Nutrition and Pregnancy

I'm going to go ahead and give the disclaimer any time that I begin writing about a topic. Please do not take my advice as gold. I am not familiar with you personally, or your pregnancy factors. Your doctor needs to be the one to look into all of that. I think that having a nutrition in place when becoming pregnant though is one of the coolest things that you could do for your baby. 

Many times, when girls get pregnant they think "Well I don't need to diet anymore" and just forgo anything to do with nutrition in pregnancy. I think that pregnancy for a lot of women = get out of jail free card = eat all the things. If this gives you peace with food, then by all means I'm a huge fan of your mental state being the first and foremost thing that you take care of. However, there are general guidelines of what you should do, so I wanted to share those with you. As I'm giving this advice though, I always say to keep one thing in mind...listening to your body's signals. You really need no other reason to eat other than-you are hungry. If you are hungry, this is not the time to not eat. You are growing a beautiful miracle inside of you but obviously that baby is going to need nutrition. 

When making food choices during pregnancy, this is the one time that I'm actually going to advice for food selection more closely. I always make a big emphasis on just food freedom, and I think that everything should be in balance #duh but how amazing to spend 9 months nourishing your baby to the best of your ability. Pick foods that are colorful and of this earth not all the processed junk. If you just simply eat whole foods, you don't have to worry about all of the things that are restricted in pregnancy. I'm sure you've heard of them but things such as deli meats, cheese, soda, etc. Just stick with plants, and you're golden. I know that's so vague, and who can eat plants all the time Katie? Believe me. I totally understand, so let's move into macros and how that's affected. 

Lastly, everyone wants to shout AVOID CAFFEINE like it's the plague in pregnancy. You don't want to end up with a child that's bouncing off the walls, but in reality if you look to the actual literature and studies, there is very little evidence to support that moderate amounts of caffeine are not okay. So, if you like to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning then by all means, please do not take that out of your day just because you are pregnant. Also, not that soda is good for you, but if you are having one diet soda per day, you are not going to die and your baby is not going to be ADHD because of it. #BALANCEINEVERYTHING

When you first get pregnant, in the first trimester, you literally need no extra. You are not "eating for two". Your baby is the size of your pinky finger. haha! If you are following a macro breakdown, then you would just stay exactly as you are. If you were just starting macros, that's totally cool too. You could just do macros for two weeks, monitor your weight. If you lose weight, then you know that you need to go up on your food because you might be eating too little. I always think that pregnancy is such an awesome time to reverse diet. I am totally making that up with no science to back it but what better timing than to slowly increase food over time. This way, the further you get along in your pregnancy, the more food you are eating. WIN.WIN. That's what I plan on doing. haha! 

However, if you are just eating the same and you get to the second trimester, you definitely want to add some food, and the recommendations are 300 calories. That's very arbitrary I'm sure and something that they chose to be studied in clinical trials, but it's a good place to start. One thing of note is that a lot of it should be in protein. Yep. I know. It's not that exciting. If you were to add 300 calories in protein alone though that would be 75g extra of protein so that's a little excessive on top of what you are already doing, so I would say split that up, maybe add 30g protein and then the rest split 50/50 between carb and fat. The reason that you want protein is obviously for the growth and development of the baby.

During the third trimester, the recommendations are 500 calories from your baseline so that is 200 calories above your second trimester. This again, is just an arbitrary number with "mostly protein" so I think that you can use discretion in this, not worry about hitting exact macros, but rather more of a calorie thing and just making sure that you are getting adequate amounts in for the growth and development of the baby. 

Your doctor I'm sure will also recommend that you take folic acid and vitamin D for proper development as well.

The recommendations are pretty simple, and easy to follow so nothing too intensive to share, however I also want to go ahead and say again that I'm not an expert on pediatrics and I do NOT replace doctors advice. There are many times that women have situations where they have to avoid certain foods, eat more, eat less, eat less salt, etc so I just want you to make sure that you are taking care of you first, and ALWAYS listen to your hunger signals. They are there for a reason! :) 



Macros and Diabetes

So, you should remove all carbs right? NO! NO. NO. You just need to control your carbs. This is for anyone, but it’s important for diabetics. You also want to keep your insulin levels stable. In order to do that, you have to have a moderate amount of carbs.

Many diabetes specialists are going to recommend that you count carbs, and while I totally agree and I’m basically saying to do the same thing, I just think that you should count fats and protein as well. If you are JUST counting carbs, then I think that just puts you in a pigeon hole again and only choosing certain carbs. The truth is that if you can just get stable with carbs, no matter the glycemic index of those carbs, your A1C will start to come down.

But, my recommendation professionally is that you should eat low glycemic index carbs. What is that? Those are going to be what you hear are “healthier” for you such as brown rice over white, and sweet potatoes over white potatoes, and whole wheat or whole grain bread vs white bread. All of these things are going to help keep your insulin levels stable, whereas if you eat things like cookies and cake, this will spike your insulin which as a diabetic is something that you don’t want. 

So, I feel like I’m beating a dead horse sometimes on my blog so I apologize but in all honesty, if you just get set up with a normal intake even if it’s high calorie and you are keeping consistent amount of carbs day in and day out, your body is going to respond. I think that so many times with diabetics, they may restrict carbs for a week and then on the weekends they are going nuts and their blood glucose is just out of control. You want to get a diet that is sustainable ALL the time.

With macros, you can have absolutely anything, but just making sure that it fits into your carbs for the day. Myfitnesspal will track everything for you. It has databases at all restaurants, and every food item that you get at the grocery store, you can add right in. If you get a custom macro breakdown from me or anyone, or even just online, you just stay within those fat, carb, and protein and you will lose weight and probably reverse your diabetes.

I think we hear all these terms, and we get really confused and overwhelmed when it’s simple. You can have ANY foods, but hunger cues are going to drive you towards the healthier foods. If you have a set macro amount for the day, then you are going to be hungry if you are aiming for doughnuts and pizza so therefore you are going to trend more towards those carbs that have a lower glycemic index regardless but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have pizza. One doughnut does not destroy your diabetes, but keeping balance day in and out, week to week…can reverse it. 

A Month with No travel & New February Plans

First, I'm so frustrated with my blog/website host. There are so many troubleshooting issues which is why I've been blogging so little the past few weeks. But we are going to get it all worked out! :) 

So when Tanner and I set off for Nashville for New Years which was right after the Christmas holiday, I was just done with traveling. haha! I loved spending time with my friends, but it can definitely be very exhausting. I told Tanner that I needed a month of just not going anywhere and to get back into routine. The gift that I gave my mom for Christmas was a road trip, so we were going to go this month but we put that off in efforts for us both to just rest a bit. 

It was so refreshing. Every single weekend, I have been able to catch up with things and not get behind. Every single Monday morning, I have felt renewed and not frustrated and frassled. This month showed me that sometimes it's so lovely to just be at peace. Sometimes I feel like the world is spinning super fast, and I have to do all that I can every single second to make the most of this life, and while that's true, it can allow for a soul that's not at peace. That's what it had become for me. 

I'm so thankful for at home, pizza making dinner and documentary dates with my husband and early morning coffee and devotions in bed. 

It also allowed for much better training. I didn't have to switch days around to fit my changing schedule. I didn't have to skip runs because I wasn't able to with friends. I was able to get caught up on some things to do with work which made me feel like I was able to be a better coach. Every single Sunday I also was able to go to my grandmothers house and spend time with family. Yesterday when I was there, I was only there for maybe 30 minutes to an hour. Every single time I come, no matter how short of a time between visits she says "I wondered if you'd ever come back" and then when I leave she always says "Who knows when I'll see you next!" hahaha...she's one of those ornery ones ;) HOWEVER, as ornery as she is, I was thinking how special that our family has that time on Sundays. When she's gone, which is inevitable at some point, I will be so glad that I lived in the same town as my family so that even admist a busy life, I was still able to pop in for an hour on Sundays and spend time with her. Our family is special, and I'm grateful for that. 


Speaking of family and no traveling, my family is traveling this weekend! HAHA! All 20 of us-to a cabin in the NC mountains!!! It's going to be super warm, so that's somewhat of a bummer but it's going to be so much fun. One year we got snowed in, and THAT was awesome but it's not looking like that's going to happen this year. This house that we are going to is so awesome! I can't wait! The weekend after that is the Katiesfitscript Retreat in Maggie Valley, and then after that, our church is going on a marriage retreat. I know I'll feel frazzled at the end of these three weeks but I'm so so excited to do some things again on the weekends with all kinds of different people that I love! 

We laugh that this is the Lord's table!! Look at this place! I'm so excited! 

We laugh that this is the Lord's table!! Look at this place! I'm so excited! 

I'm so excited for a new program idea that I've been working on for the Lent season. It's going to be a challenge focused primarily on the giving up of self progression. It will be a challenge where I ask that all girls don't diet, but also don't gorge but just simply eat food at their maintenance macros or intuitively eat (and I will have guidelines for both) with devotionals that go along with each day. I have been writing devotions about the topic of food, peace with food, and the bondage that it can have on us in not allowing us to see our greater purpose in the Kingdom, so I'm REALLY REALLY excited for this challenge. It's going to be $20 and start February 10th, and I'll put out more information as it gets closer. I want it to be cheaper, so that as many women as possible will do this. I hope it can be really restorative to our souls.

I am also grateful for good food and times in our downtown area. I always talk about the brewery but they always have such great music and we love their food. They have a falafel wrap that I'm obsessed with so we spent a lot of nights there! :) But yo, I almost got arrested. For those that don't already know the story from other social medias, I was running, the cop flipped his lights on, turned around and was getting out of the car with his handcuffs and asked me my name. I told him my name, and then he started backing off saying that someone that he was looking for looked like me, and that he was about to arrest me and take me to jail. WHATT??!?!? How crazy would that have been? I live in a small town, so my hope is that I can get him to take a picture arresting me for good times. LOLOL! 

I know you lost interest in that Falafel sandwich because of the arrest story but here's that ;)

I know you lost interest in that Falafel sandwich because of the arrest story but here's that ;)

I am grateful for this month also because of the work that it allowed us to do on our house...especially with the snow apocalypse. I'm one happy wife when my house is clean, dishes done, laundry done, pictures hung (this had not even been done), Christmas stuff all neatly in the garage, curtains hung, tons of "fix it" projects and now working on a mudroom. We have this walk way area that we have been saying since we moved in, we were going to do this. I'm going to do a blog on what we end up doing with measurements and such, but it's nothing spectacular. However, we were discussing that when you do things like this, it opens your eyes up to know that you can do so many projects to your house. It's very easy but just seems complicated. We are going to build a bed for our guest bedroom next! :) It's fun! 

