If you don't care about things being dry, then leave out the butta, but I think it helps to really kick it up a few notches. 

Let's get to it! :) 

I mean look at that! YUMYUM it was good! :) I always have these with a side of almond milk!

These macros are for 1/8 of the recipe!

I'd love to know if you guys try these recipes and I keep getting tagged in them on instagram which I love to see!! I'm going to be trying out some different plant based protein options soon and I'm excited to see how they taste in the recipes to give those that are vegetarian/vegan options and recipes as well! :) 

If you are curious about this macro counting thing and don't know what it is, reference my Macro Resources Page for tons of free articles to get you started!

Learn everything in one place and how to make this work in your diet everyday, you can find out about my ebook by clicking the button below. It's half off this week which is honestly something that I haven't ever done before, so it's definitely a great time to think about this one! :) 

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Stop Caring what others think

I wrote a status yesterday on my personal facebook page, and I just wanted to expound on it a little bit because a lot of people seemed to like it and comment on it and it made me think more and more about it. 

I'll go ahead and just copy and paste what I wrote: 

It has really become more and more aware to me that the people in my life that care the LEAST about what people think of them are the ones that love the MOST in others. They accept people because they don’t worry themselves about being accepted.
They care so little about how others judge them and it makes them have the same respect for others. Confidence is the least selfish characteristic to have because when you know who you are, you aren’t obsessed with putting others down to make yourself feel better. It’s really inspiring.

I know that it might be crystal clear what I'm trying to say but I wanted to talk about it more here. I feel like I can only say so much on a status without people never reading it. HAHA! 

I seriously have lived a large majority of my life caring what other people have thought of me, and it's honestly not even something that I meant to have happened, but then I look back and current and think "Wow Katie, what are you doing?" I've always been what Tanner calls "meek" and "let people walk on me" just because I never wanted to hurt anyone's feelings and I always wanted to make them feel loved, but in return I had some friendships that I felt really beaten down. It was like I was a magnet to people walking ALL OVER ME. When people begin to walk all over me, I wouldn't even fight back. I feared confrontation SO MUCH (who am I kidding? I still do). If someone does something crappy, I would seriously rather them continue then to have to endure talking through things. Tanner gets SO heated because of course he's defensive of me, and I never take up for myself. 

I feel like that sounds like humble bragging but I'm so serious, it's a terrible characteristic to have. Wanna know what that is? INSECURITIES! My entire life it's like I'm so afraid of what others will think of me that I'd rather just cower in a corner.

Every single time I've thought of getting another tattoo (I currently have one on my foot that says "Walk by faith"), I think to myself "I can't. This person and this person and this person would be upset and I'd rather not start that." I think about all of the cool adventures/travel the world every weekend if I could trips and I think "My family will think I need to chill out and not be so crazy." I think about how I still want to wait 3 more years until I'm around 30 to start having kids, and I think "Everyone is going to think that I hate kids and I should just go ahead and start." If I think I don't want to eat meat for awhile because of animal ethics, world hunger, environmental, and health reasons, I think "I have to keep this as quiet as possible because people think I'm crazy enough with health as it is." 

I know that you think I'm SO SO silly right? If you have already conquered this completely, then by ALL MEANS you go girl!!! But I share this in hopes of being transparent that if we were to all sit down and write out all of the things that we let others influence our decisions, it's just Just wow. I'm almost glad that I wrote out that list above. It's so freeing to just say "THIS REALLY IS SO SILLY!!!" 

I know that Krissy Mae Cagley has wrote statuses about how she will be in airports or sit down beside someone and she can just FEEL their discontent with the tattoos that she has all over her body almost in fear. They think she's like a monster or something, and if you meet Krissy you see that even though she has that "bad ass" image on the web, she's seriously the most kind and gentle soul of a person. 

The people that have been discriminated against seem to be the most free people I know. They don't live their life in this hole of even thinking for one second what others will think of them for the decisions that they make, and they project that energy, light and love forward. They know what it feels like and it sucks so they don't want anyone to live that way. They simply just don't care. 

I think it's important to recognize that there are decisions in life that we have to consider other people. If you are a mother or a father or a daughter then the decisions that you make might affect people in a negative way that you really need to think about and that's really important to be caring in that. I've seriously had an epiphany in the last month and I can't explain how liberating it is. I don't want to have confrontations because who in the world WANTS that, but if things are to happen in my future I think it's important to say "You know, I feel as if you are doing this to me and that is unkind and therefore I'm not going to let you walk on me in fear of what you may think of me. I say this with respect and love, but it's just not okay." It's OKAY to stand up for yourself (Katie, I'm talking to you girl lol). 

If you want to be vegan, you be vegan even if you are a male in the south who will be made fun of because you aren't "tough" because of it. If you want to get a sleeve tattoo, then there is nothing wrong with that. I saw someone say the other day that a certain tattoo that people get "bothered them". HOW DOES SOMETHING SOMEONE ELSE DECIDES TO PUT ON THEIR BODY SOMETHING THAT BOTHERS YOU? HOW HOW HOW!?!! Let people just be who they freakin wanna be!!!! I understand that we all have our views and that's fine, but why do people care so much about what other people do? To go back to my status, the ones that care the least and the ones that facebook rant the least are typically the ones that are doing their own thing not giving a crap what others think. They don't waste energy with making sure everyone knows what they think to be true and believes it as well. They just RELAX and LIVE. 

I feel as if this blog is all over the place, but I really challenge you the way that I've been challenged to truly sit back and think about who you are as a person no matter what others think and that you should go be that person. You are going to come up against people that oppose that and are going to tell you how they feel, but the beauty in letting go of their expectations is that you aren't going to care what they have to say because you are going to be able to stand firm in who you are knowing that the decisions you make, you thought through. You know that they think otherwise, and that's okay for them, but that does not reflect on you. The only thing it reflects is their inability to see that if we weren't all different then this world wouldn't keep spinning. 

I hope to goodness I'm not alone here and everyone isn't going to be like "Katie, omg, you so crazy!" but there I go again caring what yall think. HAHAHA! GOOD LORD IT'S A CURSE. 


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Hormones are real, y'all!

So I know that each month, we have a visit from someone that we aren't too fond of and we just kind of have to deal. My husband knows now not to brush off the way I'm feeling because of hormones, and even so much as this morning he called it "the h word." HAA!! 

The problem is that everyone really does think it's one big joke, when it is very real to us and it's something that we have to just suffer fest through each and every month. On top of the fact that the week of is yucky, typically the week before is pretty terrible also. 

This month is particularly awful for me for who knows what reason. I am very thankful to have one because back in the ole eating issue days, I did not, so each month is a sweet reminder that I'm really taking care of myself now and that I am woman. Hear me roar. Ha! However, the tears are very real, the pain is very real, and the water retention is very real. I wanted you to know girlfriend, you are NOT alone. 

I coach for a full time job and every single week that I do check ins there are many girls that say "I'm 3-5lbs up but it's my time of the month." I know that we know this but let this sink DEEP into yo brain that the weight gain is NOT fat gains. The weight gain is a shift in your hormones causing water retention that will fade away at the end of the week. Do not panic. Do not stop eating. Just simply relax, continue doing what you are doing, and drink a ton of water. 

Now that we have that silliness out of the way, let's talk about the other ways that it affects us. TEARS. REAL HUGE TEARS. They roll down your face almost out of nowhere with no warning and no explanation. Life is great. Everything is great and BAM! haha! Things just feel heavierrrrr in every form of the word. All of the small things or pressures in life that you normally can handle just fine just seem really heavy on your heart. All of the things that really don't matter in the big picture feel like the biggest deals. AND THAT'S OKAY GIRLFRIEND. Give yourself some slack. Cry those tears. Don't let your husband brush is off with the H word because the truth is y'all, they think we have lost our minds. (haha) Okay maybe not, but probably! I think it's important to recognize that you are in the midst of this week and that it WILL go away. This will help you to rationalize your emotions and put them in their perspective boxes of what is and is not important. However, I relate this to someone with a mental illness. The issues that they face may seem trivial to most people but to them, it's very real. And that's the same to us during our periods.

The pain that you feel (I like to describe this as my ovaries are going to just fall right out of my body) is VERY REAL! You aren't making that up sister. It's okay to take Midol and eat chocolate in it's wonderful abundance. 

Also, as an athlete, your performance will most likely suffer. Everyone is very different on the sliding scale of how much this affects us so there may be some athletes that it doesn't matter as much. However, strength athletes, this can become a real issue for them. Their lifts can almost decline like 25% and it's almost better to just know that this is happening and not fight it. Typically, this is going to happen the week prior to your actual period, but for other women the worst week may be the actual period. 

Can we just take a moment of silence for women? Two weeks out of every month (give or take), we have shifting of hormones, decrease in performance, erupting emotions, ovary falling out pain, and water retention keeping us from effectively losing weight if needed. THAT'S JUST UNFAIR!! I just want you to know girlfriend that you are a rockstar and a warrior. haha! Don't stop fighting. It might take you longer than your male counterpart, but keep on trucking. 

I think that even this article is a little bit funny. Hormones are funny, right? We do dramatic things. We chalk it up to the period, and everyone moves on. But it really does suck, and it's okay to just say it out loud for once. 

Even though I intended this blog to be about girlpower, I also want to say... "Don't be a whimp!" Sister, you are strong. You are a fighter, and it doesn't matter if you only get two effective weeks of each month because that's all you need. Don't use this as a crutch to not try. Don't use this as a crutch to yell at your husband when he didn't do anything wrong. Ask for him to be gentle with you, but don't use this as a "Get out of jail to yell at people and not try at life" free card. But I wanted you to know that I stand beside you to let you know that periods suck. That is all. 


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Favorite Devotionals for Women

I know that I've been asked to do this post for a while now, and I kept trying to figure out which ones that I wanted to share just because I wanted you guys to have the best options and choices to be able to start delving more into the word. 

One of the things that I think about when I'm starting a new devotion are if I want things to be emotional or do I want to learn something? Tanner and I took an intensive study this year with someone at our church on the book of Revelation. Man, it was awesome but it had very minimal "feelsy" aspects of it. We were just simply diving into every single word with context leading it back to the Greek and Hebrew. I think that's an amazing thing to do sometimes. It really gives a deeper understanding. I think sometimes that when you just sit down with the Bible, and you open it then you can tend to happen upon verses that you cherry pick and make them have meaning for your life, and while that's WONDERFUL, you want to make sure that you are truly understanding what the passage was talking about. 

