Friday Favorites #5

I have realized that with plans to do videos on Wednesdays and Friday favorites, I haven't been providing the quality information that I want to provide. I want to be a lifestyle blog, but I also want to be a blog that is a wealth of recipes and knowledge on fitness so I'll schedule the next few weeks to focus more on that. The reason this week was busy is that I have been slaving away working on some new products. So, here are my favorites.. 

1. My new workouts! 

I have totally revamped my workouts for Fitness Prescription Customers, and I'm super excited about it. I am now creating a database of pictures to go along with that as well so that the exercises that aren't as familiar have a picture beside of them with explanation. For example: Lateral Raises below


2. This new ornament I bought at Starbucks

And by ornament, I really mean what's behind the ornament that's new too. O em gee, yes! I invested and by invested, I mean that we found a used one on Craigslist at an absolute STEAL.

3. My sweet puppies and the arrival of Christmas

4. My new apparel line

I'm going to start a kickstarter project for in the coming month. I'm really excited about this, and hope that it continues for a long time. It's going to be a flowy tank with old gold writing that says either "Life free" or "Life without Limits"

5. The programs that I've been working on 

... and my media kit. I've been working so hard because I want my programs to be user friendly while also professional and something that others are talking about. Here is a sneak peek of a leg day that you would be provided on my program: 

I asked the girls that I was working with if they would give me some time to work on other projects and it's been an amazingly productive week to be semi out of my email a bit! I have really enjoyed this! I'm hoping to start an ambassador program in the future, but I just want to make sure that the demand is there first before I delve into this. If you would be interested in representing my team, then feel free to comment below! 

With love and business endeavors,


Stick Six

I hope y'all enjoy the video from today! I'm so proud of where I live (clearly, I'm kinda obnoxious right? haha) 

Today's video is very short and just a little inspiration to really have patience with your workouts, and enjoy those workouts! If you aren't enjoying them then you are much less likely to do them, so find what your passion is and find what you love and do that with all of your heart. Forget about all the body image mumbo jumbo, let's just focus on that inward self love and taking care of ourselves! :) 

Stick six! At least stick six weeks to a program to be able to let it fully work. Stick six has become mine and Tanner's mantra! We have entered into the sixth month together in the city, and we are officially over the culture shock of all the little things that annoyed us (that were so silly) and now we are loving every moment here and cherish all of our time with our friends! <3 

And with that, I hope you like the view (and don't mind the wind noise...yikes!)

Feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel if you are interested, but most all videos will be posted on this blog as well so if you want to subscribe to this blog, then you can just put your email on the side as well!!! I promise to continue giving you content, science, lifestyle, recipes, nutritional advice and workouts for years to come! I'm in it for the long haul :) 

With love and love of Battery Park,


Top 10 Things in NYC

Okay, that's a brave topic title. This is going to be so relative to the individual however I think that when people come to the big city, there is so much to do that many just end up wandering around and if you have a game plan then you can really get the most out of your trip. 

I've also lived here only 6 months, so let me tell you how LITTLE I know about the ends and outs of the city, so I just hope to help a little.  

I'm going to name some things I did the first time I came as an example of what we all get suckered into. Then, I'm going to go ahead and give the disclaimer to my mom that my first trip to NYC was everything I could have dreamed of and I'll never forget every moment (so don't get your feelings hurt k? k!) 

We went to the American Girl Doll store. I had an American Girl doll. But I was 20 years old and no longer into them. We stayed in Times Square and went to the M&M store as an actual event. We realized we wanted to do our own thing away from the group so we went to 5th avenue and literally spent an entire day just looking at all the fancy shops! I was jacked up about this, but I look back and there's a much more efficient way to spend your time in the city. 

Brandy gives me heck because every time we would come, I wanted to pack out the trip. I have since learned I'm one of the only ones that would like to go from 8am-8pm with events so resting is good too. This is a very touristy list, and meant to be that way so take that with a grain of salt too. Maybe I'll do a "Favorites that aren't well known" soon.

On another note (I promise I'm going to eventually get to the reason you came to the blog post), you really should not bring heels unless it's wedges or chunkier that you can walk in. If you are coming from anywhere else in the nation, no matter if you are active, you aren't going to be prepared for the amount of walking you will do. It's not worth it. I brought heels my first time, I took this picture with them, and then I took them off ... (and that was the only time I wore them)

And now for the main event ... the cool thing is that the island is 13 miles long. Buy a week long subway pass ($30) even if you are only here for the weekend, and then you have unlimited rides and can just go all over.

1. Go to a broadway play 

This is a given, so I won't go into detail but it's worth the money. If you are coming during the Holiday season and you have to choose between this or the Rockettes, I personally would choose a Christmas broadway play. 

While you are in theater district which can be near Times Square, I would just pop over to Bryant Park. It's not something that you have to stay at for a long time, but it's a beautiful park and something worth seeing. They always have events though, and you can ice skate there during the winter.

2. 911 Memorial 

It's iconic, and you have to see it. It's at the very bottom of the island so this is either a good place to start, or a good place to finish. 


3. Statue of Liberty 

You can spend an entire day going out to see Lady Lib, but you could also just head to the water before or after you go to the memorial, and see it just as good and then you have more time to do other things. This is also where we live so if you wanna pop in an NYC apartment, you just let me know :) With the statue of liberty viewing comes Battery Park, and this could probably be a number in itself but I'll combine it. Walk the boardwalk by the Hudson. It's absolutely gorgeous and most tourists never make it to our part of the city.

4. Top of the Rock or Empire State 

The best part about these is the fact that you are up really high and can see the entire city. You don't need to do both. Top of the Rock is cheaper but Empire State is obviously more iconic.

5. Food

My personal favorite to tell tourists is Stardust Diner. It's where people who are trying to make it to Broadway could possibly start. It's a diner and they sing and perform while you eat so you basically get a show from very talented people during dinner. Anywhere in the city is going to be wonderful, but just make sure that you don't eat at like an Applebees. You can get that at home. Any nationality, any style of food will be found in New York City so just search your favorites. I would recommend doing research before you come on places you want to go or you're going to end up never being able to decide.

I was going to make this an item in and of itself but I'm going to put it under this umbrella of food. Cheesecake!!

DUHHH!!! We have been connoisseurs since we arrived and our top choice (and would be yours too is Juniors). You can find one in Times Square and that would be a good time to visit there if you aren't staying there. I would advice you NOT to stay there. There are much cheaper alternatives. 

6. Central Park 

Central Park is absolutely gorgeous and I'm really excited to run a half there in January when there is hopefully snow everywhere. I don't even care how cold it is (I may take this back haha). Go there, stop at Columbus Circle on your way up there, go inside FAO Schwartz, then make your way to the park. Make sure to look for the Boathouse which is right by the beautiful fountain! 

7. China Town/ Little Italy 

I put Chinatown on the list but only if you are wanting to purchase something. There isn't much to see, but you can haggle down prices for a fake purse that looks legit. Tell them, "I only have this much" and that seems to work to get the price you want. This is right next to Little Italy so you should go there for either pizza or Italian after you go to China Town

8. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge 

I feel as a first timer to the city, this is always something that is really fun. Once you cross, you can have lunch in Dumbo (I recommend Front Street Pizza for a great lunch spot--> They have amazing everything, not just pizza, they give you a lot of food and it's cheap so it's perfect). Then you can say that you've been to BK too! :) 

9. Soho 

This is where some really cool shopping is, and where all the celebrities go. There are some really expensive shops but there are places like Old Navy also that us normal people can shop at. If you are not a shopper, there's really not much to see in this area so just keep that in mind.

10. Grand Central Station

It's absolutely beautiful and free, and tons of shops to visit.

Many recommend Chelsea Market and while I think Chelsea is awesome, Chelsea Market is just a lot of different stores that you can't afford so it's up to you but I would say you could do other things. Many will recommend museums. Museums are awesome, and they tell a lot about history but just personalllllllly, I know that sometimes this can take half of your day and I'm not sure it's worth your time if you only have a limited amount of time here. The subway seems overwhelming but it's not. You find where you want to go. You find a subway close to that spot, then connect it to a line that's close to where you are currently. If you are here on a Sunday, you should totally check out Apostles Union Square and not because I go there and adore the church, but also because it's a beautiful cathedral with incredibly talented people that lead. That's the beauty of New York. Everyone is so talented.

