Kindal signed up with me last black friday and I feel that life hasn't been the same since. It's hard to imagine life without this girl, and I even got to meet up with her and run with her when she came to NYC for one weekend! She is a true gem, and like she said, we truly have become great friends! She also has an instagram that you can follow: @runningwithstrength if you want to follow along with her journey as she does lots of fun things! :) Thank you for being such a light in my life Kindal <3

I have been Black Friday shopping since I was 2 years old but I don’t think I bought a more life changing gift for myself than the Fitness Prescription Plus from KatiesFitScript. I had been following her on Instagram for a few months when she released the special and I told my husband I wanted to try the whole “IIFYM” thing and that I thought she would understand me as we had a lot of things in common. My husband said well go ahead but you won’t stick with it for 2 weeks and it will be a waste – well one year later and I could say that went much differently than expected.

I would not say Katie and I have the prototypical client/coach relationship, I think we became friends right from the beginning (which to be honest I was hoping so). Katie has coached me through two cuts and two reverses as well as two marathon training cycles resulting in my most recent Boston Qualifying time. In 1 year Katie has taken me from an injured runner eating 1500 calories/day and barely running a 2 hour half marathon to a Boston Qualified Marathoner in 3:24:42 eating 2000+ calories per day. However, it is so much more than a body image or a number on the scale. Katie has given me the belief to DREAM BIG and the support system through Team KatiesFitScript to jump knowing I will never fall.

In one year I can honestly say Katie has changed my life for the good forever. I am more passionate and confident in every aspect of my life after completing one year with Katie and I am forever grateful. One year ago that Black Friday Special was the biggest blessing and gift I ever could have gave myself because I know now I would not be the woman I am today without her. So thank you Katie for being my coach but more importantly now my friend – I hope many other women will take the leap of faith with you and obtain the happiness and health that I have. 

A Different Kind of Thankful

I'm up at 4:30 am on Thanksgiving...really Katie? 

I did go to bed at 10, so I guess that's 6.5 hours of sleep right? I can't sleep because I'm sick. It's just a cold I'm sure, and I tend to get over those quickly, but it's like the congestion from lying down was just in my throat and I couldn't breathe or swallow so it woke me up all night. I was thinking how I'm just pitiful right now. LOL! Just getting over a sprained wrist with scabs just all over me from road rash from my bike crash to then having what I think to be either a stress fracture fully developed into a fracture in my foot so I can't run (and haven't for 2 weeks-HELP SOS). Now, I'm sick. Sheesh! When it rains it pours right? 

I was thinking how I made a blog last week about the city my heart belongs to in NYC. As I was riding the train to the Bronx that leads me to the M60 bus for the airport, I was in contact with many many people. It's the holidays, and the 4/5 subway had delays, it was around 8am, which means that everyone is packed like sardines. The same was true of the bus. It was so tight that people start getting mad at one another so easily. It takes nothing for one to snap.

I don't know why but I was so thankful for being in the city just for a period, I just wouldn't let it get to me this time. I looked from face to face like studying them (weirdo alert) and thought about the lives that they live. As we go up the island, many get off at union square or grand central station with suits on. You can tell the tourists by their cameras and subway maps, and they get off at Times Square. Medical personnel tend to get off on the upper east side because that's where hospitals are. Then, it's just the people left going to the airport and those who live on the outside of the city. 

I am sitting here with this aching in my heart for this city, and they have no choice. There were so many this subway ride with tattered clothes, and I'm in my Zara coat, steve madden cross body purse & luggage with my north face backpack. They have no way out. They have begun to become hardened by people...the constant in and out on the subway. They ride that every day. It's not exciting. It's not an adventure. It's life, and it's hard. They don't have the money to live in the city, but they also don't have the means to get out. 

I got off the subway and felt guilty to be honest. I complained "I would never again ride the bus" as my pompous self gets on my phone and purchases a flight BECAUSE I CAN. 

I finally get to my check gate, and I see all the faces of those that can afford a flight and it was such the extreme opposite. They had their martini glasses and iPads in their suits. It shook me for some reason. 

I am always on facebook, so I came across a family that has adopted a girl at the age of 17. She has posts all over her facebook with her new parents calling them "daddy and mommy" and about her siblings. She's been in foster care her entire life, and at 17 years old, she has probably always just wanted to give the title "Daddy" to someone. Just someone who would love her. And I roll my eyes at my dad for making me come to Thanksgiving to eat today at 10:45am (but really-he's so comical-thanksgiving breakfast maybe? ;)).

Of course this made me think even more. I thought about how I was going to make a post about what I was thankful for, and how in the past week, that's kind of changed drastically on what's on the forefront of my mind. We went around the table at friendsgiving in NYC and talked about what we were thankful for. Almost everyone said the community of friends. One sweet guy friend said "opportunity" and I couldn't agree more. It's cliche to be thankful for friends and family, but like truly think about how privileged we are. 

So, I just want to really rest in the blessings that the Lord has given me this Thanksgiving and continuing on this year living in that joy every day because I am (we are) SO LUCKY. It's not even blessings I've realized. I'm just lucky. 

I'm thankful to have been born into the family that I did where they could provide all of my basic needs as well as give me unconditional love. I'm not just thankful for "friends and family" but the true connection and relationships that I have with these people. I want to know them deeper. I want to love them unconditionally as well. I'm so thankful for a family that's close. I'm so thankful to have enough money to have a friendsgiving at my house and provide a turkey for everyone to eat. The pilgrims didn't have enough money for that (which is ironic that we have this massive bird as tradition).

I'm thankful to have the opportunity to choose where I live. How selfish of me to complain and my heart to ache when there are so many who would KILL to just have a roof over their heads. I'm thankful that when I wanted to move out of New York, I had the money to do so. I'm thankful for my health. I'm telling you about my bumps and bruises and colds, and there are some who would give anything to get rid of the cancer taking over their bodies.

I'm so thankful for a husband that loves me and is so very good to me. There are so many that have to fight their husbands to stay faithful, to not call them names when angry, and who may be so distant that they just want to hear the words I love you. He is more to me than I could ever deserve.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity to even be writing this blog post because that means that I'm fortunate enough to have internet which is a luxury and something millions could never even fathom. 

When Tanner and I moved into our current house, we felt this weird sort of guilt. We both didn't grow up in a home like this and we thought, "Is this necessary? Do we deserve this?" and I still don't know the answer to that. We worked VERY VERY hard to get where we are so it was definitely not just given to us, but I'm just so thankful for even the opportunity to go to college and get my doctorate. On top of that, I'm so thankful that in the midst of that, I gained some "social media fame" and have been able to create an online job working at home. And of course I complain about that sometimes....ridiculous. Lol

I guess you could say I'm thankful for the "small stuff" but it's just so much deeper than that. It's this deep rooted emotion of just like "Wow. Thank you Lord. I do not deserve all that You have given me." I fully believe that we were each hand picked to live the life afforded to us but that nothing is of our own glory. Nothing is because of me, and I plan on living it in a way that I can really resonate with people, connect with people and that they are able to see Christ in me and through me. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Healthy Potluck Thanksgiving

So, I know that thanksgiving is that time of year where there are a million awful things on the plate, and this is not the time to be counting macros. However, in true Katiesfitscript fashion, I also don't think this is a time to gorge either. I spent way too many years of my life dreading the holidays where I knew I would stuff my face until i could hardly breathe but knowing that I'd restrict for the next 2 weeks. What an awful way to approach the holidays. I love going into the holidays now not caring a bit really about the food, other than excitement about it, and just enjoying time with friends and family. There is always going to be turkey, and what a great source of lean protein. 

