6 Things I wish I had known when I started running


You are injured. You don't know what to do. THERE'S ALWAYS ANOTHER RACE. There are big races that matter. If Boston hadn't been Boston, then I would have not run that marathon from all the hip/groin issues that I had for TEN WEEKS (meh), but I felt that I had to continue pushing through it. I would NEVER normally do that. It's gone now though. HALLELUJAH PRAISE YA JESUS! 

If you are wanting to complete a marathon, just take the time to get better and rehab. It's worth it and then you can enjoy your experience vs forcing something that is just not meant to happen and ending up even more hurt. 

It's also not something to freak out about. Life freakin happens. If it was your best friend or family member, and you looked from the outside you would say "Girl it's not that serious. Just do the next race" and that's the truth. That's what you should do. If there is ever a situation that I'm freakin out about (and this is also how I dealt with body image issues back in the day) is that I would look at myself from a bystanders perspective or I would look at my situation from someone else. Would they say it was okay for me to be upset? If not, MOVE THE STINK ON. If it's an important race, then do your due diligence of rehab and just do what you can. But if it's real serious, there's always another Boston.


Okay I am such a dang turd on stuff like this. I mean ...the worst. I am ashamed to say how I used to feel about this. I thought it was for woozies. HAHAHA! And I wonder why I have had a handful of injuries in my short little marathonin days. How stupid right? Good news is, I don't feel that way anymore.

The rule of thumb is: You do mobility work BEFORE your workouts meaning that you might rotate your hip in circles getting it warmed up. I have a little routine from hips to calves that I do before each run, and it takes me like 2 minutes. It's really not something that takes long but makes a huge difference.

The static stretching (hold 1,2,3) is shown to be best AFTER your workout. You don't want to do this on cold muscles as you could hurt yourself just in stretching. How bad would that suck? Whomp. 

Foam rolling-AHH! It's like a deep tissue massage. It hurts so good! My husband is a foam rolling fool. He legit asked if he could take it with us on vacation. No, Tanner, you may not embarrass me with your foam roller. No. HAHA! 


Okay, if you want to be a runner and you want to actually improve your times, you gotta put the work in. I will admit that I get slightly annoyed when people just casually run 5K's and don't really train much at all but are upset if they don't hit PR's in their races. Hello duh. You have to work for those. 

But I also think that when I was running for my first half marathon, I legit just thought that like whatever speed you were, that's what speed you were. Some people were lucky and could run faster and some people just didn't have it. While that is partly true (genetics do play a big role) but you can do speed workouts and tempo workouts every single week and continually get faster over time. During my last training cycle for boston, I got in maybe 5 total speed workouts because that's what hurt my groin the most and I felt it. My body was never used to going at faster speeds and if you don't use it, ya lose it. 


Legit, like it's really fun to be an athlete. No matter your discipline or sport of choice, this is supposed to be fun. I legit look forward to reading articles about running. I look forward to doing workouts and I absolutely love races to try to get better. 

The rule of thumb in running if you haven't started yet is that it really does take getting past the 3-4 mile mark to really start to enjoy the sport of running. If you are just casually doing a few miles here and there, it really will just be something that is awful. It's not until you get past those points when you are able to sink into it. 


No matter how much you are wanting to run mileage wise, you can put in the work and you will be able to get to that point a lot quicker than you think. If you've never run a marathon before, you put in an 18 week training cycle and you'll be more than ready. Each week my body surprises me on what it is capable of doing and how well it progresses. The flip coin of that is that if you don't continue doing it, you will lose it so fast. If I get sick or am gone for 10 days on a trip, I feel awful when running on the return. It's the continual habitual running every day that allows for enjoyment and progression. 


I think we all know this, but it really does. If you eat terrible one day and then you are trying to run a big workout the next day, you can forget it. Even if the foods that I'm eating are within my macros for the day, if it's like chips and crappy processed foods, I feel like junk. I've noticed a huge difference with 1-drinking water (which I suck at) and 2-eating whole foods (which I suck at haaaaa). I've started adding in a green smoothie everyday and it keeps my digestion so lovely and me feeling fantastic on my runs.

I could actually really start doing more of these because I have many many more things that I've learned that I think will be helpful, but I'll keep it short and sweet this time! 

When is it okay to start running again?

This question gets asked ALL THE TIME! When can you run again post half marathon or full marathon? The biggest answer to this: YOU DO YOU BOO BOO! 

Okay, but really, it's super variable and depends on so many things. 

There are many that complete the B2B (Boston 2 Big Sur) each year which is where you run Boston marathon one weekend, and then you run Big Sur the next. On the ultra running group that I follow, there was someone mapping out a course and did 6 days of 25 miles each day. That's a marathon per day for one week. Ashley Horner just completed a charity event where she did 280 miles in 7 days. Olympic marathon runners are running 100-140 miles per week. Paid ultra runners run 200-250 miles per week. That's 28-35 miles EVERY FREAKIN DAY! I run at my very peak 50 miles per week. I've never run more than 55 in one week, and typically I'm around 40-45. I'd love to see that increase for my next marathon but it seems to hit my body hard so I just have to see what happens. 

The point is: Overtraining is variable. It doesn't look the same to each person. If you are doing high volume and you notice that your next race suffers and that you aren't able to recover well, then that's something that you should re evaluate. When you come out of a marathon, you are completely beat. You want to just eat and drown your sorrows. haha! Jk. Kinda. 

Some people run a shake out run the following morning. NOT THIS GIRL! Many many will run 2-3 days following just a few miles (maybe 3-4) but most will wait a full week. I did my first marathon but I didn't this time. I felt really great (the best that I've felt post marathon) and so I talked with my coach and we did some EASY EASY runs and still are doing so. 

One way to see if you are recovered is to check your resting heart rate. You will find that even days following your marathon, you are still sitting at a higher resting heart rate which means that you aren't back to your baseline. I did a heart rate assessment and at 8:45min/mile, my heart rate average was 156 which for me is about 70% effort. I did NOT expect that high of a heart rate for that slow of pace for me. It shocked me but then after talking with my coach and using my brain, it's because I'm not fully recovered yet.

How can you know what your heart rate should be. This chart is a great one to see what zone that you are in and it's going to be really variable across the board what people tell you about heart rates but this one comes from the American Heart Association. IS ANYTHING EVER SET IN STONE? (I feel ya) It's best to know your numbers ahead of time and what your normal resting is and what your normal aerobic/anaerobic is so that after your races you have a better picture! 


Does not being recovered mean that you can't train? I think that's something that you need to decide for yourself. Everything is on a continuum and is determined by what's behind you and what's in front of you. Do you have races coming up? I'm doing an ultra in a few weeks so yes I have to continue training. Do you have any races? If not, then you could maybe take some more time. If you do have races, what kind? This might be a great time to get in some recovery on the bike or swimming so that you aren't using the same muscle groups. 

It's important though to keep your workouts easy so that you don't end up injured. Going 8:45-9min/mile for me is hard and something that I have to try to slow to. It feels as if I'm just kinda slightly picking up my feet and dragging along. It feels almost harder than going my natural 7:45 pace. Even though it feels natural to go 7:45, that doesn't mean that I should. I know my body and sometimes that takes multiple races to figure out. 

If you are someone that doesn't care about the next race and you checked it off your bucket list then by all means, sit on the couch for 6 months! That's an option too! Hahaha! 

I think though that it's important to not judge others for them jumping back in quicker than you. We are all different and there are some that are used to much higher mileage and their entire nervous system can bounce back quicker therefore they can begin training again sooner. That doesn't mean that they are over training but they genuinely might just be a little bit more in shape. Lastly, there are those that do overtrain and we shouldn't ignore that either. It's all about the mindset. If you are running because you feel like you HAVE TO and that you CANT GO A WEEK WITHOUT or that you think you are going to gain weight or something then yes, that's a problem. If you genuinely enjoy training, then you just want to look at all the variables and your plans and goals moving forward and make the decision for yourself when you think that should be. 

With all that said, the "typical" wait time is one week and some wait 2 weeks. You don't want to wait so long that you lose all that work you put in though ;) 

The Full Boston Experience

Why not ride this out as long as possible right? No really, I felt there was so much more I could have wrote about the before and after of how this whole shindig is ran that I didn’t get to include, so I thought I’d include all those details in this blog. How do you qualify? What do you do to get in? Hotels? Expos? ETC ET 



Most everyone might know this, but there are qualifying races across the US every year. If you run those marathons, and you get within the time frame for your age and gender then you can apply. There is a select time frame for each year. My qualifying time that I had to get was 3:35. My first marathon, I qualified with a 3:27. When you run another marathon and do better, you can update your time to get a different wave/corral. I ran my third marathon in 3:15 therefore I was able to update, but I can ALSO use my 3:15 for 2017 marathon because it was within that time frame as well.

Registration opens, and you register for a race like normal and they ask you to enter in the race that you did and your qualifying time. You have to wait about one week and then you hear back if they have accepted that qualifying time (basically they have someone to check to see if you told the truth I’m sure). It’s a rolling admission which means that even if your time is within the standards that they set for your age and gender, that doesn’t guarantee entry. They can only allow what I believe to be 30,000 runners and this year the cut off was 2.5 minutes faster than what actually was each person’s qualifying time. So, if you qualified with your time faster than 20 minutes, you got to register first. Then 10 minutes, then 5 minutes, all the way down to 1 minute. Those that didn’t qualify with more than 2.5 minutes didn’t get in. (For example, my age and gender’s time was 3:35 but I needed a 3:32 to get in.

Once you are in, they take your money … lots of it ;) $250 to be exact for this race fee! OUCH. 


I felt like I was doing the walk of shame after the race because I did not, in fact, get the jacket *GASP* Go ahead and gasp again because it’s like forbidden. You MUST BUY THE $110 WIND BREAKER that looks like you just walked out of the Saved by the Bell high school. I was like OKAY KATIE YOU HAVE TO BUY IT! So I went to the adidas store and I tried it on. Nope. Couldn’t do it. I had my wallet ready. It wasn’t the money, but it was kind of the principle of feeling like I was being forced to buy something I genuinely would never wear except while in Boston. I plan on buying a shirt that’s as in your face as possible “BOSTON MARATHON FINISHER 2016!!!” I was thinking actually of getting a tattoo to go across my forehead as well. But no really. I want people to know but not bad enough to look like Jessie.  So, I shall wait for another year.

Here she is in all her glory ha!