This weekend reminded me that while traveling is so fun, there is so much joy and happiness to be found in your own backyard of your own town and rest is such a beautiful thing. I'm rejuvenated and ready to take on the next 3 weekends of travel! :) 

Doing Things Well or Not at All

I think that I've explained this before in another blog that I titled "Confession: I'm actually lazy" to which everyone was like NO YOU ARE NOT! haha! But I don't mean lazy in the traditional sense, but rather that I'll do things to realize that I could have saved myself so much time and energy (and heartache) if I would have just went the longer route to begin with. 

I think that we all go through seasons like this, but genuinely being able to look at our lives and what we are doing and saying "Okay is this the best that I can do?" I think the answer is almost always no, but that doesn't mean that we should let it overwhelm us, but rather excite us for what's to come in the future. 

I have this tendency to not be a perfectionist. I just want to get things done. That's why having a coach is good for me, because if it were just me, I just don't think about how to program my training. I just run to "get it done" and check that off my never ending check list. My husband is the opposite, and it drives me crazy. He does a perfect job on everything that he does, and it takes forever. However, I'm learning how VALUABLE that is, and how much he has taught me. He's not scatter brained. He just does his tasks, and he does them well, and then he moves onto the next. He doesn't let his current task stress him out about his next move. He is NOT lazy. He is constantly doing work (because when is there ever time to sit right haha), but he just does things well. 

All growing up, and I've shared this many times, my grandfather that has passed said that if you were not going to try your hardest and do your best at things, then to not do them at all. That's how I've always approached life, but then when I step back and look at things, I have to ask myself am I really doing that? I get a lot done, but am I really focusing on how I can do it best, and not just how I can get it done. 

This weekend we have free (and maybe you don't) but I'm committed to each thing that I'm doing-thinking about how to just step back, take a breather, enjoy it, do it well, and move onto the next task. With that, I'm off to clean my house and do the dishes! haha! 

Macros & Disordered Eating

Unfortunately in the world of fitness and health, this issue is very very real. It is not talked about a lot. Actually, I take that back, sometimes it's talked about too much so that it gets on my nerves. It has become this community on instagram, like that makes it okay. If there was a community of alcoholics posting how they had a drink tonight, but tomorrow was a new day, people would not tell them how inspirational they are. It kills me, but I digress. I also know that we all need encouragement in those hard times and I get that...I really do. But I just think sometimes it has been taken to a new extreme. That was NOT the purpose of this blog, so I have no idea how I got on that subject. HA! 

I think there is this unhealthy belief with some that macronutrient counting can heal eating disorders. We all know that's false, but some like to believe it. There are coaches that target girls with eating disorders because they know that they are desperate to cling to something that they know will work for them. 

Do I believe that macros cure eating disorders? Duh. No. 

Do I believe that it's a gateway drug to food freedom? Absolutely. 

And that's where this whole "stages of disordered eating" title comes in. Women will be women, and I would venture to say that 90% of women have some form of relationship with food. That doesn't just mean restriction. That is all across the board. There is a new title of a new pattern of eating established every other day. I think that it all comes down to mental clarity and peace. 

If a woman puts on her skinny jeans after they have been washed and her belly is rolling over the top and she thinks "Man dang! That pizza probably wasn't a good idea last night. I should probably lay off" ... is that really that serious? NO. Calm down folks. Everyone has those thoughts. I feel like we all have gotten a little touchy on the subject. 

Did you think about the belly pouch all day long analyzing every single thing that you put into your mouth the rest of the day in fear and guilt? Well, that's a little different. 

They say that the quicker that you grab ahold of the issue, the easier it is to get rid of it. So, that might be why some are able to live normally and function in society unlike others that may have gotten in "too deep"

I personally believe though that there is a large gap in education, and that's half the battle. We are taught from a young age that less and less means skinny. We are taught and people joke that "Oh I like food too much to look like her" or "Ah! I would be skinny but I like to eat too much" reinforcing day by day that in order to not be overweight, you have to not eat. There is no middle ground. There are no people except those that just have these magical metabolisms that can be in good health and not be starving, right? That's what we all believe, and it's so false.

It's so annoying. 

I'm 100% convinced that if I had been taught in school and from a young age about nutrition, then I wouldn't have wound up just not eating. I thought that was the only way. This just led into bad habits, and we all know that habits are really hard to break no matter what they are about (not just food)

I simply think that for many people, macros provides EDUCATION on food. It provides the insight to being able to recognize that all food is metabolized the same whether it's an ice cream cone with carbs and fat or a banana and peanut butter with carbs and fat. Before I learned about the actual nutrition in food, you could have NEVER convinced me that I could eat a candy bar and still stay on track to my goals. Absolutely not. I had to see the numbers and see how to track that for myself. I had to learn to break down these walls of the labels that I had placed on food one by one. 

However, then you come to this crossroads that once you have learned these things, do you keep doing them forever? No. I don't think so. I think that every girl in the macro world goes through stages. She eats chicken and brocolli only. She's introduced to macros. Her life changes forever. She counts down to the gram for years thinking she will count forever. Then that gets tedious, so she starts feeling guilty about it. Then, she goes into intuitive eating. It's comical how this seems to always happen, but that's a beautiful process. If that's what it takes for someone to have food freedom, why are people (excuse my french?) such ass holes about it? People get SO RILED UP about girls doing macros to heal their relationship with food. 

However, again this is where the stages comes in. There are girls that begin to count, and things don't change. They won't start venturing into other food choices, they won't increase their intake, and they still talk all the time about how they are having "bad image days". Yes, that's a mental illness. If you are looking in the mirror at a tiny body and saying you feel fluffy, there is something deeper going on. That can't be helped with macros, but that's not everyone. Some people just need education on nutrition. 

We are so quick in the fitness and health world to slap everyone with an eating disorder when that's just simply not the case. And then those with eating disorders, we talk nothing about the science and nutrition of things and just work on their "relationship with food". No one ever sits them down to tell them the way that the carb in a milkshake is metabolized is the same as the carb in their oatmeal (Please don't get technical on metabolism of carbs here-I know the difference but in terms of weight loss/gain). Girls are not taught this, and therefore they continue to fear these foods. They STILL associate weight gain if they eat the bad foods.... weight loss if they don't eat or eat the good foods. 

Why can these two worlds not collide? Why is not okay for girls to be taught about reverse dieting in therapy for eating disorders? Yes, if they need to gain weight then they need to eat in a surplus but some people are totally fine in their weight, but just can't get over everything mental. Why can't we teach them about nutrition? People get so up in arms about this topic, but I just don't understand it. I know that we need to work on their mental state, but why can't counting macros be a gateway drug into intuitive eating like it has been for so many people. 

Why do people almost crap their pants if a girl with an eating disorder starts counting macros? She will count for a period while she learns about the nutrition in foods and then we can encourage her to move forward in her journey. If counting macros is what gets her to gain weight safely and slowly without losing her freakin mind, then why are we so angry about it? If the alcoholic just wants to go SIT in the bar because that's what makes him feel better and at ease, then why are we so mad? He's not drinking (aka if a girl needs to count macros and she's not restricting and not binging). Just let the girl "sit at the bar" to ease her mind.

This is a topic that I never want to talk about because I DO NOT target girls with eating disorders, and I'm not trying to get not ONE of them as a client. I tell every single person that I don't do that, it's outside of my scope and I have an RD that I refer them to. I'm not here with this blog post to make money but simply to say "I'm annoyed at this logic"

Lastly, because I really don't want to upset people, I do not think that it's appropriate for a girl to just become obsessive and replace one obsession with another. I really do get that. I swear, and I guess there are girls who can handle it, and then other girls who become obsessive over it. Me-I'm not obsessive. I counted down to the gram while I was reverse dieting but I wasn't like neurotic about it. If I couldn't one day, I didn't freak out. And now, I hardly count at all. I just make sure I get a balance of foods by loosely tracking. It's not obsessive.AT ALL. THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY WHEN PEOPLE SAY IT IS. Different strokes for different folks I guess. We are all different. It's not obsessive to me. It's the most liberating thing that I've ever done in my dang life.

That is all. 


So, I always say this but I truly mean it that the girls that I work with are such a joy. There are some people that I start coaching that I think "Wow, I really look up to this person" and Meg is one of those people. She's such an example of Christ shining every single day. She is always joyful at her check ins no matter if she lost tons that week or not, and so I'm excited to share her story with you today. I also can't wait to see her in a few weeks at our team retreat AGAIN (she came to one of my seminars in Shelby as she lives in Charlotte)!!! YAY!


I found Katie through another IIFIYM lady I followed on Instagram right before I got pregnant with my daughter, which was about the time I decided I needed a HUGE change in my life and was looking for a new lifestyle/way to loose weight and keep it off. I have suffered with yoyo weight and hormonal problems due to endometriosis since I was 16 years old. I was always a more "muscular" or "bigger boned" ( I really hate these labels by the way) girl growing up and after moving from Cali to NC I found my weight, energy levels, overall daily life was at its worst. 

I started reading every post on Katies blog along with following all of her accounts because I wanted to learn more and really hit the ground running when I could loose weight after having my daughter. I found it to be very intriguing and the data and information she had posted regarding IIFYM was unreal compared to any other resources I could find. Completely blew my mind. Then of course as many of you also experience, I fell in love with her as a person and coach. She is truly the sweetest most genuine person on IG with a banging body I've found! So I made up my mind I'd start one of her programs after having my daughter.  

After 6 months of a restricted diet due to some allergies my daughter had, I finally was in the clear to start a diet and get back on track. I like many others started with a fad diet 30 day challenge because I really wanted to drop weight fast, even though I knew better. I did well the during the 30 days but couldn't keep up the clean eating and low calorie while working out so I bit the bullet and bought Katies Relentless resolutions and asked to get on her waiting list for personalized coaching. I spent two months learning how to lift again, learning how to use MFP and count macros and I felt better than I could ever remember feeling in my life, other than the soreness, ouch her workouts are killer and the soreness at first was unreal.  I finally saw consistent progress and got to eat my ice-cream treat every night without feeling guilty. I couldn't believe it! I was seeing results that were consistent with no need to feel I was restricting my diet and I was eating almost 1700 cal win win! 