With love and New York City,


Grocery List

Happy Monday! 

I wanted to give encouragement to start each Monday with a renewed mind and renewed spirit. I think all too often even if we don't drink, we wake up on Monday with a spiritual and emotional hangover. We live each week for the weekends. I have started waking up just a few minutes earlier to spend some quiet time walking outside. I know it's silly, but I would say my entire outlook on life has pretty drastically changed in the past month. 

Onto my grocery list because that's why you're here right...get me off my pedestal right? HA!

Grocery List

You should be able to click on the grocery list link above and download what it would look like if you didn't have one grocery item in your house and decide to imitate mine. We are all so different, and have tons of different things that we enjoy but these are the staples that stay at our house and I probably could add some more!

I thought I would add a day in the life of what it looks like when I'm not really being as strict and just enjoying life with friends ( something that I have strived for for about 7 years now).

Breakfast- Normal Protein Waffles (I linked up the recipe so just click on it) with coffee and 2 mini Reese cups (this is a tried and true tradition at this point)

I went to church and then went to brunch with friends but didn't get to eat again until 2! This is not normal for me. I was HUNGRY.

Brunch-Unlimited coffee and split a Chicken Quesadilla with one of my bests, Jena

She was curious what the macros were because I had kinda decided not to count it at all but then I thought it would be fun to see so we each had half and our half was 13gF 23gP 22g C and we were satisfied.

{{ Tip: She mentioned that we should have got steak and eggs because that meal seemed much more "clean" when our friend got theirs because ours was all the cheesy goodness. However, this is what I've learned. It's all about the balance. 

The eggs were not white therefore lots of fat on top of steak which is fatty already and probably cooked with butter so my guess is that it would have saved you in carbs but probably would have been about 30g fat, 30g protein and the balance is much better  }}

I came home and was hungry by the time I got there ( it takes like an hour to get everywhere haha ). Now I'll just name what I had the rest of the day 

1/2 cup Sea Salt Caramel Arctic Zero with a cake cone 

Quest Bar (cookies and cream) 

2 rice cakes with peanut butter

Another round of waffles ( I recognize I have a problem-first step is admitting) 

Egg white and cheese wrap 

2 oz ground turkey with butternut squash and asparagus 

Grilled chicken salad

Homemade Ground turkey pizza

Lots of peanut butter on everything (the usual)

Chocolate Chip Mini Muffin 

I just want to encourage you that it is totally possible to eat out with friends and still stay on track for the day. I think as you get further and further into macro counting, it becomes much easier to see how everyday life fits in perfectly. No, the restaurant did not have the nutrition and yes, I was probably off by a good bit but I still didn't look at yesterday and say "Screw it, I ate bad at brunch so I'm just going to have a crazy day" which is what I would have done in the past and what I see all over the internet with girls unfortunately. 

Relax, breathe deep, enjoy life, and eat good food in moderation!


With love and the daily living,



Friday Favorites #4

I think we all are constantly changing, but lately I've just noticed a big shift. I view things differently. I pray much more. I don't know what the shift was and it wasn't that I wasn't super happy before or invested in my faith before but it's just been amazing to see the world and what that's like through my new, God seeking, eyes. So, with that, I bring you the favorites I could choose because I have so many. 

1. My grandmother

I could write an entire blog post on her, but she's just an amazing woman. She has knitted and woven our family unit together. SHE is the reason that I have the relationships with my cousins that I do or the relationship with my aunts, uncles, nephew, or second cousins. You know how you learn things early and that's just how they are. That's my family. We were taught early "Family is everything. No questions. No only seeing each other Christmas and Thanksgiving. We will have relationships and we will love through thick and thin, unconditionally." 

2. Investing in people

Oh how this rewards you tenfold. My heart has never been so full with just love and happiness, and it has come from investing in friendships. 

3. The cold weather

Everyone in NYC thinks Brandy and I have lost our minds, and that we will soon regret the giddy excitement of snow. I hope to tell them in February that they were wrong, but I can't be quite sure yet. You know how everyone in NC gets excited about snow. Everyone here puts on their best Grinch face about snow. Apparently it comes....all the time....then piles on the sides of the roads and is gross. I hope to make snow angels in this in 1 degree weather in dark, dirty NYC snow piles (kidding). But really, I think again it's all about how you approach your day and I am STINKIN EXCITED that we may get some next week!


4. Theology 

With this new found more intimate walk with Jesus, I've been delving more into the theology of my faith. I know that I believe. I have always believed. I have always learned little bedtime stories. But what really happened during this time? Noah's arc was not a fairy tale of animals two by two. This is the wrath of God in the old testament literally wiping out everything. I wanna know about that God too! I wanna learn it all. I wanna soak it up and so Tanner and I both have books we are ready right now. I'm reading "Reason for God" by Tim Keller (a pastor that started many churches in NYC) and Tanner is reading "Deuteronomy Project" which is Deuteronomy made into a story format and I've read a few pages, and it looks phenomenal. I can't wait to read it and learn all about it.


5. Photography 

I'm not the best at it. I want to get better for this blog. I want to get better for all the future endeavors that I do. I don't want my fitness things to just be selfies. I want this to be sustainable and something that is appreciated for generations to come.

With love and Friday Favorites until next Friday,



Reverse Dieting

Hello all, 

I have recently found out that when you google Reverse Dieting, one of my blog posts pops up from my old blog. Every day I'm learning new things about reverse dieting, and so I wanted to repost it with some updates and so if you haven't read it already then you can read below all the details or watch the video that essentially is all of this in video form. I know some people like to watch videos instead of words so I decided on BOTH! :) 

photo (20).JPG

Each month I would take a picture as I continued to reverse to show the difference as I increased food and documented every step.

First, what is reverse dieting?

Reverse dieting AKA metabolic adaptation AKA increasing your metabolic capacity –> slowly increasing your calories, carbs, and fats over time so that your body is able to maintain weight with more food. You do this through counting your macronutrients, which leads me to ….

1. You need to understand macronutrient counting. Reference here

Macro counting is not one in the same as reverse dieting which is a common misconception. Many count macros and they are on a cut (caloric deficit to lose fat). When one decides to reverse diet, the goal is minimal, if any, fat gain. However, this is not a guarantee and everyone responds differently, which leads me to #2.

2. Realize the purpose and potential of reverse dieting.

The reason for reverse dieting is more for your future rather than your present, so it’s something that you set out knowing that you must be patient. You build your metabolic capacity to be able to maintain weight on A LOT more calories. As I referenced above, some gain 2lbs, some gain 5lbs, and some gain 10lbs depending on how long they reverse diet and how they do it. This is so individual so no coach is going to be able to tell you “You will not gain weight” or “You will gain 5 pounds exactly.” You are FOREVER changing your future though. This means that every other “diet” or “cut” or “fat loss” process that you set out on, you will be able to do this on a higher caloric intake because your body is maintaining weight with more calories. This is for your future, so don’t complain that you aren’t getting “shredded and fit” with reverse dieting. That’s not really the point.

3. Find your maintenance.

This can be tricky, and this is where I recommend that again, you get a coach and be patient. You need to figure out the macros that you are currently maintaining your weight so that you have a starting point to start your increase.

This will be different if you are coming off of a competition. You will want to start just slightly above those macros. I see some coaches start their clients at 50g extra carb directly after their shows. To be honest, I just can’t comprehend that. Your body is in a really vulnerable state. You shouldn’t have dieted so hard that you need to add that much food. You will most likely gain weight immediately if so. I would recommend increasing your carbs 10g extra after your show and 5g fat and then start increasing from there.

4. When is it an appropriate time to reverse diet?

Essentially, you can reverse diet at any point. Here are some times when I think it is most appropriate.

a) You have tried and tried to lose weight and it’s not coming off and you are already at a low caloric intake that you SHOULD be losing weight on. You could reverse diet then cut once your calories are higher.

b) You have metabolic damage from an eating disorder. You have dieted for years at less than 1000 calories and you feel that the road is hopeless but it is NOT! You can reverse out of it! I truly believe in this area that reverse dieting could change the world. I have watched it change so many lives from the inside, out.

c) You are just coming off of a competition. I think this is a time that it is CRUCIAL unless you want to go into a state of post show depression of gaining weight fast. Your body is not in the type of state to just jump right back into normal eating. The way that our cells work, your body is going to essentially be a vaccuum. You are going to hold onto everything. You MUST have a reverse plan coming off of a show!!! I REPEAT: GET A PLAN FOR POST SHOW!!!

d) You have lost weight and feel that you are at a place that you like the way that you look so you just wanna maintain that, but hey! Who doesn’t love to eat more? So, you reverse diet while maintaining that physique.