I really encourage everyone to just eat intuitively and stop when you're full. I know this is a learned art, but you can really tap into it if you just are consciously aware. I wanted to share two items that just are a little better for you because my annual friends giving is tonight. I honestly normally do "naughty" foods, but this year I'm just gonna be proud to be that girl bringing the veggie dish ;) 

Today is crazy busy so I just want to share them super quick! This morning I cooked up onions, tomatoes, zucchini and squash. I sprinkled Cavenders seasoning (Greek seasoning from Walmart) all over the veggies. I then made quinoa over the stove top, and added just enough to the veggies not to make this a carb heavy dish but rather just to cook the veggies with that quinoa. I then put this over salad (mixture of spinach and romaine). I put this together for a picture, but in all honesty, I would keep the veggies coated in quinoa separate in the fridge, and then I'm going to add to the salad closer to the dinner tonight. I don't want the leaves to get soggy!

Second, I wanted to share a little hack I did to deviled eggs. We all know that yolks carry a lot of nutrients, and are great for you but they also carry a lot of fat. Therefore, I took half of the yolks and made the inner portion of the egg versus using the entire thing. At the end, I saw that I needed about 2 more whole yolks to finish off the eggs. I had 18 eggs to fill and used 11 yolks instead of 18. If you did this all together I added 6 tablespoons of light miracle whip, 1 tablespoon mustard, and a tablespoon of sweet relish! 

This is my first time making deviled eggs, but I made sure to taste the filler before I put it into the egg, and it tastes great. It's a fluffier lighter version, and fun fact... the southern way of deviled eggs is with mayo. The classic way is actually with miracle whip so I didn't feel bad using it. At first, I was nervous it would taste yucky but it didn't! :) HORRAY! It's all about experimenting and finding your favs! 

I hope you guys are going to have the best holiday with all of your families! 

Training with Injury

So, I don't know how many of my blogger followers follow me on instagram, but you might have seen yesterday that I'm for reals down for the count. I am so sad and confused by it, but either way I've got to heal up before I can do any running. When I finished my marathon, I felt great. I was sore the next day but nothing serious. I did cycling the day after to warm things up, and then I rested that Monday. On Tuesday, I went for a 3.5 mile run and I felt fantastic. I was so on top of the world with running. I felt a small pain in my foot but nothing major. The next day, I was to do 5.83 miles on the treadmill for a heart rate assessment, and at 0.75 mile, I felt a pretty severe pain but not unbearable and I thought that right now wasn't the week to push mileage so I was just gonna be smart, heal up and start back the following week. My coach told me to play it safe, and so the following day I did cycling as well. 

I thought that it was an extension of plantar fasciitis (which maybe it still is). I have been having a lot of pain upon waking in my heel but it subsides as the day goes on and I'm very easily able to run. However, it seems much worse. I got to NYC on Friday morning, and before I was to surprise Brandy at 4pm, I was going to go for a run. I made it 0.25 mile. What injuries get worse with time and rest? I'm so confused. It was something that I headed out thinking "I can do tough things" and I legit could not go any further. MY foot was like seizing up in pain. I normally will get minor tweeks and think I'll be fine, but this is something that I can't just run through....which is annoying and frustrating. We went indoor rock climbing/bouldering on Saturday and I had to stop very shortly after this photo. In bouldering, many times you fall on the crash pad or you kinda jump off. That impact on my foot was like all body encompassing sending waves up my leg.


I really don't care about taking rest. I'm not that person that's like obsessive and HAS to run because I'm in fear of what might happen. haha! Just not my style...I'm very much like "oh well, this will get better eventually and I'll be back" type attitude. So, I've been positive but I guess the only thing bothering me is that it's getting worse not better it seems. I've been in NYC so I'm having to walk everywhere. That's not helping matters at all. So, I'm hoping that upon the return to NC, I will be able to rest it more and get this healed up. The only reason that I do care is because in 100% transparency, my biological clock is ticking. HA! And I have goals before that point. 

I want to run Charleston super bad because it's a flat course, and my course PR is a super hilly course. I really want to run a 50K in February. The reason that those time lines are more set is because of Boston in April that I want to be prepared for. So, in order to be prepared for all of that, I just need to make sure I'm back within the next couple of weeks. If not, I may cancel Charleston (which I haven't paid for yet because I always make sure I'm not injured after marathons until I sign up for the next race lol-played in my favor this time). Again, I know it's not 100% necessary to do all of these races, but I was really excited about them so it's just always a little sad. I still have 8 weeks until Charleston so time is there.

Lastly, all of this is timed at the beginning of the year because then tri season kicks back up. I want to complete a full ironman at the end of the year next year. I can of course train for both as I did this year, and I probably will schedule a marathon but it does pan out a little easier this way. I know all of this sounds very intense and insane for most people, and I know it is however I feel like once you get a taste, it's so hard to stop. HAHA! It's just so wonderful. I think I've said this before, but I don't mind at all spending 2 hours per day on my training. I feel that in order to be a hybrid athlete, you have to put the time in. I've spent literally my entire life doing sports and practices were ALWAYS 2+ hours so I'm very used to that.

So, what am I doing in the meantime? I want to keep up my endurance, so my coach has switched everything to intense cycling and swimming. I feel you can do those activities leisurely, but if you do them with speed then you can keep up the same endurance. My training for the next week is as follows: 

Today-Easy spin 1:00 (1 hour) and doing some all over body lifts tailored to me just to get back into heavy lifting for legs (we want to utilize this time that my legs are not fatigued from running)

Wednesday-1 hour bike with 2 time trials for speed in the middle with different workouts for 10 minutes at a time

Thursday-squat assessment working up to heavy singles with a 1 hour recovery bike and 30 minute swim

Friday-swim assessment for speed with upper body assessment (bench press)

I have come to see that assessment basically means: let's see how hard you can go and how much you can do in a time frame. haha! That's not true at all, but these are always very tough

Saturday-2.5 hour bike ride

As you can see, I'm not stopping training at all, but just rather switching it up to work on other things in the meantime. I'm thankful for a coach that is so knowledgeable even on common injuries to be able to give me guidance as to what to do. I'm going to go to the doctor at the beginning of next week if nothing is better. Fun fact about me: it's not that I hate doctors but I hate going. I'm not afraid. I just think it's unnecessary. Just like with my wrist, it was not really that bad and it healed on it's own. Normally if you have a cold, you can suck it up and it will go away. A Z-pak is just furthering antibiotic resistance when you most likely have a virus. My poor kids. I'm gonna be like SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP ;) 

Lastly, I'm so thrilled to get back. I feel like I'm learning so much with every training cycle, and I can't wait to compile all of that into a race that I can perform at the absolute very best. I'm also really excited to see how I feel about ultra running. I honestly think that I'm going to love it! 

How do you guys handle injuries? 

What's on your training plans for this year?

To the city my heart belongs to

So, as you all know, I came to NYC this weekend. I'm sorry for the lack of blogging. I had blogs planned, but sometimes relationships come first and spending times with the ones that you love is really important too so I let that go to the side for this weekend! :) This has been one of the top best weekends I've had in a really long time. It's funny though because I would have said last weekend was the same way. I think it's all relative, and I just tend to get really excited about everything (haha) but either way, this weekend was wonderful.