After the two months I was stoked I could start my weekly coaching with Katie and had lost 12 lbs and countless inches. I started her lifting and running plan and made my new goals. I wanted to run a half marathon and marathon the next year. I could barely run 2 miles straight when I started but watching her grow in her own running journey and just showing up day in and out to the gym and to run I knew I'd get there. After 12 weeks of coaching I lost another 15 + pounds and went from barely running 2 miles straight to running 10k's and enjoying the runners high! I'm now half way through my 2nd 12 week cutting program and excited to share I'm about 10.5 pounds from my goal. As I get to the last few pounds the journey gets harder as my intake has gone down and my exercising has gone up, but every week I get an encouraging email from Katie helping me push through it and teaching me how to fuel my body to meet my goals. 

I'm actually really excited about finishing strong and starting my reverse/ journey to my first marathon as well. I feel like a brand new person, fitting into clothes I haven't worn in over 5 years, including feeling comfortable in a bikini, something I never thought I would be able to sport again! My relationship with Katie has not only transformed my self image, body, mind, and spirit it has helped improve so many other areas of my life as I've learned how to fuel my body based on what my goals are instead of eating and regretting what I put into my body and feeling crappy because it wasn't the appropriate nutrients to sustain my body. I LOVE IIFYM and Katie and her programs even more! I have countless friends and family members who are now working with her after seeing my consistent transformation and it makes me want to tell the world about her! 

More than the weight loss I've finally found peace with food.  Something she emailed me before my 2nd program was her goal for all of her clients. It changed the way I looked at food, my body, and my goals. It's not the enemy, I don't need to restrict it to get the body I want and binge when I want a night out. My body actually sustains "cheat meals" (if you want to call them that, I really just fit into my day even on low calories and macros what I want that day and work back wards) very well. I don't gain 2 lbs after having a great night out or feel I need to obsess over what I ate or restrict it, I simply enjoy my life now and am mindful of my choices and how it affects my body. The process was hard at first learning how to track and weigh food, and working out harder than I have in my LIFE…..but now 6 months in looking back I know that the process works and if you just let go and trust it, the possibilities are endless. 

Thank you for being more than a client but a friend to me too Meg!!! 

Should you have a cheat meal?

Goodness gracious, the blogging has been so all over the place. I had blogs planned for last week, and some things were going on with squarespace and then yesterday my check ins were just really insane and I didn’t have time. I know you guys don’t really care, but I’m still alive. Haha! Today’s topic-cheat meals!

Oh I also had someone email me and say that they really loved when I did informational topics the most. I know that was totally out of just giving constructive feedback, but I was like “I get it. You don’t want to know about my life.” HAAA!!! But I know I had lots of comments saying you guys did, so oh well. I try to mix it up and give you a reason to keep coming back to this crazy space on the web! 

Disclaimer: science takes us to a certain point and from there, we have to make informative decisions based on what we know and formulate opinions on that! My blog is my opinion :) I'm not sure how cheat meals are a topic of controversy but nevertheless, they are. Haha! 

I have a lot of clients that ask me about cheat meals, and what to do about them. I put that my clients should have a cheat meal each week in the programming, but I also don’t really even agree with that but I never want someone to feel restricted. I think that sometimes people need a mental break, but I wanted to go into the reasons why or why not that you should have a cheat meal.

Diets are always (ALWAYS) going to be about consistency. If you aren’t consistent then there is no point, so many times for some, having a cheat meal at the end of the week is something to look forward to and they can stick it out during the week knowing that’s coming.

There are other people who start with a cheat meal and can’t stop and end up binging. This is actually very common. Binging is more scientific than people give it credit. When your insulin spikes from taking in something that your body is not used to, this creates a heroin type effect and out of body reaction where you just keep eating and eating into oblivion so if you know yourself well enough to know that you can’t stop, then it’s probably best to stay away from a cheat meal. Many girls explain that once they reach that point where they are super full, their mind switches into “Well I don’t even care anymore at all” and they go nuts. My hope is that with macros, you don’t feel that restricted so therefore you aren’t in need of wanting some big cheat.

I know the newest trend is to call it a “treat meal” instead of a “cheat meal” because cheat implies that you are doing something bad, and you should be rewarding yourself not making the food into a sin. I can dig that, however I’m still not even a fan of that.

I think the goal for everyone should be the most healthy relationship with food that they can possibly have. I (personally) believe that if I’m in need of some big meal at the end of the week then that means that my weeks are not full of foods that I enjoy, and that would be a shame. I want to fill every day with foods that I enjoy.

I always reference people that have 0 relationships with food and never have-my best friend Brandy for example-legit she could be a case study. She just eats whatever, whenever, and stays in good shape because she listens to her bodies signals. She doesn’t have to think about it. She just does it. Does she have a cheat/treat/once a week big meal? Nope. Because if she wants pizza on a Tuesday, then she orders pizza and she eats when she’s hungry and stops when she’s full. I know this is a weird concept but I think it’s a very very important one that we all need to go back to our roots and find that.

This is the friend I'm referencing-clearly it's not hurting her ;) haha! Her diet consists of poptarts, pizza, reeses, and popcorn and its because she never forgot how to listen to her body's signals!

This is the friend I'm referencing-clearly it's not hurting her ;) haha! Her diet consists of poptarts, pizza, reeses, and popcorn and its because she never forgot how to listen to her body's signals!

When I was coming out of very disordered eating habits, I didn’t even know what this felt like. I couldn’t identify hunger signals anymore, and if I did, I lied to myself about them. It has taken me TIME to really put this into practice but now I can easily have a day of just listening to my body. 

But you have goals right? I know and it’s totally easy to hit your goals while eating pizza on a Tuesday. When I give my lectures in person, I always say that if you have a craving, you should fulfill it, and maybe not that day but plan it into the next day. Don’t“save” your craving for the weekend and then instead of having just 2 pieces of pizza, you have 6. It’s just the hamster on the wheel unhealthy relationship with food stuff.

So scientifically, are cheat meals helpful? Calories are calories and an increase in calories can cause you to not lose weight. I’m not telling you to restrict ATALLLL. I’m just saying that many times people act as if cheat meals help their progress, and I think that if you are struggling to lose weight, if you continue to count through the weekends, you’ll see more progress without a cheat meal.

But then there are people that say that their cheat meals make them lose weight?

I would say that’s rare, but I do see that sometimes.

It also is of note that you can’t do low low calorie for an extended period of time because then your resting metabolic rate will lower, and it will be harder and harder to lose. You have to give your body a break sometimes, and some coaches do this in the form of a cheat meal. This allows your body a break and some rest to be able to keep your metabolism healthy.

But if I’m having a cheat meal, how do I eat the rest of the day?

This is such a common question.

The thing that I recommend with most everyone is not a cheat or a treat, but just an untracked meal. This is the way that should look:

You go to dinner like you would when you are five years old, and mommy asks what you want and you are given some options and you think in your head : hm what will taste the best? And some days that means you pick the spinach dish and sometimes that means that you pick the pizza dish. You get the dish, you eat the dish, slowly, and you consciously think “Hm I’m full now so I’m going to stop.” Then your little adult dieting brain says: but there is 2 more bites on the plate. Just eat it! And then you remember that you do not in fact HAVE to eat it. You are full, so you stop.

Eat when hungry. Stop when full. Pick whatever you want on the menu and sometimes that might not be the greasiest most unhealthy option.

If you have a plan for what this untracked food will look like then that will help to adjust the rest of your day. Typically I say to eat a little more protein and a little less carb earlier in the day. That doesn’t mean that you don’t eat, but just that you are going into your untracked meal hungry so that you can enjoy it.

Now, I’m not sure how I got this much information off of one topic of “cheat meals” but I digress. ;) 

The end to the Daniel Fast

So at the beginning of the year, I started on a journey to eat 100% plant based. I did a lot of research and became addicted to continuing that research on the benefits of living a life of plants. The reasons for going plant based were many-fold, but I did a youtube video that you can find HERE on some of those reasons. There is not one person (most likely) that is plant based without a reason. You can eat meat without people thinking that's odd but plant based is CRAY CRAY talk and you need to be able to explain yourself. So, to recap, here are the bullet point reasons of why I wanted to try this: 

  • World Hunger

If everyone in the world only ate plants, then we would have enough grain to feed the entire world. There are 795 million people that are starving and many are due to lack of resources because we are taking the grain, and feeding it to cows (who consume 27 pounds of grain PER cow PER day). Can you imagine how many people 27 pounds of grain would feed? In my discussions with other people who like to play devils advocate, they mention that many times people are starving due to their governments so even if the food was available, they still would starve. Well, okay, if you want to play that game then I guess we can. HA! 

I have become very fascinated with World Hunger actually, and I think that we are all very blind to it. I think that we have the notion of "well what difference could I REALLY make?" and the answer is: You could make a difference to ONE child and that's enough. 

  • Health 

There is WIDE spread evidence of this, and I really am not here to convince anyone, but just to share what I've learned and THIS VIDEO sums it up in a tight little bow. I promise it's worth watching.

  • Animals 

So we all know that animals are treated cruel in the industry. I'm not an animal activist. I hardly would say that I "love animals" and I don't say that to make you hate me, but just to say that even with my "Eh whatever" attitude towards animals, if you learn how they are actually treated, I think you would be horrified. I think it all boils down for me to the fact that I'm supporting people who could actually do those things-whether it be to animals or not. Like, the things they do.... yikes. It's bad y'all. 

  • Environment 

You MUST watch Conspiracy on Netflix. it's free. I am not an environmentalist. I've always just thought "Eh whatever" just like with animals, but you have to watch this. It's very eye opening to the industry and the greed and corruptness of it. THATS what I don't like. 