I also didn't realize something growing up which is that the footers in the Bible are just from people doing their best interpretation of what they think the meaning of the passage is. Yes, they are scholars and know WAY more than me, but that is not to mean that what they are saying is to be taken without any thoughts of what you believe as well. I always just encourage people (and not that I think I'm some pro) but just to critically think about things that you read even on my blog (especially on my blog) and to make your own decisions about how you feel! :) I'm going to post the Amazon links below each one. 


I wanted to start with one that my good friend Michelle at Cross Training Couture just released this week called "Famous in Heaven and at Home". It's about the Proverbs 31 woman and how we become exhausted by her in that she represents everything in a woman that we can't be all at once. I have only looked through this book for the past few days but I am so thrilled to learn from Michelle as she has been studying and teaching these passages for 4 years now. 

Instagram: @michellemyers , @crosstrainingcouture (they are the same ones I just posted on instagram about their new tank top)


He has written a commentary for just about every single book of the bible, and this is SUCH a great learning tool while also tying in how you can apply this to your life. It's not going to be a quick read. It's more like reading it as a book. It goes through a small group of verses at one time, tells what really is going on and then explains why that is important. I really love the way that he writes. Here are quite a few different ones depending on what book you would want to study.


This is a guide that my good friend Jordan made that is to help you with making your bible study FUN. She highlights and writes all over her bible, and I just love it and she shows you the method that she uses for this. If you don't know about her instagram and blog, she's an absolute gem whom I adore <3 

Instagram: @soulscripts


Lara Casey talks a lot bout making things happen, and how she had to let go of her perfectionism in everything, take the leap to do what she felt was her purpose and let God lead her in that. She talks about how we need to recognize that there is a purpose bigger than our own and that we have to surrender to be able to fully fall into that. She has one that comes with 31 days of prayer bundle on her website, so that would be a cool one to check out.

Instagram: @laracasey


Kristin's devotionals are very short and to the point and are fantastic for those that are in a hurry in the mornings. If you just want something that you can read super quick, jot down some thoughts, then go get ready then this would most likely be the one for you. She has a lot of different options as well and comes out with a new one all the time so she's definitely one to keep on your radar because typically her older ones she will cycle back through on sales.

Instagram: @kristinschmuker


Wild and free in the title really gives a good synopsis of what it's talking about. It really helps me in a world where that is EXACTLY how I feel. I'm not a quiet person so I sometimes feel I could get that gentle nature part of myself together. LOL! 


This is my personal devotionals that I've wrote because I felt that there was a place for women to feel as if they could pursue their fitness journey while also walking diligently in the faith. It can be tricky muddling through those waters, and so I just felt really led to do this before the Lent season and it brought me so much joy. It also taught me SO much as I felt sometimes as if things that I needed to hear, I was writing. It's a 40 day study. Mine, like Kristin, is just one page each day with thoughts at the bottom that you can write out what you are feeling about the topic for that day. 


So many love this one and it really is fantastic. It is spoken as if every writing is Jesus talking to you, and there have been so many days that I read this and think "Wow, this was literally exactly what I needed on this exact day, so that's been really cool. I love this one and could go through it 5 times over and over again. 


This devotional goes through so much that is based on Psalm 1:3. The different topics discussed are bible study, prayer, meditation, confession, worship, fasting, simplicity, obedience, giving, joy, and fellowship (so many of the fruits of the spirit). She talks about how we are planted and some seasons are for watering and some seasons are for pruning. I just love this study.

Instagram: @livelivedbeautifully

If you're just reading through, if you want to go back through and click on the hyperlinks that you see, it will open them all in new tabs so that you can search around. I also want you guys to know that none of these girls asked me to include them in a blog. Honestly, they might not even ever see that I referred yall to it, so I genuinely mean it when I think that what they are doing is great stuff.

10. One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

This book is written by Ann Voskamp, and I actually have not read it but it's on my top and I've heard nothing but amazing things so I had to put it on the list. I absolutely love following her instagram page to really just see what it looks like to walk daily with the Lord guiding her life. It's really inspiring. 

I know that a lot of these were books and not devotionals, but like I said I really like to spend time in the mornings just going through maybe 5 pages and highlighting them like crazy and writing notes on what I read. If there is no Scripture in those pages, I might google something that I feel to be relevant, open up my bible to read some and jot down some verses on the topic. If I don't always have scripture, that's okay too. I just try to start my day with some kind of seeking the Lord's presence in my daily life. It really does help to start your day in that way, so I hope this list of amazing women blesses you like they have me. 

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Candace Bure's Diet

I always find it SUPER interesting to read about celebrity diets. If you don't know who Candace is, WAKE UP!! LOL! It's DJ off Full House!! :) I always wonder if they have spoken with nutritionists, and what makes them come to the decisions that they do. I think they get information, but sometimes I wonder if they see the full picture, and I don't mean specifically Candace but just all of them. I think many times it's mostly about looks, and I TOTALLY get that. Candace said that it was part of her job to look this way and people on instagram, of course, are rude about that, but it really is just part of the game of being in Hollywood. 

SERIOUSLY SHE'S 40!? LOOK AT HER! Both pictures captured from her instagram

SERIOUSLY SHE'S 40!? LOOK AT HER! Both pictures captured from her instagram

Candace did an article for cosmo and stated that she eats mostly vegan except for egg whites and some fish. That's actually very similar to me which I found interesting of course. First of all, I adore her and she's absolutely GORGEOUS!!! She actually gets a lot of judgement on her instagram. I don't know why but her page just seems to attract it. Everyone ALWAYSSSS is going to debate on nutrition from every angle. You need to be vegan. You need to be vegetarian. You need protein. You need to eat more calories. You need to eat less calories. Blah Blah! You have to figure out what works for you. Candace says that she struggled with bulimia in her early 20s but has moved on past that. I think this is probably very common for women in Hollywood trying to navigate nutrition in their lives and just about every woman in general. Honestly, if you look to the earlier years, Candace was not always in the shape that she is now so she's definitely had to work for it and I'm sure that wasn't easy.

She shares 3 days of what she eats. It looks like she is on the go a lot of the time, and she says that she doesn't track calories. People were like "OMG THAT'S SUCH LITTLE FOOD" but the truth is, we don't know the portion sizes. I thought that I would guess and put together what the calories and macro ratios of her 3 days were just because it would be interesting to look at. So here goes: 

Please keep in mind that I do not know her portion sizes, and tried to guess the best that I could. Oh boy, let's have a look. 

Day 1: 900 calories 45g P 105g C 34g F 

Day 2: 1200 calories 71g P 142g C 47g F

Day 3: 1400 62g P 170g C 45g F 

I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that the portion sizes that I'm guestimatting for her are larger than what I would expect typically for a woman to eat on a regular basis. It looks like she has pretty much 3 square meals with tiny snacks (such as either an apple or half of a vegan protein bar). But man oh man! :( 

THIS is why I recommend people tracking and especially using IIFYM so that she isn't fearful of certain foods. I guarantee you that she doesn't think that she's undereating, and she would probably be very offended if anyone claimed that because she has probably worked really hard to overcome bulimia where she would constantly overeat. The issue is that if you don't track then you have no idea and could end up screwing yourself over by not eating enough and then your body just goes nuts on certain days because you aren't feeding it enough on a regular basis. I think that sometimes tracking gets a bad rep as if tracking makes you obsessed, but I don't think so at all. I think that it helps you to learn. 

I do appreciate that I think that she tries to get a balance of fat, carb and protein every day. You can tell just by the choices that she makes. On the airplane home that last day, she had a veggie salad and a glass of wine. She said she skipped the main meal for the glass of wine, and I think this might be something that a typical lady might do that is trying to keep her weight in check. I don't think that Candace for one second thinks "Oh I'm hungry but I can't eat." ABSOLUTELY NOT. She's just "eating clean" and "making good choices" while she's on the road all the time for work, and sometimes those calories don't add up even when we think that they do. I also think she could eat WAY more and still maintain her weight of course.

If you are someone who isn't tracking and trying to eat clean but then going nuts on the weekends then I think it's worth taking a second to track even if it's just for one week to see where you land and then maybe you could realize some really interesting things about your diet. 

I also NEVER EVER want this to appear like I'm putting Candace down. I genuinely really LOVE HER and think she's an incredible person and she might be eating huge serving sizes of the foods she listed. I thought this was super interesting for sure. 

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7 Things to Know for New Bloggers

Hi guys! I'm trying to do a steady rotation of blogs on different topics, and I'm just so excited to share these type of tips with you, so I hope that some of you will find this useful. I believe that SERIOUSLY we all have something to bring to the table. I believe that we all have gifts that we can write about and learn from one another. I also really want to do some income reports with you guys, but I'm not that brave yet. There have been many people that tell me that this would be inspiring and helpful and many bloggers do it, but it definitely takes a leap of faith so I'll keep you posted on that. ;) 

For starters, you definitely want to check out my "How to start a successful blog" if you don't already have one of course, but if you do, let's get cranking. I hope that you will take this information to HELP you personally because I'm personally putting myself 


In blogging, this is actually really big. People expect things from you unfortunately and fortunately. If they are a follower of your blog, then most of the time they know when you post and they come looking for it. 75% of my views are from direct hits which means that 2000 people per day are typing in "" which kind of makes me say, "WOWZA!"

People probably know that I'm blogging Monday through Friday and typically don't blog on Saturday and Sundays. I blogged this past weekend, and I noticed that my traffic was drastically lower. This is most likely because a) people didn't expect it b) people read from their office chairs (don't tell their bosses) so that is something to consider for the future of weekend blogging for me! :) 

With all of your posts, you want to make sure that you also consistently linking to other pages. Every single click that someone does to another page is a page view. Don't be shady and annoying and link up everything or like those AWFUL AWFUL websites that make you click for every single "Top 50 places to visit" or whatever and you have to click 50 times. Not getting page views off of me there! HAHA! So have some class always ;) 


I will do a blog on different ways that you can create income, but you want them to be coming from multiple places, and obviously this takes time to grow. This will be something that comes in the future. Passive income is obviously what you want the most of, but even passive income isn't always passive however it builds on one another. Once you get one e-book going, you can create another. For example, here are my different revenue streams: 

You work with companies within your targeted brand. My biggest piece of advice on this is that everyone and their brother will want to work with anyone, and you have to be willing to really look at what you are promoting and if you genuinely like it. Bloggers get SUCH a bad name for just spewing off all kinds of ads. I truly am so very grateful for professional bloggers. I am able to learn so much from so many different people, but in order for them to be able to create such beautiful content and images, that takes A LOT of time and effort so if you are reading this and you are not a blogger, just please be mindful of that. I just think about all of the women that get put down because they sponsor posts, but in the end, how else are they supposed to make a living doing blogging for some of them and give us all of their wonderful info?