Here she is in all her glory ha!


Okay, this proved a very large struggle for me, and here is why: MONEY! Haha! I knew that I could stay at the convention center, but yall, it was $650/night!!!! Isn’t that insane? HAHA! I knew that I could stay in Cambridge, but that made me really nervous with not really knowing about Boston. Now we know how the system works, and I would be much more confident staying outside of the city.

I have a friend who lives in Boston and I messaged him to ask if his apartment was available or if he had any friends. He sent out a big email to all of his friends (so sweet) and there were a few people that responded back. They lived almost on the street that the finish line was on (maybe 0.7mile walk) and the finish line is where you had to be on race morning to take the bus to the start so that was PERFECT!

They left for the weekend, and opened up their home to us. It was the CUTEST little downstairs apartment and they had like a full bar…with a kegurator. HAHA! Too bad we only stayed night 1!!

We ended up using Airbnb for nights 2-3 and moved out to Cambridge. It was an apartment that a girl rents out that no one actually lives in so it was perfect. It had two bedrooms for Tanner and I and then my mom and it was perfect. I recommend Cambridge for people in the future. It’s easy to get on the T (their subway) and get into the city. Many people open up their homes knowing this weekend is huge, so you can look on airbnb early (I waited WAY TOO LATE) and get a good spot I’m sure.


So Boston knows what they are doing. They know this week is huge, and they are very organized. I can only imagine how many people they have on staff. They sent out probably monthly emails leading up to it with information on how to prepare and what to expect.

I think it was around 1 month out from the race, they sent us our race information packet which included a little runner "passport" to pick up your bib. You had to sign it and bring your ID with you stating that you are the person who qualified. From what I hear, they mail those to the elite, pro runners and they don’t even have to pick up a bib. Of course ;) This race is huge which means huge running names are there. If you don’t follow marathon running, I won’t name drop but it’s the best in the world, which is why it’s HILARIOUS when people ask if I won or if I planned on it. YEA NO. 


The expo opens on Friday but we didn’t fly in until Sunday. The expo includes all the typical vendors that you’d see at races selling things. You find your number and name, they give you a bag with all of your race day stuff and a free shirt. They have an information booth and an outline for you based on your wave and corral and what time the buses would be there in the morning to take you to the athletes village. You have to travel 26 miles to Hopkinton so you have to get on the bus EARLY. Red bibs went first which are the elite and sub elite. My bib was white, so we went next then I think it was black after that.




The race is point to point as I mentioned before, so I’ll drop the course map here so you can see. In the beginning, the race is going downhill overall, but yall it is not straight downhill. There are definite hills in the beginning. The entire course is rolling hills, and not as bad as Thunder road marathon that I did as my third, but it’s not just a downhill marathon. But there’s only like 3 turns the entire race which is nice. You start out away from everything it feels like, but as you come into the city you get closer to the water and therefore there is a breeze (aka headwind). It’s always a trade. Do you want heat or do you want wind? It’s hard to get a perfect scenario. 

Okay I cannot get this to upload right, but you can see the elevation on the bottom part that it goes up and down but mostly downhill overall 

Okay I cannot get this to upload right, but you can see the elevation on the bottom part that it goes up and down but mostly downhill overall 


So organized! They had so many volunteers directing us all to where we needed to go. We got to the bus area and there was a super long line where they just check to see that you have a bib, and then you get on the bus. There was lines of like 20 yellow school buses, and it felt like we were being shipped off somewhere (I guess we were haha). This was a LONG ride, and then once you get off, you are at the race start. The athlete’s village is 1 mile away to which you walk to the village. 

morning bus.jpg


As you went in, they checked your bib again and they did a full body search of everyone going in. I know this is super cautious but with the past, I’m very thankful they do this. This was SO SO cool. There were tents set up and music playing and more porta potties than one’s heart could ever imagine. HAHA! OH HAPPY DAY! There were bagels and bananas and gus and gels and water. THANKS BOSTON! Everyone was just having a great time with friends on this huge lawn. I loved the athletes village. They call out when it’s time for you to line up to walk BACK to the start. HA! So, we walked our happy butts back to the start. At the start, there was literally a camp of porta potties (seriously probably a field of 500 of them-it was so crazy HAHA)


I think it was right around every 2-3 miles, they had gateraid and water. I actually was very thankful for the gateraid as it was one of the only things that I was able to get down that had calories during the race. It was so refreshing towards the end. They are strict about the guidelines of where spectators can walk and have guardrails so that normal people can't be on the course. However, funny story, there was a guy on the course on his cell phone just walking and chatting like at mile 18 and Bethany straight up was like pointing at him "He doesn't have a bib. He's on the course!" hahaha! It was hilarious.My family had a difficult time finding a place to stand. They found a place that was on a bridge over this underpass that we would go under, and stood there in the shade so it was really cold for 3 hours. I felt so bad hearing them tell me about it just to see me for 5 seconds run through #truelove


When you cross the finish line, I guess because there are just so many people, they don’t want to be putting medals around delusional people’s necks so you have to walk another 0.25 mile I’d say where the people with the medals are in a little corral passing out medals. You walk a little further and they are giving out the blankets. There are med tents at the end of course as well as any sort of aid you can imagine and huge bags of food being handed out. 



This was somewhat frustrating but only because you are hurting so bad and just want to see your family. You have to walk really really far (maybe it’s not that far but it felt like it) to this one area that they have marked off based on your last name, but my family couldn’t figure out how to get into this area as they have it all marked off. We walked around aimlessly for a while just trying to find one another on streets that weren’t blocked. I eventually got to them, and of course starting balling. I had wanted to cry into my moms arms for so long but it took me so long to find her hahaha! So, I took that moment to do so. WHY AM I SUCH A CRIER AFTER THESE RACES? GOOD LAWD.


We didn’t do this, but I heard a lot about it and I have to say I wouldn’t recommend it. The tickets if you weren’t a runner were $25/each so we opted out when my mom and Tanner would have had to spend that. We just went back to our place for me to shower after sitting and talking with my best friend for a while, and taking pictures.

The party at fenway from what I understand was basically paying to get into the park when there wasn’t a game or anything just to be able to eat the hotdogs? Maybe I was confused on this because SURELY NOT but apparently, and the hotdogs weren’t even free. You still had to pay for the food, but it was just a general entry type thing. Maybe they had some music playing? HAHA! I sure hope so. The least they could do for hangry, delusional (I clearly like that word) runners is to play them some music and give them free beer and hotdogs right? Someone said they had to pay $50 to park at the stadium. FIFTY.DOLLARS. Wow. I will say that I can't really speak on this as I wasn't there, so maybe there was more to it.


They provide a pre and post meal if you want to sign up. I want to say that it costs money and I’m sure it’s a good time, but I knew I’d be with my mom (and originally my step dad was going to come) so I opted out. We went to Cheesecake factory. We were planning on going somewhere specific to Boston. We hate going to the places that we can get back where we were, but we were on the subway and our stop was closed due to the marathon so we had to get off, and I was SO SO HUNGRY so we decided we would get appetizers & cheesecake & drinks at the bar while we waited for a table (45 minutes). I don’t know if you’ve had their loaded potato tots, but holy macral, you have to get them. SO GOOD! I also got the oreo extreme cheesecake. I ate half the appetizer and half of the cheesecake. We got our table and ordered. I got the grilled chicken club and fries and ate the entire thing. I think that my body went into a hyper metabolic state post marathon. I’ve never ate so much and I stood up like “I might get hungry again before bed” which I did so I ate the other half of the cheesecake. HA!

I think this ended up being longer than the recap, but I think it gives more a full picture of the full experience and hopefully can help to know what it will be like for you if you recently qualified or are looking to do so in the future! :) 





Boston Marathon 2016 Recap

Recaps are always long. Buckle your seat belts for this one. haha!

Sometimes you just need a lot of words to explain a day that you've waited for almost your entire life...most definitely my entire adult life. I can't believe it's behind me. Time is such a weird thing. You wait for something for so long. You plan for it. You pay for it, and just like that, in moments, it's gone and the ONLY thing that you have are memories. I can most definitely tell I'm going to have post marathon blues wishing that I could relive it again and relive it when I didn't feel so off. I'll go ahead and preface this by saying I never EVER give up on runs. None of my training runs do I stop. None of my marathons do I walk. No training runs do I walk. It's not even something I consider, so let's begin with yesterdays good, bad and ugly ;) 

To start, let's back up to Sunday. I didn't post about it but my connecting from Washington DC to Boston was missed due to a late flight from Charlotte. PANIC.MODE. I had to get to the expo by 6pm to get my bib to be able to run. You couldn't get it after that. We got to Boston around 4pm and went straight to the expo via cab ($44 for one mile-not even kidding). Bethany met me outside of the bib area and we attacked one another. This was our first time meeting in real life, and it was instant connection. There was absolutely no awkwardness....just perfect friends from word one. We talked about how we planned on "racing tomorrow" (ha). We then went to find the finish line to take a picture were I would be the following day!

We also visited the spot one block from the finish where the bombs went off in 2013. So sad, but it makes the marathon mean even more now which is incredible to see everyone come together. 

We did dinner separate and my mom, Tanner and I went to a little pub close to our house. I got a sandwich and fries. I have decided this is a TERRIBLE pre marathon meal. I always feel like I need lots of calories and carbs, but it's just also loaded with so much saturated fat that I felt GI distress all night long and into the morning. Luckily we had a late start. #nomsayin This is very important in running. We do NOT want to have to stop. 

So, now let's get to race day. 

550 am Clock went off! I had my LONG SLEEVED shirt with bib attached and capris. I get cold easily so temperatures were 45-55 and I thought I'd be good. I saw everyone's posts about wearing tank tops and thought they were crazy but it made me nervous so I decided to switch to my short sleeve shirt. THANK YOU JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH.

615am  I couldn't eat oats due to my upset stomach from food that I ate way too much of. I always stress not eating too much crap and then I did it. I told Tanner I needed high calories so we got a scone at the bakery until we waited on the Uber to take me to the buses.

645am There are buses that take us to Hopkinton. The race is not a circular race. It's point to point which means that you have to get on buses from the finish to take you to the start. It's super organized, and so easy to navigate even though I was scared about that, but the buses loaded at 645am for a 1025 start. YIKES.