While it was wonderful, it made my heart ACHE....bad. I want to be back in this place so so bad. When we moved from New York City, everything was new to me. It was a change that I was okay with because it was new and exciting. Let me pause right here and say this first and foremost: I absolutely love Shelby. That is not going to change. I love my small town, and everything about it. I love the people and the community that we have formed. Shelby is also the place that I plan to raise my kids, and spend the rest of my life. So at 26 years old, I feel so young. I know that many many people do this even way before me, but I just feel there is SO MUCH life out there. There is so much travel. There is so many wonderful places to go. I feel like I wrapped that up too quickly in NYC. 

When we moved from NYC, it was kind of one of those things that because of job situations, there were no other options. I won't go into the gory details of all of that, but living here for another year literally made no sense for us. As a family, we made the best decision for what was right for us, and it was right for us. But, boy does my heart hurt. The community of people that I have in NYC is like no other, and I miss them so much. 

So, it leaves me with this feeling of regret and feeling robbed of my time here, and then I'm brought back to reality. I prayed about this hard core because I was in tears during the church service yesterday. I feel that my soul belongs in this city, and I can't be here anymore. But, just like always, here I was looking at the grass is always greener on the other side. I truly believe and I live my life knowing that the Lord has a plan much bigger than my own. I want everything planned out X-Y-Z and then if God decides to drop in some blessings along the way, I want to say "Oh God wanted me here" when really it was my own choosing in the first place. 

When we moved to NYC, it was expensive. I remember telling Tanner so many times that I wasn't sure if this was God's plan or my own. I quickly realized that it was God's truly. We went through A LOT of struggles last year but we also were on the biggest high ever. It brought us to our knees, and closer to God than EVER before. My faith has never grown so much in one year. It is something that I will hold and keep with me for the rest of my life, and be able to tell my kids that the reason that I am who I am today is because of my one single year in New York City. 

So, why regret that? There is absolutely nothing to regret. When I was here, and we were going through these things, I just couldn't believe some of the things. I didn't understand why this was happening to us in our "precious year" and I didn't enjoy the moments. I didn't relish in the fact that I could look out my freaking window and see the statue of liberty every morning. KATIE WHAT THE CRAP? How can we get in situations and get used to them? Now, don't get me wrong, I was in awe all the time of the life I was getting to live, but I also took it for granted. 

I was starting my business, and it scared me so I poured myself into it all the time. I didn't know how I would pay these massive school loans I had if I didn't spend every minute working. (Let's be real, I'm still on that struggle bus LOL). I said no to many social events because of it. My husband worked evening shift, and I thought "well he can't go to anything so I feel guilty if I go" so many nights I would just stay at home alone. It wasn't that I was depressed or anything like that. I was happy as a little duck (are ducks' happy LOL), but I just wasn't enjoying my moments. I was performing. I was achieving. I was reaching for that never ending pinnacle of success that Katie Ringley always seems to not let go of. 

Wow. Just wow. This weekend has rocked me. This weekend has made me want to move back to New York City, but this weekend has shown me that I had my time here and now God has me in a new place, a new season, and a new time to quit looking at everything that would make life better and what makes life beautiful RIGHT STINKIN NOW. 

All I ask is that for those of my friends that are reading this that still live in New York, I know that we all complain. I know that we all talk about "when we will leave" but just pause for a second. Stop wishing your years in NYC down the drain. Stop wondering when you will leave because New York is HARD. Live every second like it's your last because from the other side, it's heart wrenching to know how many days you spent wondering what your next move was versus enjoying your current.

I'm a very thankful person. I'm a very "feel-sy" person, but in the depths of my heart, if I search it, I tend to always want something bigger and better. Thats the exact opposite of what God has for my life. He keeps saying to me "Katie, why am I not enough?" and I believe that is a hard lesson for me to learn. 

He is enough. Always. 

I also believe that God has made this place on Earth to be a playground for us. I think he looks down on us enjoying travel and culture, diversity and community and he smiles from ear to ear. He wants us to love every single moment. I don't believe in God blessing certain people but rather that when living a life in Christ, you find blessings in everything because you find joy in every single moment.

Tips for a Marathon PR

So, I got a marathon PR and now I'm a pro right? NO! However, I've been asked this question about a million times in the past week of just how in the world did I cut 12 minutes off of my best marathon time. I think the most important thing to recognize is: the time before that was my very first marathon. That means that I was going into it just from a random marathon training program found for free on the internet, I gave it my all, I was half way injured and I just wanted to complete it. I really had big goals of qualifying for Boston because I thought I was capable of that, and I think the only reason that I did on that race was because it was the Philly marathon and Philly is 100% flat. So, what did I do different? I just wanted to share with you the biggest things that I think will help. 

marathon TR .jpg


As if I don't hype this enough already, I think it's important we talk about it. If you are a serious marathon runner or endurance athlete or any athlete for that matter, and you haven't looked into your nutrition then I think it's time that you re-evaluate. It's VITAL! It's so vital. There was so many things that I changed. On my first marathon, I ate my morning oats, and I got to the start line and Tanner was forcing bananas into my hand and I was like 'UH, I'm not hungry, I don't want the banana. It'll make me feel sluggish." Okay, no. So many people say they can't eat before a long run. Well, you've got to figure out something. Your body runs on carbs, and whether you have to force them or not, you've got to get them in. You are going to be burning so much glycogen in a marathon and you are going to be burning even more glycogen if you are "racing" a marathon and trying for a faster time. 

I always recommend that you do a complex carb the morning of your race and then a quick carb before you go. A banana is great but I personally like to have a cliff bar instead. It doesn't sit on my stomach as much. Many people talk a gu before they go. Don't say that you can't eat before you run. You can at least take a gu. It's like candy. Or better yet, eat candy.

During my last marathon, I took 4 gus. My first marathon I took maybe 2. I was like 'I feel fine. I don't need more." So, let's add that up. I had my oats and probably like 1.5 gus and I'm supposed to be running a marathon. SHEESH. I know so many people do this which is why I share. I learned something even more valuable this week. If you complete deplete your stores, and you have a GI shut down, your body literally can't even absorb the gus anymore. So, if you get too behind the 8 ball, you are basically just screwed. 

Lastly, not just race day, but just in general. All of the best athletes in the world are really focused on their nutrition. Obviously, if you are carrying excess weight then that's going to make you slower. I don't say that in a "you should lose weight" kind of thing. I'm just trying to be real about the aspect of marathon running. The winner of the NYC marathon was 88 pounds this year. That's obviously not realistic for most people, but the fact of the matter is, the lighter that you are, the more that you are going to fly. I don't plan on losing weight if someone was already going down that path. 


I firmly firmly believe that the reason that I was able to do so much better at this marathon is because my base of endurance is so so high. I have been working on this non stop for a year and a half. This training started with mileage in the 40s every single week and a couple of peak weeks at 50 miles plus all of my biking and swimming. I know that there are many recommendations that less is better, and there are reasons that this is true but I always like to use the example of pros just like with nutrition. Most all pro marathon runners are running at least 100 miles per week. That's insane for the normal person and our bodies typically cannot handle this, but the point is: their base is so so high that doing a marathon is just easy for them.  You've got to build your base, and you can't expect to just do your 12 week training cycle and hit your PR. This needs to be a commitment. 


Yes, the pros run 100 mile weeks but there is a purpose behind every single run. You have got to be doing speed work. You've got to be doing tempo runs. You've got to be easy runs to recover from those. Look into heart rate training. The body responds so well to all of this, and you WILL get faster if you've never done this before. I hear a lot of people say that they never do their long run completely. They break it up 10 miles then 10 miles later for a 20 mile training run day. What? Your body can't expect to take breaks like that. You've got to train for speed. You've got to train for endurance. You've got to give your body recovery time. This is a huge game changer. Look online and you can find what your paces should be for all of these runs based on what your goal marathon time should be, so google that. 