Before you get all upset at me for these comments, I am in no way putting down people in this industry. There are bad people in EVERY industry and there are really really good people. So, please don't mistake me for saying that. I was just explaining what made me want to challenge myself in this. I saw some things that I couldn't unsee and learned some things that I couldn't unlearn. On the days where I was thinking I would try this, I had a friend email me and ask me to join her in a Daniel Fast, and I was like "This is perfect. I can try this out for 21 days"

So, I did. I'm not going to sit here and lie to you that I was perfect, but I didn't have any meat whatsoever. The other stuff is the problem-dairy, whey in products, cheese (although I get veggie cheese and it's not that serious), sour cream, yogurt, ice cream...THAT is the stuff that's hard. Not buying meat is not hard. I just don't do it. Haha! One of the hardest changes was eggs. In the past week, I added 3 egg whites into my day. In all honesty, I was feeling very restricted which I haven't felt in like 3 years since I overcame some awful eating habits, and so that scared me...a lot. I thought that if 3 egg whites per day made me feel better, then I wasn't jumping ship-I was just doing what worked best for me. 

My family was nice about it, but I wouldn't say they are okay with it. Our family everything revolves around food, and the food always contains meat, and if it doesn't contain meat, it DEFINITELY contains meat products but I worked around it. 

So, here's where I'm at: 

Our family will not be eating meat because that's easy for us but if I go to someone's house and they have prepared something with meat in it and I can't work around it, I'm going to eat it. This actually comes back to my faith. When Paul is teaching, and he goes into a home with vegetarians, he eats vegetarian. When he goes into a home with people who aren't vegetarian, he doesn't eat vegetarian. I believe that everything that I do should bring light to the love and joy that Christ brings to me so therefore I'm not going to get in an argument or discussion over meat, I'm going to eat the meat. Paul wanted nothing that he did to ever pull people away from the REAL importance which is shining Christ's light. It's really not that serious. 

I think that's my point too. ITS REALLY NOT THAT SERIOUS. That's what I want to tell my family too. I'm not doing drugs. I'm not jumping off a bridge here. I'm just simply choosing when I can, to not eat animal products. But, I'm not going to be crazy about it. 

I guess I'm here to say that I will do what I can, when I can. I will choose plant based for myself on every occasion in my home. When I go out to eat, I will look to see if that's an option. If not, that's okay too. I'm not going to leave or something bizarre HAHA! I'm not going to talk about it to people (other than my blog) because it's a very sensitive topic and I really don't care to even try to pretend like I know everything because I don't. I just saw some captivating research. That's all :)

Plant based is really amazing to be honest. You open your eyes to so many new plants out there that you've never tried before. You open yourself up to so many new fresh recipes that are so yummy, and I can't wait to expand my bank. I have a sweet friend who is sending me some cook books, and I'm excited to try those things as well. Another friend told me that doing what I can is better than doing nothing at all. Just because I really want eggs doesn't mean that I should eat beef every day too. haha! 

Lastly, the fasting portion of this which is what the title is. This month taught me about sacrifice and getting uncomfortable. That's what I like to do. I think that it really challenges us to look outside of our own little bubbles. It challenges me to take things in prayer and say "okay God, I really stinkin want to lather this in cheese right now" but I've made this commitment for this month. I did have eggs-whomp I suck-but I did pray about it and felt that in that moment, the restriction that I felt, it was more important for me to have them so that I could get over this weird waffle craving! (duh, why else would I have needed 3 egg whites teehee) I think that I'm going to have some other fasting experiences just because it just draws me closer. Lent is around the corner so I'll have to figure out what I want to do this year. It's always fun (kinda lol).

So, with that, I'm exhausted from discussing this. HAHA! It has snowed here so time to go PLAY!!! I'll talk more on this later, but can we all just agree to be chill about it? ;) 

Zucchini oats is actually something that I had never tried before, and I liked it haha! It's not as disgusting as it looks ;) 

Zucchini oats is actually something that I had never tried before, and I liked it haha! It's not as disgusting as it looks ;) 


My hosting website for blogging has not been working for the past 2 days. I don't know whats going on but I'm so sad, and will be back with you guys ASAP!!! I have blogs ready but it's not working!!!! BOOO!!! haha!

A Letter to Me at 18

Sometimes I look back on the journey that I've been on and I can't believe what all I've put myself through ... like self induced. haha! I think that I've had tendencies from a young age to be quite dramatic so therefore this stuff was bound to happen but I just wanted to take a moment and remind myself of some of that and how far I've come. I think that I have many 18 year olds that even follow me and it's going to be so cool for you to watch yourself grow and mature (because you will) and I hope that you are proud of the person that you will turn into. 

So here we go. 

Dear Katie,

You are just in college for the first time and you feel completely alone. You're not alone. You have friends that you can easily get in touch with, family only 2 hours away and many new friends to make if you would just reach out. Don't close yourself off in your dorm room because of fear. 

You will lose things, and you will have to manage money for the first time, but it's not as serious as you think it is. It's not worth all the tears that you cry and the chest pains from stress that it causes you. I know that your new adult life is hard to figure out but these moments are what shape you. Go make friends! 

Stop waking up at 5am every morning to go run 6 miles and lift weights, and then eat around 500 calories per day. It makes absolutely no sense, and the life that you are living right now is not the life that you are designed to's not a life for anyone to live. You've got to change that. You can't go to the bathroom because you don't eat. There is no reason to think that something is desperately wrong with you and take laxatives all the time. You just need to eat. You don't need to prove yourself when you are in front of family that you do in fact eat, and eat like you are planning to win an eating contest. I know you've never had to find this balance before, but strive for it and work for it. Extremes get you nowhere but heartache and tears on your dorm room pillow.

Don't study all of the time. I want you to be dedicated, but know that there are so many people at your school that would love to get to know you, and experiences that you could have in college if you weren't so "focused". You can go to the football game on a Saturday without your backpack hidden because you are going to spend the rest of the day in the library, and all day into Sunday that had come off of a Friday. You are a smart girl, and you will be okay. Not every single test is a life or death situation to your career that is going to combust if you don't make a 100. 

Reach back out to old friends. They miss you, and would love for you to stop being so interested in your "woe is me" attitude, and just be a good friend. Keep in touch. Thoughtfulness goes further than you realize.

You don't need to leave the university after two years to go to a school closer to home because you are afraid that you'll never succeed. The university you are at is so fun!!! ENJOY IT! You didn't get into pharmacy school after two years, but that doesn't mean that you are a complete failure like you think that you are. You didn't spend time making any friends because you were so focused on getting into school, and now you feel more purposeless than ever. What was the point? But why did you feel you had to get in after two years? Why not enjoy college more? After all, it's a fortune. 

You should travel more. You need a break. You need to relax, and breathe, and you also need to eat (but I think I've told you that already). 

The person that you trust most right now is actually going to leave your life, and break your heart. This is going to lead you into another really hard time of eating disorder behavior, but you have to trust me that it's not worth it. You have to see beyond this into the future that it's not as huge as you think it is. You are going to meet someone else, who is everything you could have imagined in a husband. Dry your tears. I know it hurts worse than anything you've ever felt before, but with time, it will fade. 

Why don't you go for a run? I know you hate it now, but it's going to become a huge part of your life later on down the road. I know you are out of shape but just take some time to sink into it, release some of that pinned up energy, and start enjoying life more. You cry too much....over everything. Are you ever happy? You have so much going for you. 

You're going to get into pharmacy school, and you are going to stress so much all the time. You are going to think that you'll never make it through but you will in fact make it through. I know that you want so desperately to be smarter, but you have really great work ethic, and it's going to carry you through. I know that you want so desperately to be able to "be somebody" in the field, but you are going to be led elsewhere to do something completely different for a time. You are going to really try to change people's lives and the way that they view food because of what you are going through right now. You are going to be past all of these behaviors, looking at them in the rear view wondering why you ever did that to yourself! You should just stop now!

You're going to move to New York City which is going to change the way that you see life forever. You are going to meet the most amazing people, and form the best relationships but unfortunately, because of circumstance, you are going to have to leave sooner than you wanted to. Thats okay too. Remember, life is all about what you make of it and you need to be happy wherever you are planted. You've moved so many times, and you know what that's like now. This is just one more testament of that.  

When you get older, you think that you have to have everything planned out and the older that you get, you realize that life is much more fun if you just live it at the seat of your pants. Just go with the flow. Work hard every dang day, love the Lord with all of your heart and soul, love people more than you know how to in these moments, be thoughtful, be caring and compassionate, and stop thinking about food!!! DANG IT KATIE, THE THINGS YOU COULD DO WITH YOUR LIFE IF YOU STOPPED STRESSING OUT! 

I know that you won't listen to any of this. You'll have to take the hard road, but you'll get to the end of it and look back and realize that each step was a learning lesson. You'll be glad that you went through it so that you could be where you are today standing firm in who you are, and how happy that makes you in life. 


Your 26 year old self

(but isn't it ironic that I feel like that was Christ speaking into my heart years ago but I wouldn't listen!) 

My Newest Obsession - Podcasts

Okay, I knew I loved Nancy Drew but it's like I have discovered it all over again and I'm just in heaven. And by Nancy Drew, I just mean mysteries! 

This isn't fitness related. I'm over fitness today. HAHA! I've done client check ins and you know when you say a word too many times and it starts to sound really odd to you. That's the way the word "Macro" feels to me right now. Macro-macro- say that a bunch of times. It's weird. Kinda like Toilet. or Refridgerator. How did we come up with these words? I digress. 

Also, I know it's Monday and all but I'm kinda over macros in my own life on this very day. I really just want a couple of glasses of my favorite drink so that shall be happening tonight. Real talk up on the blog today hahah! ANYWHO, I love mysteries! That was my point of this! 

I love mysteries and I love to read. I don't really have time to read, which is sad. Or maybe I just don't make time. I should make time to do that!!! But either way, PODCASTS!  Y'all, I didn't even know these existed. I mean I knew but I didn't realize how awesome they were, and that I really enjoy them. I listen all the time now. I love to expand my knowledge base on just about anything so I do love mysteries, but I also just love learning. Podcasts allow me to do this all of the time. I'm such a nerd at heart. 

I can listen in the car and as much as I love radio, I'm loving podcasts right now. 

The nancy drew reference is because of the podcast, Serial. If you don't know about, download it. NOW. It's so good. I have finished both seasons in 2 days (#embarrassing) but while I'm cleaning house, doing laundry, washing dishes, etc etc, I listen. Every second I can, I listen. It's so addicting. I want to know what happens during these trials. I just wish there were more of this podcast. I have listened to the no meat athlete podcast, and I can't wait to find more that I love! 