720am I saw a girl sitting by herself on the bus so I asked her if I could sit with her. We ended up talking for the entire 26 miles to the start. We hit it off so well, but she didn't have her phone so we couldn't exchange numbers. I hope she finds me on instagram. hahaha! I invited her to hang with us at the Athletes Village, so we talked from the buses to the village (that's over a mile-yall I walked 3.5 miles before the start per my watch. BOO!)

820 Met up with Bethany and her friend Melissa and Mario (@_mr_sure on instagram) and then went to go to the bathroom where I ran into CHELSY!!!! (@fitandfaithfulllc) She was just as much of a doll as you would imagine! Loved getting to hug her! 

9am Walked to meet the runners of my hometown! We got some pictures together and talked about how excited we all were. 

It was toasty at the athletes village, but I felt so confident. No nerves, enjoying every moment..just waiting to go! :) 

930am  They sent off the red bibs (elites and sub elites) and the announcer guy made a comment that if you weren't in that group, maybe you should learn to run faster. ha. ha. ha. ;) Don't we wish! HAHA! 

10am They had us line up to walk to the start. I met up with my client (and friend) Katie West!!! She is an absolute JOY and we talked to the start (a whole MILE-crazy). It was very sunny and I thought "Shew it's going to be very hot" but I didn't get nervous. Whatever was going to be was going to be. We found our corral ( I was in the one ahead but they let me bump back to be with my friends. You can go backwards, but can't go forward).

Nutrition: I was able to get in a scone, White Macadamia cliff bar, and an entire bagel pre race so approximately 160g C but still not enough calories. I drank tons and tons of water though. I knew it was going to be a hot day.


Miles 1-2

We knew we had to be conservative and run around 7:35ish/mile because it's so easy to go 7:00 out of the gate and screw yourself over. We both said at the end of mile 2... "Why does this feel so fast? Why is 7:35 feeling tough?" This was a bad sign. I literally thought to myself IMMEDIATELY... "This feels tough. Hmm...that's odd." 

Mile 3-4

We kind of hinted to one another that PRing was NOT going to happen. It was WAY HOT. WAY WAY HOT. (I heard from someone it was 75 at our start and into mile 10ish before we got more shade but then shade turned into head winds). I saw a sign that said "RUNNERS DRINK EARLY. HEAT EXHAUSTION WARNING!!" Oh no. Everyone was fighting for water. Let me just drop a picture of how many people were running right here. It was a crazy fest just trying to get water, but we got it. Someone handed us a water bottle so we decided to hold onto that. 

I mean it's super easy to get to the side to get water with this many people. No struggle at all ;) 

I mean it's super easy to get to the side to get water with this many people. No struggle at all ;) 

Mile 5-6

I could NOT believe my legs were hurting. Was I having heat exhaustion already? What? Like WHAT? This was Boston. Don't PR..jUST ENJOY! That was the plan. We confirmed to one another there would be NO PR as we couldn't fathom running 7:20's in that heat. Everyone was screaming at every single spot of the marathon. So many people. So much fun. So much yelling. WOOO!! Kids lined up with their hands out and hitting their signs that said "Tap here for POWER!" WOO POWER!!! ;) So great! We both decided we were too sick to take a gu already. Soooo, we didn't. 

Mile 7-8

We were running around 7:45ish. I told Bethany I thought she would have to leave me as I didn't know why, but my hip/groin already hurt, I was already feeling dehydrated and I knew I was in for a very long, hard, and dark day of running to be honest. There was never a doubt that I would finish, but I told Bethany something was VERY WRONG. It wasn't just heat. It was different. She told me she wouldn't leave me, and I thought to myself "No no she shouldn't do that. I will hold her back" She never did nor did I her when she needed me. It was a really amazing experience with a best friend. We were already close, but dang it's on a whole new level now. I tried to take parts of a gu, but it was making me sick.

Mile 10

We ran into Victoria Phillippi so that was so fun!!! She ran with us for that entire mile and Bethany talked to her. She said how she didn't plan to PR either. I told them to go ahead and leave me behind. I couldn't hold 7:45min/mile (for reference to my normal this would be VERY easy. In my last marathon, I was holding 7:10-7:15 with ease on hills and this was downhill). I was baffled. She insisted on not, and Victoria went on ahead. There were kids passing out icy pops and I grabbed one of those and was able to get the entire thing down which I believe is the same carb as a gu.

This energy is fake. hahaha! 

This energy is fake. hahaha! 

Mile 11-14

I remember thinking many times... "Katie...please soak it in. This is Boston. This is everything." We were going around 7:45ish still-8 and it was a blur. It was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other. I RUN THAT MILEAGE EVERY WEEK. WHAT WAS HAPPENING? "Katie LOOK AT THE PEOPLE YELLING FOR YOU. GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD. GEEZ LOUISE!" 

Let me stop here. IT WAS NOT THAT I CARE THAT MUCH ABOUT TIME. I wrote about this before. Competitiveness is not what this is about. To be honest, I was scared. My body was like reacting very odd VERY VERY early and I was drinking at every stop. I didn't know what was going on and I already found it hard to talk while running which I can always hold conversations and laugh and cut up while running even 7:20 pace. 

Mile 14

Bethany says "MAN SCREW THIS! I need to stop at a porta potty. Are you okay with that?" I was like "Yea WHO CARES" by this point so I waited for her and texted Tanner, telling him it was awful and hot and I couldn't explain what was happening but that I wasn't right. He was sad I didn't feel good but of course just told me to finish smart. I took another gu here.

So that's what we did. I'm not going to lie. I thought during the marathon ... "REMEMBER THESE MILES! DON'T LET ONE GO BY!!" and yet I felt very delusional and couldn't focus at all. The only thing I could focus was the shuffle/run I was trying to keep in pure exhaustion. I felt sleepy and felt it difficult to hold open my eyes. We had taken off our shirts at mile 10, but I had to put mine back on because I wasn't sweating anymore. I felt cold. My body was in a bad place, and it was only halfway done. Oh.no.

Mile 16-18 I think we stopped one more time at a porta potty for Bethany who had some GI distress but other than that, we were still running constantly. At mile 18, we decided the walk/run situation would begin. I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS IN MY LIFE WHAT THE HECK? We talked so many times that the only reason that we didn't just start crying was because we had each other to know we weren't alone. 

Mile 18

ONLY 8 MILES RIGHT? THAT FELT LIKE A LIFETIME! PEOPLE WERE SCREAMING EVERYWHERE!!! Can I be honest? I felt as if I was going to come out of my skin. I was delusional from heat exhaustion, my legs literally felt as if they were going to just explode from constant throbbing pain and people were screaming at me. I felt as if I was in some sort of weird dream I can't explain. I couldn't speak. Bethany could. She talked. I could barely breathe. I just picked up my feet as I like drolled a little. HA! Legit, my mouth was like hanging open. Who knows what I was about to do next? You just lose all sense of pride at this point. HAHAHA! 

Mile 20ish

Coaching myself "Okay Katie, you can do this!" I said to Bethany "How about we try for just an 8:30 pace" to which she laughed "Katie, would you believe that we would have to try for an 8:30 pace in the freaking Boston marathon. What is wrong with us?" but that wasn't even happening. I felt as if I was SPRINTING and my body was going 9:00. I could not believe it. We had to walk some more up the hills. People screaming and we are walking. To be quite honest, I was so embarrassed I really did want to cry so I did a little. A girl ran up and said she followed both of us and we were WALKING. hahaha! I was like "So inspirational huh!" but I'm pretty sure I just thought it because I couldn't speak. 

Mile 21-22

HEART.BREAK.HILL. And we walked half of it. Just being real with you. I'd love to say we even shuffled but it just wasn't in the cards :( 

Still delusional. Still walking/running. Bethany still talking. Me still open mouth breathing. People yelling "YOU CAN DO IT. YOU'RE ALMOST THERE. DON'T WALK NOW" --> Bethany: I'm going to throat punch the next person who says that to us. HAHAHAH! Good lord I love her for being my mom when I need to be told to hydrate and smile for cameras and saying all the things out loud that I'm thinking ;) 

Mile 23

Okay let's try to run to the finish all the way. PEOPLE GOING BUCK CRAZY WILD. I MEAN BUCK WILD OUT OF THEIR MINDS. hahah! It was actually quite comical, and fun. 

Mile 24

Bethany asked me who I was running the last 2 miles for. I dedicated 25 to my grandmother who was just in the hospital and mile 26 to all of my other grandparents. 

WE RUN INTO MEREDITH(She's a good one to follow @mere1118)! She follows us both, and is an absolute JOY. I had literally just said to Bethany "I'm going to pass out. My body is shutting down." and the next thing I know Meredith is hugging me and it like brought me out of it. She said she had an awful day too and was just wanting to finish. We decided to walk through the last water stop then make our way to the finish. 


Mile 25

I see Tanner, Brandy and my mom at the top of the bridge coming under the underpass. OMG OMG They have signs. I started crying. I'm ALMOST DONE WITH THE BOSTON MARATHON!!!! IS THIS REAL LIFE? Oh, I love them so so much. They are my whole world I swear. We also saw the Citgo sign which is the mark that you are one mile from the finish!!! YES!!!!! 

Mile 25.5

AHHHHHHHHHH "RIGHT ON HEREFORD LEFT ON BOYLSTON!" I was about to do those very steps!!!! We round Hereford. Bethany keeps saying "THIS IS IT. SOAK IT IN. TAKE IN EVERY MOMENT!!!" I just keep looking back and forth listening to the screaming crowds. It's electric. My whole being just one big delusional cloud of almost passing out joy and happiness. 

We take the left onto Boylston. We can see the finish line. I start crying. They start running harder. I wanted them to have their moment, but I was literally seconds from passing out. Everything was going black. I whispered "I'm so sorry please don't sprint. My body is shutting down." Bethany said "WHO CARES? THERE IS THE FINISH LINE!" I dug into something I didn't know I had and somehow didn't pass out. (I feel like such a whimp admitting I said that on Boylston haha) She said "HOLD MY HAND AND SMILE! YOU HAVE TO SMILE. FAKE IT BUT SMILE!" I was crying but smiling. 