There are many different companies that will match up bloggers with brands so you want to get in on those. You have to apply for some. The one that I enjoy the most is Social Fabric (Collective Bias). You'll find many campaigns that you can apply for-this can be on your instagram or your blog. The application is detailed but you start getting used to it and it doesn't take as much time. There are some such as AdThrive that I've heard are wonderful but you are only able to use these if your blog reaches 100,000 page views per month. I'm going to start being full disclosure on these posts and my blog gets about 85-90k per month therefore I don't qualify ... yet ;) 

This is for this month

This is for this month

  • Affiliate Marketing

If you don't know what this is, there is where you have different things that you promote and you get a portion of the sales that are made. There is an affiliate program for just about anything that you like, so what I do is if I start to like something, I google if there is an affiliate program and most of the time, you'll find one. The affiliate programs that I'm a part of are Amazon Associates and Bluehost. As I'm experimenting more and more, this list will most likely grow. Amazon has a fee schedule based on the different product that you are promoting based on if it's an electronic or in other categories that determines the commission rate (1-5%).

Amazon allows you to create your own store and gives you HTML codes to easily enter on your blog. It shows the full reports on pretty much any affiliate program on how many clicks you get as well as the amount that you receive from what is sold.

What this is showing is that I've had 1102 clicks, and the last one is the total earnings off of what was sold with a 3.27% conversion rate so it's pretty cool to see. 

What this is showing is that I've had 1102 clicks, and the last one is the total earnings off of what was sold with a 3.27% conversion rate so it's pretty cool to see. 

  • Ad Space on my blog

There are different websites that can give you some pretty good information based off the size of your blog in what you can charge. I keep this to one per month because I want them to be able to have full access to the "real estate" on my blog and can benefit the best. This also comes into play with determining your price range. You can have different ranges of course based on what pages you put ads on as well. 

  • Google Adsense 

This is always mentioned but it's very minimal income (I typically make about $100/month on this) however I used to make $20/month on this and just by growth of my blog and placement of my ads, and overnight starting May 19, 2016-my adsense jumped 600%. I was making pennies every day and now I make about $5/day. This picture is from this morning, and if you look under Yesterday, it says $5.43 and under that (606.2%) meaning in the past month, I've increased my google adsense that much. You guys might could tell the content shift of my blog focusing more on quality and providing good information to help and it brings more people to your blog so that's important moving into the next one.


I used to get so sick of hearing this as a new blogger. Like, no one is going to find me just by "creating good content" and I still stand by that and it's the truth. However, when you are smaller, you have more time. This time should be utilized getting yourself familiar with programs to make wonderful images (that can be used on pinterest and instagram), and then when you are building this thing up, you don't have to go back through (like I'm having to do now) and fix all the old stuff that's not what it should be just because I didn't know better. 

While there are some that get people excited about their lives, those are few. Hungry Runner Girl is one of them, and she's amazing and I love her. She writes about her life, and is a very popular blogger. However, the thing that I've realized that in order for your blog to get shares and for people to come back is if you are helping them solve a problem that they have in their lives.

You want to become really versed in one area and that needs to be the topic of your blog so that people know that you are an expert in that area. This shouldn't be a fake it until you make it type thing. You are most likely starting your blog because you have a passion in a certain topic. I'm just saying make it very streamlined. Mine is mostly macros and running so I should keep to those topics mostly. When someone comes to my blog for the first time, they need to have ample amounts of things to look at that makes them trust me in a particular area. 


**I'll share tips later on how to grow your email list** 

You want to grow an email list. I do not email my email listers. I will be soon though, but I'm not to that point yet, and I don't have a newsletter that I send out to them. I have a locked private user library that is to come. 

However, we do not own instagram. We do not own facebook. Facebook is a pay to play platform and instagram I'm sure will get that way eventually. They started with their new algorithm, and everyone freaked out. OH NO!!! It doesn't seem to really affect much that I could tell, but everyone was freaking out. The point is at the end of the day if facebook/instagram/twitter becomes obsolete, you don't want your business to just fall to pieces. That's where your email list comes into play. 

You do NOT want to annoy them. We all get enough emails in our inbox. I am NOT trying to give you another one, and I refuse. But this list is important. 


This is HUGE. Your blog will not become an overnight sensation unless you are very very lucky. You've got to be able to stick in here for the long haul and the stat is that 85% of bloggers fail. Don't let yourself be one of those. Hang in there. You can do this!!! 


Yes, I know that if you have a program that you are wanting to sell then you want people to purchase that program however they are going to have absolutely no reason to trust what you say unless you let them know what you are about. You have to tell them through your blog that you know what you're talking about. You have to send them free newsletters and give them giveaways. You want to instill trust in the people that follow you. Again, this should not be a fake it until you make it thing. Don't pretend that you know things ESPECIALLY in the health and fitness industry. That will get you nowhere REALLY quick, but if you are a NASM personal trainer, then share all kinds of tips and workouts. If you are a nutrition coach then share TONS of free nutrition advice. If you are a yoga instructor, share tons of tips about yoga. FREEEE!!! You gotta give it to them before they will ever buy from you. 


Boy, I try to keep up and it's hard but you need to try. I make email the number 1 priority just because these people have taken the time to reach out to me specifically so I want them to know that I genuinely do care and appreciate that. It gets overwhelming when there are 50 comments on instagram and 10 comments on my blog, and so I never mean to not respond, but sometimes I forget. No matter who that person is, that makes them feel as if you don't care even when you most definitely do. I never want to make someone feel that way. I really do appreciate every comment on my blog and instagram and facebook. I don't want them to think back in 2 weeks - "Wow I commented and Katie NEVER responded." I know that it happens because Bethany, my now BFF, told me that the first time she commented on my instagram I ignored it. PEOPLE ALWAYS REMEMBER. ANSWER YOUR COMMENTS. 

I know this is a lot to take in. Let me know if you have any questions about anything specific. Don't be overwhelmed but take things in chunks and get started! :) 

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Top 9 Apps for Macronutrient Counting

The app that most all the girls on my team use is Myfitnesspal and I do feel very accustomed to it at this point, and have even done a blog post about how to use it in detail at THIS link, however I do think there are a lot of other apps out there that are super useful so I wanted to let you know about those as well as give you places to go to figure out how to use those in more detail if you so choose. 

This is the first time that I've ever double posted for the day, so for those that didn't catch my earlier blog, it was about self love ;) So, HERE is that. 


I'm not going to go into a lot of detail here, because you can find my full description above but the database is really huge on myfitnesspal, it's used the most so therefore most of your friends are going to be on there, and it's also able to sync with the fitbit which I know is important for some people. Remember, if your coach sets your macros and you decide to sync it with your fitbit, that doesn't mean to add back those calories. They have already put in an activity factor when calculating your macros for you. 


This is my second favorite, because it's huge on micros which I've become a really big fan of recently. I'm really trying to focus on my overall health and not just about macros so I've been working on getting all of my essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals and it's fun to watch that tick up as the days progress. You might realize that you are overloading in one area with vitamins but not getting any of the others so it helps you to add variety. 

3. Lose It

This one is recommended by a lot of people, and I am not super familiar with it, but it looks like a very comprehensive place to track. The database is not quite as good, but there are good little images to go along with your foods. HAHA! 

4. MyMacros + 

This app was created by a bodybuilder and while it's great, you have to enter in a lot of your foods. They do have 2.5 million items in their food database so it by NO means a bad app AT ALL, but just something to consider. I definitely think it's worth looking into. 

5. Nutritionist

This one is great for those that want a little more accountability in that it will give you advice along the way and tips to stay on track with portion control and other various things. They also have a very large database OFFline which is nice for when you don't have signal in some areas, and I have a hard time getting Myfitnesspal to pull up. That doesn't happen that often so it might not be something that is a priority but just giving the full disclosure.

6. Calorie King

Many people get VERY frustrated at myfitnesspal because of the inaccuracy of their macros at times, and feeling like they have to double check in different locations to figure that out. I'm just not a perfectionist with it so it's never really bothered me. 

7. Fitocracy Macros

This is just simply meant to track your macros and does not have a food database. It helps you to set macros for each meal and breaks that down for you and will give you calculations for making goals for yourself. It's not nearly as in depth but you can at least check it out. 

8. Spark People

This one is definitely underrated, but apparently it's said to have a lot of "fluff" on the reviews. I honestly don't know much about it, but it looks like a good app from looking over it. I think it's good to be able to go through each one and figure out what is available to you and decide for yourself. 

9. On the Regimen

This was created by Mike Vacanti because he felt that he was looking all around for an app that had good qualities to it, but couldn't find one that he liked. You can see his post HERE about the release of his app. I really like what he's doing in the industry and think that he's a great resource as well. He believe the Myfitnesspal calculations to be crappy just like I do. 

If you don't even know what macro counting is (haha- I know most of you do), reference this blog post, and then you can go to the resource library to find a wealth of information on the topic.





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Self love

Oh boy - what a topic - I mean clearly I was being super original when I decided to write on this so I hope that you'll join me today as I unleash new information on a topic never written about.

But really, it's like beating a dead horse. Love yourself. We all know this.

But do we really? I think that we honestly have become so immune to what we are reading on the internet that we aren't present in what we are reading. Like, genuinely, when you go to bed at night, are you confident in who you are? When someone says something about you, do you find shreds of truth in it that make you uncomfortable or do you nod your head in agreeance that confidently "Yes, that's who I am."