I also watched all 10 episodes of "How to Make a Murderer"! That's not a podcast, but that's a mystery and a murder trial and so I'm addicted of course. I have never in my entire life stayed up until 1:30am watching something. I always fall asleep but I did with this. I thought he was innocent but everyone from that town said they were so biased on the show that it makes you think that but that he's really guilty. I DONT KNOW YALL. 

So, what's your verdict if you've seen it? I asked this on my instagram too so maybe you have already given your vote. I heard 500,000 people have called into their sheriffs department. WHAT? 

Okay, I'm done for today, and this wasn't an exciting blog but I have two things I need from you. 

1. What are your favorite podcasts? If they are mysteries, you get a bonus (y'all know I loved scandal too so anything along those lines for audio books and such or books in general-I love to read)

2. What is your opinion on Steven Avery from How to make a Murderer? 

3. Do you think that the guy on Serial is innocent too? I sure do!!!! Like 100% and find it sad he's just sitting in jail! UH! 

what an exciting fitness blog post right! Off to run 7.5 interval miles on the treadmill for speed work. SOS!

How to Love the Body You're In

Sometimes I feel silly even gracing the surface of these topics, but I also feel that they are so very vital to the success of women in long term health. I go through phases and right now I'm just in a thankful phase of the place that I'm at. I can't tell you how many times I've heard that the reason that I can love my body is because my body is perfect therefore I can't speak on this topic. That always makes me a little upset, but I thought I'd go ahead and put that out there so that we can just clear the elephant in the room. 

There is nothing obsessive or selfish about working towards bettering yourself as society has us believe. You don't have to have a fear of food to choose a healthier option at a restaurant, but you also don't have to be gluttonous just because you choose the pizza or burger at a restaurant. If I go to dinner with someone, there's almost always a joke that's thrown out unless that person orders a salad. Like "Oh don't look Katie!" or "I'll start my diet Monday" or some other nonsense. I want to tell those people to follow my pages and social media a little more closely to see that that's not what I'm about AT ALL. 

My entire mission is to help women find peace and freedom in food while still getting results. THATS the goal. Studies have shown that women that think about food the most often, are often overweight. "Studies have shown" is such a silly thing to throw out because like where is that data or where did I find that, but made you believe me right? ;) Haha! Well, I read it somewhere, so I'm gonna roll with it HAHA! My point of telling you this is that you have to train your mind to STOP thinking about it. If you are someone who has begun macro counting or any lifestyle that is a healthy approach to weight loss, I recommend never having a "weight lost per week" goal. This is different for each person I know and we need motivation to get to our goal, but you need to train yourself to EAT and stop thinking. 

It has been ENGRAINED in our brains to think about every little thing that we put in our mouths. If we are choosing the healthier option, we feel as if everyone thinks we are the lame one at the party or that we are obsessive or we just hate healthy foods and want fries. If you order the salad, FORGET THE FRIES. If you order the fries, FORGET THE SALAD. Whatever food you choose is what you want in that moment, let go of the foods that you could have that are either tastier (if you got the salad) or better for you (if you got the fries). Let down those guard rails of the rules that you have on food. If you've never heard me talk about clearing things from my mind before, it's an approach I use quite often. It helps me to get through many things with a positive attitude. TRAIN YO BRAIN. Think about your to do list. I don't care. Start writing a to do list, but you have to clear your mind of all these food thoughts. It's such a waste of brain time. 

Second, the comparison game. STOP IT. This is something that I myself had to be strict on! The girls that I was friends on social media-many of them got fake boobs. There is nothing wrong with fake boobs but I started to look at their physiques in envy. I would never have that. I look at women with curves, with my athletic figure and think "Man how beautiful is she!?" I like to talk about loving my body most always but I want you to know first and foremost that just because you see my body as something that I shouldn't worry about-no matter what body you're in-until you learn to love it-you are going to want to change it. The goals always change. Your body will NEVER be good enough until you stop thinking, and stop comparing. I can promise you that. 

If you must, stop looking at yourself in the mirror period. I think as women we tend to take progress pictures in today's world, and we look at those photos and nit pick every little area. There's a difference in working towards goals that you have, and critiquing your body. I know the struggle of this because of the women that I work with and it breaks my heart when I look at their bodies and can't even come close to seeing what they see. That doesn't mean that it's not something that they struggle with and want to change, but I think that if this is something that rules your life, you need to take a step away from the mirror. 

I know back in my disordered days, I used to check my stomach like multiple times per day. HA! It's so funny thinking about that. Did I think something was going to change each time? It makes no sense. And my mood in that moment would be determined by how my stomach looked. WHAT THE CRAP KATIE? 

Obviously, getting off the scale if you are struggling to love your body as is. This has NO utility in the goal of body peace...none whatsoever. Every single time you get on that scale, your mood no matter how at peace you are, is going to be determined by that number even if it's just a tiny bit. If you're at a weight that you're happy with and you hit that weight on the scale, you go about your day with a sense of accomplishment. It's so stupid but we all do it. So, just stop. I literally never weigh myself. About a month ago, I was trying out some different things in nutrition and so I wanted to see how my weight trended, so I started getting on it. My husband said "I see the scale keeps moving which means you're getting on it, and I know that road never ends in a good place no matter how level headed you are, so you need to stop." WELL THANK YOU THERE MR CONVICTION! hahaha! I stopped that day. He's right. So, what if I changed up my nutrition and my weight started going up 5 or 10 pounds...would I have been okay with that? I like to think so but I think we all know the answer. Just get off of it. Take care of your body, have goals, but just live your day and the results will come. 

Again, I think that we all go in these waves of extremes. We are either losing weight or gaining weight, but what if we could just be where we are, love life, love each moment with whatever food we choose, and just let it be. Think about the calm and the peace that washes over you just thinking about that. It's a beautiful place to be, I promise. If I sat back and thought about my body, I have lost some definition in my shoulders and I'd love to have a really muscular booty. But, I never think about that unless I'm writing a blog about it. I'm sure that the deadlifts and squats that I did yesterday helped me towards that goal, but my workouts are not about that. I don't think of each workout as a means to an end. It's just my day. It's just what I do, and then the taking care of yourself falls into place. 

Obviously if you hate working out, then honestly, don't work out that much. I'm not telling you to "make this a lifestyle change." While I want that for everyone and while I want everyone to be healthy, I think the healthiest place that you can be is a place of mental peace and if that means just being where you are now, and never working out but you aren't constantly stressing about the workout you SHOULD have done, then that's what I want for you. 

Lastly, thankfulness and gratitude is how you should start thinking about your body. Think about someone that can't do what you can do, they can't move the way you can move, they might not be able to run or go to the gym at all. Start focusing on what you CAN do, not what you can't do. Start pushing your body in new ways and be grateful for each time that you are able to do it. If you really think about it, it's somewhat selfish to be so concerned with what we can't do when someone else can do so much less. Be thankful for the place that you live and that you are able to have food on the table every day because so many are not. Focus on how pushing yourself makes you feel proud of yourself and not a to do list item in order to help you get in this body that you want. 

Happy. Peace. Serenity. If I could bottle it up, I'd share. It's a beautiful place. 

Current Training

So, today's blog will be short and just wanted to update you guys with the way that my training is going. I know that I announced a while back that I was working with a coach and I still am working with that same coach. As I said before, I'm so impressed with this coaching staff and I don't know if I could go back to planning my own. haha! I'm kidding but it's definitely a luxury that I enjoy having. Right now, I'm really focusing on running as we are going into Boston and that is the primary concern. 

George (my running buddy) signed up for the Ironman NC as well so he is kicking up the tri training and asking me to come with him on bike rides. We are supposed to ride 22 miles today through a super hilly course, but it's supposed to pour the rain so I'm not sure that's going to happen. We shall see. Nevertheless, this is what the week has looked like. I didn't take a rest day last week just because of the way that things panned out. 

This is George! haha! His 40th year anniversary of running is this April! Love my training buddies!

This is George! haha! His 40th year anniversary of running is this April! Love my training buddies!

This is Mitchell! He's such an incredible runner/biker as well clocking at least 65 miles per week in running and I think he said 100 miles per week on the bike too.

This is Mitchell! He's such an incredible runner/biker as well clocking at least 65 miles per week in running and I think he said 100 miles per week on the bike too.

Last Saturday-1 hour ride (15 miles) + 8 mile run 

Sunday-15 mile run (completed a 50 mile week) 

Monday-3000m swim + Upper Body workout 

My coach actually wants me to do a powerlifting meet (ha!). We will see about that. My primary focus is obviously endurance but it would be cool to see what I could do while also training for my endurance events! 

This entire week we are going easy because of my hamstring. I'm not injured at all, but I can just feel it hurting and I don't want to do a lot of speed work as I feel it might "pop" and that is the LAST thing that I want. 

Tuesday-easy 8 miles 

Wednesday- easy 6 miles + Lower Body (pulled 175 for 8 so that was fun and the men at the Y look at me like I'm insane LOL)

Thursday-6 miles tempo on the treadmill + Upper Body 

Today- 4 mile easy + Lower Body + 22 mile bike (I'm not sure this is going to happen but I'll do an hour on the trainer if not)

Saturday-15 mile run (Completes a 40 mile week)

Sunday-Complete rest 

There ya have it! I love to train! Seriously, LOVE LOVE! I look forward to it every day. 

Also, my macro class went so great last night and I love having people into my home to teach about all of this. I'm hoping to start some up in the town for running as well, and how to get faster. I think that would be fun. 

Lastly, I WAS UP UNTIL 1AM LAST NIGHT WATCHING THIS CRAZY "How to Make a Murderer" on Netflix. I cannot deal with this. I need to sleep and I need to finish this so I can get my life back. HAHAHA! SO CRAZY!

Physical Changes Based on Nutrition

I think that the pictures of my physique can be really confusing. I think that the pictures of just about any fitness guru are pretty misleading because most likely there's been a long journey to get to that point, so I wanted to share the progress pictures that I have from start to finish, and how nutrition was 100% the reason for all of the changes mostly. The place that I'm at now wouldn't have happened if I hadn't stuck it out so just keep at it, and where you want to be will eventually happen! 