My personal recommendation is that people lean out first. Make sure that you are comfortable in your own skin, and start from there. Accept yourself and accept that you may gain a few pounds that will better your future, and start with a fresh mindset. Then, get excited because your life will change forever :)

5. Can I reverse diet if I need to lose weight?

I think there is honestly a HUGE misconception with this. You see pictures of girls that have before and afters of clean eating versus reverse dieting and they look better from reverse dieting. I would say 99% of the time, those girls dieted down to a really lean state and then started reverse dieting. It is rare that a person can just hop right into reverse dieting and lose weight. Many times when girls are clean eating only (and this is a generalization I know), they are also binge eating. This is like RAMPANT in the industry as sad as that is. Binge eating destroys metabolism, not clean eating. “Clean eating” just isn’t as fun as macros, but let’s be real, if done appropriately without binge eating, it works. There are some people that maybe have never lifted before that will start to lose inches simply from macronutrient counting and weight training but if you have been weight training and dieting and you still want to get leaner, then you are going to need to be in a caloric deficit. The lies all over instagram drive me crazy of people wanting to sell their programs. And that’s a fact, jack!

6. Do I have to have metabolic damage to reverse diet?

No. Absolutely not. I think this is another common misconception. My husband is reverse dieting and his metabolism is already sky high but again, who doesn’t want to eat more and maintain weight? It’s a no brainer! GIVE US ALL THE CARBS.

7. Okay, I get it. Now what do I do?

My personal preference is that you increase carbs by 5g per week and fats by 1g per week. The other recommendation that Layne states in his video logs is 10g of carb per week and 2g of fat per week. I know this is double what I stated. I go slowwwww. I have found that it keeps girls from freaking out from the excess water that they hold when they first start on new macros. I also, from personal experience, gained 10 pounds the first time that I tried to reverse diet by doing 10g of carb per week so I took it much slower this time and it worked.

So, this is what that would look like.

If you are currently eating 1500 calories (150g P, 130g C, 42g F) then you would do that for one week, then you would go to 150g P, 135g C, 43g F. Now you are asking, what in the world? That’s so silly and pointless. NO!! In 3 weeks, you have gone from 130g to 145g of carb! Over 6, 12, 16 weeks, it becomes substantial!

8. What if I’m gaining weight?

Slow down. Don’t feel that you have to increase every week. I don’t. There are some weeks when I may feel weird and I just maintain macros for that week. There should be no time limit on it. This is for your future. Just be patient.

9. Should I do refeeds or cheat meals?

There is no science behind a refeed. Quite frankly, there is no science behind reverse dieting. This is all observation. I don’t recommend a refeed. This would be an entirely different article, but my personal preference is that you just do the same macros every single day!!! Cheat meals are all a mental thing in my opinion. If you feel you need it, then go for it. I personally don’t have them. I always feel then that I don’t want to increase the next day, so I just keep it consistent and have a day where I just “guestimacro” and fit things like froyo and cheeseburgers in when I wouldn’t normally do that every day.

I would absolutely love to help you get started, so if you are interested in a plan that I can create personally for you, then you can find that here. Let me know if you have any questions, and you can comment below or follow me on instagram @katiesfitscript or follow this blog where I try to give as much information as possible.

Hope this helps as many as possible! 

With love and reverse dieting,


Belize Medical Missions

This is definitely one of my non fitness related posts that I wanted to share with you. The Lord has really been pulling on my heart strings for the past two weeks, and I just have been thinking about life and missions and how I got the opportunity to spend a month in Belize. 

I will start this post with the disclaimer that I was silly in Belize. I missed my husband terribly. I missed my routine terribly. It wasn't even that long of a time, and I look back with a new perspective wishing that I had really savored those moments for what they were meant to be. It wasn't that I outwardly expressed any of this but I was just like craving to go home, and I have just really matured (or trying to) in enjoying every moment that I'm presently in. 


I actually had a cry fest this morning (#girlprobz, it's really not that serious). It's not because I'm not 100% happy but just because I look back at life and my personality is best described as not paying attention to any detail.

I tend to look like I get a lot done, and I do but sometimes I feel like I do nothing well. I just scratch the surface of the details and I need to put more time into each individual moment. If I'm learning something new or ask Tanner a question about something, he begins explaining details and I literally tell him, "I'm too busy. I don't care about the details. Thanks for answering my question." I'm just 100 miles per hour every single day, and Belize was a time for me to meditate in this, and instead I spent time wishing I could get back to it. 

Belize is such a beautiful place. The people are beautiful. The scenery is beautiful, and everything is so relaxed, low pressure, and slow moving. You just have to spend time being instead of doing. You spend time with people rather than your phone. 

The place that we stayed was much more than I could have imagined. I had weird emotions about it. I was thinking we were going to be in the middle of a village and camping out and when we got there, there was wifi and running water (not very hot but still had heat) and we had a full working kitchen. So, I was happy that I had everything I wanted and then I was like "ah man I wish I had this extreme mission experience" also. 

We were connected to the clinic that we worked, and the doctor, nurse, and other medical student and his wife were all in the same area.  It was just a little neighborhood with all of the houses for the people that work there, and so quaint.

I wish I had a picture of the actual place which I know I do somewhere, but I can't locate it. This is Rachel, the wife of the medical student that was with us. She taught art at the school while she was there and they actually were from New York City and went to the church that we now attend. It was a really small world, and we were SO blessed and thankful for their friendship. They are two of the best people I've ever met. This was just one day that we went on a walk through the village.

I keep saying we, and not saying who was with me. My best friend Brandy and I went to Belize together for an elective rotation for pharmacy school. She absolutely flourished in this environment, and I know that she could easily do it long term. She is a beautiful person in the Lord, and of course it was wonderful to spend endless hours with her as that was halted after marriage.

This was our last day and the day that they presented us with gifts. The lady standing with us is the beautiful, Esther. She was a pharmacist in Belize at the clinic and she was our preceptor for the month. She was nervous as this was her first time as a preceptor, but she did a wonderful job and was seriously the sweetest thing ever. I wish I could hug her neck right now. 

We stayed in a town called Corozal, and each day we worked as the pharmacists of the clinic. The doctor (Jenn) was in the same facility so as the patients would come through, she would write the medication and then we would fill them just like normal and give our recommendations if needed. We would only have at most 15-20 patients in one day, so it was definitely slow moving. We helped them with inventory while we were there because the only way that they are able to get medications is through donations. One of the teams that comes every year was there while we were there and brought suitcases upon suitcases of medications and so we had to count all of that and organize based on what was expired and what was not.

We had a bible study every morning before we started work, and we went to church with them every Sunday. The church that we went to was very wonderful about speaking half in Spanish and half in English so we could understand most of the sermon. This was something that I think Brandy and I both wish that we had better prepared for. We both knew zero Spanish however we picked up medical lingo as we worked at the clinic and most everyone spoke English also so they were able to help us learn. They laughed at me and my redneck Spanish but it's the effor that counts right? I truly wish my brain could pick up language faster as this was a barrier in the Bronx working at Walgreens as well, but I'm just not very at all. Brandy, however, is really good! She was able to pick up much more! Tome una pastilla al dia (Take one tablet once daily). Happy Spanish lesson ;) 

Another cool thing we were able to do is go on excursions. This was AMAZING!! Brandy explained this mission trip so well. It was a stepping stone into overseas missions. You were able to get the experience and you were able to delve into language barrier but the people also knew English and you also were able to leave the village and go into other areas that were more developed.

We went to an area that was honestly almost like a resort (but we stayed in a hostel) where we were able to even ride jetskis, hang out on the ocean, and go to fun restaurants and nightlife. Two other medical students that were there the first two weeks were Lauren and Louisa. They were from London, and oh my goodness, I just adored them so much. I wish we could have had more time with them, but they had already been there 4 weeks before us.

I look at my time there, and wow. I experienced so much. I could share so many more pictures and so many more experiences but I don't want to make this too long. 