Do you always feel that there is something that you need to change (physically, mentally, spiritually) and is that out of love or out of hate? The world has made us believe that if we work on ourselves then we hate ourselves. There is this notion that if I have to be completely complacent with everything in my life or I'm self loathing, and I think that couldn't be further from the truth.

I think in the advent of self love, we are really not in reality showing ourselves love. Are we taking care of our bodies, minds, and souls? Are we making sure to get some form of exercise in at least 30 minutes 4-5X per week? Are we eating well to nourish our bodies? Are we meditating? Are we spending time with friends and loved ones? Are we doing well in school? Are we saving money?

If someone was to look at you and say "I love you", they would want the best for you. They would want you to prosper in every way. They would want you to have stability in finances and life. They would never just look at you with a blank stare and say "because I love you, you can just chill." However, that's the way that we have made it out to be.

We judge those that actually are practicing self love by saying "Oh girl, you don't need to do that. You're just fine JUST the way that you are." We tell our friends that they can save money later, and that we are too young to worry about those things. We say YOLO, and while I believe that's the truth, I think that we need to take responsibilities on how we can live a full life, just this one time. We only get this shot once, so we need to do it right.

We need to find the balance. We need to have a healthy dose of fun, but we also need to learn to work. I spoke about this last week, but we have become entitled that we don't need to work for what we want. Heck to the no. Working hard builds character. Doing things that you don't want to do makes you a better friend, mother, teacher, wife. We need to honor our desires as well. We need to have that piece of cake without being in fear of what it might do to our body if in that moment we want cake. If we don't actually want cake, then we should be able to say no without the judgement of "OMG JUST EAT THE CAKE!"

There are few women that I know that carry this confidence, and I'm drawn to them like nobody's business. I want to soak that junk up like a sponge. Think about the confident women that you know. Doesn't it just make you smile? I won't embarrass them by mentioning names, but I can think of 3 women in my life. It has nothing to do with the way that they look. It has to do with the way that they carry themselves.

There are unwritten rules in this world of who you have to be and we are at the forefront of all of that coming to a head in our society. The truth is that this is not Utopia, and try as we might, it's just not going to happen and that's okay. You need to recognize that you are very different than the person next to you, AND THAT'S OKAY. Boy, has that taken me a long time to work through and not just on a physical level. The views that my family have about a lot of things are not like mine, but that doesn't mean that it matters for our relationship. That doesn't mean that they love me any less or that I love them any less. We have to relax in who we are and just be that person.

What are goals that you have for yourself? Why don't you honor yourself by working towards those goals? Do you want to lose weight? THAT'S OKAY GIRL. YOU DO YOU. That's loving yourself by doing what is going to make you happy. Are you obsessed with losing weight and putting yourself down every single day about it? Well, that's a different story. You need to hop right out of that.

As I mentioned before, you have to be present. These emotions aren't going to just come. You have to practice them. You have to write them down. You have to have a plan of action. You will look back in 6 months and love yourself even more for having the confidence and the perseverance to have a goal and to stick with that goal.

I didn't work hard in pharmacy school because I hated myself. I didn't work hard in soccer growing up because I hated myself. I didn't work hard on my marriage because I hated it. No. Just no. You can work on something and love it at the same time. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. If you want to travel, travel to that place people are saying it's silly to travel to. MOVE to that place they told you that you shouldn't. Get that tattoo. Get that piercing. There is only one person that lives inside of your brain and that is you and you have to take care of her so that in turn you can abundantly bless those around you. You can't be fully you for them until you fully get out of your head. Self love is not vain. Self love is actually less selfish because we all know that self hate leads to constant thoughts about oneself. By removing that piece, you are able to fully and completely be you spreading joy around like skittles.


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Tempeh Tacos

You may have seen this post that I made on instagram about the dinner that I had the other night, but it was absolutely delicious so I wanted to share how I prepared the tempeh and what I had with it. Tempeh has a certain taste to it and there are many that don't like it. Tanner prefers tofu better but I personally like tempeh. We both agree on seitan ;) haha! I do like tofu as well though. Anyway, tofu can pretty much be flavored with whatever you are putting with it, but tempeh has a different kick to it so I guess finding something to prepare it with can be trickier. 

I found this taco seasoning sauce at walmart (this is my recommendation not sponsored in any way), and I thought I'd give it a try. It's actually very macro friendly with only 25 calories (0.5g F//4gC//<1gP) in 2 tablespoons which is a lot. The ingredient list is plant based as well (roasted tomato and fresh tomato, tomato juice, onion, tomato paste, garlic, chipotle pepper, apple cider vinegar, evaporated cane juice, vegetable oil, agave nectar, smoked paprika, distilled white vinegar, calcium chloride, and citric acid). Its a very strong flavor, and a large amount of sodium. As always, you guys know I don't worry about sodium. My blood pressure is VERY low (typically 80-90/50-60) and I eat sodium all day every day. HERE's an old blog about that topic. However, there are 230mg in 2 tablespoons which is a lot, but it's a sauce so that's expected.

It was so simple. We just crumbled the tempeh into a skilled, poured the sauce on top and added our favorite taco toppings and just honestly cooked it until warm. Tempeh doesn't have to be cooked and can be eaten raw. We used tomatoes and go veggie cheddar cheese crumbles.

We got the hard shells, but man those things are finicky. If you don't eat them in like a 3 day window, they are stale so that's annoying, and these were stale but oh well. LOL! 

We also have found a new love for Salsa Verde instead of regular Salsa, and our favorite brand is the World Market brand (that can be found at Walmart), so that's the green stuff on the side. ;) 

This was my dinner after a long day of training followed by froyo always! <3

This was my dinner after a long day of training followed by froyo always! <3

What's your favorite tempeh recipe? I'd love to try some different ones.

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Ironman Training 18 weeks out

I don't typically blog on the weekends, and I've been told by many that they read my blog when they get to work in the mornings, so if you haven't seen that I did blog this weekend, here are Saturdays and Sundays blogs (Creating Excuses for Bad habits & Weekly Round Up #2)

I was counting by the months because it was so far away-6 months, 5 months! 

Now, we are so close that I'm just like "Oh dear Jesus, let's start counting in weeks to make this more real." I can't even believe it. 

I typically do a marathon training cycle for 4 months so I won't officially hit that point until 2 more weeks so that makes me feel a little bit better, but I know the time is going to fly by. I would be lying if I didn't say that training was a lot, but I also have a lot of other volunteer work and responsibilities along with my business so of course, it just all adds up. I'm also NEVER EVER EVER wanting to complain about busyness. I actually don't like that very much when people do that, so I'm just talking about the ins and outs of training here and the logistics of that. Everyone is busy. Everyone has responsibilities and obligations, and I don't even have kids, so you mommas ROCK! Okay, moving on.

I had a weird week last week like I'm sure we all have of just like "Blah let's just get this over with" when normally I look forward to training. I'm feeling very different this morning so I'm hopeful that was just an off week. I think putting the week count helped me because it shows me how very close we are and how exciting that is. I always love to envision the finish line during all of my big workouts, and how much that is going to mean to me. Oh man, I'm just so excited. 

I also want to touch on the fact that ANYONE can do this. I am not special. I am not extraordinary. I don't have some slot in my life where I had all this ample time. I just simply decided "this is the year" and I leaped and signed up. I knew it was now or never (well that's probably not true but I knew it felt right for this year). I felt that I had built my nervous system to be able to handle higher mileage situations just from the slow progression into endurance sports that I've been doing. I know now that no matter what, I'll finish because I've went through bad situations that I've come out of which gives me confidence in the future. I know that if I just take that one extra step, I'll keep moving forward. It might take me ALL DAY but I'll get there and that gives me confidence and excitement in training. 

Last week, I also did have this weird fear with biking too. I'm not one to worry about that junk. I'm not going to live my life in fear, so all the bike crash crap that has happened in my past-it's in my past and I'm moving forward. However, bike crashes for almost everyone seem more like a "when" not an "if" and with 112 miles on the NC course and many many more miles than that in training, I just got nervous. I'm clumsy too on the bike, so that scares me as well. It's funny how everyone else is afraid in the water, and I could care less about that. It's the bike that gets me, but I think I also was envisioning my wreck last year (HEREs that recap), and I need to stop doing that. Someone was asking about it and I kept replaying how I was flying in the air and thinking that I was going to break every bone in my body. I'm hoping with more time in training, I'll keep getting better as I have to this point. I'm still slow though ;)

My coach typically schedules day to day, but he's going out of town so I got the full week in advance. I'm like a kid on Christmas morning. HAHA! I typically get asked, so just to clarify, this is a website/app called Training Peaks that many coaches use.

I know this is hard to see, so I'll tell you what each day is: 

Monday-Short fast run, Bike Intervals (1 hour), Lower body 

Tuesday- Swim Intervals, Upper Body

Wednesday-60 minute easy ride, Easy Run 

Thursday-Long bike Intervals (90 minutes), Full Body (including squats and deadlifts)

Friday-Swim 1.2 miles, Short Run 

Saturday-2 hour easy ride, 5K off the bike

Can you tell the running is very minimal right now? ;) That will pick back up which will be interesting on the whole time thing? We already cut back to only 3 days of lifting (it was 4), and I'm still doing about 2 hours per day and then a little more on the weekends. Honestly though, that really just part of it. You can't truly train for an ironman and not expect to have a lot of training. I could eat, drink, sleep, train if I didn't have other responsibilities. HAHA! 

Okay enough of that-off to do client check ins! 





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Weekly Round Up #2

So, I actually got a really great response from you guys last week on this post, so I thought that I'd just continue on doing it! :)

1. ASICS Running Shoes 

Everyone always asks me for my favorite shoe, and I have to admit that of all the brands, Asics works best for me. That does not mean that Asics are the go-to shoe, and you need to find the one that works for you. HERE is the link to the blog talking about how to find a shoe that works for you and I've linked up some shoes that are on sale this week for Asics if you are in the market for new shoes. 




The first thing I'm loving this week is blogging, and not just my own but finding a lot of others that I love to follow. I'll list some of those:

Nathan Maxwell - I met Nathan at the Gamelands Ultra 50K and I've never seen someone smile so genuinely. Every time I would run by him on the course, he was so encouraging, and I'm so glad that I found him on social media. He's seriously an incredible ultra runner and no big deal but he has SIX KIDS!!!