First, body by McDonalds, Burger King, soccer and Taco Bell. I was on the go, ate 3 square fast food meals per day and looked like this. The thing to note is obviously my internal health was awful and also I probably wasn't intaking THAT many calories if it was just three square meals, but it was probably A LOT more fat grams, and not good fats ;) 

I thought I was hot snot right? SO FUNNY! Baby face

I thought I was hot snot right? SO FUNNY! Baby face

After this, I got a boyfriend, gained like 10 pounds just eating my heart out and don't really have a picture from that time, so then I decided I was going to learn what a calorie was, and diet for the first time. I lost that 10 plus another 10 quick because I literally didn't eat. I just wanted the quick and easy route, not because of a disorder but just because I didn't feel like wasting time. 

Wish you could tell but I was seriously a bag of bones! I was maybe 90lbs in this. #YIKES

Wish you could tell but I was seriously a bag of bones! I was maybe 90lbs in this. #YIKES

My eating disorder happened strictly because I didn't know about nutrition. I thought that not eating was how you lost weight then I lost it then didn't know how to get out of the downward spiral. It was totally unintentional, and not recommended. 

From there, I had a break up like 5 years later (I stayed 95-100lbs for many years by eating very little but socially would make it work so I was "healed"). During the breakup, I discovered binge eating. WHOMP.

What I wouldn't give for my grandmother to look this healthy again :( 

What I wouldn't give for my grandmother to look this healthy again :( 

I have never felt so unlike myself like during this time. My face was swollen, and I'm not saying I looked at all, but I was miserable. Fake smile anyone?

Then, I got that somewhat under control by turning to healthy eating. I had actually never truly known about a healthy lifestyle until Tanner introduced it to me. I lost maybe 5 of those pounds but my "healthy" was from my messed up metabolism which still meant most days at 1000 calories. 

Nevertheless, I WAS happier. I just thought that's what health was. Then, I discovered competing, where I could transform my body. Oh, I was so excited. I told myself I would stop my weekend binges for this 12 week period and somehow it worked. I started lifting for the first time and dieted down and that's when I found out that somehow I had really blocked abs. I had never seen this before. I had been working out for years at this point so I think that heavy core work over time. 

From there, I rebounded HARD. I didn't know how to do real life. I tried to "reverse" but really that just meant loosely following macros with only clean foods and binging on the weekends. I was still ONLY lifting at this point. Above, on the left, I was actually running about 20 miles per week maybe, but that's all I did.

The caption of this says I was feeling lean but you can see it's very different from a few months earlier at my show-this comment section was the cliche "You can't maintain show lean body" which you can't but just funny because DUH if you're binging you can't! 

The caption of this says I was feeling lean but you can see it's very different from a few months earlier at my show-this comment section was the cliche "You can't maintain show lean body" which you can't but just funny because DUH if you're binging you can't! 

So, another show cures that right? That's the answer ALWAYS in the fitfam girl world. So, another show I did and with those deadlines you are able to control yourself somehow physiologically. However, this time going into the show, I said that it would be different and this was the final time. After I leaned out for this show, I was going to reverse diet RIGHT and I didn't care how much weight I gained, I had to eat food. I was so miserable on such low carbs. 

When I started reversing appropriately and adding in carbs slowly, my body has NEVER responded so well. I legit put on so much muscle. I was running MAYBE 15 miles a week when I started reversing at the beginning. 

This was heaven for me, and some of the best times in my fitness journey at that time. I could eat doughnuts and gain muscle like this. I just could NOT believe it.

I decided to run my first marathon, and I was very much able to maintain muscle and still am to this day. I would say though that it's not as "thick" if you will. After I reversed, I learned that my true passion lies in endurance and therefore I was going to have to figure out the hybrid approach. I started doing research and started on my journey. I won't share all the pictures along the way in that, but it's basically the same. Here I am today. I could easily do the above if I wanted to be honest. I've gotten lazy with my lifts, and need to be better. LOL. 

But then, I took this last week and my muscle still looks the same. I don't nit pick my body like I am right now. I'm just trying to show the differences in nutrition and workouts and how the body responds because when I do something, I go all in. LOL. I'm my own little science experiment.

My point is this, if I had posted the picture that I'm going to post below, I could have put "RUNNER VS LIFTER" and this happens ALL THE STINKIN TIME! Yes, your body changes based on the workouts that you do, but your body changes mostly with nutritional changes, and knowing how to appropriately train for your goals. It's just frustrating when the entire story is not told and an illusion is created that if you start running, you're going to fall off to nothing.

TOO MANY SELFIES OF ME. I FEEL SO NARCISSISTIC, but I hope you catch my drift. LOL!

Chickpea Salad

This recipe is super easy and I thought I'd add it to get it on my recipe tab so people can refer back anytime! I also have realized that I had to get some variety in my life or I was going to get really bored with my food! 

One tablespoon of this is 24 cal (1.2g F/2.4g C/1g P)

If you want to put this on a sandwich, it'll be about 144cal (7.6g F/14.4g C/6g P) and then of course the macros in your bread! 

Super easy: 


  • 170g chickpeas 
  • 2.5 tablespoons veganaise (I got mine at walmart-you can also just do 2.5 tablespoons of greek yogurt)
  • 1 tablespoon relish 
  • 1 teaspoon salt


Put everything in a food processor, and pulse it so that it's not grinding it all but making it into a salad type consistency.

VOILA! Add to sandwich for a tasty lunch! 

Living Life without Expectations

So, I don't know why but this has been on my mind this week... 

Have y'all ever noticed that we all live life based on the agenda that everyone else wants us to live. We go to elementary school, middle, high school then we go to college. We get a job after we get our degrees where we have student debt. We get married, we settle, we buy a house, and then we have kids. Granted, I know that it doesn't fall that way for everyone but it's this expectation that that is the way that life should and will go. 

There's a new wave in millennials that we want to try to break the 9-5 job and if you can create another job then that's fantastic. I believe that we all have certain skills that we can offer to everyone and I would pay different people on their different knowledge base and don't care one bit if they clock their 9-5. I hate that expectation. We literally waste our lives away at work living for the weekends. But then, the millennials are looked at like we are selfish and just want to have everything and won't work for anything. Our parents and our grandparents have slaved away for 40 years, and that's our expectation too. 


When did this start? WHY DID THIS BECOME?

Think about what you love most in the world? Think about the one thing that makes your heart come alive and beat strong! Why aren't you doing it right now? Probably because you are reading my blog before you go clock your hours to be able to pay the bills and do that thing that you love every once in a while. I know that nothing will ever change about this, but I can't stand that. 

Think about what you have in your box of skills? Why can't you create something out of that that people would want to pay for so that you could live the life that you have always imagined for yourself? I'm not saying that I have this thing figured out because I certainly don't. I just happen to be working a job that I adore, and I'm so grateful for that but I mean more than that. Why does it even always come back to jobs? 

Why am I pressured that it's time for me to have children? I want children-many of them-but I want to explore this world first. I also think that I would love living in Utah or Colorado and running all the trials but why would it be considered absolutely insane if I was to up and go do that. Like legit, my family might would lose their minds at my craziness. BUT WHY? And I don't mean that to my family. I just mean the world. Sometimes I think that I want to go over to Haiti for a year and do mission work, but the reason that I stop myself from thinking about it is the expectation that I know I have to uphold.

"People would think I'm nuts!" 

I have no good answer for this. I wish I could say that I stopped listening to what was expected of me in society and just did what I wanted, but that's not true. 

I've never thought of myself as a free spirit, but I want so badly sometimes to just take a bag, pack it up and just do a year long exploration of the United States and the world. I kind of want to do this to break down the barriers of what is "allowed". WHY is it considered out of the ordinary? 

WHY OH WHY are we all just slaving day in and day out because of the need to make a dollar. Why are parents missing out on their children's lives in order to slave away? I also don't mean to be unrealistic here. We have to make money to provide for our families and be responsible adults. I get it. But, I just wish that there were more ways to do that where we all could genuinely do something that we enjoyed and didn't spend 90% of our lives with people who aren't our families and positions that we don't like. 

I might change my mind on this but Tanner and I have even said that we don't mind our kids taking a year after high school to go do back packing around Europe or something. I jumped right into wanting to get into pharmacy school, slaving away because I had to do XYZ to fit into what I knew I was supposed to be in this pinnacle of what "success" looked like to me. 

For me, I just want to live a life of purpose and passion and not about what is expected of me based on things that really don't even matter in the long run. I hope that this encourages you to take a leap of faith and do the same. What would the world look like if we all did this?

Race Schedule 2016

Per the usual, you guys were fantastic sports about the plant based topic. I'm always so scared to introduce anything new. Just keeping it real that I get REALLY nervous sometimes to post things as not to offend anyone (whether that be on instagram or my blog) especially as I grow. That's very easy to do these days, so I always hope I come across in a way to not do that.

I wanted to give you the official race schedule for 2016 as I have finalized it for the most part. Tentative means that it's very much not planned but if it works out then I'll do it)

March 5 (tentative)-Myrtle Beach half marathon

April 18-Boston Marathon 

May 7-Over the Mountain Olympic Tri

May 21-Gamelands 50K Ultra

August-Lake Logan Half Ironman

September 25-Boulder Marathon (tentative but just planning out details because I really want to make this happen-one of my good friends from NYC is running it and they are planning on moving to Boulder so I want to go visit her new home and run this with her; this would not be a PR race but just a fun one)

October 22-Full Ironman 

Nov/Dec-hoping for another marathon or 50K but nothing for sure yet

Jan 2017-I'd love to do this Disney challenge of doing a 5K, 10K, half marathon then full marathon back to back for 4 days! 

June 2017-Norway for 50 mile ultra (like 100% planning on this with Tanner who has agreed to do it with me)

I want 2017 to be the year of ultra running and hopefully many marathons. Once I get a 50 miler, and a 100 miler under my belt, I will officially have completed the endurance bucket list and begin having babies. HAHA! I'm totally kidding... #kinda But really, sometimes I know that PR's are awesome and so structure and programming and resting is awesome but sometimes I just want to run a marathon every month sprinkled with 50K's and feel super tough and not worry about time. I have never cared about times until social media, and it's hard to NOT care about time when everyone talks about times. I used to not even know what a good time was and just loved to run (even at the finish of my first marathon I didn't know what qualified as good/great/elite/slow). I want to have that love back...just love of running slow or fast and do as many races as possible. To be honest, I found out that I was semi speedy and then I was like "Eh, guess I better pay attention to times now" LOL! 