This is all of the people that worked at the clinic. The doctor, Jenn, is the one in the back right corner and she has three beautiful daughters (two were with us) and her husband is in this picture as well. The nurse is the one in the blue and her husband beside of her along with the medical students with us (Chris & Rachel, Lauren and Louisa). 

I wouldn't trade the relationships we made with these people for the world, and the experiences that they gave us. Brandy and I both felt that the Lord moved us in big ways while we were on this trip and it's still hard to believe that we were able to do this for credit for a rotation for school.

I learned I need to rest. I learned I need to love people more. I learned I need to be present in moments, and also happy in all moments. I learned how much I love my husband, and I vowed in my heart to change when I came back and be more attentive and then of course, the routine begins and you forget again. 

Even just writing this post has really revealed a lot to me reminding me of all the lessons that I learned and held so close while I was there. 

With love and missions,


Crockpot Chili

I think I have made it very clear that I'm the least amount of ingredients possible type girl. 

I made this chili the other night and the beauty of a crockpot is that things last for days and Tanner was able to get lots of meals out of it. Actually, he eats so much I wouldn't say A LOT but more than the usual! haha! 

Many questions arise with crockpot recipes and soup recipes about how to macronutrient count for them. I will explain what I did before I give the recipe. I have strictly followed macros for the past 5 months, and I have really enjoyed it but for the past few weeks, I have started venturing out a little more. I know that it's hard to count macros while doing a soup, but I'll be DANGED if that means that I'm not going to eat it. I want 0% restrictions in the foods that I choose, and I also am too lazy ( I am seriously never lazy about anything so I'll admit this without feeling bad) to like individually weigh out each and every serving to make sure it's equal. I don't wanna clean that mess up. I don't wanna deal with it. So, I wish I had some super cool way of measuring macros with soups but I'll give you the easiest way. I know that many people are very type A but I can PROMISE you it's not going to make a difference if you guess. 

So, the way that I ate my chili with macro counting was this. 

"Hmm, this looks like about 1/2 cup kidney beans in here. And that's probably about 1/4 cup diced tomatoes and since I put a pound of ground turkey in here, I bet this is only like 1-1.5 oz of it because it's such a big pot...." 

And then I put that in myfitnesspal... 

See, I'm not as anal retentive as y'all think ;) Many times I will put more than it probably is to be on the safe side. For example "Hmmm, that's probably 1/3 cup but I'll put 1/2 cup to make sure it's all definitely accounted for" 

And no I don't eat a ton at once. I just eat like 800 times a day and that's what I prefer :) 


First, get out that lovely crockpot that you always say you are going to use but it's too big and bulky to keep out so you never use it! It's so worth it and I'm going to try to make some more soups this winter!

I added the ground turkey first and used my usual 99% lean ground from Trader Joes!

Since, I made this up on the cuff, I literally just pulled some things that I had in my cabinet and made a quick run to Whole Foods to grab some other chili appropriate things. 

I had one more can of diced tomatoes in my cabinet that I added to this. I'll put the official recipe at the bottom BTW ;) 

Just so you can know my method of cooking skills, at this point after adding this in, I yelled to Tanner, "Hey Tanner, what spices do you think would make this taste like chili" and he said "I don't know but you probably need salt" 

So, yes admitably I added lots of garlic salt and regular salt. I would stir then taste, stir then taste. 

Then, I was like "I think I'll get fancy" and so I got out the oregano and basil and chili powder (that seemed appropriate). I honestly don't think I put enough of these to make a difference. I just shook them a couple of times. HAHA! My mom gets on me for cooking this way, but I'm just like "Eh, let's see what happens" and this time it was an amazing success!

I was a little afraid about putting the ground turkey in raw but I just cooked it on high for about 4 hours, and it was amazing! I do think the garlic salt and salt to taste made a difference! 

So, here is the breakdown:


The macros for 1/8 of the entire crockpot is: 

Hope y'all love this as much as I did! 

With love and chili,


NYC Marathon Weekend Recap

I called it a recap because I'm a cool blogger right? That's what bloggers do that run marathons, so I thought I would even though I didn't run the marathon. So, don't be fooled. I didn't run that marathon. However, I will next year if my life depends on it. I'm so inspired, determined and still on a high from last weekend. 

The NYC marathon is the biggest in the United States, and I knew this but I had no idea how much the city gets into the race even when they aren't even into running. It's so cool to watch the city pull together for all these thousands of runners (approximately 70,000 to be exact). Everyone talks about Boston marathon but there are only approximately 17,000 at each race to give you an estimate how much bigger NYC is. 

We stood at mile 8 on a hill so all pictures will be from that area! I went with the coolest kids in NYC! ;) 

To start the marathon talk, it's appropriate that I mention the happenings on Saturday morning (the day before). My friend Bridget (( SweatStretchEat )) and I went to an Asics blogger Tweet Up. It was really cool to hear about all the runners, their nerves, the number of previous marathons that they have run, and connec to them on social media to be able to start following their blogs! Bridget linked all of them up so you should check out her post on the Tweet Up because they have some really great running blog if you like runners! :) 

We also landed it on Runner's World online! SAY WHAT?? Okay, don't act like you can't see me. Oh yeaaaaa, right there in the back!

Part of the tweet up was that we went to the new Asics store, and it was super cool. They have a restored subway cart in the store. It was used back in the 80s in NYC then was shipped to California for movies and dumped and was found in the desert, brought back to NYC and restored. 

The day before the Tweet Up, Tanner and I went to the NYC Marathon expo. It's funny when the last expo that we went to was at the Arnold Classic because everyone there is huge and have their tank tops on showing off their crazy muscle. Everyone at this expo was well....smaller .... and less vain. Side note: It's interesting becoming part of both of these "worlds" because they have VERY different sets of people that are involved in each. I will save that for a later post. `

This is the line for the expo that we THOUGHT we had to wait in, and we were like "uhhh we are going home" but that was the line to pick up the packets to run (sorry runners!) and I swear that line was miles long, so I had to snap a picture that doesn't do it justice. There are two types of expos: 

1. You pay to get in (Arnold Classic) and you get tons of free samples. 

2. You get in for free ( TCS NYC Marathon) and then you have to pay for everything at the booths. 

I kinda prefer the Arnold because even though I pay to get in, it just feels worth it to get tons and tons of samples. This expo was just like walking around a mall, and it's all the full priced things and if you know me, you know I will literally never pay full price for something! 

One sample I did receive was Power Crunch protein powder, and oh my goodness. If they only had water in it, then I am convinced to buy it because wow, it was so so good but I'm almost convinced they had to have made it with milk! haha! So creamy and delicious but it made me want to buy it so good marketing! 

The day of the marathon was so awesome! We left at 8 and went to a coffee shop to get some coffee with friends before we headed over to the party at mile 8!

After that, we headed on over and honestly I would have never thought that I would literally cheer and dance for the next four hours....solid. Like literally, I never stopped. From the very first wheelchair to the very last walker, we cheered for every single person. It was really cool to know that I saw every runner pass. It was cool to see the big wigs come through averaging 8 min miles.

The girl (Kenyan) that is the tiniest itty bitty thing in the middle of the pack won! :) She finished in 2 hours 25 minutes and 7 seconds. Holy. Mother. Of. Pearl. This pack stayed together until mile 22 and then the Kenyans (in my mind at least) said "Well that was fun pacing with you slow pokes, we are going to go win now. Peace." Sara who is the girl on the right front in the blue won 3rd place and the girl on the front left got second. 

These guys and girls absolutely blew me away. There was like a 90 year old lady who looked paralyzed from the hips down just wheelchairing through....for 26.2 miles. No big deal. If that won't make you move your butt in gear well then you're hopeless ;) 

This was the front runners for the men. I'm actually not as sure about placing with them :) 

One of the girls that I follow religiously on her blog and on instagram was running as a guide. I spotted her and started freaking out, so I snapped this picture ... (There needs to be more people like her. She is an absolute sweetheart and athlete doesn't even begin to explain how athletic she is.)

After all of the runners went through, we had a block party. The street was still pretty clear of cars and they allowed us to fill the street and just have an insane dance party. It was ..... top 5 most fun times in the city. Is that weird? I don't know why but I had a DANG BLAST! I also loved that no one was drinking either and still living it up! 

After we left, we met up with our friends Bridget and Matt for grilled chicken salads and coffee (typical haha) and I just could not stop talking about the marathon and was just thinking about how passionate it makes me about running.