Run Tri Mom - I'm sure you guys know that Steph is one of my good friends, but she's really started blogging more, and I just really connect with a lot of the things that she writes about so I really enjoy following her.

Teresa Anderson - From the very first time, I came across her blog, I couldn't stop reading it. This was probably over a year ago, and I just get excited any time that she posts anything. I love her heart and I just envision her family to be like the family that I want to have one day.


Dude, they are spoiling us lately. This week's special is the smart index scale, and Garmin Vivosmart HR. If you click on those, it will take you to the link, and these sales will not be going on much longer (I think actually until tomorrow so if you see these in time, I would jump on it)

Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker Regular Fit - Imperial Purple

  • Normally $150 --> on sale for $125

Garmin vívoactive Black

  • NORMALLY $250 --> ON SALE FOR $170

Garmin index Smart Scale - Black- It tells your weight (lb, kg, st), BMI, body fat and water percentage, and skeletal muscle mass and bone mass.

Normally $150 on sale for $129


I may have been crashing and burning in the beginning but I'm getting better and better and I can see the utility of these more and more for becoming more efficient on the bike. Here is the link to the ones that we got. I really like them. 


Oh my gosh yall. So, my cousin got me this 2 years ago and I absolutely love it. The only thing that I use it for is for reading on the treadmill when I'm getting mileage in. It makes the miles just fly by, and it's easy versus like a magazine or a book that will just flop everywhere. You can make the font bigger too so that you can see it. I went to go find the link for it, and it's one of "Today's deals" on Amazon, so what a happy accident! HAPPY READING! I stinkin love to read. My most recent finish was by Jodi Picoult linked up below.


I get asked about this A LOT so I wanted to link one up for you guys that works well. I did a review on one and I was very disappointed in that it stopped working shortly after I did that. BOO! I also felt bad I recommended it and then mine stopped working, but I guess that's life. I got a new one, and I've had it months and months and it's the best I've had (and probably the cheapest at $17) so here is the link to that: 

If you want to see WEEK 1 --> Here is that


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Creating Excuses for Bad Habits

I feel like when we graduate high school, the decision making really starts rolling in. We are not under the roof of mom and dad deciding what we do every day (I know you have tons of decision making before this point) but this really is a crucial time. I feel like many people go to college and they decide what friends they are involved with, what clubs to join, what career path to take, etc. In my personal experience, this was the exact place that I started to make some really bad decisions.

I was a "goody goody" by the world's standards so they would have never known the decisions that I was making were harming me. I wasn't making friends somewhat on purpose because I felt depressed. I was staying in my dorm every single weekend if I didn't go home and crying a lot. I got in a whirlwind of bad eating habits (blah blah - typical story) and now I look back and think how immature it all was, but I was making my path in the world and I had to figure it out on my own.

As I've come into this thing we call adulting, I've also created other bad habits. I think we all tend to do this over time. We notice that we are leaving the kitchen really messy every night. We notice that we have gotten out of the habit of wearing our retainers, or doing our devotionals (okay these are just mine? LOL). The problem is though when we aren't able to use self reflection and instead we just self accept. We feel entitled to just continue the way that we are, and we make excuses to others on why we are behaving the way that we are.

I think that it's important to really take a step back almost monthly and evaluate things that you can do better. I know that we are all very hard on ourselves but I also think that we also think very highly of ourselves. Why do we talk so badly of others when we could instead spend that energy focused on how we can better ourselves?

We have unfortunately become very entitled (and I of course am no exception to the rule). We are so well aware of everything around us, but yet we expect to be handed so much. We expect to be treated equally but yet we aren't doing the same in return. We expect to be loved completely and fully but yet we aren't doing the same thing in return. We become complacent with the things that we need to change in our lives because it takes too much effort to fix. 

You are not the only one that has a busy life. You are not the only one that has a broken past. You are not the only one that has a broken heart. You are not the only one with bad genetics. That doesn't make any of these things less hard for you. They are very very real to you. I don't like when people tell say "Oh I shouldn't complain because this person has this awful thing going on." I think that's awesome that you are having self reflection, but also recognizing that your pain and your hurt is very real to you. That is something that you don't want to just ignore, and you don't want to feel alone. Never ever feel alone. Community is everything.

However, you have a choice every single day. You have a choice to decide how you are going to react to situations. You have a choice on every single habit that happens every single day. Believe me when I say that I've had addictions, and I've fought those demons so I know how very hard it is. I. KNOW. But I also think that I am so passionate about writing this because I also know that it's possible to overcome. I also know that you are the one that decides your future.

Anxiety and worry get you absolutely nowhere.

Pity parties need to be left at the door. This isn't a call for rise and grind. There are times that you need to cry. There are times when life just freakin sucks but you have GOT to put your big girl pants on and recognize that God did not design not one person to be mediocre or insecure or caught up in all of your thoughts. This life is meant to be lived. 

Let me share something with you. The beginning of this year was BAD for me. I started making a lot of bad habits. Those habits included putting myself down, feeling like everyone hated me, wanting to quit the blogging thing, etc etc. (yea I know-embarrassing-continue reading for the entire dramatic saga and the outcome lol). Tanner would constantly tell me that my business was growing and booming and pumping me up with statements like "You were made to be a coach. You're so good at it." (hahaha).... and yet I just was wrapped up in all the things that I felt I wasn't doing right. I was stuck in perfection paralysis comparing myself to every other entrepreneur on the internet, and I got straight up overwhelmed. #YALLFEELME

I looked at all these pages on instagram and how they were better than mine when before I was NEVER focused on that. I started being consumed and self conscious if I produced an image that people didn't "like" enough. I thought that the best way out of that situation was to just quit. Quit this thing that I had spent countless hours building and that I loved.

WHAT IN THE WORLD? In the 3 years I've blogged, I've never been one to compare anything. I just don't play that game, but yet here I had created this awful habit where at night I would skim through pages of people not to encourage them like I normally do but rather to put myself down because they were so much better than me. It's embarrassing, but I'm sharing with you for a reason.

I have no idea what happened but one day it just CLICKED. I came out of my hole. I think I read something similar to what I'm sharing with you now and I was like, "Katie are you serious? Get your ish together." 

I sat down one night for seriously 4-5 hours. I just wrote everything down. I wrote what I didn't like about what was going on and what I did like. I felt like there were some things about my blog that I didn't like therefore I needed to make efforts to change them. I decided that once and for all, I was done with feeling like this. I prayed and felt peace that if I felt this was who I was, then I had to be true to that. What happened next, I would have never expected.

I got off instagram for most all days. I posted my pictures, and then I didn't scroll through at all. I lost touch with some friends that I kept up with on there, but I got their numbers to let them know I wasn't being MIA and I loved them all. I continued training because if I'm being honest, it really doesn't feel hard at this point. It's just my life and what I do. I started working on my blog. I made some simple changes, and I stopped worrying about how many likes, followers, comments, etc that I was getting and rather just poured my heart into what I was doing hoping to help others, and if only my mom liked it, then that's okay.

My subscriptions doubled yall. Doubled. I, was of course using tools that bloggers use to make this happen, but I just honestly have been baffled. I have seen a 200% increase on google adsense. I have been approached by more companies than I ever have been. I've had a 50% increase of passive sales (not my coaching). It's blowing my mind. And all it took was getting out of my own head and bad habits, and doing what I want to do which is just create content that will help you guys. 

I don't say this to say "Oh look at me. I made these simple changes and I got all of these rewards." I know that it doesn't happen like that, and even if that hadn't happened, I would still be working just as hard and I would still be making the changes to become the person that I know that I want to be. I am so HAPPY about what I'm doing because it's me. I absolutely love creating for this blog. I love taking fun photography shots for my instagram. I love connecting with others. I love coaching. I started to dislike it all because of what other people thought of me, and that's just destructive. And the truth is, no one else was even thinking they didn't like me. I was judging this by stats while everyone else lived their lives. (I'm sure there are plenty reading that don't like me but hey, that's life and I've learned to create a shell on my exterior to guard my heart).

I had created a bad habit, and I was making many excuses on why that was okay for my life when it was honestly not at all. I share this with you because you have a choice every single day just like I did. You know the things that you are doing that are destructive for you personally and it takes maturity to step back and say "Okay I'm going to change this. It doesn't matter if it takes a lot of energy and willpower, but I refuse to continue down this path." It's okay to mess up. We all are very messy. That's why we need grace, but when you are able to really focus your energy towards your passions and things that you love instead of being consumed by those destructive behaviors, you will thrive physically, emotionally, mentally, and maybe even financially.

We think those habits are making us happy and content, but we all know that in the quiet moments that's not what we enjoy. We don't like ourselves and it's not until we change those things and stop expecting the rest of the world to create avenues for us to avoid the truth that we really see our full potential.

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Starbucks Nutrition for 20 Macro Friendly Items

It can be really hard to work through a menu at any restaurant much less Starbucks where there is seriously 50000 options. What are the best drinks to get at Starbucks and won't run you tons of calories?! Where can I find Starbucks nutrition? The cool thing is that there are so many different variations that you can do to make it work for you and what you love. I'm going to start with 20 today that you should try! 

starbucks nutrition for macros

I'm gonna also just give you this first one as a freebie. Obviously if you get any of the roasts (my favorite is blonde) then you can just add 1-2 pumps of your favorite sugar free syrup and it's a calorie free drink! That's a given! But, that's also boring so I thought I'd show you some of the fun fan favorite drinks and their macros. [[Insert meme about the basicness of this post and how every girl walks up and is like "I'd like the skinny skinny with a side of skinny, no whip, sugar free skinny" but I digress.]]

You really can turn any of your favorite drinks into skinny versions. There are always sugar free syrups and skim milk that you could substitute. If you see a drink that you like for example, the coffee frapp light then you can add whatever sugar free syrup you fancy and have a nice little treat. Heck, throw some protein powder in that sucker and call it a day (I'm kind of joking although I typically hate protein powder so I probably wouldn't do it haha). ALSO, Starbucks now has coconut milk which I just adore, and I've seen moms come in and order their drinks, and just order a tiny baby cup of coconut milk for their kids and I just like to pretend I'm these cute moms in those moments. LOL! (One day folks-ONE.DAY.) 