{{But I'm also chasing a sub 3 marathon too so I need to make up my mind}}

But 2016-that's the year of TRI! And I couldn't be more excited about it! The tri world is full of really passionate people...and really rich people. I get frustrated at people telling me all the gear I need...legit very frustrated. I KNOW... I GET IT. But, I also don't care. I just like to race. I like to move my body through the ocean, through the motion of the pedals and as my feet hit the ground. THATS what I care about...not the power meter and the fancy aero bars and aero helmets. All of that stuff is fantastic, but I just feel so 1st world. 

Maybe I'll do a blog on how guilty I feel as a "rich" person because if you are reading this blog, you are rich in the context of the entire world. My mom says I have the bleeding heart syndrome, where I care too much about the problems of the world that I can't fix. It's gotten worse lately. SOMEBODY SNAP ME OUT OF IT. But point being, please don't tell me I "have to have" a power meter. I'd rather give my money to hungry babies. K bye. 

I'm rambling now. Blogs are better when writers don't ramble. BACK TO THE POINT! ;) 

There's something that happens to my soul in the motion of it. And it doesn't happen during 3 mile runs, or 1 mile swims. It's further than that. I'm not kidding. It's crazy. Today, I was like "uh whatever I have to swim" and right around 1500m, I started sinking into it. The mind switches into euphoric's seriously like a drug and I can't get enough. I just wanna go further. HAHA! Okay, I've jumped off the endurance bridge now. Somebody bring me back ;) 

What is your schedule this year?! I wanna know what everyone is doing?

100% Plant Based Week 1 Recap

This past week, I started on this journey and I thought I'd share some quick things that I felt this week about this. First, I'm doing the Daniel Fast. It's essentially to draw closer to the Lord by committing to only eating foods from the Earth, none that are animal based for 21 days. This is NOT because I feel the bible says that you shouldn't eat meat, or that it's sinful to do so. This is simply a drawing closer by giving something up that is very prevalent in your life and our society. 

I actually always thought that fasting (food wise) was a bit silly and extreme until I moved to NYC. This is also the reason that I think it's so cool to travel the world, and experience so many different people in different walks of life and different cultures because your eyes are opened so wide. I think it's important to really sit back and listen to what people have to say, taking down your walls of pre conceived ideas and bias, and opening your mind to what they are saying. I had some really wise people tell me about the benefits of fasting, and every Wednesday would send out an email to a group of girls reminding us to just maybe fast until lunch those days.

I would always say "Yea I'll think about trying that out this week" and I would wake up and after an hour feel as if I might eat my arm off and then of course eat and never do it. But, also because I never REALLY actually wanted to. For some weird reason though, I have been softened on that idea and feeling more called to do so, and I felt this was something that I could definitely do. 

So, I wanted to just give some insight into the week:

What were some things that I didn't expect? 

  • My digestive track to regulate so quickly (Seriously annoyed at myself that for my entire life, I've struggled with constipation and eating only plants seems to have cured that overnight-like seriously why did I not do this because 3 years ago, I was DESPERATE for answers).
  • My stepdad to be all for it (biggest surprise there)
  • How much I have genuinely enjoyed fruit smoothies and other foods (I typically honestly don't enjoy fruit)
  • How hard it is to get calories!! 
  • Tanner to be 100% on board-legit he is doing it with no reservations with me! Love that kiddo!
  • How much I didn't even think about the lack of meat and animal products (It's so funny...I just stopped eating it and didn't think a thing about it)
  • My body didn't change at all (I mean I guess I didn't really expect it to overnight but was curious)
  • I felt really REALLY (really) embarrassed to discuss it to the point that I got defensive and upset when trying to explain it to my family which was silly-I told my mom it's like when you tell someone you are a Christian and they point out a flaw in the Bible and you start stumbling around for words to say because you can't put your thoughts together when people are directly asking you questions and you aren't a theologian so you just have to be like "ITS JUST HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW OKAY!?" LOLOL

One of the very reasons that I'm doing this is a faith thing, so being rude about it made me really upset at myself for coming across the wrong way, not in a pushy way, but just defensive of my choices when I felt attacked out of my own insecurities about it because I know how my family feels, and not because of anything they had said. I journaled for like an hour after that. haha!

What were some things that I did expect? 

  • My family thought I was weird/crazy (If they see this, they'll say they didn't actually think that but I know them and their facial expressions were quite the give away HAHA)
  • My mom discussed it with me and played "devils advocate" as she liked to call it ;) Hi mom! 
  • More carbs to be delicious
  • Excitement for the exploration of new foods!

What did I eat?

  • Lots of oatmeal & potatoes
  • Lots of big bowls of things with a lot of stuff mixed in (tempeh, black beans, chickpeas, carrots, cucumber, tomato, zucchini, onion, squash, carrots). We aim for variety and just making big bowls of stuff
  • Veggie tacos
  • Butternut squash/Spaghetti Squash
  • Cliff Builder Bars
  • Cashew Cream ice cream
  • Almond milk/Cashew milk 
  • Strawberry/Banana/Spinach smoothies
  • Avocado, coconut oil on toast
  • Mustard & Collard Greens
  • Tofu with black beans and onions 
  • Tempeh sandwiches with avocado
  • I plan on getting much more creative as the weeks progress, but for now, this is about it

What didn't I eat?

I know this may seem simple, but wanted to clarify-no animal products so we aren't eating eggs or cheese or yogurt or butter, but we are very relaxed about it. Obviously, we aren't having meat, but that's obvious. LOL. I heard a podcast where this guy was saying how people always tell him "Well I can't because I like my moms chicken noodle soup too much" Well okay, big your moms chicken noodle soup. Just because you need chicken soup doesn't mean you have to eat everything else made from animals if that's your choice. If someone makes us something, we aren't going to be like "Um sorry, we have dietary restrictions and let me tell you why we eat this way" NO NO NO. Eat the food and hush ;) 

Again, related to religion...if you genuinely want someone to hear you out on why you are doing something that's very much against the norm in society, then the LAST thing that will work is giving them all this info on why they should convert. No, you live your life, and you don't like walk into a room "HI! I'm Katie, and I believe that Jesus died upon the cross for my sins, and you should too!" It sounds extreme and like a joke, because it is. Again, we are very chill about it but just are making this choice while we are at home. 

Protein Sources? 

This is always the biggest question and one that Tanner asks me like every night. Last night, I got annoyed with him because the answer is simple. ;) There's not a ton of different options, and I'll give you the list here. We have lowered our protein, aiming for a really good amount of good whole sources of essential amino acids instead of just random proteins, and we are playing it by ear. The protein recommendations that I have for clients still remain, and doing so with meat products is MUCH easier. But, this is fun for us! :) Obviously you will see that most protein sources also have carb in them as well, so I account for that in my macros. This is the beauty of macros. You want to eat clean, you eat clean. You want to eat paleo, eat paleo. You want to eat garbage and fast food, I did that for a long long time hahah! You customize it to what YOU want.

  • Tempeh
  • Tofu
  • Seitan
  • Black Beans / Chickpeas / Any bean
  • Quinoa/Buckwheat
  • Beyond Meat Products (really great company)
  • Any packaged substituted meat product
  • Vegan protein powder 
  • Greens- this is where I explain that per gram, dark leafy greens have more protein than even beef, but you would have to eat 47lbs of greens but I just add that in there for fun. 

Am I a vegan? 

Okay first, as my family laughs at me and says "She doesn't want labels on her" which is the truth. I really really don't. Because if someone has me over and cooks me chicken, I'm gonna eat chicken. If something has a little whey in it, I'm not going to freak out (whey is in everything lol). I think that this is great for spiritual, ethical, health, and environmental reasons but that doesn't mean that I think it's that huge of an issue. I think we make it SUCH a big deal in our world, when the real truth is...when I eat in my home, I'm just going to not have animal products. Simple as that! 

I'm not an animal activist (although they are treated epically cruel and I believe they feel pain), an environmentalist (altho I do think we could feed many more people with the grains we feed the cows), or obsessed with immortality (although disease prevention is black and white in clinical trials). I told you guys a few posts back, I was going to explore the option of it and see what I thought. After much exploration, I feel compelled to at least challenge myself and see what it's like! :) 

Second, if there were a label, it would be plant based. If I'm avoiding meat, I don't want to just eat potato chips and vegan hot dogs and act like I'm treating my body well. LOL! The Daniel fast is about eating things of the EARTH! Vegan comes with a political statement to the lay person, and I don't want that.


  • Forks over Knives (disease prevention) 
  • Vegucated (girl from NYC takes all 3 people on a 6 week journey to show them all the facts and if they would change to plant based when they found out)
  • Cowspiracy (environmental) 
  • Food Inc (the one that I don't recommend-just basically tells you everything you already know lol)
  • Earthlings (very intense)
  • The Best Speech You'll Ever Hear-Gary Youroskfy (Youtube)
  • From Table to Able (Youtube-Michael Gregory-runs
  • How Not to Die (Michael Gregory)
  • Finding Ultra (he's very well researched on his veganism) 
  • Cronometer-app that you use just like myfitnesspal but is more focused on micros so I track my 8 essential animo acids for fun to make sure I at least get that-which I feel is just as important as grams

I always like to say that even though this is a journey that I'm on, that doesn't mean that it's for everyone, and that doesn't mean that I think that you should do it. I'm not here to change anyone's mind on this, but simply to just share my journey through it. As I've said many times, I honestly just think it's fun to challenge myself in new ways sometimes and to push myself out of my comfort zone by being open minded to information that I'm presented with and trying to form the best opinion that I can using logic and reason and not previous bias! :) 

Why is nutrition not taught in pharmacy school?

This is not something that is ever meant to offend anyone nor is it a stab at any doctor whatsoever. This is not a stab at pharmacy school either, but the sad fact is, nutrition is not taught and it’s a SHAME. It’s actually negligent and it needs to change. There will most likely be physicians that read this as I know that I have medical professionals that follow me, and I bet they are fantastic. I bet they teach their clients proper nutrition, and I applaud them…for learning that on their own because the amount of time spent on it is next to none when it could change the world.