Like forreal. Your mental state is everything. It's okay to have nerves, but you've got to move past those. You've got to be willing to push yourself harder than you've ever pushed yourself before. You know that the miles are going to be dark at the end. They always are (or at least for me). You've got to be mentally prepared for this and how you are gong to push through. This is something that I really need to work on. When I hit that wall, I lose all focus. I convince myself that I'm crazy and that this is just "too much." It's not and you will be just fine. Man up, and push. I'm not trying to be a slave driver, but honestly marathon running is tough. You've got to be tough. Tough is a mindset. Lack of fear is a mindset. Did I used to hate rain? yes. Do I hate running in the rain now? No. I changed the way I felt on it. I used to hate cold. I changed my mind and now I love training in it. 


If you have a time that you want to hit, you don't want to go into the marathon blindly with no plan. You need to look up the elevation of the course and plan out what you think each mile should be. I obviously did not follow this, and this is a mistake that I could have paid for heavily. The only reason that I think that I didn't is because of #1-I had tons of carbs in me. However, you need to see where the hills are. Recognize that your pace will slow on those hills and plan for that mile to be shorter, but make up for it on the decline. is a great resource, and you can create a wrist band after calculating what each mile should be. 

At the end of the day though, enjoy your run. Don't let it stress you out. I promise I'm not trying to sound arrogant but I really tell Tanner all the time that I don't quite understand why everyone gets SO worked up about times. I also say that after hitting above my time, so I feel that I need to shut my mouth basically. LoL! But, my point is: you race marathons because you love marathons. Don't let anything take that sparkle! I truly mean that. The very simple act of putting your foot across that finish line is the greatest accomplishment that you can do so don't lose sight of that. Try your best. Run your freaking heart out, and if you fall short then you know you gave it your all and that's all you can do.


Cherish came to me for weight loss, and she has been a ray of sunshine in my inbox ever since. Haha! I feel so lucky to get to work with women who are truly so positive and encouraging and there is still so much to come for her, but this is just the beginning of our first 12 weeks together! :) Read her testimonial below! 

When I first started following Katie on Instagram she immediately stood out for me because her posts were always heart felt, sincere and funny! There are so many online trainers out there but she quickly became somebody I wanted to work with. Katie has been through her own set of challenges related to her relationship with food and it was so refreshing to come across someone who was willing to be vulnerable and honest. I could instantly relate to her.

When I started working with Katie I was clueless with regards to what I should be eating and how much I should be eating. Whenever I tried to diet it usually involved eliminating carbs or drastically reducing them. I also thought that I would need to eat a minimal amount of calories. This approach ultimately resulted in me being completely miserable and completely starving. This would be followed by binge eating, feeling like a failure and promising myself that on Monday I would get back on track and so the cycle continued…for years.

When I got my macros from Katie and saw that I was able to eat a significant amount of carbs I couldn’t believe it, it was too good to be true! To say I was elated would be an understatement. No deprivation, no elimination of an entire food group, flexibility….FREEDOM!

My progress has been slow and steady and I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute of it. Katie is so full of love and life that it is hard not to be affected by her positive attitude. She has been a consistent source of support and encouragement every step of the way and just knowing she was cheering me on helped me immensely. She is an incredible motivator and a true inspiration; I could not have done this without her! I don’t think you can work with Katie and say that she hasn’t changed your life because I know she has changed mine and for that I am so thankful! 


THANK YOU CHERISE!!! You are so wonderful!!! 


New Training & Post Marathon Weekend Fun

About 30 minutes to an hour after I finished my marathon, I thought to myself “I’m so excited to see what time I can bring to the Charleston Marathon because it’s flat.” Thunder Road Marathon is incredibly hilly. I think that many times when people complete a marathon they think to themselves that they are done for a while, and I’m like the opposite. It makes me want more and more. I talk about this a lot but every single time I go through an endurance event, it like awakens some part of me that I didn’t know was there. I think that 5K’s, 10K’s, and halfs are all WONDERFUL but there is just something about a full and beyond. Your body can only realistically go about 20 miles before you really start feeling it, and that’s where the true memories begin. That’s when you truly begin to search yourself for that ounce of effort you have to bring forward. You chant to yourself to just take one step forward..just one step forward. It searches the deepest parts of you. MOVING ON… lol!

Thunder Road Elevation Map-that hill at the end like to have killed me

Thunder Road Elevation Map-that hill at the end like to have killed me

After the awards ceremony, we had to hurry and go to my cousin’s birthday party. I couldn’t eat for a few hours after but was hungry on the way home and so I choose Zaxby’s! Every single post marathon, fast food is all I want. I’m such a junkie. Crinkle fries had me at hello. My cousin’s 7th birthday party was at an obstacle course at a university close to Shelby (Gardner Webb University) and I would have totally been on that thing the whole time if my body didn’t feel broken at that point. LOL! My aunt told me she was disappointed that I couldn’t do it because she knew it was totally my thing. 

How is he 7? We decided to re create this from when he was a baby! Love this kid!

How is he 7? We decided to re create this from when he was a baby! Love this kid!

Everyone congratulated me, and also told me I was crazy but that’s nothing new. I will admit that my family does think that I’m insane, but respect it I guess is the right way to put it. I tend to just not bring up running or fitness or anything around them unless someone asks. I’m glad I have this blog to share my passions with you guys because I never talk about my heart really in person unless it’s a runner and then I spill my guts. Haha! 

After the birthday party, we headed home for showers and naps. I took a really long hot shower, and then laid (layed? Lied? Lyed?) down to nap. I ended up replaying the events of the day through my brain. Am I the only one that can never nap? Eventually, I got up and answered some emails (typical)! It was pretty late in the afternoon by that point, and Tanner headed out to my aunt and uncles for dinner.

I wasn’t ready yet, so I told him to come back and get me later as we were planning on going out. I knew I needed rest too. I got ready, and I put on heels. GENIUS PLAN KATIE! And not just like wedges, but like actual spiked heels. I’m actually insane.

Our favorite band, Big Daddy Love, was playing at the brewery. Scott Moss is a family friend, and he is an INCREDIBLY talented musician (look him up, you won’t regret it). Their music is like bluegrass rock. Shelby is so interesting because if you decide to go out, the entire bars and brewery will be filled with people that you know. I have always just been used to this, but when I think about it, that’s very odd. It’s really cool because it’s always going to be a big party with the whole town (or at least the ones that regularly come out). Tanner has never experienced that, so he thought it was cool. All the girls that had run the marathon were there, and it was so so fun getting to chat with them more. I’ve been friends with Lori for a while, but kind of just know the other girls through Lori so I loved getting to talk with them more. No one else wore heels like this big dummie.  LOL!

At around 11:30, I of course was DONE. I love Big Daddy Love so I made it longer than I even thought that I would. My aunt, uncle, cousins, and friends were all there so we said our goodbyes and headed home (1.2 miles down the road-I LOVE MY SMALL TOWN LOL). 

On Sunday morning, I woke up and realized I was a Boston qualifier. I don’t know why that didn’t click until then. My body also felt DESTROYED! I could hardly walk HAHA! I was behind on my bible reading’s so I caught up on Sunday morning. We got ready and headed off to church. I knew the afternoon and evening were already full. We had plans to go to my brother’s for the Panther’s game, and then my grandmother’s for dinner. We stay busy if you can’t tell but I think we all do to some extent, right? Haha! I also did an active recovery cycle. I set up my bike trainer and just did about 30 minutes super duper easy (I legit stayed in my church clothes for this lol). I foam rolled and stretched to work all of the incredible aches and pains out.