All of the sugar free syrups include: vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, peppermit, mocha, and cinnamon dolce. I know that many of you might read this and think "OH NO SUGAR FREE IS SO BAD FOR YOU! So many chemicals!!!" The entire purpose of my blog is honestly to show you that each decision that you make is an individual risk assessment for your life and your health. That varies from person to person, and many times people weight the risk vs benefit of the taste of a nice starbucks drink without the calories and just don't care. If you'd like to read my blog about artificial sweeteners, HERE is that.

When you ask for "Skinny", you are asking for nonfat milk and sugar free syrup and to hold the whipped cream. If you are wanting soy milk or coconut milk instead of nonfat milk then you will need to tell them that because the default for the skinny is nonfat.

I will say it's super easy to find all of the Starbucks nutrition listed online. Here is the PDF.

(These will all be for the tall 12 oz portion)

Skinny Vanilla Latte- 0g F 12g C 7g P 

Iced Skinny Mocha Latte- 70 calories (1g F//9g C//7gP)

Light Caramel Frappuccino- 100 calories (0gF//22gC//3gF)

Iced Coffee with splash of coconut milk and blended-essentially calorie free

Cafe misto with sf cinnamon dolce and sf vanilla- 60 calories (0gF//8gC//6gP)

Grande non fat misto with sugar free caramel or vanilla. 70calories (0F//10C//7P)

Tall skinny peppermint mocha-101 calories (1gF//13gC//10gP)

Iced Americano with sugar free mocha and skim milk- 28 calories (0F//5C//2P)

Double Blended Expresso with 2 pumps of SF caramel/cinnamon dolce with splenda- around 10 calories (essentially the same as the Mshell version below that has the quad expresso but remember to ask for "No base" because otherwise they will put a milk base)

Mshell's Infamous Blendicano (must ask to be made without the base-they'll look at you like you have 3 heads)- Quad expresso, venti scoop of ice, your choice of SF syrup, blend

Nonfat Iced Caramel Machiato- 140 calories (1.5gF//26gC//7gP)

Java Chip Light Frapp Blended-150 calories (3gF//29gC//4gF)

Unsweetened Passion Fruit Ice Tea (shaken)- 0 calories

Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte with SF vanilla-60 calories (0gF//9gC//6gP)

Nonfat Chai Tea Latte-140 calories (0gF//25gC//10gP)

Nonfat Caffè Latte with Sugar Free Mocha-70 calories (0gF//10gC//6gP

Latte Macchiato-100 calories (0gF//15gC//10gP)

Iced Vanilla Spice Latte (No whip-nonfat milk) - 120calories (0gF//23gC//6gP)

Vanilla Bean Creme Frapp Blended (No Whip-Nonfat Milk)-170 calories (0g F//39gC//4gP)

Caramel Waffle Cone Creme Frapp Blended- 190 calories (1.5g F//39g C//4gP)

I know you guys have some up your sleeve that I don't know about. What's your favorites?

If you want to learn more about counting your macros, and how you can easily track these into your day while not breaking your diet, I have written a Macro Starter Guide E-book to teach you all about it. 

If you want to read up on what this is all about, see my MACRO RESOURCES page.




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Macro Resources

I want to be able to come back to this article in the future and be able to provide many macro resources for you guys. I was thinking of how I wanted to approach this article, and whether I wanted to give you bloggers to follow, books to buy, or evidence based literature. I decided that something that isn't talked about much is what the literature actually says. I get this question SO much when I will say something and the girls on my team will ask "Do you have any reading on that?" and I LOVE LOVE that they ask me this. That means that they are critically thinking about the approach that I'm taking and want to learn more. That's awesome! Most of the time I'm like "uhhhh lemme go look and see if I can find it" because I don't save near enough of these.

macro resources

Every article that you read should be evaluated. I'm not saying that I think I'm some scientist that can evaluate literature to the n-th degree but we were taught in pharmacy school how to effectively evaluate literature based on many different parameters. I will say that I'm sharing articles that I believe to be well written, but I have not critically in depth evaluated them and anything that you read on a blog, you should do that for yourself.

Just for reference, a double blind placebo controlled trail is really going to be what you want to look for when looking at the way the study was performed.

If you see something in reference to nutrition on the internet, you should always ask yourself why. I wanted to provide some reading based on common questions that come up, so let's get started with these macro resources.

I'm going to provide them as click through links that will pop up in a new window so that you can easily come back to my blog for the next! YOU HAVE A LOT OF NERD READING TO DO FOLKS!

Basic Macro Knowledge:

Macronutrients as sources of food energy

Protein Requirements:

Protein Considerations for Optimizing Skeletal Muscle Mass in Healthy Young and Old Adults

Food Timing:

This is a meta analysis is where they compile many different studies on a particular topic and combine them together to create stats on a final judgement. A meta analysis is considered to be a level below Randomized Controlled Trial but there is still so much variability when doing a meta analysis that it's not considered as strong. I think this is a freakin AWESOME article though because it really lets you look at so many different studies.

If you scroll to the bottom of this article, you will find all of the references which is literally just a gold mine of articles to read on macro related topics. HOT DOG RIGHT! ;)

Nutrition Timing by Food Targeting: Time Related Dietary Approach to Combat Obesity

Percentage of Macro Ratios:

I love this one, and that is states also that there really isn't a lot of evidence based literature on the topic that extend beyond one year (I do think that's plenty of time though to figure out if a ratio is working well or not though). I do have to put in a plug for bio-individuality in that this is not looking across races because that does make a significant difference in the enzymes that we have to be able to break down different foods (we all know that there are certain areas of the world that practice very carb heavy diets yet still appear to be slimmer).

Comparison of Weight Loss with Different Compositions of Fat, Protein and Carb

Does the macro approach work?

When most people think about "macros", they immediately think about whether or not they can eat the cakes and cookies that they have been shamed to eat their entire lives. This all comes down to glycemic index of carbs. If you get into nutrition, you learn that when something has a lower glycemic index, it has a stable response on your insulin levels, and these are "healthy carbs". The higher ones are the ones that we are taught are "bad for us."

This first link doesn't have the full article, but it does show comparisons of low, medium, and high glycemic index carb diets with similar protein intakes and the results were the same.

The effect of three different ad libitum diets for weight loss maintenance: a randomized 18-month trial.

Again, the article can't be read in full unless you have a membership, but this shows again that glycemic index does not matter for weight loss..

Effects of Carb Quantity and Glycemic Index on resting metabolic rate and body composition during weight loss

And one because it's hilarious-->

I found a study that looked at patients with cardiovascular disease that were told to eat their regular diets with an additional 40g of oats per day. They were all tested after for many parameters (total cholesterol, LDL, Triglycerides, HDL, fasting glucose) and guess what they found? The oats did not cause a reduction in any of these. HAHAH! DUH! You have to change other things. You can't just add some oatmeal to the end of your day and expect to change your health. Lord have mercy, did we need a study to tell us that?

I don't want to overwhelm you and give you something that you can actually work through and read, so I'm going to stop here. I want to come back later and add some on the topic of metabolic adaptation and reverse dieting. Make sure to subscribe below so that you can know when new fun things are happening! In the next two weeks, I'm going to release a new free resource library that you will only have access to if you are on the mailing list so you won't want to miss out on that either! :)

Do you have any favorite macro resources?

P.S. I do have an e-book inclusive of all of this information and more-if you'd like to find out more click HERE

Make sure to check out the Macro Resources Tab as well for more info!

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How to Start a Successful Blog

This post is going to be one of my longest, but it's worth it. I apologize in advance.

NOTE: If you are someone that has a at the end of your blog, this is worth reading and something that I think that you should consider doing FOR SURE. Being self hosted is one of the best decisions that I could have made profressionally because if you are allowing that line on the end of your blog, you won't be able to host any ads on your page.

I have about 600 posts that I want to make right now about blogging and how to help you guys but I want to keep the theme of my blog very consistent with what it is sprinkling in blogging blogs along the way to help you succeed. I will get to all of the other stuff soon. But first, you have to start with the basics. I made an entire tab of my blog on this topic (you may have already seen that and I'm going to add some extra little tips in this one) so I'll keep that there and will continue to add all posts there as this expands. I normally don't blog on Saturday's but I'm thinking if I can get one of these blogging posts made during the week then I could do a Saturday blogging post each week and maybe on a double post day if I'm feeling crazy! ;) Topics to be discussed: 

  • How to grow on Instagram 
  • Different routes to blogging success designed towards you 
  • How to use pinterest for blog traffic
  • How to increase blog traffic
  • All of the possible ways to monetize your blog
  • How to convert a sale on your blog
  • Non tacky ways to collaborate
  • Different companies that link bloggers & companies
  • Unwritten rules of blogging & instagram etiquette  

First, DO NOT (I repeat DO NOT) let yourself become overwhelmed. Blogging is A LOT OF WORK. It is some of the most rewarding work you can do and I absolutely love it, but you will be putting your heart and soul into this and typically the amount of time you put in is a direct reflection of how well your blog does and looks. I KNOW mine is not the best-I have so much work to do- and you will always feel that way but take it one day at a time doing what you can each moment. 

Some of the best advice that I heard was to pick 2 bloggers that talk about how to blog and none of the others, and that was such a blessing to hear that. There are seriously probably 5000 different ways that you can make blogging work for you and make it into a full time job however you have to make it your own, and you don't need to focus on a million different ways but simply YOUR way. Let's get to the fun part. This blog I'm going to include the FULL write up with pictures. It's not that much, and you guys know how to create profiles but I'll walk you step by step.

Let's get rolling ! (This is going to have more and more information as this blog content gets rolling and you may have already seen part of this on my blog already but keep reading. There's more step by step here)

How to Create a Successful Blog


As always on social channels, you need to have a theme or a niche of your blog. I wish I was more niche, but I'm just too ADD for that. I like fitness but I also like life and food and all of those things combined are what this blog is. However, if you are passionate about one topic, that's golden and you need to stick with that. This will help you with #2.


One of the biggest things is that whatever you choose to be your name, it needs to be something that you can carry across all channels so that people can find you on google very easily. As you know, I'm katiesfitscript on just about every channel there is. I'm glad I still like that name, because it could be something like "glitterrunningprincess" or something crazy and then that would be tragic. Pick carefully my friends because when you grow, you don't want to have to restart with a new name.