My body had to catch up. I couldn't talk. I just had to focus on breathing and not throwing up. Bethany and Meredith were chatting it up and I'm not really sure if there were speaking to me. I don't really remember anything but how I was just a little nervous that I still couldn't talk. We had to walk like another 1/4 mile until we got our medals. WOOOO. They hand us a bag with food. None of us can eat at this point or much at all during the race. This guy asks us to take a picture because we are "so pretty" HA! He really was with Dole pineapple, and wanted us to take a picture for their stuff. It was odd, but we got our modeling debut with Dole so you could say things are getting pretty serious. I was shocked he didn't cut us a check or write up a contract right there. Bethany asked someone to take a picture of us to which she looked at the picture and said "Dear God we look like monsters" HAHAHA! So if you see us make jokes about being dole models, or looking like monsters, it's from the post marathon delusions. 

Okay, now let me say, I feel as if this sounds so dramatic when reading over it. That annoys me at myself. I mean I know we all love a good story, but really, this is ridiculous. Marathons aren't THIS hard. I think it's pretty clear it was a sucky race day for all, but also clear that I had some other junk going on as well. I don't know what. I wish I had an explanation, but I don't right now. I'm so happy though. I'm so thankful. I'm SO DANG SAD IT'S OVER. AHHHH!!!! LET ME DO IT AGAIN!!! Now that I'm out of the moment and looking back, it was by far one of the best days of my entire life. I will never ever forget it. I also know now I have more in me than I even know....something deeper to be able to push. What an awesome feeling. I know I can do anything. Some people never get the chance to run Boston, and I'm forever grateful. Believe me Boston, I will be back. And I will conquer you next time ;)  The joy of the finish line ALWAYS ALWAYS out weighs everything...always.




Goals and Plans for Boston

So, if you know anything about marathon running, you never speak a word about your actual goal times. hehehe! Jk, you can if you want but it's like a curse if you do so that will not be the point of this blog. I will come back around in my recap of the marathon and tell you what my plan was going in and whether I hit that plan. I will be REAL honest in that it's VERY hard to go into a marathon that you have prepared for and to "just enjoy it" as everyone tells you to do with your first Boston Marathon. Everyone says to just enjoy your time, and the crowds and to not worry about getting a PR. 

Here's how I look at it though. A PR would be cool, so why not try for it? However, who cares if you PR because you're in Boston? To me, I want to at least give it my all. If I come up short, I'm not going to think "AH MAN I WISH I HADN'T RUN SO HARD!" I am the type of person that has a BLAST while I'm racing it. During Thunder Road Marathon, I was having fun BECAUSE I was going faster. With tapering right, you feel on top of the world and you have to stop yourself from going faster. I believe in running with how I feel and not by a perfect plan. A perfect plan of hitting paces is stressful and takes the joy out of it. Why not run fantastic if you feel fantastic? Your next marathon you might not feel as great and your body will only allow but so many per year (unfortunately because I think I'd do it every weekend haha) 

Tanner got me this for my medal :) 

Tanner got me this for my medal :) 

However, there is a difference with running with effort and running with no plan! I most certainly have a plan! First, I'm trying to coordinate my plan with my BFF runner Bethany because it would make my heart so happy to be able to run the entire thing with her, us both to come in sub 3 hours (thats a joke), and then we just rip off our shirts USA Women Soccer style and rage through the streets of Boston in all of our glory. *okay coming back down off my delusions of grandeur* 

I have to tell myself to be smart. In the past, I'll be honest. Here's been my game plan: Run as hard as you can for as long as you can. If you bonk, oh well. If you are able to keep going, then you get an awesome PR. Well, that works for your first couple of PRs but it has made for a miserable 23-26 miles of every marathon, and I could have the same times without having to be so miserable in the end if I'm smart. But no joke, that's been my plan up until now but I just keep that nugget to myself ;) 

The beginning of Boston is downhill, so for the first 4 miles there is going to be so much pent up energy that I'm going to have to FORCE myself to go slower because I need to stay smart. If it's downhill, I could legit see myself going 6:45 pace and like not even thinking about it. Katie, NO. I WILL SLOW DOWN. THIS IS MY SOLUMN VOW. haha! 

all the runners from Shelby! 

all the runners from Shelby! 

On the uphills, I will continue to go by effort and not the pace that I'm going. If you continue your fast pace up the hills then that's just silly because then you'll feel awful when you can save your legs by going slower. It's all about keeping it right in that range of what my body is capable of for 26 miles.  

At the end if I'm feeling it, I will rev things up a bit (final 5 miles) and see what I can end up with. At the end of the day, I say all this as my plan but if something were to happen (like I have this fear of my injury resurfacing from a month ago) then I'll just go easy and it TRULY does not bother me. Social media makes it out like everyone is always trying to hit PR's and while I'm sure most are, we all really just want to have a good time. 


For my nutrition, I'm going to eat 1/2 cup oats with peanut butter that morning with 1 banana. At around 8:30, I'll probably have a cliff bar. Right before the race, I will either have another banana, a gel or possibly some candy because I don't want to feel full but just have loads of carbs in me. Start time is 10-11. I plan on taking 25g carb in gu/gel every 5 miles! :) I start at mile 5 because I like to stay ahead of the game so that will be 4-5 gus total meaning I will have consumed right around 250g C by the end of the race for the day! :) Typically post race, I want to want to stuff my face but usually, I feel really sick from all the processed gus/gels and just like to drink water for a few hours. 

I'm obviously GOING CRAZY because everyone is already in Boston and I'm still in NC but I leave out tomorrow morning. OFF TO PACK!!! CANT WAIT CANT WAIT EEEKEKEKKEEK!

Tips for Tapering Right

So, we all know that when going into a race, we taper right? RIGHT.

So that means that we just stop running as much right? NOT RIGHT. 

There is so so much more science to a taper than people realize, and as with anything, you have to figure out what works best for you. There are coaches that have many different approaches to tapering, and sometimes it will take many races to figure out your perfect blend. Most of the time, people just over 2-3 weeks, back off on long runs as well as speed workouts, however that doesn't mean that's exactly what would work best for you. Most people have a window of 1-4 weeks that can give them as little as 0.5% increase in performance all the way up to 6% with most landing at about 2-3%. If we could figure out our perfect cocktail, then we could probably get it more in the 3-6% range. How awesome right? You are combining your increased fitness and endurance with letting your energy systems rest and recover, and BOOM! You do better than you ever believed you could. 

I always laugh because "marathon pace" workouts typically feel like junk and are really hard, but then marathon day, I can run that for 26.2 miles? Like how is that possible? It has a lot to do with the taper. Typically people are not going to be able to do a 4 week taper without sacrificing endurance and fitness, but I'm hopeful that one day there will be tests in our genome for things like this so that we can see what would be perfect for each one of us. 

The amount that you taper is going to be dependent on whether you are doing a 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon. I think that so many people just kind of go out here and run la la la and that's wonderful, but then they will ask me how to get better race times and the truth is that you have to train appropriately, taper appropriately so that you are at your best. Typically, the recipe for a taper is to gradually run less leading into the marathon but keeping race pace type workouts and even some intensity speed workouts in there. It's very easy to get "lazy" during a taper, and you start to feel sluggish. If you continue to eat the same, you may even feel like you are gaining weight so this might make you feel even more sluggish and uncomfortable. Everyone is all like CARBS AND TAPER and I totally agree and do that myself, but you have to be careful with the combo to not be feeling like "BLAH!" 

So, how can you put this into practice for yourself? I recommend honestly that you have some races or either maybe like practice races that aren't actually races that you can test a mini taper. If you are someone who is really trying for a big PR on the marathon one year, then typically you are only going to do 1-2 marathons in that year. Sometimes, if you are like me, you like to race a lot and that's okay but maybe using some of those races as practicing your taper and nutrition vs actually going full all out race pace. Desi Linden (one of the girls on the marathon olympic team this year) is a great example of someone who has found the taper cocktail that works for her that is very different than what you would typically see. She keeps mileage very high but just does a lot of easy miles. Two weeks out, she does 120 miles and then the week of the race she does 93 miles. That's harder than any week I've ever done. ha! 

I have found that I like to have a 2 week taper. I like to keep mileage high until the Saturday before the race. I typically keep mileage the same at the beginning of the week (Monday through Wednesday) but with a little less intensity, no leg days, and the Thursday through, I do very little mileage like at all. This is referring to a Monday marathon so therefore that might shift if the marathon was Saturday like most. You do not want to just stop running or doing any speed work. Even today, it's Thursday, I'm doing some bursts of speed because you don't want to get to race morning and have forgotten what it's like to run fast ;) 

If you are JUST starting out, then you don't have to find your perfect little cocktail. You can honestly simply follow a plan online and you'll be just fine. Any sort of gradual shift is going to work just fine and still get you added benefit for resting plus increased fitness to create the BOOM so no one panic if a first time racer.

Last, but not least, it also depends on how good of shape that you are in. Before my last marathon, I was in great shape. I had just come off of the half ironman and I was crushing speed and endurance workouts. This training cycle, I wasn't myself until the end because of some tweeks and injuries so therefore I'm not in as good of shape therefore my taper has to look different. Typically the more in shape that you are, the longer that your taper can be, but if you are like not in shape at all, then you need to be working on your endurance and fitness up until closer to time and so that's what I had to do this time. But, I have definitely realized that you aren't going to be in the same shape for every marathon and you have to make adjustments accordingly! 

Boston is so so close. Oh, I can taste it. Everyone is mostly leaving today and tomorrow, but our flight doesn't leave until Sunday morning but that's okay. I don't do well when I'm somewhere and just have to think about the race all the time. I'd rather go later because if you follow me much you know that my method to dealing with nerves or anything is just to not think about it! :) 

Low Carb Zucchini Bread

Why can I never spell zucchini? I ALWAYS spell it zuchinni. ALWAYS! Uh! Thank goodness for autocorrect or I'd be looking real silly and then all the blog haters would come out like "OMG I don't trust a word she says. Did you see she can't even spell zucchini?" HAHAHA! 

Okay, this is not a new recipe that I made up. I told yall I'd let yall know however this is one that I think that everyone should know. There are certain foods that are volume foods that are good to have up your sleeve. As a marathon runner, I typically focus on foods that aren't quite as volumuous as this because then I would not be able to get in enough calories, however when you are cutting and trying to lose weight, you want to have foods that are going to keep you full and satisfied...foods that make you think that they are super carbalicious but in fact, they are not. This is where zucchini bread comes in! 

I can't even explain how easy this is so here goes. 

I'm actually glad that I made this one day in advance and then I could make sure that it could be stored. It can, but the water from zucchini makes it very very moist (and it starts to be more zucchini and less bread #nomsayin) so I know that a lot of girls will half this recipe and eat it right out of the oven as a single serving. You can still make it in a loaf, but just will be less. If you do put some to the side, put it in the fridge. 