We had sloppy joe’s at my Mawmaw’s and my mom’s recipe is SO good. It’s not the yucky manwich out of the can, but homemade with lean beef and ketchup and a bunch of other stuff that I don’t know. We do dinner there all the time, but it was really fun this Sunday. We did however do this quiz on politics. It asks you questions and matches you up with acandidate. Let me tell you how DUMB that is in this setting. We do NOT talk politics in the family because we have a STAUNCH DEMOCRAT (my grandmother which makes no sense for most of her views but whatever), a STAUNCH REPUBLICAN (my stepdad who I won’t go into his opinions), really really liberal cousins with parents that are conservative, and Tanner and I who are libertarian because DUH THAT MAKES THE MOST SENSE ! ;) 

Of course I hung up my new medal too which is the far one on the right!

Of course I hung up my new medal too which is the far one on the right!

Anyway, moving on into Monday’s which are my crazy days. I worked all day and then two of our friends from NYC needed a place to crash for the night between Florida and New York. We made dinner for them last night (fajitas) and then stayed up chatting because it’s been since May that we have been able to catch up. They are getting married on New Year’s this year, so we are stoked to go to their wedding in Nashville!!! YAY!

Tonight, I’m going to a packing party for boxes that our church is doing for hungry kids in need. It’s such a huge need in Shelby, and so many kids go home with no food after school. One of our members headed up this backpack program, and you send the kids home with a backpack full of food so I’m helping to prepare all of that. It will be fun getting to spend time with everyone from church too. We have formed such a community with them here, and I’m so so glad we fell into that easier than I could have EVER dreamed. It’s also my best friend in the whole wide world’s 25th birthday. Man, I’m so sad I can’t be in NYC today. I miss her like crazy!

Last but not least, my new training! I got quite a few comments from my marathon that getting a coach must have helped me a lot, and while I think they are the greatest coaches in the whole wide world, I was only with them for 2 weeks before my marathon. I did MONTHS and MONTHS of training on my own, so that kinda stung a little. LOL! However, I’m SO STOKED as I feel we are just beginning. Today is my first day back. I’m doing a recovery 3.5 miles, and I’m so excited to see how that feels. I’m going to obviously take that very easy. The rest of my training this week is as follows:

Wednesday- 5.63 miles (45 minutes @ 8:00 min/mile testing heart rate post marathon)

Thursday- 6 miles @ 7:30 pace & easing into strength work

Friday- 3.5 miles

Saturday- 13 miles @ 8:05

I’m actually going out of town this weekend. The location is a surprise so stay tuned! EEK! I’m about to jump for joy about it, but either way I’m meeting up with some people for that Saturday run and it should be a good time! The week afer this one, we will go back up to a 55 mile week. WOAH! I’m going to have to see how my body handles this, but I’m 9 weeks out from Charleston and like 12 weeks out from my first 50K so we will see what happens! I will of course rest when I need to, but I love this life! 

Thunder Road Marathon Recap

Recaps are always long so bear with me, but yesterday was so fun with so many details to share so fasten your seat belts and here we go!

The night before, I always set everything out. I am a very forgetful person and so I knew that I needed to have it all ready to go. I wore DonaJo running pants, Walmart long sleeve shirt (no shame), old Asics shoes (because I love my ragged old ones), and Marc Jacob’s active vest (which we all know I got from Marshalls because let’s be real lol). I took 4 gus (Salted Caramel yummy yum until the 4th one and I was more like gaggy gag). I set out my Garmin 920XT, and Body glide…




I forgot my Garmin on the kitchen counter. When we were in the car on the way, Tanner noticed my wrist and said “Do you have your watch?” and I panicked and started looking through all of my stuff to realize I had left it. I shouted profanities because I get so so mad at myself. I always feel awful after I do this though so I apologized to Tanner and he admitted that those words aren’t so pretty coming out of my mouth. It’s just that I work so hard, and I just get so upset at the silly details I miss! I had to come up with another option though, so I downloaded Mapmyrun on my phone. I didn’t have an arm band for my phone so I knew that I was going to be carrying it but I had to have something to pace me.

I met up with the girls from Shelby doing the full, and we chatted and stretched. It was getting close to time and they were waiting on 3 other girls, so I decided to go ahead to the start, and I got there right in time. I walked straight to the 3:20 pacing group, realized my vest was too much for the weather, took my bib off frantically switching it to my long sleeve shirt, called Tanner to come get the vest, took the picture above, uploaded it to facebook (ha), and the gun fired. I was OFF and no time for nerves. SWEET! 


There’s so much to share so I’m going to go mile by mile in groups.

Mile 1-I came out of the gate flying. I knew this was stupid, but my body felt SO good. I caught up with the 3:10 pacing group. I knew that wouldn’t last.

Mile 2-I was STILL going way too fast, and I told myself I was an idiot if I didn’t slow down. Mapmyrun told me my average pace was 7:05 so I was like UM NO.

Mile 3-I slowed down to 7:28 and was like “this feels so slow. What is going on?”

Mile 4-A bike pulls up beside me and says “I was told to come find you.” And in my head, I thought that again I had done something silly and that I was going to be DQ’d for something. She says “I came to inform you that you are in third place overall for the females in the marathon right now.” I laughed so hard, and asked her if I could take a video of her saying it because I wanted to savor this moment that wouldn’t last long. I told her I was going way too fast for me, and that I’m sure I was going to have to back off soon.

Mile 5-9- We chatted the whole time. She was so nice (her name was Diana), and she has done some tris in Shelby. I took my first gu starting at mile 5 and slowly took it over those 4 miles. My hands were really cold, and she helped hold my other gus. I texted the video to Tanner and my mom because what else do you do during a marathon, right? I was holding steady at like 7:05-7:09 but progressively getting madder at myself. I slowed it down from 7-9 to 7:20 pace. 

Mile 10-I knew I was going to see Tanner in one mile so I just didn’t think and ran. I somehow managed to turn my sound off at this point to which I couldn’t figure out how to know my splits at this point so I told myself I was screwed and just to run what I could and enjoy the race.

Mile 11-I see Tanner (which is where this awesome picture came from), and my friend Justin was joining up to pace me, or rather to keep me company. I told him I was third overall women (which he didn’t believe at first LOL) and that I wanted to try to hold that if at all possible. We settled in at 7:15 with ease. My times from Mile 10-13 were on the dot! I took another gu at mile 12.

Mile 14-Another friend, George joins up with us! YAY! More friends! I was so happy to be running with them. George’s watch had stopped working that morning, my phone had stopped telling me pace, and Justin didn’t have anything. HAHAHA! We just ran but I could tell it was fast, and when I looked down once at my phone (it didn’t tell me mile splits but I could see pace in the present moment) and it said 6:56. I was like HOLD UP FELLAS! That mile was 7:03, but still felt great. 

Justin-selfie taker George-to the left clearly not interested in our selfie ;)

Justin-selfie taker George-to the left clearly not interested in our selfie ;)

Miles 15-18 were a blast! There were some other guys that asked to pace with us, and I was like on top of the world with running. I really did yell out “WHO LOVES RUNNING” and no one answered me so I said “I LOVE RUNNING!” hahaha!

The crowd…I just can’t even explain. I’ve never experienced being at the front of the race, and so everyone is very fresh to cheering. They scream like CRAZY for you. George and Justin kept having a ball with the crowds, and were like pointing at me and telling them I was in third. HAHA! I was still holding 7:10-7:20 pace with ease. I took another gu at mile 17. Gus were not tasting good at this point.