There are many different places that you can purchase a domain. I was really confused about this at first. Do I purchase my domain along with my blog or do I purchase my domain separately and then sign up to do blogging? The answer is that you can do either, but I just suggest registering for your domain whenever you sign up on the hosting website to blog, and that way it's all right there together. Go daddy is probably the biggest one if you just wanted to purchase the domain by itself. 

But what if you don't want to purchase the domain, and just want a freebie? You can do that, but as you'll see, that leaves the "" at the end of your blog, and I just learned very early that this doesn't look as professional as just having the site as your own. It's like $15-20/year so really, just buy it. However, I will get to the hosting process below but you can do a free one through Bluehost, so that's what I would do. I'll explain bluehost below. 

3. PICK YOUR HOSTING SITE (self hosted or not) 

What is a hosting site you ask? Good question! These are the sites that you hear of like Blogger and Wordpress. and are different. When you are tryin got figure out how to start a successful blog, I recommend that you can get through bluehost (again, explained below) because the is not going to be self hosted and you are going to have to leave that tag line ( on the end of your blog.

If you are wanting to make this something that you can monetize eventually then you really should just go ahead and be self hosted. You can't advertise on your site if you are not, and it just takes A LOT of shifting and A LOT of work on the back end, so my suggestion is to go ahead and start with self hosted. The website that almost all bloggers will recommend for that is going to be Bluehost

If you click here, this will take you directly to the website, which will be through my affiliate link which will also get you a few additional perks for signing up through my code (Thank you as always!).

I'm going to make every image clickable to that site, but I'm going to walk you through the steps of using bluehost and setting up your own website. It charges you for the year upfront, so just be prepared for that monthly amount to be multipied by 12. If you go ahead and decide you want to do this for the long term, the 36 month program is going to be the cheapest for you. I really REALLY think that making a blog is an investment and even if you are just doing it for the pure enjoyment and not trying to monetize, it makes it look so awesome when you can have your own domain, easily set up a beautiful design, and then not have to worry about switching over in the future when you take off in blogger world!!! :) I tell everyone I come into contact with in my small town.... "If you want to do this, I'll show you how. Anyone can do it with a little bit of elbow grease and patience!" You should be able to get this pricing schematic listed below by signing up through my blog.

As I stated above, if you have already picked your domain name or whether you are going to start and do that for free with your program through bluehost, this is where it will ask for that information.

At that point, it will ask for some general information just like most websites to create your account.

This is where you pick your plan next. I really do recommend the 36 month plan because if you are genuinely wanting to do well with blogging and taking this seriously then this is going to be something that takes TIME TO BUILD so stick it out and you WILL reap the rewards. I promise every day is worth it as things get larger and larger because that's how internet marketing and online business works.

The next few steps are pretty self explanatory but I'm going to include all of the photos because I know that most of the time you don't get to see the insider of what you will be led through until you purchase so this allows you to do so and makes sure that you know what decision that you're making is a good one! :) You'll see that it asks for your billing info, choosing a password, and then logging in.

Once you are logged in for the first time, you will be on your dashboard and then you want to install wordpress to your dashboard. The dashboard will look like the first picture and then you will click on "Wordpress" then "Install WP"

It will ask you to enter in your information for your blog specifically in which you are installing wordpress for, and then you are set.

You will be on your official dashboard at that point and be able to create your first blog post. If you've been with in the past, you'll see that the format is the same and it's one that is very user friendly. Let me know if you have any questions about bluehost or the process at all, and I'd be more than happy to help.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to start a successful blog, and I look forward to sharing more tricks with you in the future!


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Speed workouts

So, if you aren't familiar with how to get faster for running, one of those things is interval work. Interval training was actually not discovered until like the 1960's (don't quote me on that) and when the coach that realized this tactic started having his athletes beat the socks off of everyone else, the news of interval training started spreading like wildfire. It pertains in all areas of running from sprinting to marathon training

As you are training for different events, if your performance is important to you then realizing that each specific component of the training is important is a really cool tactic to keeping you on track. Alex Viada always talks about how if something is not pertaining to your goals in any single one workout, then why are you doing it? For example, why would I ever flip tires even just for a fun fitness workout because flipping tires has nothing to do with the goals that I have. Also, recognizing that speed workouts, tempos, farklets, and long runs are all serving a specific purpose in the progression of your training towards a race is critical. Yes, you could skip these things, but if your coach is programming them and they are a good coach then they know the reasoning behind what they are doing. As the race gets closer, they are peaking you at a specific time based on all of these things, tapering you in a certain way so that you have the perfect storm of speed and endurance on race day.

The really cool part is when you have worked with a coach long enough that they have figured you out individually. There are themes that work across the board, but there are also specifics to each person (as usual) and I've realized that more than a 2 week taper for me is just awful. It's too far out. Sometimes, you figure those things out for yourself as well. Does that mean that you can't use a generic online program? I don't think so at all. All of these programs should be created with the over arching themes in all of them, and then you can tweek them as you go if you feel like something would behoove you better specifically to your own training. 

Back to speed work--> I just wanted to give you some examples of speed workouts that you can try. I honestly like to do speed work on the treadmill. I find it easier to keep the right pace, and I feel pace is important during speed work. I change the grade of the treadmill to 1.0-2.0 to account for all of the variables that you would find out on the road (although I know this isn't a perfect one-to-one of course). If you can do your speed work on a track, that's awesome. I don't really have a track available but I'd say that would be the #1 place to do your speed work. 

Garmin has features on their watches that you can set up interval training type workouts. I might have a guest blogger teach that because I honestly am not sure, but if you have a Garmin and the manual, make sure to look into that because it is a feature. 

With interval speed work, it really is just changing between periods of high and periods of low. 

speed workouts


1. Warm Up for 1-2 miles, 200m x 10 with 30 seconds rest between then cool down for 1 mile

2. Yasso 800

This is actually an awesome workout to determine your marathon prediction time. This speed workout has a warm up of 1-2 miles (this is always what you should do and not just start speed from the first step which can lead to injuries). Then, you transition into 800m sprints (2 laps around a track). You do this 10 times with the same amount of rest that it took you to run the 800m. So for example, I did a Yasso 800 and aimed for 3:00 on each 100m which means that I rested for 3 minutes in between each one, and then did another one. You repeat 10 times, and if you can complete it then that means that you should technically be able to complete a marathon in 3:00. HA...not yet, but maybe one day ;) 

3. Warm Up 1-2 miles, 100m x 3 at top speed with 30 seconds rest, 150m x 6 with 30 seconds rest, 200m x 10 with 30 seconds between and 2 minutes rest between each one 

4. Warm Up, Marathon Goal Pace 1 mile, Rest 1 minute, moving up 30 seconds for the next mile, Rest 1 minute, then one mile 30 seconds faster than the previous, rest one minute, cool down

5. Hill Repeats: 

Warm Up, 6x1 AFAP (as fast as possible) going up a steep hill, rest until recovered, then cool down

There are so many different variations of speed workouts that you could try but the gist is that you are getting your heart rate up. As you continue in your training, your speed work times should be aimed at getting faster. If you are doing your own training and you typically set your speed work all out sprint at for example 6:30min/mile, then maybe as you continue forward in training, you work towards some of those intervals being at 6:20 or 6:15 so that you are really pushing yourself. 

As your speed workouts and endurance increase together, you should be able to do faster in the short term and in the long term.

speed workouts

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Why Low Calories Are Ruining Your Progress

Okay, so we basically all know that a reduction in calories is what can get us results on the scales. Typically the route that most people take is "I want to get this over with therefore I'm going to just not eat anything for like a week or month and feel better." Sometimes however, there is the chronic dieter who never really has goals in terms of dialing their nutrition back out of the diet and therefore remains kind of stuck in the perpetual low calorie state. I see this most frequently with ladies that are around the ages of 40-60. I think maybe with the advent of the internet, more women are becoming more aware that they need to eat more but it's not uncommon at all to see women eating 1000 calories or less per day and they've been doing that for years and years. I just wanted to share some of the reasons why this is not a good idea. 

1. It lowers your basal metabolic rate after a long time. 

"Metabolic damage" has been the coined term but it's not damage and is simply an adaptation. I don't use this example lightly because it's a very serious issue but girls that have not been eating enough calories for a few months think that they are experiencing a form of metabolic damage when there are children in Africa eating NOTHING for years and if they were to come back and stabilized on a normal healthy diet, their metabolisms would be fine. (There is of course the risk of Refeeding Syndrome-I'm not getting into that because it really doesn't pertain here to what I'm talking about). My point is that just some lowering of calories in a minimal way is not going to give you damage so I think there's a lot of fear built in girls on that that's not necessary. You can increase your calories and your metabolism will adapt.

However, if you are staying in the chronic dieter phase, then your body never has that chance to adapt therefore the number one thing that our body's want to do is survive. Part of survival is lowering our needs so your body will adapt and then you will start maintaining on calories that you may have once lost on. That is the dreadful "plateau". Typically, you can just lower calories a bit and your body will continue to lose. But, if you are already eating so little that you have nothing to really cut from, you are stuck at that point. You need to spend time eating more so that your metabolism can adapt. Does that mean that eating more will help you lose weight? Not instantly. No. You most likely will maintain during this phase but it's ESSENTIAL for your lifetime health and metabolism so it's 10000% worth it.

2. You never have time to build quality muscle tissue. 


The best example I have for this kind of situation is someone who is prepping for a bikini competition. When they come out of the show, they are really afraid to eat so they keep calories low, with a few cheat meals here and there. They might gain some fat tissue and therefore when it's time for the next show, they need to dial down again. You will lose muscle during a cut typically and if you don't take time to build that back after you've cut calories then you could go into the next show with less muscle (even though in reality you should have had time to build more). 

If you are someone that just wants to have lean muscle mass but is just chronically staying low calories, then you are never giving your body a chance to even build muscle. There has to be calories to build. 

3. You have a lower NEAT. 

What is NEAT? "Non exercise activity thermogenesis" 

What the what? It's real simple. It just simply means the amount of calories that you are burning just doing daily activities. If you are eating less and less, then again, your body is going towards survival and it's going to lower the amount of calories it requires of you to just walk around the house. This might mean that you start feeling sluggish and lethargic and weak during a diet. If so, if you don't have something in the looming near future then honestly you shouldn't be dieting so low. 