Last weekend was definitely one of the best and I owe that to all the festivities with the marathon. I absolutely can't wait for next year. I also can't wait until Philly in um, 15 days. WOW. I also can't wait for this coming weekend and all that we have planned. My love for this city right now is semi off the charts. 

With love and #TCSNYCMarathon,


Just a little change in Perspective <3

This is not about fitness, and I say "like" a lot. Wow, I need to work on that. HAHA! 

ENJOY my little talk on how I've really changed my perspective on life in the past week <3 

If you want the rundown: 

1. Change your perspective and everything gets better

2. Investing in people makes me really happy :)

Yall, CAN YOU CHANGE A THUMBNAIL? hahaha!! Hope you enjoy that one ;) I'm leaving that there for you to laugh!

With love and perspective,


Protein Bars

Over the years, I have received many many questions about different bars (and protein powders) so today, I decided to share my go-to's and favorites! 

There is a reason based on their macros that you would eat one versus the other, so I'll explain that as I go through them. If you are eating a Cliff Bar or a Quest Bar, that is a big difference. 

There are many bars on the market, and there is one bar that is thought of when it comes to protein bars, and I bet you can all guess what that is .... 

1. QUEST! 

They have literally created a DYNASTY since 2010 and mostly just from 2013 and MOSTLY from instagram, youtube and other social media outlets. They were named Inc. 5000 for fasted growing companies in the US at a whopping number 2!!! They literally started in their kitchen, and have become a house hold name for the most part as the only protein bar that many will purchase. From a business standpoint, it's literally unbelievable and incredible.

Now, if only, we could get Katiesfitscript to do the same! hahaha! Okay, moving on... 

My point is that it's not the only protein bar on the market! It is however, an incredible bar. The ingredients are all natural with whey isolate and super high in fiber (essentially, if you eat this and a few more veggies, you will get your recommended amount of fiber for the day). 

They write on the front, 3g NET CARBS!!! Refer to THIS post for why you should count all carbs, and not just net carbs so even though that looks good in theory, they are approximately 20g of carb but also 20g protein and 8g fat (chocolate chip cookie dough flavor). This a great way to add in some extra protein into your day with a delicious treat. Broil them for less than a minute and you have a SERIOUS sweet craving taken care of! :) 

2. Builder Bars

I'm going to reference quest with this because I feel that most people are familiar with Quest and times when you might want to try something different. 

These bars are very similar macros except they have 30g of carb however this bar is bigger and more filling than Quest. This bar is almost like a brownie type texture with a covering. These are seriously delicious and where Quest have that sticky feeling to the top of your mouth, this doesn't have that type of texture. Sometimes, I will just cut one in half if I don't want to eat the entire thing because I feel it's very filling. 

They have some great vitamins added as well with great ingredients so Tanner eats one of these every single day at work! Our favorite flavor is Vanilla Almond!

3. Power Crunch

These are a completely different kind of bar, and just quite simply, delicious. I also had their protein powder at the NYC Marathon Expo and oh my goodness, I am convinced. It was so delicious, I had to order it!!! The macros on these bars are much different and high in fat and very low in carb! The macros are 200 calories // 13g F // 8g C // 14g P ! These are for those people that have a hard time getting fats into their day as I have many clients that tell me they fall short on fat! And those that want a delicious wafer cookie because they are SO so good! My favorite flavor is French Vanilla Creme. I would have one everyday if it wasn't for the fact that I can't keep my fingers out of the peanut butter jar! HAHA!

And then we haveeeee: Think Thin Bars

This is the first type of Think Thin bar that has very similar macros to Quest and again wonderful ingredients (Macros: 240 calories // 25g carb // 20g protein // 9 fat ) They have a little more carb but they are a bit more dense. It's just so ironic because bars such as this have been around but Quest has just run past them in sales. I will admit that these are not my favorite. I just think that based on the macros, the size of the bar and the flavor, they really aren't worth as much of my macro time. I would rather have a Quest but they are a little cheaper than Quest and I try to switch things up so I'm not just having the same thing over and over.

The second type of Think Thin bar is what it's thin.

The protein is not near as high (10g) but the carb is a bit lower too at 19g and fat is 6g fat ( 150 calories). They are SUPER duper thin and tasty so when you are on the go, they are a good choice but they aren't my favorite just because I would rather have more filling carbs. They only have 5g of fiber so they don't keep you full very long. 

Last but not least on the list this time

Cliff Bar (seasonal: Iced Gingerbread) 

Can you tell I took the Cliff Bar picture at a different time? Haha! 

Cliff bars are going to be used more for energy purposes. They are very low on protein and very high in carb. I would eat one of these post long run for example. (250 calories // 43g C // 9g P // 6g F) Lesson in macros: They have the same amount of calories as the Builder Bar but are made up completely differently, and that's important. Cliff bars are delicious but personally, I just really don't want to eat that much carb at one time. If you are going to be on the go throughout the day then this is a good choice to get some dense calories. 


At the end of the day, all of these protein bars just need to be accounted for in your macros. They all have great ingredients for the most part, and there are so many others that are great too ( I eat LunaBars and Power bars as well). I do however remember when I first started trying to eat healthy for the first time back in high school, I thought that if something was in the form of a bar and said anything like granola on it, then it most certainly was healthy and that's not the case necessarily. Many of the granola bars are just 100% carbohydrate even if they are 90 calories and you want to get a balance in everything if this is something that you are eating for a meal. 

If you are going to not count macros and just eat clean then maybe go with Quest, PowerBar, Think Thin, BalanceBar, or Builder as these are all great ones with a great macro distribution. 

I know this is quite the unorganized bar list, but I hope it helps you make better choices! 

With love and protein bars, 


Testimony-Gretchen <3

Hey yall! 

I normally don't post twice in one day but I thought this was a valid reason! I have a client that just finished up 12 weeks with me and has officially made the switch to working 20 more weeks with me on a reverse diet. Her name is Gretchen, and she's a 39 year old mother of two! 

And in case you are wondering....she's absolutely gorgeous

She was sweet enough to write a testimony for me about the past 12 weeks and this is what she had to say ... 

“I can’t even begin to express how much I have enjoyed working with Katie.  She is SO responsive and knowledgeable.  I have been fit for most of my life and even have training in Fitness Nutrition, yet Katie’s program has allowed me to be the most fit I have EVER been at the age of 39!  This process has absolutely been a journey and it took us a little while to find my macro sweet-spot, but Katie was there to help me every step of the way.  When I decided to work with Katie I decided I was in it for the long haul and NOT for a quick fix.


In the 15 weeks I have been working with Katie I went from 140 pounds / 20% body fat to 130.3 pounds and 12.5% body fat and I now have a six-pack for the first time in my life!!!  The macros Katie prescribed for me along with lifting HEAVY yielded these results.  I have been extremely consistent and haven’t missed a workout…I really think consistency is key.


I am a very Type-A person and before I found counting macros I would always find some way to restrict myself… 21 day detox, no sugar paleo, ketogenic diets, etc. which resulted in binging on junk when I just couldn’t take it anymore (and I LOVE healthy food).  IIFYM has been life-changing for me.  My relationship with food has never been so balanced.  For the most part I prefer to eat whole foods, however IIFYM has allowed me to eat a treat every single day which has made me not feel the need to binge on junk food because I know I can have it if and when I want it. 


I am so thrilled with what Katie and I have been able to accomplish together that I am now beginning a Reverse Diet with her.  I am excited to begin this next chapter and continue working with Katie whom I can’t thank enough!”

Her story warms my heart and I'm so happy I could help her but she is definitely a VERY hard worker and that's what I love about her! TIME TO REVERSE DIET GIRLFRIEND! 

With love of clients,


Perfectly Imperfect

I am perfectly imperfect. 

You are perfectly imperfect.

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made" -Psalm 139:14 

Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt you didn't belong? Our first thought goes to our bodies right? We don't feel that we are the size that the world perceives is the way that we should be. We don't feel that we are accepted, loved, or beautiful because of the images that are shown to us of the idea of beauty and perfection. We want so badly to be that person, but we also want so desperately to be accepted as we are.