Mile 19-20-I just kept running. Justin decided to split off because he didn’t have the endurance built up to finish the rest, and so that left me and George. Those two miles we did at 7:08 and 7:00. How in the world was I still going so fast? I was anticipating the abrupt wall.

Instead of slowing down, I decided to hold what I could. Only 6 miles left right? I can do anything!!! I was on top of the world. I was smiling from ear to ear. I told all the guys, I was in awe I was able to do this.

Mile 21-22- 7:02 and 7:07! My plan was to back off miles 23, 24 then turn the power on the final two miles and do like a 6 min/mile. Haha that didn’t happen!

Mile 23-24, my “backing off” was 7:16 both miles which was not enough.

I decided “what the heck? I’ll turn on the gas anyway! I feel kinda awful but George was encouraging me…I could do this. We were passing so many men! Haha!

Mile 24 was 6:51. DUN DUN DUN….

Coming into mile 25, I hit a wall….hard. George kept saying “This is the times that you’ll never forget. These are the moments that make you a marathoner. See that guy in front of you. You’re going to pass him.” I kept saying “George, you don’t understand. I can’t do this anymore. Something is wrong. I can’t breathe.” But of course gasping in between all of this.

I’ve never felt this before but my chest legit started tightening up. I knew I only had 1 mile left which I had run 25 before, but I had nothing. Absolutely nothing. I was crying and running, which meant even less breathing. George wouldn’t stop, and for some reason that propelled my legs forward…inch by inch. I was almost getting mad at George in my delirium. STOP PLEASE. I CANT.


Diana: In all the times that I’ve escorted someone, I’ve never seen someone so positive and love running so much! This is your time. You’re so close!

That was the longest 1.2 miles of my entire life. I’ve never felt such delirium and pain and inability to breathe. It sounds dramatic, but I’m so serious. HAHA! That mile was 8:34. I have no pictures at this point because I was NOT Smiling! HAHA!

I saw the clock say 3:14. I was crying but smiling. I was like THIS IS IT. MAKE IT IN 3:15 and I started sprinting. Diana (who was still with me on the bike) yells out “YES I KNEW YOU WOULDN’T GIVE UP! YOU GO GIRL! RUN YOUR HEART OUT!”

So I did. I hit the finish at 3:15:20 and started sobbing. I wasn’t even like happy sobbing. I wasn’t hurt sobbing. They asked if I needed the med tent, and I said no. I didn’t understand why I was crying so much but I couldn’t stop. Tanner was on the side, and he hugged me and I just cried into his chest. HAHAHA!

I swear I’m not a drama queen, but these marathons will do you in when racing them for time. 

Of course at that point, the pain in my legs set in. I always get that. They start aching so bad that it makes me want to crawl out of my skin. I elevated my legs to let the blood flow back in and Tanner gently massaged them so that helped a lot. I laid there feeling really nauseous and pale for about 30 minutes until I started feeling normal again. 

Real cute I know ... look at that salty face?! YUM!

Real cute I know ... look at that salty face?! YUM!

It was then time to wait on the other girls to cross that finish line. My mom was tracking them, and so we knew they would be coming in around 4:30! It was so so fun to watch all of them cross that finish line…some with smiles…some completely exhausted…even more with smiles! I just love marathons. I love how they change people’s lives…always. 

The thunder road course is very challenging. It's full of rolling hills. I'm very used to that with living in Shelby, but the final two steep climbs of miles 21 and especially 25 were really really tough.  I don't mind hills and a good challenge, but this definitely was just that. It's known to be a tough course, so I'm glad to have conquered it.

Then, it was time for the award’s ceremony. The top 3 placings in men and women got a REALLY nice frame that says our place with a coffee mug! YAY!

I tried to keep this short, but of course that didn’t happen. I just have one thing to say …

You will never run a marathon that doesn’t absolutely change you from the inside out. You will never look back on finishing a marathon and think it wasn’t worth it. You will probably not see someone who loves marathons more than me. I’m in this for life, and I’m officially on a road to chase sub 3! Up next: Charleston Marathon Jan 16! 9 weeks until go time! :) But for now, I'm gonna go lay on my couch and watch season 2 of Scandal on Netflix! K BYEEEE! <3

So you don't have your period?

I could probably have referenced that title a little more gracefully, and I changed it a few times but I wanted to really dig deep into this issue that I'm asked about constantly. 

I'm going to share some facts with you, but I'm also going to shed the harsh truth that not every single piece of the puzzle has been figured out in research yet. As someone in the health and fitness industry, many girls are amenorrheic (they don't have their monthly cycle) or they are irregular. Some may have a cycle every 28 days and some may have one every 34 days and some every 40 days. You might think that you have an irregular period if you are having it every 40 days but this just might be your cycle, so don't be too alarmed if this is you. 

However, if you aren't having your period then of course, that leads you to wonder a lot of different things? The most common answer that you are going to be told is that a) your body fat percentage is too low b) you don't weigh enough c) you are exercising too much? 

However, there are plenty of women that do not have a low body fat percentage that are not getting their periods...... and there are plenty of women that have a low body fat percentage that are getting their periods, so what gives? 

What we do know is that there is normally a set point for each woman and a certain body fat that she must carry in order for her body to produce a period. Fat cells produce estrogen therefore if your fat cells are low then you are not going to produce estrogen which is needed for ovulation. When we ovulate, but we don't get pregnant, we shed the inner lining and we have our periods. This can look VERY different for every single person, so you may feel that you have increased your body fat percentage enough to produce a period and you aren't having it. There could be other reasons, or it could be that your body needs more fat. 

We also know that excess exercise causes irregular or lack of periods. This is where it gets a little confusing because is it the exercise or the low body fat because normally those go hand in hand. A perfect storm is obviously both, but there are many professional athletes that will lower their workouts but their body fat percentage doesn't change, and they get their periods. There is a link to cortisol and estrogen release, and obviously if you are an athlete then you could be producing a lot of cortisol.

I'm not saying I know everything, and I certainly don't but I also want to defend this. I think that many times, people are like "okay you don't have your period... stop all exercise and eat more and gain a bunch of weight" While that's all fine and dandy and yes, you should take care of yourself, I think that we need to make sure that we are looking at things from all angles especially for athletes in which their performance is very important to them. 

Many doctors will put their patients on birth control which is definitely something that I don't agree with! This is only giving you false hormones, and just masking the problem. The second that you remove the birth control, the issue is still going to be there, and it's even longer now that you've been dealing with it. You should definitely go to your physician and make sure that all of your anatomy is correct. This is most likely not going to be the issue but it is important to rule out these things so that you aren't gaining all this weight, wondering why in the world you aren't having a period and it could be something else. 

Not having a period for a long time can lead to a lot of complications and most notably bone density. However, if you haven't had a period for like 2 months because you are training for a marathon, then don't think that your world is ending, you will never have babies, and that you are going to get osteoporosis. I think, as always, we need to be realistic about things. Hypothalamic amenorrhea is a reversible condition. It's very very important that you are concerned about having a period, so please don't mistake me saying that it's okay but I just want everyone to not panic. 

Can you get pregnant without a period? Yes you can, but don't count on it. Your period indicates that you are ovulating, but some can be ovulating without their period. You can chart your daily temperatures to get a better idea if you feel like you have crossed off every other option. 