The macros are fantastic!! :) The label below is for one slice with the entire loaf making up 8 slices. It's just basically protein powder macros because zucchini is just water essentially. haha! I took a bite but I get full so fast and this week I'm trying to push as much calories as possible so I didn't want to fill up on this but all that to say that it's filling! :)

Hope you enjoy!!! 

Top 10 Reasons My Mom is My Hero

Today is not Mother's Day, my mom's birthday, nor is it national tell your mom you love her day (I'm actually fairly sure its #nationalpetday). Does anyone else feel like there's a national holiday every single day these days? But I'm not complaining because I feel like it's fun to celebrate these different things, but today I just want to celebrate my mom for no other reason than to make her smile. 

1. I'm 26 years old and I still call her about my taxes, insurance, and how to get rid of stains in various things. 

You know the drill. "Hey mom! I have this weird bump on my left shoulder. I have sent you a picture and wondered if you knew what this could be." 

2. I openly get mad if she tells me things that I "already know" about my taxes, insurance, and how to get rid of stains on various things. 

"MOM I'M AN ADULT NOW. I KNOW THIS! Don't undermine my intelligence!!!"

3. She's on other levels of self sacrificial.

I can't imagine how I made it 8 years without her in the same town as me. She literally drove from Shelby to NYC just so that I could use her company van instead of renting an astronomically expensive Uhaul. If I'm locked out of my house, she will literally drop everything just so that I can get back in. She would take absolutely ZERO time for herself if it meant that I had one more success or a smile on my face. She does EVERYTHING for everyone else, seemingly enjoying it without complaint, and hardly ever anything for herself. Her spiritual gift is self sacrifice I'm convinced. 

4. She's on other levels of defensive. 

"Oh they did that to you? I'M CALLING THE SCHOOL!!!" Me: Mom I'm not in school anymore.

I'm kidding but really, remember all those scary times your mom had your back and was gonna "call someone" and you are like "No no no really it's okay!!!" or those times that a boy did something to you and then you try to get back together with them, but you know it's hopeless because you've already told your mom (and aunts and cousins) and so that person is doomed for the rest of eternity. #welcometomyfamily HAHA!

5. She sometimes wears mom shoes/clothes, and lets me laugh at her about it. 

She wears New Balance shoes for her orthotics and plantar fasciitis. I pick on her constantly for this, and she just laughs. There's always that one second too far though and then her nose turns under and she gets her feelings hurt. 

6. She ALWAYS laughs at my jokes, whether good or not. 

Legit, find me a mom that doesn't laugh really hard at her kids jokes and everyone else is just like not even slightly amused. I can literally HEAR my moms laugh right now because we are always laughing together. If I text her a joke, she will sometimes even text back how funny I am. WHO DOESN'T NEED A MOM CONFIDENCE FUNNY BONE BOOST? I walk away from those texts like "Heck yea I'm so funny!!!"

7. She lets me talk/vent non stop for sometimes what feels like hours without me ever feeling guilty that I'm talking too much or stopping me, even if it's through hours of mumbled, hard to hear phone call conversations of sobbing tears. 

I had a dramatic college experience and bad breakups, okay? HAA!

8. She could have $0 in her back account but if I told her growing up I wanted something for Christmas, she would stand in outrageous lines for hours on end shivering in the cold & possibly sell her soul in order to get it just to be able to see one smile on our faces. 

Black Friday anyone? My mom was a regular...still is. I also thinks she gets some sort of enjoyment out of savings even if it's like 50 cents which in turn makes me excited if I save at the grocery store. I know my mom would be so proud when I remember to bring my Ingles Advantage card.

9. I could be interested in underwater basket weaving competition and she would be there with a foam finger yelling at the refs who cost me the game because "clearly it was rigged."

Funny/not funny story! One time on the soccer field, I was young and got embarrassed by her yelling for me that I looked at her and told her to shut up from the field. I don't think that we will both ever forget that moment. I was so young but yet I will never ever forget the guilt that I felt playing the rest of that game and coming off the field to a mom who still hugged me with tears rolling down her face because I had hurt her feelings so bad. She wouldn't talk to me the rest of the night. AHH THE AGONY OF GUILT!!!! haha! It was rough. Mommas rock. Let them yell.

10. She's the first one to snap me back into reality when she thinks I've done something wrong. It doesn't matter how old, I'm pretty sure she would still try to spank me or would most definitely let me know how she feels. 

My mom still fusses at me. She tells me that she doesn't think that I should do certain things, or if she thinks I'm being rude, inconsiderate or irresponsible. She keeps me on my toes, and I'm a better woman because of it. 

I really do genuinely believe that I have one of the best moms out there, and I'm so very thankful for that, but then I see the way that other people talk about their moms and I think how special being a mom is in general. There is a natural instinct to be the most loving, caring, sacrificial, and giving human on the planet to our children, and it's such a beautiful thing. I don't know what I'd do without my mom. She has been my rock for so long. 

I love you Mom <3 



Always envision the Finish Line

In one week, I'll be running the Boston Marathon. Wow. That's just crazy. 

How is it already here? How has time went by since January 1st when I began this training cycle to today when I'm officially one week away? I have literally been dreaming of this day for a very very long time even before I was a marathon runner. 

It was a dream that I never thought would happen. Yea, marathon running sounded cool and tough but I didn't know if it was ACTUALLY something that was realistic for me. I kept saying I was going to do it but yet I kept stopping when I went to put one foot in front of the other. One day, it just clicked and I just kept going. I told myself I was ready and prepared to take on the big marathon, and my life has never been the same.

There was life before and after the marathon, and this life after running marathons is something that I can't describe. It's so much more than running. 

There's so many ups and downs, and each time that you go through a training cycle you have to figure out what is going to work for you that is going to get you to finish those training runs, and for me, that's always the finish line. I can remember the first long runs that I did when I first began running, and envisioning the finish line during that would make me emotional. I can remember running on the hudson my first cycle of marathon training in NYC and getting emotional thinking about the finish line in  Boston. I hadn't even qualified yet, but I just would think about what that would feel like if I ever got there....and here we are. It's so surreal.

When you are doing something that is hard, there are going to be days that you aren't on a high, and that's why I titled this to always envision the finish line because that is ALWAYS what got me through. Once you do a few races, you know the emotional high that you feel at the end of a marathon and so all of those hard runs are worth it to get to that end which is the reward for all of this. 

It's funny how us humans work, and it's funny that something so simple as crossing a line can make you feel that way. It gives you hope, it makes you push, and it helps you to find a deeper part of yourself than you've ever known. It's odd, but it does. Every single time, I learn myself more and more, which leaves me craving for the next!!! :) I can't wait to share my experience with you guys, and I'm honestly really excited for the taper. HA! 

This video brings me to tears... the first line explains it all "Running has just become my life. It gets me through everything." 

Prosperity Gospel

"If it aint true for a single mom in Haiti, then it's not true for you." 

Lately, I've been really challenged in my faith in the whole world view of things. Hashtag blessed has taken a whole new meaning. I've really looked at things from the WORLD and not my extremely white, American culture. I'm not blind to the fact that because of where I just so happened to be born, certain things happened to me, and somehow that means that God has more favor on me? That just shakes me the wrong way, and it's just not the case. Do I think that there is hate & discrimination in our culture and I don't even grace the topic of it because I just simply know in every way that I don't understand. No matter how hard I would try to understand, my viewpoints are different because of the very fact of where I was and the color of my skin and the opportunities that I've been given.

It's hard for us to wrap our minds around these things when we look at the starvation and poverty of our cities and around the world. It makes us wonder where is God in most all of it, and even in our own culture, but I don't want to get into the depths of that today. It's too deep, and I might flounder in explaining how I feel about that in a poor way. 

First, I am a fitness and health coach and a blogger. I want everyone to know how I feel and how faith has changed my life. I'd love for it to change others as well, and I want to be able to show Christ's light in my life, but I never ever want to come across as demeaning or trying to convert someone or trying to make us feel guilty about our world that we are in (not that you would from my little ole blog but just clarifying). 

If you get a job and you start making really good money, you probably would say "Yes I'm so blessed. The Lord has been so good to me" if you were an American Christian and that would be true, but again, what does that say about the gospel? Does that mean that the person that you beat out of the job is not as favored as you? Or does that mean that there is something better in store for the person that you beat out at the job interview? What if that person at the job interview thinks "Okay, the Lord is going to move me into something greater and better and THATS why I didn't get the job" so they move on, get another job, and it's awful...absolutely horrible and your job is still fantastic. Does that mean that the Lord favored you more because their job sucks day in and out?

I got married early. I have a really amazingly sweet and loyal (and attractive ow ow) husband. Does that mean the Lord has more favor over my single friends? Does that make my single friends mad at God?...maybe at times. Does that mean that the lady who is struggling in domestic violence is not favored by God? 

"GIVE TO THE LORD AND YOU WILL BE ABUNDANTLY REWARDED!!!" It's like I can hear pastors saying this, and it makes me feel so weird. It's not that I don't think that you will be blessed and favored in life, but that's just not how it works because if it was, then what about all these other cases? 

Could it be that you just didn't get the job because the company just simply picked the other person? If you get a really sucky job after your dream job is ripped out from under you, are you still going to be living for him? 

I think that's the point that I want to make. You are not abundantly blessed because of the clothes that you have, but because of the live that you live in Christ. You are abundantly blessed no matter your circumstances. Circumstances does not equal gospel. Your wealth and prosperity has nothing to do with blessings from the Lord. In all things, we praise him and not just when we land the job and we don't praise him because we didn't get the job in anticipation of the next job that we think is going to be even better. 

When you live your life in Him, those things fade into the background. They just simply don't matter as much anymore. To say that they don't matter at all is a lie because we are way too engrained with these cultural standards, but it starts to be just a passing thought. The amount of burden and anxiety lifted is unreal. So why pray then right? The Shack explains this so well in that praying is like when I play with Jackson. It's not that I don't already know how to color or read simple books but we bring ourselves to the level of a child because we love them. That's how Jesus feels about us. He lowers himself so that we are able to experience Him fully. That's why we needed Jesus...to show us the human form of Christ. 