We are taught to seek perfection on a daily basis. You must actively pursue better relationships and better jobs. You must get better at what your body looks like, what your hair looks like, your skin, your nails, your clothes, and your accessories. You create who you are every single morning and throughout each day based on the decisions that you make, you subconsciously know that you are "judged" and your character is created based upon these decisions. You so desperately want the newest trends, the most money, the most perfect hair and the most perfect car. You become anxious from all these thoughts that constantly flood your mind, so then you realize that the idea of perfection is not wanting to be as perfect. Then, you try to become more perfect at being less perfect because that's the movement right? The pressure continues to build.

You ask yourself where you belong. You ask yourself why you don't have more friends or what's wrong with you that you are outcast. You feel pushed away because of the color of your skin. You feel it's not okay for you to be concerned about your body image because you're a male and that makes you even more anxious. You may be a male that is shorter than most, and that makes you feel inferior or a woman who is taller than most, and that makes you feel left out. You feel outcast because of the gender that you find attractive. You feel separated because of the religion that you choose to practice. All you to belong. All you to be accepted and to be loved. 

Who determines the standards? Where will it stop? 

You are perfectly imperfect. 

The pressure builds and builds and the beautiful news and the movement we want to create is that no matter your gender, no matter your body type or your skin color, you are perfect in your own imperfect way. 

We will always have differences. We will always have society telling us what the perfect body looks like through a campaign but we can also stand firm and confidently tell them that they do NOT define us. Look in the mirror and say it out loud. 

I am perfectly imperfect.

I am perfectly imperfect.

You will not define me. You will not shake me.

We stand in confidence. We stand in unity. We stand in love proudly. 

The perfect body comes in all shapes, all genders, all races, and all sizes. 

And we will forever be #PerfectlyImperfect


I have partnered up with Ledbetter, Inc for this movement that they have started. Join them on the facebook group( ), add your picture to show that you stand firm with our movement and hashtag #IamPerfectlyImperfect . 

It's a beautiful movement by Ledbetter, and I'm excited to watch the continuation of growth. 

In love,


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Twitter @katiesfitscript 

Friday Favorites #3

Hey guys! 

It's Friday and it's Halloweeeeeen!!! How exciting is that?!!! 

Fun fact: I don't really dislike candy but I'm not really into it. I never have been a huge fan. I would rather eat a meal then to snack on candy. Chocolate is awesome but I only want one piece and then I want my real food! 

It's time for my favorites again, soooooo here goes. 

1. Marathon Training

I fall more and more in love with long distance running as the training continues. This is such a hard but rewarding experience. I'm 99% certain I pulled my quad, so I'm really not sure how that is going to play out in the next 3 weeks but my training is most likely not going to be what I planned but you'll see me on race day giving it my all no matter what. This is also the very very beginning of a lifetime of endurance events I've decided so it will be okay if things don't go perfectly. I'm a dreamer as y'all know and boy do I have some big dreams on that endurance list including an ultra in January. The ultra is for fun and for an adventure. It will be slow, and probably include lots of walking but I just want to do the Elkon 50K in Maryland so bad! And ultras are so cheap so why not right? 

2. Pillows

My husband calls me a pillow whore. It's an issue. I love decorating, and pillows are the easiest thing to switch in and out. The problem is though, I never know what they are going to look like until I get home. So, it normally works out that I get home and then I don't like it so then I have to take them back and get more pillows. It's a never ending thing. My poor husband! hahahah!


3. God Calling

I know a lot of people have this book but it's amazing. It is just a small, short devotional that speaks to you as if the writer is God. I literally feel sometimes as if God perfectly placed things on certain days for certain people knowing ahead of time that they would be reading it and it would help them. There have been countless times where I read it, and it pertains exactly to specific situations in my life so I just love it.

This sits on my coffee table...maybe one day I'll actually make these recipes that look oh so delicious on the magazines! ;) 

This sits on my coffee table...maybe one day I'll actually make these recipes that look oh so delicious on the magazines! ;) 

4. My husband

Oh how annoying am I? Right? But honestly, he waits on my hand in foot, he cooks, he cleans, he folds his clothes, he helps me SO much with my business, he writes me letters, he tells me I'm beautiful all the time, and he even like did my loan consolidation paperwork for me because I felt so busy. Like truly, he is one of a kind and I'm so lucky.

Did I also mention he's really handsome? :) :) 

Did I also mention he's really handsome? :) :) 

5. Jodi Picoult Books

She is by far my favorite author. She does SO much research on the topics that she writes about and will BLOW your mind with her stories. Literally, every single book I read I'm captivated and just like wanting more and if it's a story that is going to have a trial then she will meet with lawyers for months and follow them around doing research so that she can write a book that appropriately matches the way an actual trial would go. She's the 

This is my current read! Wanna know how I got this book? My husband saw it in a stack of free books at our apartment and knows that I love her so much that he got it! Haha! SCORE!

This is my current read! Wanna know how I got this book? My husband saw it in a stack of free books at our apartment and knows that I love her so much that he got it! Haha! SCORE!

I won't lie. This is probably one of my favorite fridays to date because of all the things that I truly truly love in it! :) 

With love and favorites, 


Competing Vlog

Hey Y'all!! All of those pictures from competing look super flashy right? Well, I just wanted to do a short video on what it's like the day of. Kidding, it's not short. Sorry, I got talkative.

I hope you enjoy!

I said this in the first video before my dog started barking (haha) but I know that you see pictures on facebook of girls in bikinis and think "Woah that's intense" and almost like that it's hootchie but just as I've explained before. If you went to Times Square in a bikini, that's weird but when you wear a bikini to a pool, it's totally acceptable. That's the same way with competitions. Everyone is in bikinis and speedos and no one is like gawking over the others. It's just the sport and totally normal for everyone to be waltzing around backstage in a bikini!

With love and competing,


A Day in the Life

I don't keep myfitnesspal open for my diary to be viewed because I've had some people comment on things in the past and no one can understand that everyone's nutrition is specific for them and they always tell me what I should and should not be eating, and how much, so I keep it private. I know that's annoying but I thought I would share a typical day of what I eat with the macros that I'm at now. I want to be able to cook more but honestly, it's SO hard with living in New York City. Our kitchen is so tiny and getting groceries to your house is just a J-O-B so you just get the essentials each week.

Okay, moving on... 

Every morning I wake up, I eat a teaspoon of peanut butter, and I start making coffee. I have no idea why I immediately eat peanut butter, but it feels right and now I have this habit I can't break. HAAAAA. #imawinner

I have coffee with sugar free creamer and 2 mini Reese cups. Coffee and chocolate? Y'all know it's amazing.

I have protein waffles every.single.morning. I am ridiculous and get upset if I can't have them. 

The meals are relatively the same every day so I'm just going to start naming in order what I would have and this totals my macros of 200g carb, 60g fat, and 160g protein. Get ready because it's crazy.

  • Coffee + Reese cups 
  • Protein waffles 
  • 2 egg whites + fat free cheese in low carb tortilla wrap 
  • 1/2 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest ( Broiled with 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter) 
  • French Toast (2 slices of bread with one egg) with 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter
  • Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Egg white omelete (2 egg whites, 1.5 oz livermush, fat free cheese) 
  • Pumpkin Munchkin from Dunkin Doughnut with afternoon coffee
  • Another serving of protein waffles with 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter
  • 1/2 oz cashews 
  • 1/2 Chile Lime burger plus skinny cow wedge on toasted bread (SO.GOOD)
  • 2 chocolate chip cookies (Entenmann's brand) 
  • Sugar Free jello topped with fat free whip cream 
  • Another serving of protein waffles (I'm not kidding, I'm ridiculous) 
  • Cake Cone with 1/3 cup artic zero ice cream with 1/2 tablespoon peanut butter and 2 goldfish crumbled on top 

I'm normally eating every hour. That was one day example, but I frequent Dunkin and I get their hashbrowns a lot. I also have ground turkey with butternut squash many nights. I have been trying my hardest to eat more apples because I love them. They just take so many carbs and the same amount as a Skinny Cow and to be honest, I find myself eating the skinny cow instead. However, I do feel micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are very important too. I will have rice cakes with peanut butter. If I find something mini, it's mine. I've been on a yogurt covered pretzel kick lately. I have like 3 per day normally. I'm the person that can eat however many I have planned and then I'm done. I eat pumpkin spice oreos a lot too of course. I make mug cakes occasionally. I make wraps and sandwiches a lot. I want to make chili next week. There is nothing that is off limits. I just fit this all into my macros.