The last thing that I will say helps with just about anything is consistent eating. This was at least a game changer for me, and I honestly think that just comes down to stress. If you have a normal body fat percentage and you are working out but not excess amounts, but you are a crazy eater. Let's say you eat 1000 calories most days then have a binge day...that creates HAVOC to your body. It doesn't know what to do with all of that, and so you aren't losing weight even though you are making yourself miserable and you are stressing your body out, adding excess cortisol, and therefore you aren't having a period. Our hormones are very finicky and you want to make sure you are taking care of yourself! I also feel that I haven't even graced this topic, and there are many more questions that you may have, so please feel free to ask below and I'll try to answer them to the best of my knowledge! 

However, I do want to be the voice of reason not to panic. I think that so many activists want to shout at girls that they MUST GAIN, MUST EAT, MUST STOP EXERCISING OR THEY WILL DIE  OF BONE DISEASE AND NEVER GET PREGNANT. Let's all just relax a little and take valiant efforts to get those cycles right!!!! 

Athlete Testimonial-LAURA HENSON

So, I absolutely LOVE working with athletes! It's a super fun nutrition profile to write up and really help these ladies to make progress not only in their aesthetic goals but in their training as well. Laura is such an incredible triathlete and I'm lucky that I get to call her my client! 

My background in sports is mostly in competitive swimming where I swam for the University of Houston, turned triathlete. My energy levels, speed, strength, endurance, and performance had not been consistent over the last few years in competitive swimming and running. Additionally, I had been lifting weight for years as well and felt I was not making any progress towards maintaining muscle mass nor achieving the desired body composition.


I found Katie Ringley on the facebook group page “ Women For Tri”, and  chose to work with her  because she is extremely inspirational, passionate, motivational, insightful, helpful, down to earth, talented, and intelligent. More importantly, her positive “can-do” attitude is contagious! Furthermore, I feel that her being a competitive athlete herself, she would be able to relate much more to my own personal goals.


Fortunately, Katie Ringley was my heroine! After a quick conversation  about what I wanted to accomplish and a brief history of my eating and exercise habits, she quickly determined I was caloric deficient and set me up on the reverse dieting/ metabolic plan and has been handling the entire process flawlessly over the last 2 months. I contacted  Katie because I  want to compete in half/ full  Ironmans and marathons  and came to the conclusion that I needed to get my body functioning properly inside and out  before I could attempt these goals where nutrition is important in completing these types of endurance events.



Katie’s expertise in the subject area and the ability to derive a unique customized program provided immediate results from Day 1.  Her approach and delivery of the program is adaptive to meet everyone’s needs, plus she is determined to make sure every person is successful in meeting their goals


I continue to learn about nutrition, fueling properly,   and its positive impact on training and races. It has been a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend Katie Ringley to anyone and everyone at every fitness level.   I think everyone would be delightfully surprised at how well the process works.


Katie's Fit Script has helped me by taking me to new levels of athletic performance and continues to challenge me to set bigger goals for myself. I am consistently improving on a weekly basis, crushing my personal goals and having to re-asses new ones.  Also, I am lifting heavier and try to increase as suggested through her program.


 One thing I love is the flexibility in my food choices, and not worrying about gaining neither bad weight nor the amount of carbs, protein, or fat I take in.  I have found the experience refreshing, personable, reliable, and most of all fun. It has been extremely surprising and exciting to perform at higher levels with more energy and less exertion. Working with Katie has an amazing experience and look forward to working with her. I would recommend Katies Fit Script to people who need to improve upon their performance in their chosen sport or fitness level.


Thank you so much Laura!!! This was wonderful, and I can't wait to see all you accomplish in the tri world!!! :)


Single Serving Healthy Chicken Salad

I think this recipe is very classic, so it's nothing that you haven't seen before, but I think that most of the time, it's going to be something that you make in a big batch. 

I hear a lot from women that may be single or just alone that night that they don't want to cook for just one person. I've found actually this to be really easy. You don't have to always whip up a huge casserole, but just make something yummy and quick for just you. I think finding new ways to do recipes is GOLDEN in the healthy life. It gives you satiety which is the number one thing that you want to accomplish when making this a lifelong commitment! :) 


  • 1 lb chicken breast 
  • 1 tablespoon non fat plain greek yogurt 
  • 1 celery stalk 
  • handful of shredded carrots


I bought a bag of celery and shredded carrots for this. Honestly, I should have just not because we had celery but I knew that it was normally in chicken salad, so I thought I would give it a whirl. It is confirmed that we still don't like it! HAHA! 

First, cook your chicken. I went ahead and cooked the entire lb so that I could have it prepped for other things. This is what I do with all of our meats. I prepare large quantities to just throw into different recipes all week. 

I took a handful, added one celery stalk and a handful of the cut up carrots! I added one tablespoon greek yogurt and mixed it all together in a bowl! I added this to a bed of lettuce, and VOILA! 

Super simple and easy for a delicious protein packed lunch! 

Macros will vary based on how much chicken used, so weigh this out before you add the greek yogurt, but most likely this will be a meal with mostly protein and minimal carb & fat.

Food Scale Review

So, I have a special treat and coupon for you guys!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own! 

I have been in need of a new food scale for a while now, so this came in perfect timing. 

If you are someone who does not use a food scale, and you are thinking about beginning a macro counting journey, you NEED to get one. It's a huge part of how you track your nutrition and can make a huge difference! 

Is this scale better than other scales? 

There are about a hundred different scales out there, and while there are some that are good, there are many that are very very bad. I got some duds, and ended up spending more money by trying to be cheap. This saves you that hassle of looking for a good one! This one is half off with my code "katiefit" and you get 50% off taking it from $40 to $20 at ! 

I thought a full review in a video would be best :) The thumbnail was too good to be true, so I had to leave it! 

Run Free Documentary

Last night, I had the pleasure of going to a film that was held in a theater about 30 minutes away from me called Run Free. I came to figure out that it is actually going to be made into a major motion picture with Matthew McConaughey as the main character (Micah True). I wanted to share about the film, and link it up on Vimeo because it's totally awesome and inspiring. 

These people run hundreds of miles in these clothes and shoes! Mind boggling!

These people run hundreds of miles in these clothes and shoes! Mind boggling!

I really love documentaries. While shows are great to get into, documentaries always inspire me or teach me something. It is hard to find running documentaries to be honest and I'm always looking for new ones. When I saw this was close to me, I knew I had to go out there and watch it especially with my marathon on Saturday. I was needing inspiration from those that do far more running than me. 

Micah True ran 170 miles per week normally just for fun. I'd say that's inspiration. He was the true definition of someone who was doing it ONLY for the love of running. When he entered a few competitions, he won some, and felt that was too much pressure so he stopped signing up for any races and just continued running on his own. He ran in the Copper Canyon in Mexico with the Tarahumara people. I'm not sure if you have read the book Born to Run, but it's all about these people. They are called "The Running People" and have been known as super athletes because they are able to endure INTENSE distances of running with no good running shoes, not enough food & water, and minimal proper training. 

micah true.jpg

Micah became known in the villages and across the world as Caballo Blanco (which means white horse). He would have never been known if it wasn't for the book that was a New York Times bestseller by Chris McDougall's book "Born to Run". He was the central character. Chris sets out on a mission to figure out why there are certain people that can run further than others without getting injured specifically the running people in the Copper Canyons. He finds out about this American from Boulder colorado who had moved there just to be able to run with him. 

Micah is an amazing human that although gone, will forever hold a place in ultra runner's hearts. He started an ultra marathon in 2003 with the Tarahumara people to preserve their culture and running heritage. He was against corporate running races and sponsorships and trophy and winners. The goal is just for everyone to come out for the love of running free in the canyons, and at the end every finisher takes home a massive bag of corn. The distance is 50 miles, and some of the people run in jeans and flip flops in this culture. They don't have the money for running clothes or shoes, but they know if they can finish this race then they can provide for their families. Many of the American runners just give their corn away to the people. It became an annual event and some of the biggest ultra runners in the world come out for it. 