I've caught myself so much lately realizing the reality that if God is real then we have to face the hard questions of the people all around us who aren't even close to as fortunate, and what does that mean? For me, that just simply means doing the best that I can to bring it all back to him in the good, bad, and ugly. As one pastor said at the death of one of my very good friends from high school, everything doesn't happen for a reason as that's just too painful to think about, but we can find reason in everything moving forward. 

Protein Chocolate Chip Cookie

So, I just want to go ahead and give the disclaimer as I begin making more recipes that I really want recipes to be out of my own head. There are going to be some duplications just because there are classic recipes that I want people to know that are good macro friendly desserts, zuchinni breads, mug cakes, etc but the last thing that I want to do is copy recipes. That would be silly. :) 

I hope that you'll appreciate that, but also I will let you know if I think that something should be added or changed, as I'm not going to be honest about my opinions of my own recipes. As I continue to do this more, I'll of course maybe re-make something and have that add on. If it sucks, I won't share it. HA! But, I also think it's okay to share some things that are delicious but may not look like the most perfectly crafted food platter or might taste a little off, but looks awesome on the table! haha! I THINK YOU GET MY POINT! 

I'm also not sure about this ingredient then you click on directions to see them. What do you guys think? Like it? Hate it? I'd love feedback! 

Today's recipe is a chocolate chip protein cookie!! Let's begin!! 

The one change that I would make is to add 1-2 tablespoons of margarine if you do it. I should have done that, and it wouldn't be as dry! Also, the ice cream is not optional. hehe! But it really did make it so good, as this is a definite low macro, tastes like low macro treat! :) Half the recipe to turn it into a big nighttime snack for one as it's super easy! For some substitutions, you could do regular sugar or none at all. I use coconut flour because that's what I had on hand, but it also gives it a great flavor but any flour that you have would be totally fine in this!

This is for 1/8 of the entire skillet! :) ENJOY!! 

She's Always Watching

I'm a health and fitness coach. I try to teach people how to diet in the most sustainable and flexible way possible, but at the end of the day, I teach them about dieting. I think about when I was a little girl and how I never even knew what that was. Actually, I think I did know but I always thought that dieting was something that only adults did, like taxes or bills. I LEGITIMATELY did not know what a calorie was until my junior year of high school...welcome to the south. I'm not sure if that means I was stupid or naive, but either way I'll take it. 

I understand that dieting is not just girls, and I don't want to sound ignorant to that fact. I will be focusing on girls in this though because I do feel like unfortunately, statistically, that's just the demographic that struggles the most.

There's this happy medium because sometimes I think of all the happy bliss I experienced knowing nothing, but then I think about the road to destruction that led me on because then when I was faced with it when I went to college, I was just always taught that less is more. I didn't mean for what happened to happen. It just happened. It is also of note that I learned none of those bad habits from my momma. She just had a great relationship with food and never even thought to talk about it which was AWESOME and still is! :) She's the best and my best friend!

So, where does that leave us? Personally I think with the advent of social media, girls are learning about dieting younger and younger. For example, I'm sure there are high schoolers that read my blog. Hopefully it supplies them with valuable information of how you should NOT just cut calories super low, but there's tons of other bloggers out there selling detox teas and promising results in 48 hours and I can't promise that. So, I think with the things that are in their face all the time in efforts for the industry to make money, we have to be proactive with the younguns. You don't need to keep quiet about it. Teach those girls about how MORE IS MORE not less is more!!! Teach them about actual nutrition and how to take care of their body's to DO things and not to look a certain way. 

What are we telling them when we obsess ourselves? THEY ARE WATCHING. They learn about life and the way to be and the way to act by those around them. That is very clear. Most of our belief systems come from our parents. If momma hates her body, then how can her little girl expect to love hers? ... as if you didn't have enough pressure as a mom already and AS IF Katiefitscript even knows what it is like to be a mom??? I know right? I really don't, and I totally am not trying to. However, I do think that it's an area that we need to be working towards breaking down those walls.

If momma makes jokes about other women and the weight that they have gained, what does that say? If momma makes jokes about herself and the weight that she's gained? If momma says "Oh she's young and that's how she can eat that" or "If I ate that, I'd gain 20 lbs" or "She's so lucky that she can eat that and not look like me." I think that everyone is guilty. This kind of conversation is everywhere, and it is just so instilled in us. If someone loses weight, we tell them they LOOK GREAT. Smaller is ALWAYS BETTER RIGHT?!!! NO. That is just not true. 

I think that we need to start praising the momma who loves herself while eating an apple because it's GOOD for her and because it's going to help her to live a long, healthy life full of playing in the floor with babies and grandbabies. I think that we need to praise mommas who work all day, come home at night to kids and don't have time to workout but are doing all they can on the 2 days per week that they can make it to the gym no matter what size of jeans that means that they wear. I think that we need to start praising the mommas that are gym bros and are ripped shredded machines because it's okay for someone to be more cut than you and not to be jealous. I feel almost always we make snide remarks about women in a hateful tone because of them being able to eat something or looking a certain way because HELLO WE ARE JEALOUS! 

This is my best friends daughter! How perfect is she right!? #babyblues

This is my best friends daughter! How perfect is she right!? #babyblues

Like I'm not guilty. PUHLEASE "Must be hard having boobs, abs and a butt! She probably bought one of them!" HELLO. JEALOUSY. "MUST BE NICE GETTING ALL THOSE FOLLOWERS SHOWING HER BOOTY!!" (hahahaha #GUILITY) Why aren't we saying "HECK YES YOU GO GIRL!!!" or better yet why are we writing on her instagram "YOU GO GIRL!!!" while we screen shot the photo and text it to our friends. Women, we suck. We really really do. hahaha! 

But, I think we are getting better, or maybe we are getting worse but I like to think of glass half full here. Most of all, I think that we need to start looking away from perfect diets and perfect bodies and for the real thing to be praised is a healthy mindset. We need to praise a woman who takes care of herself mind, body and soul. How many times does a woman try to better herself only to feel awkward at a dinner party when she turns down the cupcake and everyone tells her she doesn't need to lose weight and to "just eat the cupcake!" MAYBE THE WOMAN DOESN'T WANT A CUPCAKE!!! Why is it not okay to have goals? 

Praise women who eat cupcakes. Praise women who eat brocolli (as long as they eat more than just brocolli hehe). Teach our daughters to do the same. Don't tolerate your daughter starving herself. Don't tolerate your daughter hating her body.  If you find yourself obsessing, don't tolerate it for yourself either. BREAK THE FREAKIN CYCLE. Make it your top priority until its done. Eat well. Take care of yourself. Don't be gluttonous. Diet if you want to, but make dieting flexible and sustainable. Don't detox. Don't skinny tea. Just relax and be. 

She's always watching. Always.

Sweet Potato Avocado & Nutrition Ramblings

Last night, we had about 20 high schoolers in our house and it was just lovely! ha! They came over to just hang out, watch basketball, and it was good to get to know some of them more. Before they came, I whipped up some pumpkin and peanut butter cookies! But, for me on the side, I prepared this sweet potato, avocado, and peanut butter for dinner part 1! As you all know, I am plant based when I can be so as odd as it is in our society to JUST have a sweet potato, that's what I had.

Give me all the carbs and fat ;) haha! This is so simple. I just popped one of these sweet potatoes in the microwave for about 5 minutes or until it gets soft dependent on your microwave then added some avocado and peanut butter to my preference which means light on the avocado and heavy on the peanut butter!

The amount of peanut butter that we go through is ridiculous but I digress. Tanner knows the deal though so he will say "There's not enough peanut butter for your waffles, but I need to make a peanut butter sandwich for work. Can you bring me one?" hahaha! The beauty is he literally works 0.4 miles from our house (how convenient right?) and the grocery store is on the way. It's funny thinking back to the days in NYC when I had to like walk miles just to get groceries home and Tanner worked an hour away on the subway. Small town living for the win! I also love Shelby because even with our small town living, we have about 5 big cities surrounding us all within an hour! WOOP! 

Okay, now on to my rambles. I discussed this with my team yesterday and I felt it necessary and appropriate to share here. There are wide opinions (actually more so in the "healthy living blogger sphere") that don't agree with tracking of any kind. Obviously, I think of things differently but what I've realized is the beauty in knowing that everyone is different. I used to get all hot and bothered when people didn't agree with the way that I did nutrition...which was just plain silly...it works for me, and it works for others but that doesn't mean that it works for everyone! You have to find your route. 

However, if you decide to go the macros route that doesn't mean that you have to do it forever. When you make a cake for the first time, you use measuring cups and spoons to get that perfect amount of butter, oil, and vanilla extract to make your cake taste exactly how you want it to. You had GOALS for that cake ;) Once you have made the cake 100 times, you no longer need to measure because you know what it needs to produce the cake. 

That's how macros are. Sometimes, in our society, we are not taught about the actual nutrition in foods so we are either left eating in over abundance (and I don't mean like just listening to your body eating what it wants but like truly gluttony) or being scared to eat enough of it. I think it helps to use those measuring cups and spoons in the beginning to see what a serving size looks like and what a day consists of to give your body exactly what it needs. After you do this for a few months and you decide that tracking is not for you, now you are educated. If you have meticulously tracked for a year then you now know what exactly it looks like and it's not really as necessary anymore. 

Its okay to have goals for your cake. (This might be my new catch phrase because I feel as if can relate to cakes of all varieties HAHAHA!)

With that, let me know if you try this snack! I think you'll love it! :) The flavor combo with the avocado and sweet potato is odd but really good, and tie it all in with the peanut butter! YUM!!



Our Story to Becoming Young Life Leaders

{{This got a bit lengthy but I wanted to share the full story}}

I remember the first time that I ever explained to Tanner what Young Life was. The infamous Blair Jones put up a facebook post that she was organizing a team of runners to run across South Carolina in efforts to raise money for Young Life (200 miles). I was like YES I WANT TO DO THIS! Life is so crazy because I remember that we lived in Raleigh, and we were to meet in this parking lot at the home of the organizer (blair) and ironically enough, that is now our neighborhood. I had NO idea at the time that I would be living RIGHT BESIDE this parking lot 4 years down the road. But, I digress. 

I raised the money for Young Life, ran the race, and I told Tanner all about my high school years of Young Life and how much I loved the ministry. That was that. 

But, that's just the first time I told Tanner. Let's rewind to how much I feel the Lord has been pursuing me for this ministry for a long time. 