The amount of need for nutrition in medicine is unprecedented and it’s not even talked about…at all. The research is there…LOADS of it. Why in our lectures about diabetes did they just tell us to recommend a healthy diet? We don’t even know what that means if someone is not interested in health and fitness? And by society standards that normally just means to eliminate carbs.

I went on rotation and had a patient with diabetes tell me that her doctor had told her to just start eating more fruits and veggies and she had diabetes? WHAT? This just leaves the patient completely confused, and feeling as if this is just something they cannot donot to mention that’s certainly not going to control her blood sugar.

If they have high blood pressure, they are told to stop eating salt. While yes, that is a good recommendation, that leaves the patient thinking that they should avoid all salt and have a miserable diet when if they could just lose some weight in a sustainable fashion, their high blood pressure would go away and they wouldn’t have to do all the salt restrictions. 

Hashimotos or PCOS-they are told to just stop carbs altogether! Don’t have moderate carb intake, but just eliminate them! No! That makes no sense. It’s completely unreasonable.

Heart disease-sorry! We can treat it but it won’t get better even though there is BLACK AND WHITE evidence that with a proper diet, it can be reversed.

Alzheimers-SORRY! It’s just as we age we get plagues and tangles in our brain….THAT ARE CAUSED BY ATHEROSCLEROSIS from eating bad.

High Cholesterol-Just stop eating carbs! That’s the answer for everything right?

Oh, and celiacs-Don’t eat carbs! Because gluten = carbs right? NO. No it doesn’t at all.

Digestive problems-“Eat more fiber” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? I sure as heck know that that advice never did a thing for me and my IBS-C.

TONS of research relates back pain back to dehydration-I’m going to doubt your doctor tells you to drink more water when you have back pain.

Asthma, depression, anxiety, COPD, lung disease, Kidney disease-ALL AFFECTED BY DIET! WHY IS THIS NOT TAUGHT?!!! My mind is going nuts!

If they do tell you diet advice, it’s not going to be actual advice that is sustainable. My father in law was told by his doctor that “if it tastes like cardboard, that’s what you should be eating. If it tastes good, stay away from it.” HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND? That’s so far from the truth, I can’t even wrap my mind around it. And all it does is instill in people’s brains that a life of health sucks. It’s miserable. It’s gross.

And with Warfarin (blood thinner), patients are told to stay away from leafy greens. UHHHHH!!! #1-Leafy greens are fantastic for you and contain tons of vitamins. #2-YOU DO NOT HAVE TO STAY AWAY! They have a large amount of Vitamin K in them therefore if you are on Warfarin, your dose needs to be monitored based on the amount of greens that you eat. You just need to keep your greens CONSISTENT not to eliminate them altogether.

We have gotten WAY too comfortable with allowing people to continue doing what they are doing in their diets and destroying their health but yet the words “Health nut” are thrown around like candy…as if we are the nutty ones? UM…okay?

And not to mention, we aren’t nutty. We eat FANTASTIC food. We have energy. We feel alive, and well, and will be able to run around with our grandkids (lord willing). It’s not about restriction. We don’t restrict at all. We eat TONS of food…tons of food that you wouldn’t expect us to eat. It’s about learning what’s in foods (macronutrients) and how this correlates to the goals that you have.

I’m a pharmacist, and I wish I could change this. I wish nutrition could be taught in reference to EVERY SINGLE disease state because it has utility. There is absolutely no reason that when we disease high blood pressure that we go through the protocol of what to use with no reference to diet other than to limit salt intake to 2000mg a day which is almost near impossible for the normal person and so they just don’t do anything at all. I’m not talking about just a nutrition course, but actually integrating nutrition into every single lecture and how that correlates to that disease state because it matters…a lot.

This is not a stab at any school. This is not a stab at a physician or a pharmacist because I don’t even know who is really at fault here, and I don’t honeslty think that anyone is but just that it really should change. But then again, I never learned about a mortgage, insurance, or taxes in high school but I sure did learn about things that I will never use again, so it's the same issue.

We need to make it realistic. We need to make nutrition protocols. We need to make a change. We need to desperately, because our nation is dying without it. My blog won’t change anything, but at least I get to rant about on my space of the internet ;) I am going to start trying to have different disease states and how I think that diet will change the lives of those with those and go into more specifics.  

My Very First 3 Mile Run

So, I was thinking about when people visit my page they think about how I run so much and all the races that I’m doing and how they could never do that, and it brings me back to the very first time that I went on a for real 3 mile run, and I can vividly remember that time like it was yesterday. I thought I’d tell that story, because we still laugh about it today as the first run was with Tanner.

When I went to Campbell in the fall of 2010 for pharmacy school, I legit knew NO ONE. I had ZERO friends, and I was going through a nasty break up. Working out was the LAST thing that I wanted to do. For those that are depressed and struggle with working out, I totally feel you. People would tell me that it would make me feel better so I would go to the gym, and legit like look at machines, wander around some and then walk out the door. I would waste hours just meandering through everything because I just couldn’t focus on life. It was areally…REALLY hard time in my life.

Every single morning, the girl that I had moved in with would get up at 6am before class and go workout. I would tell her that I was going to go with her and every single time the alarm went off, I would say that I was not going to go. She didn’t know me well, and I was NOT a joy to be around during the time so I can only imagine what she thought of me. I know that it wasn’t good things, and I get it. But, I also knew that during that time and that didn’t help me any. I had never felt so alone. 

I was always a goodie goodie, but at this time, that all went out the window. I started going to parties, and this is also when the awful binge eating started. I gained 20 pounds in the spam of a month or two, and whereas my face is normally long and lean, was super round. I think this was from the cortisol of binging as well as just life in general. I should do a side by side of me at the same weight but from that time. It is MIND blowing what my face looks like and just goes to show that when you are not taking care of yourself, your body is giving you signals and letting you know it is NOT okay. I started getting acne everywhere. I attributed this at the time to the fact that I had gained weight, but I know now it was DEFINITELY the food that I was eating. Fast food all day every day splashed in with some days of starvation-you know-normal stuff #NOT

round face.jpg

One day Brandy (my best friend to this day) stood up in front of the class and told us she was going to hold a bible study at her house. I have always been a believer so of course I signed up, and seriously, she was my angel. We hit it off immediately and started spending all of our time together. She was actually against alcohol at that time (which is hilarious to think about now) and so of course, I naturally just didn’t drink. The friendships that I had before her started to dissolve, but that was super awkward too. Campbell was hard for me just all around to be honest. The binging habits were in place at this point so even though I stopped partying and had a best friend, of course that continued. 

I met Tanner in November/December, and we fell for each other quick. I felt I had to tell him about my issues so I told him within like the first week of knowing him because I could tell he was serious about me, I felt that I was going to deal with this for the rest of my life (HOLLER I’M NOT), and that this would affect him greatly. I felt that unfair to him, and told him that he probably shouldn’t be with me because I was a wreck. He basically heard that to mean “I’m gonna save you.” In the beginning stages of him doing this, I was actually REALLY annoyed to the point of almost not wanting to be with him. He monitored me like a hawk and for those that know about these issues, you want them to hide in the dark. You don’t want to talk about it, and it was really awkward. I would yell for him to get out of my business…you know…real dramatic stuff here folks. I’m such a different person now. LOLZ. I can remember coming home from a GI appointment that he had made for me. He didn’t understand why I had never been to the doctor about my digestion and that he felt it was really dangerous because I would go a month without going. They, of course, knew nothing to help, and so I was really upset and wanted to be alone. He just waited on my doorstep for me. Lord have mercy yall, I’ve never been so pursued by a boy. Good job Tanner because I sure wouldn’t have wanted to date me. Thanks for stickin it out dude ;)

puppy love haha

puppy love haha

It’s funny thinking about my digestion at that time. DUHHHHHH. I was “so confused” but yet I was starving one day, eating fast food all day the next, and the cycle just continued. HELLLO.

Tanner has been into fitness since high school, and is actually the reason that I got into it. He would go lift weights every day, and I thought that was really attractive yet crazy. I thought he was a meat head, but he looked good so I was okay with that. HAHAHA! At the time, he knew nothing about nutrition so he would eat COPIOUS amounts ofterrible food (he still does but just better for you). I’m talking like 6 dollar menu McDonalds burgers at one time and thought that gave him good protein. Good times.

Nevertheless, he asked if I ever ran. I wanted to impress him, and I had been super fit in high school, and even the year before had went on very short jogs with my friend Valerie, who is now also a marathon runner. We legit would go like a mile and think it was something so I told him of course.

Yall, my body was wrecked and I tried to move my body at his speed for 3 miles. I’ve never felt so awful. I hated every single step. I was pissed off because I was embarrassed and also competitive and by the second mile, I legit thought that I was going to just die. Tanner asked if he could go ahead and finish up with some speed, and I was like WHATEVER JUST GO. I was SO overdramatic, but I can remember crying after this run. I was so out of shape, but I liked to think that because I was small that no matter what, I would still be in shape. Uh, no. A friend convinved me to sign up for a half marathon, and I hated every single run. I won’t say I hated every single one, but close. The furthest that I went before my half was 8 miles, and I knew I’d never make it race day. I went out to dinner with my family before the race, and I cried because I didn’t want to go. They told me I didn’t HAVE to do it, but I was so embarrassed because of this friend that I showed up. 

I finished of course, and I was so happy and proud of myself, but it definitely wasn’t something that I was going to continue. I didn’t run for like 2 months after that day.

It wouldn’t be for another 3 years that I picked it up again and fell in love. My life was different, my mindset was different, I was taking care of myself with nutrition, I was doing my runs that I was supposed to do so everything felt great.

I get a lot of emails and comments about how inspirational that I am, and I’m honestly surprised by them each time. I’ve not always been this girl. I had to fight to become this girl, but I wanted it. The person that you are right now doesn’t’ define what your future looks like. You do NOT have to be stuck in that hole. It might take you some time (took me 3 years) but slowly, you’ll come out of it. That doesn’t mean that running is going to be what you do when you come out of it, but sometimes I think it helps to see someone who has been at her rock bottom and climbed her way back out. That girl was a HOT MESS binging to oblivion every other day, winded from a short jog like it was a marathon, and would go weeks without going to the bathroom. When you start taking care of yourself, it’s this domino effect. You see the results not just in your body but in your clarity, your focus, and your drive and so that gives you the motivation to want to do more and more.