I take a multivitamin, magnesium, calcium, and fish oil every day. That's a lie. I don't take them everyday. I TRY though and that's what counts right? :) 

I hope this helps to show what I eat a little more every day! 

With love and food,




Long Run Day Nutrition

I know I make it pretty clear what I do for extra amounts of carb on the day of my long run, but I wanted to talk about the before and after day nutrition and then recap today's run. If you haven't seen me post what I do for my long run days, I add in 50g of carb per one hour of running so today I ran for 2 hours and 20 minutes, so I'm going to eat 130g of carb on top of what I already eat. WOAH. I won't lie and say that it's easy to get in all that nutrition because that's a lot of food, but I know that my body needs it for recovery so I try my best. 

Everyone is very individual so it's hard to say that exactly what works for me will work for you and I've had to toy around with many different things to find what works best for me. 

I keep it pretty simple. 

The day before a long run, I increase my carbs by 20g the night before. I don't do anything crazy but I just eat like another bowl of oatmeal before I go to bed. I know that many hear about carb loading, and I find that if I try to eat some big pasta meal than I can just feel it sitting in my stomach and that's not fun for anyone so I stay away from all of that. I just add a little extra nutrition. 

I drink tons and tons of water and have to be intentional about this the day before. I haven't always done this and it ALWAYS catches up to me. I have the most terrible stomach pain and TMI but I'm like in the bathroom all day after a long run if I'm not hydrated properly. Yesterday, I was chugging water all day. 

Normally, I take just my gu or gel and I don't take water and I just "plan to stop at water stations along the way." That's a lie. I don't stop. How dumb is that? Yes, I'm aware. I'm really weird about carrying things while I run and I'm always weird about stopping. I just don't like either one haha! And my body let me know really quick. So, today I changed that and it helped so much. Today, I took this "fanny pack" that had 3 pieces of candy, a gu and a water bottle. The water bottle is supposed to go on the fanny pack, but that stayed for literally 0.1 mile out of the door because it was just bouncing up and down. 

I held the water, I tossed the water at mile 5, I picked the water back up at mile 9, I tossed the water at mile 13, I picked the water back up at 15. I was doing a lot of looping today so I would just scoop it up as I went past. I had a watermelon candy at mile 5, mile 9, a gu at mile 13 and another candy at mile 15. I would drink water in between each time I ate something. This was a total of almost 30g of carb on my run. When, I return home, I had a Cocogo which is 10g carb. If you are just drinking water, then your electrolyes are already off and they are just going to get worse if you ONLY hydrate with water. You NEED electrolytes. You can get a 10% discount of Cocogo using KATIESFITSCRIPT and I'm not just saying these things because of this. I TRULY believe in the product. 

I also make sure to have a big bowl of oatmeal the morning before a long run which is about 30g carb. So, at 10am, I had already had 70g carb then I ate a meal when I returned capping it off at 100g by literally 10:30. I love these days. CARBS!!! 

It has taken me about 5 long runs to really find my niche and what works for me, so it may take you some time. My legs are always so achy after a long run so I take some Ibuprofen as well. I NEVER EVER am this intentional about things. I know that I am meticulous about health but I also have a lazy streak with it. You don't see me eating super creative meals because #aintnobodygottimeforthat. I'm like "ehhhhh I'm gonna have egg whites with a side of 20 goldfish" so I hit my macros every single day, but it's not fancy, I promise ;) haha! 

Like really, I just wanted to make you smile hahaha!

Like really, I just wanted to make you smile hahaha!

Today's run was fantastically painful. I woke up with my same head cold. I woke up at 5am probably because of nerves. This was not by alarm clock, but I just went ahead and got up. I used some nasal spray to clear my congestion and took some cough medicine. I knew I was in for an awful run but my goal was to finish. 

Mile 1 and 2 were fast right out of the gate. My calves hurt literally from step 1. I have terrible knots in my calves always. I thought to myself "This is going to suck but you are going to have to peel me off the pavement before I don't make it 18 miles"

Somehow, life didn't happen until mile 6. I don't remember at all. I literally was just cruising and daydreaming about other things. Mile 6 just felt awesome. I was like "I AM A CHAMPION HERE ME ROAR" Katy Perry style. You know when you just wanna like dance because you're running so good. I went like 7:30 pace that mile. Then, at mile 8, I was like "Yea Katie, calm your horses. You have a LONG way to go." Not long after this, a biker literally like checked me. I mean literally hit me with his handle bars. I was not in the way, at all. He was a jerk and didn't even apologize.

Mile 9 always feels nice. That's halfway, but this is when I knew my legs were actually weaker than my lungs today. The aching began and it continued for another 9 miles. I always make my runs in segments so that it feels more obtainable. I tell myself "I can make it the next 3 miles to that one spot." When I get there, I tell myself "I can make it 2 miles to that one place" and I keep doing this until I reach my goal. I have relentless forward motion as I've heard runners say. Like, literally, I will fall over and bonk before I let my feet stop. I WILL NOT go in before it's time on long run days. 

Mile 13, I went 7:35 and I had been going less than 8 min miles and it was painful but almost felt easier to go faster but at the same time I felt stupid that I was going to hit a wall. I stopped for about 20 seconds, downed my gu, chased it with water, and left my fanny pack to go kill the last 5 miles. 

Then, at mile 15, a cramp hit me like a brick in the face. It was so bad. All I could do was think about it. I was breathing deep trying to get oxygen to the area, but that was not helping. It felt like it was debilitating so I tried harder. I didn't want to lose my time, and while doing that, I was going faster. This was stupid and probably just made the cramp worse, but I kept thinking that the faster I ran, the sooner the pain would be over so I ran my heart out. I was doing a lot of out and back and I kept passing the same homeless man and he said "Girl, you run too much" I thought that was funny, and I finished off the last mile at 7:13 pace. Like what?

I don't know what happened today, but I know that the Lord was watching over me for sure. Tanner said that he prayed and prayed for me during quiet time because he was so worried with me out there, in the cold, sick, and running 18 miles. I knew though that I had to do it mentally so that I knew I could do this marathon in less than one month. And, I'm so glad I did.

For the love of running, 


Tips to Stop Binge Eating

Disclaimer: I am not an eating disorder specialist or professional. I am not stating that I think that this is not a big enough deal to just have some quick easy tips and that's the end of it. I know it's far deeper than that. However, from my own personal experience, I have used some of the tips below and feel that they can really help to make steps in the right direction. If you are having issues, there are many professionals and counselors who are trained to better help you and I definitely recommend seeking those if needed.

Now, isn't that a loaded title? 

"But, I can't.

But, this is something that I'm stuck with forever. 

But, once you have a problem, you will always have a problem. 

But, this is my crutch.

But, I have bigger issues in life than anyone can understand. This is my escape." 

I know that little voice in your head, but you know what else I know? I know I have a God who is the Great Physician, and I know that He is bigger than you are. He is bigger than that, and if He healed me, then he can certainly heal you. However, I know it's deeper than that and maybe you don't believe in that so don't stop reading now. I have valuable information to come. 


I feel as if the word "binge" gets thrown around WAY too often. Binge eating is not where you just slightly overeat. Binge eating is actually where you physically feel as if you cannot stop. You feel as if you have been taken over by these emotions and you keep eating and eating past the point of overeating. It's eating to the point of nauseous which leads some to purge. It's eating to the point of literal pain. So, can we be PC and stop calling something a binge when it's not? It rides me the wrong way. 

I actually get asked a lot some advice on how to stop. Here is the best advice I know to give you.

1. You've GOT to get carbs, fats, and proteins (ALL OF THEM) into your daily diet.

Your body needs all of those things. If you are deficient in one, then your body is going to feel like it's not getting what it needs which can lead to cravings and then things get out of control. 

2. You've also got to get ENOUGH of those macros.

It is MUCH better for your body and metabolism if you are eating 2000 calories per day then if you are eating 1200 calories and then 4000 and back and forth. The body needs homeostasis as I ALWAYS talk about, and gets so confused when you do this. It absolutely WRECKS your metabolism.

3.. Take the smallest baby steps in the world.

Give yourself praise if you make it 2 hours, then give yourself praise if you make it one day. Baby steps turn into adult steps. You've just got to commit to this very second.