When I was in high school, I was involved. I won't say I was SUPER involved, but I was very very busy with the sports that I played and I remember always thinking how badly I wanted to go to their events but couldn't seem to ever make it. I always thought it was so cool when the girls would come talk to us at lunch (which is funny because of how AWKWARD that had to have been for them) and how I wanted to be one of the cool kids that did Young Life ;) I always went to Windy Gap. I wanted to go to summer camp, but my family didn't have the money and I actually didn't know that you could fundraise most of it. 

I went to college at App, and became instant best friends with Erica Aguero (Gardner now). We decided to go to College Life one night (I have no idea why to be honest). We decided we wanted to be leaders. We both talked about it, and right before everything was about to start, I bailed. I knew I did not have the time or energy to be this "perfect student and get into pharmacy school" and also be committed to Young Life. I lived with Erica sophomore year. I loved watching her be a leader. I went to a few meetings & events with her...nothing serious. I knew the Lord. I loved the Lord, but my focus was so skewed back then. Pharmacy school or die because I "had to be successful". I told Jesus I'd get to know Him when I was done with all of that....which I guess I kept to that promise at least. HA! 

Pharmacy school ends and we head up to New York City for a year of adventure. The first thing that happens is how involved we become with our church. One of the first months that I'm there, I meet someone who is a young life leader. I talk with her literally the entire night about how much I love the ministry and want to be involved. We exchange numbers. It was a go....until I left and talked to Tanner. He knows me. He knows how I jump in before thinking. He was like "Katie really? You are working 40+ hours a week, commuting 2 hours, studying for boards, training for your first marathon and opening up an incorporated business. This is just too much." I remember thinking that he was not "being a spiritual leader" hahahaha! No, the boy just had common sense and spoke it into my soul when I needed it. 

Then, we move back to Shelby. We get really involved with our church and still are, and I run into a friend, Wes. He is married to this really cute, sweet girl named Rachel. She is so bubbly, introduces herself and I tell Tanner how I could be such good friends with this girl and how she totally had the "Young Life Vibe." I knew they were very involved. At this moment, I literally had ZERO intentions of any involvement, and honestly just hadn't thought of it. Rachel facebooked me later that week and asked if I'd like to get coffee. I was like UH DUH and that's all she wrote on our friendship. It's been a go ever since. ha! 

In the midst of that though, I remember one night she texted me and said "I promise I'm not a recruiter, and I don't normally do this, but I just honestly think that you and Tanner would be great Young Life leaders." When I read her message, my heart kind of stopped because I thought "God, here you are again, for the THIRD time bringing this ministry to me across the span of 8 years." Like, how insane right? There are MANY MANY different ministries that I could have met along the way, become friends with people involved and been pursued. Yet, somehow from Shelby, to Boone, to New York City then back to Shelby and it's there every time. I honestly don't think I'd ever felt so "led" like "Woahhhhh...this just happened." haha! 

Then, I got nervous. How am I going to tell Tanner I want to think and pray about this? He's going to tell me I do too much and I don't need to, and he has no idea what it is so I doubt he will want to do it. So, I started dropping subtle ((which I know Rachel will probably LOL as she's reading this)). Like- "hey babe-Rachel gave you the best compliment today that you'd be such a great leader of Young Life and obviously NOT THAT WE ARE but like IF WE WERE, you'd be so good at it." You know--build up the man's ego...yall know that's how they work ;)

His three comments were: "Well I just don't know what it's about because I've never done it" and "I don't feel like I'm good enough to lead" and "I'm not against the idea at all...I just need to think and pray about this." 

A few weeks went by. We kept talking about things. I had honestly come to the conclusion he really didn't want to. Tanner is either IN or he's not. He said he "wasn't against it" but I know him. If he's not ALL IN, he might as well be out and if he was in, he would talk about it nonstop and be so excited. He wasn't that (STAY TUNED).

We went to a marriage retreat with our church, and Wes and Rachel did too. Tanner was able to talk to Wes a little bit more about what Young Life looks like day to day from a full time working spouse type thing. He was coming around and I could feel it! HAHAHA! 

I honestly didn't say a word. I prayed individually about it, and continued of course talking to Rachel about it, but I didn't want to pressure him at all. I wanted this to be 100% his decision and not something I forced on him, so honestly I didn't talk about it like....at all. 

I can't even remember how soon this was, but we were on our way to pick up something at Wes and Rachel's one night and the conversation went like this: 

Tanner: Oh, by the way, I'm 100% in now.

Me: For what? Wait what?

Tanner: Yea..Young Life-I'm 100% down now. Let's do it!

Me: How did this happen? When? Why did you make this decision? 

Tanner: I don't know. I prayed about it, but I just know now and I'm 100% in. 

AND THEN MY EXCITED TANNER KICKED IN. I told yall, I know the kid.

At that point, we reached out to the area director in Shelby now, and had dinner with him and his wife. Shoutout to them for being the absolute best hosts and I'm so excited to get to know them even better than we do now because they are FAN-TASTIC. I feel like God hand picked them to be just what Cleveland County needed for YL. 

Things happened quickly at that point, and we were placed at Burns High. For a little background, I went to Shelby High. Burns High is a rival, but not like a deeply routed rival. It's more of a friendly rival. LOL!! I had a REALLY incredible leader in NYC tell me once that being humble is not about never recognizing where you are needed. It's having the maturity to think so little of yourself that you are able to recognize from the outside an area that you are of need, and to fill that need. That's EXACTLY the emotion that I feel about being at Burns. I feel as if God hand picked us for this spot, this school, at this time. It's pretty incredible to be apart of something I know to be just SO RIGHT, and I'm so excited for the future of it. 



April 2016 Goals & Changes

You may or may not have realized that March was a very slow month on the blog. There was a lot that happened in March that formed what I like to call my quarter life crisis ;) You guys have been following me long enough to know who I am and what I stand for, and I was saying for a while that I was at this place that I knew was too good to be true and that everything was going to come crumbling down. Well, that's not what happened, but I came to this crossroads of like "WHO AM I?" I got REAL annoying to my husband with that question. I think that we get caught up in the blur and motions of life, and I took a step back and wondered if my life was heading in the direction that I wanted. 

Who am I? 

I'm a daughter of a King, and I'm a wife to Tanner. Those are primary to me. I'm a daughter, sister, cousin, and friend. I'm a marathon runner, soon to be ultra runner, pharmacist, and triathlete. I'm a small business owner and nutrition coach. I'm a young life leader, and a yorkie mama. And yet, I'm asking myself who I am? REALLY KATIE REALLY. Tanner will be the first to tell you that he was slapping some sense into me.

I felt change brewing. HA! Change that honestly isn't because of any other reason that having to be true to myself. I have a waiting list as a coach and I'm so very blessed with the sweetest and best clients. I wouldn't have that any other way and that's not changing one bit! HAHA! That's my pride and joy and love. I love coaching. 

I announced last week that I'll be doing no more flexing ab selfies on the ole gram. I know that's such a silly change to make, but it was a big one for me and this is why: BUSINESS. But every.single.time I posted one of those pictures, all I could envision was my pastor and neighbor following me on instagram, and I wanted to shrivel into a hole of embarrassment. That's not to say there is anything wrong with them because I don't think there is, but I just got shy on that. 

I have a professionalism that I want to uphold, and for you guys to be able to come to a place of value and integrity. When I began blogging, I always wanted to be a "healthy living & lifestyle" blogger, but I literally remember telling Tanner that I knew that no one would ever follow me if I went that route. For some reason, I thought I wouldn't be successful. I loved the beautiful images, but I didn't want to be just another one that blended right in. I felt there was a gap in information with macros that I wanted to provide, and I've done that, and will continue to do that. But the information is now there. There are pages and pages of blog articles that you can find on macros HERE

My point is: we need to move this train down another avenue. I feel like I've grown up and changed but been forced to continue doing the same stuff because that's what I built. And most of all, I lost my confidence in what I was doing. Like yall, I feel I can be honest here. It's been ridiculous. I think that's the number one issue is I look at everything that I'm doing and I'm not proud, so I knew I had to make changes. So, with that, it's not going to change that much. HAHAHA!!! 

However, there is going to be better photography, more recipes, more lifestyle&faith, more running/endurance focused, and as always macro information. But yall, I have to get out of the fitfam....like yesterday. If I see one more butt/almost naked photo on my newsfeed, I'm going to lose my mind. I don't have to do a Vlog on youtube about what I ate in a day or every second of my life for you guys to trust me and "like me". This is my path. I don't want to be another macro coach that never answer emails and are just "famous" online so they take advantage of it.  I want to do new fun exciting projects with companies that I know that I can be doing on my blog, but I just tunnel vision focus on JUST coaching and tiptoeing on the line of what "category" I fit in! I also want to start selling my waffle recipe..which you can find HERE


In the same respect of all of this, I know I overanalyze. I know all of you are thinking how I could have just started up doing exactly what this blog entails and just not writing a big blog about it. It makes me feel like I'm like ALL OVER THE PLACE but I wanted you to be excited with me about all the cool things that you will see. I really think that honestly, you guys are going to LOVE THE CHANGES. I'm incredibly excited. I also am going to start utilizing the instagram handle @_katieamelia for most of my food/fashion/faith pictures like the picture below (with mostly endurance focus on @katiesfitscript).  You will find a running thread on the sidebar with images of the latest recipes, and everything will begin to be categorized into high protein, high carb, low carb, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, vegan, vegetarian, etc etc! You get the picture! :) There will also be posts about faith & family as well! 

If you are a fitness apparel company and would like me to style an outfit with your clothes, I'd love to collaborate. Do you have yummy foods you want to get out to the world? I'd love to create a recipe with your products! My bag below is Jo Totes meant to be for carrying your DSLR camera! I'm in love!! My necklace is a large circle monogram from ILoveJewelry.

Last but not least, I don't want this to seem like another thing I'm adding to my list of impossible standards. It's not that at all, but I want to have a really good standard and a space that I can look back in 5-10 years with children and be proud of what that looks like. Hope you love the new blog direction of Katiesfitscript, the healthy lifestyle blog <3 

"Did You Gain Weight?"

So, the person that said this had a weird profile and I'm not offended so please don't mistake this blog post about that. I simply saw it, laughed, deleted it and wanted to make a point about it. I posted this picture to instagram, and as you can I don't have the typical look my stomach has. The reason for that is because of the abdominal pressure when lifting 245 pounds off the dang floor, but you know let's focus on the important things ;) #sarcasm 

My body is my product. I recognize that. I'm in the health and fitness industry and that's what allows people to trust what I'm saying because if it's true, then I should be able to do the same thing and it work for me. But, how INSANE that I put up one picture like that and someone asks me this?! It's not to say that I care but it just goes to show how warped society is and the way that we view health. 