4. You are never experiencing what your body is capable of and how much you can actually eat.

The body does a really good job of maintaining weight but as women, we typically have to work REAL hard to lose weight. It's SO MUCH MORE FUN at higher calories, but you will never even know what that is like if you are not allowing your body to adapt to that. I think it all comes down to an element of fear. Women are afraid that if they increase calories, they will gain weight. If done in a systematic approach and with guardrails, it doesn't have to be like that. Let me give some numbers for example: 

Susy weighs 150 and wants to lose 20 pounds. She is eating 2000 calories per day maintaining at 150. She cuts her calories to 1200 because she wants it quick and over with. She loses her 20lbs. If she continues for an extended period of time at 1200 calories then her body may actually adapt to this and this becomes her maintainence point. However, if she gets to her goal weight, slowly dials calories back up, then her metabolism will be restored at her new weight eating the old amount of calories so then she's maintaining 130 pounds at 2000 calories per day. It's a BEAUTIFUL process and one that everyone should do. 

If there is a large amount of weight to be lost, then it is absolutely worth your time to go through different phases of cutting and reversing out of it so that you are keeping your metabolism strong. Yes, you can drive yourself into the ground with continuation of low calories, but lord have mercy that's awful. 

5. If ever off track, it becomes increasingly harder to get off any weight.

Let's say that Susy had maintained that 1200 calories because she thought she had to do so to maintain that 130lbs. Remember, 1200 is what GOT her to 130 so that means 1200 put her in a calorie deficit. However, if she stays there, her metabolism might adapt and this becomes her maintainence. Then Susy has a rough patch in her life and can't keep up this low calorie stuff but she's just back and forth. During the week, she keeps it then during the weekend the wheels come off and she overeats. This leads to an average of MUCH higher than her maintainence and she gains weight. Let's say she gains back up to 150 BUT NOWWWWW, she is maintaining at 1200 calories and 150lbs instead of her previous 2000 calories just because she thought she needed to keep calories lower. EEK!!! You don't want that. Susy would then have to cut calories further in order to lose. 


So, what if you are Susy already? Are you doomed for life? See previous points in #1. No. It's an adaptation. If you are remain consistent while slowly dialing up your calories then you will be fine. I've realized more and more with time that if you don't want to spend 6 months building your metabolism and you are okay mentally with some water retention, you can just jump your calories. In Susy's case, she would say "AH I've got to get some stability" so she jumps her calories back up to 2000. She might have some water retention but if she stays at this amount of a few weeks then her body WILL adapt and catch up. That is not to say that there won't be a little bit of excess fat tissue from jumping calories but it's MUCH better than the constant instability with food so that you can get back to square one and start fresh. 

I know you might hear the phrase that you need to eat more to lose, and when this happens is when you have lowered calories so significantly for so long that you've lowered your basal metabolic rate. When you start eating more in a controlled manner, your metabolism speeds up and allows you to be able to lose and have a higher NEAT. This is not always the case though and many times women will increase their calories when they should in fact decrease them to see results. There's always that tricky fine line (and honestly why I recommend coaching and I'm not plugging my coaching here but just coaching from anyone that has worked with many people that can objectively look at you and know which one you might be).

I know this might sound a little confusing for those that may be new to the macro counting game, and even those that are familiar, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 

I'm also going to link up some articles about reverse dieting and macros that are my top ones (they will all open in a new window just so you know you won't lose your page), and be sure to check out the MACRO RESOURCES page where you could probably spend a few hours reading them all. haha! 

If you'd like help with what your calories/macros should be, then click HERE.

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Weekly Round Up-My Favorite Products

This post is NOT sponsored. I just simply had a friend tell me in Boston that they follow my blog and they actually would love to see some more of the things that I use on a daily basis because people are always looking for products that they find good. Um, why have I never even thought of that? I guess I always thought that if I was sharing, it would look like I was being tacky and spammy but the truth is, we all love to know some awesome favorites.

Yall know, I love teal so of course these are my two favorites. It's literally the color that is most in my wardrobe. I'll link all items that I can find below.

Harper Knit Shorts

I kid you not, I've probably never had a pair of running shorts that I love SO DANG MUCH AS THESE! They are worth every penny of $30 that I'm linking up below...I promise. North Face sent me their new ultra shoes as well and I love love love them. I'm wearing both in this photo along with the shirt I'll link below as well. It's lovely and I love it, but I'm serious that the shorts and shoes and worth a second look.

So remember my client Thailyr who got married on a trail with her new hubby? Well, she setn me a package. I was actually supposed to go see her last weekend and run trails with her (UH so sad) but Tanner's grandmother passed so we had to go to Bristol. She sent me socks that were designed by Brooks for her wedding, and some tailwind. I'm LOVING that tailwind has 50g carb that I can mix in one water bottle. I NEED calories during races and never can get enough down so this is going to be PERFECTION for my ironman. So excited to try this. I chose Lemon specifically because during my races, I LOVE some lemon flavored stuff which is so weird because I hate lemon flavor in real life settings. haha! 

MY JEEP!!!! HEYYOOOOO!!! Oh my gosh yall, I'm so in love. I'm putting these bike racks on my birthday list for September!!! :) 


EVERY SINGLE TIME I post me on my bike, I get asked about my trainer. I didn't even know about trainers like 5 months ago. Yall know I'm a wannabe triathlete just making my way training my brains out for this ironman. It's quite comical, but I digress. #DOEPICTHINGS Tanner let me know that our trainer is very very nice, and so I have linked up the one that we have below. I'm so thankful for a husband that bought nice things before he met me that I get to benefit from! :) He was a big cyclist back before he became a meat head ;) 

I have TONS AND TONS more favorites, but I want bombard you today and will save them for future posts like this one! :) 




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Vanilla Protein Sprinkle Doughnuts

This shop was sponsored by Collective Bias, Inc and it's advertiser. All opinions are my own. 


I have been wanting SO badly to get more recipes out and felt I didn't have the capacity to add another thing on my to do list. Coaching is where my income comes from therefore recipe creation just took a back seat but I have finally switched some things around and made this on the top priority of the to do list. I decided that just simply had to change a few months back, and it's been so rewarding to be able to bring these to fruition! I know it's so silly, but it really does bring me joy to create recipes. 

I searched the most common things on my blog and the number one thing that was searched far above anything else was "protein powder." If you follow along with me much, you know I'm very picky on my protein powders so I don't recommend many so maybe that's why people question that so much. I found that comical to see that stat, but either way I have one for ya! ;) It did not have the gross artificial sweetener taste to me and you can get it at Walmart so that's nice as well.  (I'm not just saying this-yall know I live in little itty bitty Shelby-there aren't tons of stores here) 

I asked my mom for a doughnut form TWO YEARS AGO YALL and I opened it today. How embarrassing! HAHA!! Let's get to it! Make sure to click on "Directions" to see those! 

I told you guys when I started creating that I would let you know if these recipes were good or not, and these are genuinely very very tasty. They are a liquid consistency when mixed together but will form and rise. This recipe makes six, and the macronutrients below are based on just one doughnut. I also made a dipping sauce that is not photographed, but it was absolutely amazing and was the perfect pair. The recipe for that is just simply to mix together: 

1 scoop EAS Vanilla Protein Powder, 4 oz fat free cream cheese and 1/4 cup fat free cool whip with a sweet n low! This makes an entire bowl full though so you could definitely scale back or you can keep on hand to add to anything you desire! :) 

If you'd like to learn more about macros, click HERE.


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For the love of running

First off, there is TONS of new stuff on the blog! If you click on just about any tab, you'll find new stuff. The about me section now has all my race reports at the top! The testimonial tab has all the team client testimonials linked up with a buttom at the top. If you click "Meet the Team", it's a really cool page that has all of the team bloggers linked up so you can find some new bloggers of girls that I coach that you may want to follow or even if you'd like to start blogging yourself! :) I have also added a tab called "How to start a blog" and I'll be adding more and more to that content of the blog! :) 

This is a blog post that I made for Garmin, but I wanted it to also be on my blog as well. I wrote it to be posted on Valentine's Day of this year, but I also think it's appropriate for the day after Global Running Day. I think it is of note that every day is a running day for me so I need no special days! haha! I truly feel like the world is a playground and I love exploring it by foot.

When you walk out the door or start to lace up your shoes for a run, what’s on your mind? We all choose to move and run for a number of different reasons, but there is nothing like stepping out the doors, running for the pure love of running, and bringing you one step closer to being able to push yourself further than you ever imagined.

When I started running, I wouldn’t call myself a runner, and I definitely didn’t enjoy it. I wanted to be fit, and look fit. Ya feel me? One day I got this crazy hair brained idea that I was going to run a marathon. I looked up training plans, and set to work. I now refer to life before and after the marathon because my life would never be the same. I was in love.

There is something some magical about running. As a marathon runner, you start to question your sanity some Saturday mornings at 5am when you are headed out for a long run, and then within a few miles, the solitude hits. You find peace.

I believe in running because it makes us feel good, and not because it makes us feel bad. I believe in running because it frees my soul.

Every single one of us wants to feel like we are powerful and capable. Running provides that in every form for every single person. Each time that you are going out there, you are competing against yourself for your best time or to go further. When you toe the start of a race, you know that if you can put one step in front of the other, you will cross that finish line. Powerful. Capable. You know that you did what it took, and you took yourself that entire distance. It’s so empowering.

This distance will look very different for many different people, but the important part is reaching the distance that touches you deeply. Don’t just pound on the pavement because you have some pounds you want to lose. That will come naturally if you just let go and love every motion. Each step, you have the choice on whether to have relentless forward motion and our human spirits will always take us there. Our bodies will take us where we decide in our hearts we want to go. It’s such a beautiful thing.

When I first started long runs, I was so nervous and would tell myself “You’ll have to peel me off the pavement before I stop.” Each long run was a test of my strength. Now, it’s like clockwork. I’m not nervous anymore. I know I’m capable. I know that each long run, when I begin to sink in, will provide a solace and euphoria. I know that when I begin a race, at the end of that race, I will have discovered a deeper part of myself then I knew existed by digging deeper than I had before. I know that each time I sign up for further, or commit to going faster, I’m proving to myself more and more that I am literally capable of anything that I set my mind to.

It’s all about perspective. I hope that everyone goes out today, on the week that’s so focused on love, just for the love of running.


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