4. Give yourself a little more credit.

If you used to do it every day and now you are doing it every other day, that's a step. If you used to do it every half week and now you do it once a week, then that's progress. And you've GOT to praise yourself for that. You can't look at the one episode and think "I was doing so well and now I've ruined everything." You have to change your perspective and think "You know what? That is the FURTHEST I've made it and that's freakin awesome. Let's see how long I can go this time." 

5. Stop making it such a big deal.

My husband was the one who mentioned this to me. It's so true. The bigger weight that you give to the binge, the more that it's going to affect you. If you just let it roll off your back when it happens, then you aren't thinking about it as much. This is a mental shift, and it's hard but let me tell you, you can convince your mind of anything and you CAN do this. Think about if I binged and you were on the outside. You would care for me, but you wouldn't really care. Think of yourself that way. Look at things from the outside looking in and how you would see it. That can change your perspective.

6. Keep a journal. 

I have a journal that I'll always have that let me vent. I got out of all my feelings, but I also was able to watch them turn into prayers of praise. I looked back the other day and thought "Oh my goodness, that used to be me?" So insane! Every day that you have a successful day, mark that on your calender with a star. The next day, mark it again. When you look back, and see that you have 7 stars, or 10 stars, or 20 stars, you just want to keep the trend going.

7. Stop telling yourself it's the very last time. 

I know that sounds weird, but I think that it leads you to those guilty feelings of self hate. I think that it makes you think that you absolutely suck because you made such a huge commitment to yourself, and then you broke it. Again, everything with this should be done in that very moment. You don't have to think about it in such big terms. You don't have to think of this in time frames of your life. Think about THIS moment, RIGHT now. That makes it seem less huge and able to conquer.

8. Eat sugar everyday. 

I wrote a blog post about the science behind a binge, and it is the truth that if you don't have sugar, then your body is going to have an insulin spike even if you have just one piece of something tiny and that's going to send you into a whirlwind of emotions that are REALLY hard to fight. I think that IIFYM is life changing for those struggling with this. It stops the restrictions, and I think it helps many recover.

9. Know your triggers and get rid of them. 

You know what I'm talking about. I want you to have sugar every day and I think that IIFYM helps, but I also think that there are certain foods that you know are going to make you want to binge, and you've GOT to get rid of them. When you are fully done with all your habits, you can bring those foods back. 

10. Have an action plan. 

You've GOT to have a plan and a person that keeps you accountable. If you are in one of those moments, it's very hard to fight (it's been compared to heroin addiction) but if you have someone who knows you enough then that's wonderful. If not, then you need a plan of what you do whether that be duck taping your pantry door shut ( I'm so serious) or if that means taking a walk outside, you need a plan.


Last but not least, know that this is possible. Maybe I'm patting myself on the back, but when I say 100% done with all of this, I mean it. Like, I never think about it. I never talk about it (unless to help someone). I literally am 100% done with it. I am moving away from talking about those experiences in my life because I think it sheds a bad light on what I'm trying to do in the fitness industry but I want to let you know that it IS possible. You are capable. You are worthy and you CAN ABSOLUTELY 100% DO THIS!!

With love and recovery, 


Friday Favorites #2

I just love this post. To be honest, it's easy for me to put together so that's nice and it's so fun to scroll through all of my favorite blogs and see their favorites. One of my favorite bloggers is my good friend, Bridgett at SweatStretchEat so I look forward to seeing her favorties post! 

Without further adieu, 

1. Cute Planners

I'm old school, and don't like to put my to-do's in my phone or electronically in any way. I still write out grocery lists. I still write out to-do lists, and I still want a planner. I got the Kate Spade this year from my husband for Christmas. I do love it, but I think that next year I'm going to ask for the Simplified Planner by Emilyley. They are oh so expensive, but I'm obsessed. I try to take the price and divide by 12 months so really I'm only paying $4.80 per month and that's not so bad right? 

2. Friday Diner Dates 

We have a ritual now that we go to the same Diner, called Squire's Diner, every Friday. It's so quaint, and pretty small but their menu is miles long and their prices are similar to North Carolina. We just love it. 

And this is right outside so it's such a beautiful area

And this is right outside so it's such a beautiful area

This is another diner called George's that we love that gives you chocolate chip bread! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR GOOD!

This is another diner called George's that we love that gives you chocolate chip bread! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR GOOD!

This is my meal everytime! Huge Egg white omelete and hashbrowns

This is my meal everytime! Huge Egg white omelete and hashbrowns

3. Central Park 

We kept saying that we were going to go because we hadn't even been since we moved this summer, so we went and I think fall was the perfect time to go! It's so beautiful. The people are so beautiful. It's just such a scenic dream like you would imagine

4. Living in New York City 

I went to North Carolina for 10 days, and I think it was good for me. It's good for me to leave the city. It's good for me to come back to the city and appreciate every second that I get here. I honestly love this city (or obviously I wouldn't have moved here). I just wanna soak up every single second of my time here.

5. Monograms and Design 

I have two personalities. Part of me wants to get muddy and messy and go hiking, camping, and rock climbing. Then, there is the girlie part of me that takes over. I follow tons of interior design bloggers, and just designers in general and I have a serious obsession. I just wish I had a streak of creativity and that would help me out a lot! 

Hope y'all enjoy these posts too!! 

With love and happy Fridays,


How can you eat ONE cookie?

I get asked a lot how I can possibly have the willpower that I do? I open an oreo package and I have one oreo. My husband gets fries, and he always knows that I'm going to have ONE fry. 

So how do I do, you ask? I will admit that I have always had this little thing called willpower for the larger extent of my life. When I was 5, my brother kicked and screamed to do his reading with my parents. I personally thought it was cool, and meant that if I learned this now then I could read later, and I really wanted to be able to read. 

Delayed gratification. 

Sopheefit wrote on this other day and I couldn't agree more so I wanted to give my spin on it. 

Willpower is a muscle that you learn to exercise more and more as the years go on. I guess you would call it willpower, but I hardly find it to be that anymore. Once you get past willpower, you learn how healthy makes you feel and you don't want to do any differently. I see people who say they ate 5 doughnuts or a huge burger and a plate of fries or a row of oreos. I literally feel nauseous just thinking about that. I know when I'm dehydrated and I know when I've ate bad and it doesn't feel good so willpower becomes much easier. 

Every day we have choices that we make. We have choices on how we are going to better ourselves, and we can ALL make excuses. Excuses are really easy to come by, and we can always validate or justify what we are doing. "I deserve this because I work so hard." "I shouldn't go workout because I'm feeling a little headache coming on." "I could never run further than one mile so I'm certainly never going to do a half marathon" 

tieing shoe.jpg

Let me tell you how many times I wanted to quit pharmacy school. I never like actually wanted to quit, but I hated it so much. However, I knew about delayed gratification. You work hard now. You get reward later. That's the way it goes for anything. 

You work hard in your diet now. You have a cheat meal at the end of the week. You put in the work for school now. You have a good job later. You work hard in your training now and you get the euphoric feeling of crossing the finish line or standing on stage with competitors who know how hard you worked to get there. You value your marriage and treat each other well, then you look back at 80 years old and you are with the same person. It's not cliche when they say that anything that you are going to have, you are going to have to work for. That's the truth. Things aren't just going to be handed to you in life. There will ALWAYS be an easier way out. You are have to be stronger mentally. You have to want it more than the next. You have to work like no one else works so that you can have what no one else has. 

I'm team #noexcuses. I'm also #teamselflove and if you are my client, then just know that you are going to get loved on quite a bit. I want you to be tough and not have excuses but I also want you to realize that we all goof up and it seriously is not a big deal. That's why God created 24 hour segments, and 4 seasons because he knew that we were all going to have ups and downs in life and need new little places to start fresh. He created that for you to realize that you CAN start fresh and it's okay to mess up. The point is that you keep working that muscle called willpower and get better at it everyday. 

If I have something naughty, you can almost bet a picture will be taken ;) 

If I have something naughty, you can almost bet a picture will be taken ;) 

So, when I'm presented with a basket of cookies then I take one and I'm done because I know that a) I'll be able to have another one tomorrow instead of all of them today and b)I know that I'm able to continue pressing towards my goals without even thinking about that cookie. I know that I can enjoy things. I know that I can enjoy things every single day. I just know that I enjoy them in moderation, and can know that with delay gratification, I will be able to stay fit and healthy for life. 

With love and delayed gratification,