I think far too many times we think of health as a weight, and it's just not the case. Yes, there is a direct correlation between obesity and weight gain however there are overweight people that are very healthy and there are people with ripped abs that aren't healthy. We know this, but yet we can't seem to really let it sink in. We have a one track mind of fitness and we want to know the specific details of those that we follow online. Questions I get all the time: What's your height? What's your weight? How much do you eat to look like that? 

So many times people want a program handed to them that tells them the exact steps to take to get to their goals not recognizing how very different their bodies and metabolisms are from those around them. Abs are the only focus of the fitness industry and if you don't have those, then people lose their minds I feel like. 

Did you know that a fluctuation of like 2-3% of body fat can make abs disappear? Did you know that you can just be holding water one day and the next day look completely different? It's not that serious and worrying about it down to the micro level is crazy and maddening. You can ask just about anybody that if your sole focus is on your aesthetics, you are most likely going to be unhappy. I have very strong abs, so even if I do gain weight, you can still see them.

Want to know the funny truth? I probably have gained like a few pounds. I really don't weigh much and I really could care less. I could probably eat a little less for like a week and it would come off because I take care of my metabolism and know how the game works. So, my abs don't show as much and my delts aren't as defined and my quad sweep might not be as prominent. Please let me tell you how little that matters when I have a husband that loves me regardless and friends that really could care less. I feel like the first knee jerk reaction is say "Haters gonna hate. You look fantastic!!!" I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about a deeper issue that so many of us struggle with. We get on that scale hoping for just one pound loss and when we don't see it, it's like the wheels come off the school bus. 

We start feeling down on ourselves. We start going towards more extremes. We start destroying our bodies even more instead of focusing on true actual health. There are far more important things in this life to worry about than the weight that is on your frame. Isn't it odd that we are a society that cares about this? It seems that over time people in America get more and more obsessed, more and more extreme, and more dangerous. 

In a round about way, my points are this: 

  • Your weight does not define your health! It's okay to have goals to lose weight but if you are taking care of yourself, then learn to be happy that you are healthy and not obsessed over the number. 
  • Abs do not define health but having abs doesn't mean that you aren't healthy. Everyone is different. 
  • Strength > Abs 
  • No one cares about your weight by you (unless you have a following online then people are silly and you know better than to listen to them haha) 
  • If you don't accept yourself as is, no matter the stage, then when you get to your leanest, you still won't be happy (happens time and time again)
  • If you have a layer of fluff, and you've gained 5lbs, it's really not that serious. You can get that off super quick if needed for a day on the beach (ha) FOOD/LACK OF OBSESSION>WEIGHT
  • Practice what is preached! If you don't want to be a picture of obsession over weight then don't be. Stop weighing yourself. Go by how you feel. 
  • If you have goals, it's okay to diet. Don't let people tell you that goals are not okay.

I think that's all for today's ramblings ;) 



The Psychology of Dieting

I'm going to be real honest with you. If you don't have your psyche right with dieting, you will never, and I repeat never succeed. That sounds harsh, but it is probably one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle. I want to go through some common things that might occur and how to try and overcome those. I am NOT a psychologist. I took one psych class in college. This is just from personal experience. 

I think that macros work great. I think they helped me to finally put an end to a long battle with food, which eventually led to intuitively eating and not tracking macros. I will start coaching girls that want to lose a little bit of weight, and tracking macros to them is like the devil. The mindset to plan out a day and make this puzzle work is a mental mind game that they cannot play. That's okay. That doesn't mean that you are doomed.

There are some that want to be told what to eat every single day...a cookie cutter meal plan. Chop my arms and legs off before you tell me to do that because I have things that I want to do and friends to meet up with and that is not a healthy lifestyle that I can sustain. 

There are some that want to eat 100% vegan and that's what works for them or vegetarian or paleo or keto or whatever it may be. The first step in dieting though is finding not even what works for your body but what works for you long term.

Look at your life and the way that you live it. Are you going to be able to do paleo, whole 30 or keto for the rest of it? I'm not putting down these diets. I'm simply legit asking the question. If the answer is yes, then by all means. Diets work when followed consistently because all of them are going to have some form of energy expenditure decrease whether that be through dieting or exercise, and most of the time if you are consistent the weight will come off. However, if you don't think that you are going to do them forever, then where is that going to leave you? Are you going to go back to normal because if so, then you are just going to gain it all back and then what was the point of that? All that hard work and restricting down the drain. 

I think that a diet needs to teach you something. You should learn about nutrition. You shouldn't just be slapped with a plan because real life is not able to be lived with a strict meal to meal plan every single day, and if yours is, then you are a rockstar because I'm meeting up with people all the time for lunch or dinner or coffee. I have family functions and I can't imagine trying to navigate those or bring along little tupperware full of food. Yikes.

The next step after finding something that is sustainable in your lifestyle is finding something that you are going to stick to. I know that these sound similar but I mean with the issue of binge eating coming into play. There are so many girls that struggle with this issue and even if it's not full on binge eating, they struggle with over eating at night time. There are memes that joke about this, and it's a real problem. It creates the hamster on a wheel where you are getting absolutely nowhere with your progress even though you are sticking with it during the day. You have to make changes. One of those changes should probably be that you increase your intake earlier in the day. There is no reason to eat tiny amounts early in the day when you know that every single night you are just going to come home and eat everything. POINTLESS. 100% pointless. Most of the time in this instance, you just need to increase your calories.

Aside from all of this, there's the aspect of just beginning in the first place. There are so many reasons to never do it. You think that genetics are against you. You have tried things in the past, and always failed so you think whats the point? You have too much going on so what's the point? You don't care so what's the point? haha! You get the point ;) 

It's tough and all of this goes back to all the myths and people thinking that it's harder than it really is and that it's going to come with tons of restriction and low calories and most are not willing to do that. 

I truly believe that if your mindset is not in the right place, then you should never begin a diet in the first place because it's almost always going to end in failure or if you succeed then you are going to end up gaining it all back. I know it's so cliche, but it really needs to be something that you find that you can make that switch...that "lifestyle change" and just keeping it sustainable always....like always always and forever. That's why macros are so beautiful for me. I can eat whatever whenever no matter what. I keep it balanced all the time. I don't hit my numbers most days (over and under) and now I know what that looks like without tracking but I do aim for a balance of fat, carb and protein every day. 

I wrote this in my facebook team group but I really believe that it needs to come with an element of just not thinking about it. You know the steps to take in whatever avenue that you feel works best for you, so get off the scale, stop setting all these lofty goals and just do it. Live your life, do your plan and the results will come. Don't set time lines of when it should happen (or maybe you are someone that needs a timeline), but just change your life. When you change your life instead of thinking of it as a diet, then there is no timeline. You don't have to make weight by this point or that point and you are able to live free but also healthy. 

I don't talk much about competitors anymore, but this is why this is so dangerous. Everyone talks about how you can't stay show lean and that is the truth however, I think that this becomes an excuse for binge eating then "dialing in for prep for a show" and it's SUCH an unhealthy way to live life. You are just wrecking your metabolism, and need to find a happy place. If you fluctuate 5-10 pounds then I think that's healthy but if you diet down for a show then gain 30-40 pounds from really overeating/binge eating then there's something there that needs to be addressed that has a deeper route, and doing another show to lose the weight is NOT THE ANSWER. This becomes a constant cycle, and makes me sad when I see it all the time. The mental shift needs to happen. I know that I haven't addressed everyone's mental state but I hope this helps with some and that this should be a HUGE PRIORITY.




First Day as a Pharmacist

I always knew this day would come, but I wasn't sure how or when or what it would look like. I really am not one of those people that thinks that everything happens in your life for a reason because I've had some sad things happen to friends, and I can't wrap my mind around there being a "reason" but I simply think that with living through Christ, I find reason in the things that are happening. Does that make sense? haha! Basically, I feel so much "reason in my season" right now. This job literally fell into my lap at a time when I really just needed some social interaction, I was starting to feel a little bit anxious about losing my pharmacy knowledge but I wanted to also incorporate consulting into the job. This doesn't exist in pharmacy especially not at the number of hours that I needed which was one day per week. And then....

I am all of a sudden in contact with a home town pharmacy that wants help with complete medication review and syncing of patient's meds. They want to improve outcomes and decrease hospitalizations of their patients to give a more all encompassing  approach to healthcare. They only need someone part time? Wait, what? I felt like God was like "hi hello here you go. here's your boat. Ask and the door will be WIDELY OPENED." haha! I've also been nervous. 

Katiesfitscript is growing. It's not that I "need" another job. I just simply wanted to be involved in pharmacy. I for sure have my hands full and a full time job with Katiesfitscript and as always, I'm more than thankful for that. However, I do think that it will behoove my future to keep my pharmacy license active (I was going to do that anyway) but mostly to keep in the work place and keep my brain active on these topics. Even though I'm on social media all day, I will be honest that I get lonely. I know it sounds weird, but it's the truth. I need some people interaction and I need a place to be some days. I needed this for my mental clarity more than anything. 

Every time I tell someone that I got a pharmacy position in Shelby, people crack me up. They are like "GOOD JOB. GREAT! I was wondering when you'd do that!" as if what I'm doing now is just not good enough. hahaha! People CANNOT get out of the mindset that it's okay to do something different. It's OKAY to not have a 9-5. It's OKAY to create your own path. So, I just thought I'd say that. But I'm more than thrilled to be a part of the team at Taz Pharmacy in Cherryville for those that are familiar with the area.

I think for awhile people have wondered that don't know me in real life...is Katie ACTUALLY a pharmacist or is she a scheming pathological liar? LOLOL. Maybe they will think this is all a part of my big master plan of making people think I'm a pharmacist. ;)

However, I am nervous....as I should be. I want to do a good job. I want to be what they were looking for in a pharmacist. I hope I get along with everyone...you know...typical first day jitters. 

It's so unbelievable to me that it's been almost 2 years since I've officially clocked into a job and that I've been blogging/instagramming/coaching since then. I actually have big plans to continue to evolve as a coach that I'm excited about, and I want to add customized run coaching in the mix of that. So, don't get me wrong... I absolutely LOVE coaching and I'm not going anywhere! :)