I could talk forever about this film, but the message was clear. Micah was a simple man who wanted only a few things. He felt running was a spiritual awakening of the soul basically, and that you find yourself in the midst of moving your feet. He wanted faith, peace, love, harmony and running. That was it. That was all he needed, and he was good. 

The tarahumara people run to everything. Women in long dresses run. Men in their native outfits run. They run everywhere. Their faces light up when their feet start moving. Every time I go to these documentaries or I see something like this, it really shows me that movement and pushing ourselves to the limit awakens the soul. It's so much bigger than ourselves, and as humans, we can't tap into that until we have gone over that edge. Ultra runners are not crazy people, but just chasing who they are. You start to really figure that out the further and further that you run. The same goes for those that might want to climb Mt Everest. We long to find ourselves, and it's not until these dark moments of pushing through the worst that we are enlightened to that. We don't have to have these races and fast times. Those are all great, and duh, I'm shooting for fast times! It's just that we never want to lose sight of those deep moments of finding ourselves just by the motion of our bodies.

Micah died in 2013. He went out for a long run, and he was found 4 days later at the edge of a creek. He was lying there peacefully as if he just went to sleep, and the cause of death was unknown but he did have cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart). 

I'm becoming a running quack, but gosh I freakin love it. 

Taper Tuesday & Marathon Goals

I normally have a love/hate relationship with tapers. I think that all runners do. We know that its necessary but we also want to run more like we always have. I'm a girl and having a hormonal week, so therefore I'm SO thankful to not have to run as much this week. The mileage is going to go right back up after my race (I have 15 miles planned the next weekend-yikes), so I'm trying to be mentally prepared for that! 

So, there is actual science behind a taper. It's not just stopping so that your body is repaired for the marathon. That is obviously a big part of it, but there are certain lengths of tapers that are best for different athletes depending on their fitness abilities. The percentage of help that a taper can give you is between 0.5% and 6% and if you are tailoring your taper to your levels, then you are going to have more success with that. Did I design my taper to me? No. Why I don't do these things? Who.even.knows? I just started with my coach so I should be better about this stuff! haha!

It all depends on you, how in shape you are, your age, the capacities of your circulatory system, and of course your muscles that need to be rested. If you are less prepared for a race, then you will need to taper at a shorter amount of time. If you are more prepared for a race, then your fitness abilities are high, and when combined with the recovery of your circulatory system, research has shown that this is an awesome combo for going into a race very strong. That is the very simple version as this is not meant to be a science lesson. 

My taper was short, but I feel that my endurance is pretty high but tapering is also a mental game. I just tapered for a half ironman not long ago, and I felt I needed to get in one more super long run before my marathon (18 miler two weeks ago). The way that things lined up, the only time I could fit that in would have been the week after my half ironman (no thanks) or the following week which was 2 weeks out from my marathon. That's the one that I choose. Normally, if you look at a taper for a marathon online, it's going to tell you to do your last super long run 3 weeks out, then do around 13 then do 9 the weekend before. I personally don't like to think that I haven't run that far in 3 weeks, as that gives me anxiety going into a race, so you have to learn yourself. 

My goals for this marathon used to be very simple:

  • Complete 

That's what my goals always are. I never have time goals if I'm being honest. My first marathon where I qualified for Boston was kind of a mishap, which I know is ridiculous as some work for years to get there. It makes me feel bad sometimes like the kid that didn't study for the test but still got an A. I don't want to be that guy, but having times stresses me out. 

... which is why I'm probably now stressed for this marathon. 

Since starting with my coach and a little before that, I started to challenge myself. I thought that if I worked harder, I could be better. My coach was wonderful and looked at all of the elevation of the marathon and gave me exact time goals to hit for each mile (with of course telling me to go how I feel as well), but I'm shooting for 3:20. I'm shooting for 3:20 on a marathon course with rolling hills. Yikes! Sounds painful!

TR course map .jpg

I haven't decided if I'm okay with having goals for marathons yet. I won't know until I actually do it, but leading up to it, it makes me a little bit more nervous and I'm not sure I want to take all the passion and fun out of it by striving for times. A marathon is 26.2 miles, and that's enough to deal with much less the stress of having to "race it." Who knows? My hope is that I'll get there, feel awesome, and that racing it won't feel bad at all. I think we all hope for that! haha! 

The last goal that I have for this race is that I just looked up the times for my age group, and for the past 3 years, the best time for #1 in my age group was 3:26! Last year's winner went 3:34. I'm not sure if that's because of the difficulty of the course, the people that come out for this race (maybe it's smaller than I thought) but of course in the back of my mind, there is that desire to place. Placing always feels weird when I look at the times of people at like the NYC Marathon or what not. My times don't even come CLOSE, so I never want to be like 'Oh I placed' because in all honesty, my times are not elite by any stretch of the imagination. But, hey!... if it's possible to place...why not right? haha! 

NYC Friends Weekend and Final Long Run

It's me again! I think that everyone can tell the rotation of my blog is most of the time Monday through Friday with a  Monday post about the fun on the weekend! Andrew who is one of our best friends is still here, so we are working together today. He is currently playing Christian music across the house and singing. I love this kid forreal. The cool thing about city jobs is that many of them can be done remotely some of the time. In Shelby, that would basically never be the case unless you have a unique job like mine. He is hoping to go to Crossfit Shelby this morning. I'd love to do the WOD with him, but I just have my marathon next weekend, and my wrist is not entirely healed up yet. 

Someone at church said "I see Tanner's friends are in town" and I just said Yea! ... but really they are just as much mine. haha! We had such a close knit community group in NYC that we are all just like brother's and sister's now. It was a very low key weekend and so wonderful!

Andrew got a super early flight and arrived at 8:30am Friday morning with the sign below. He is a riot, and is constantly making jokes so I was not surprised to see this. He saw me, but was like walking around holding up the sign as if looking for "Katiesfitscript" HAHA! He had to work and so did I so that's what we did. Tanner took a half day so we grabbed some lunch (at Chickfila duh ha). At around 3, our friend Peter drove in from Atlanta. He was in NYC with us, but he took a job change to Atlanta. Tanner and Andrew had just planned on working out so they drug poor Peter into it. He was sore the rest of the weekend. HAHA!! 

Legit, Tanner was out there with them for like over an hour and made them do sprints at the end. I was like DUDE THIS ISN'T BOOT CAMP! COME INSIDE! haha! As you can see, my non existent social media husband is also very into fitness ;) 

After that, we cleaned up and went to dinner in downtown Shelby with my friends Erica and Justin. If you follow my blog for any amount of time, you'll recognize the same names of places come up. Erica's sister was playing guitar and singing at Newt's (a burger joint) but it was so crowded, so we headed to dinner at Pleasant City (the wood fire pizza place, fun fact, Shelby is called "The City of Pleasant Living" lol). After dinner, we went to the brewery that had a bluegrass band. They were SO GOOD! ... there was also guys dancing hilariously to which Andrew was flipping out because Shelby is just so small town southern. HAA!

Saturday morning, I woke up at 5:30am, per the usual, to get my long run in. My routine is always to give myself an hour to wake up. I read my bible over coffee and then eat breakfast and get mentally prepared normally with an inspirational youtube video. It was pouring rain and I was like "okay katie you got this" followed by "Katie, is this really what you want your life to look like? This is so insane." I was meeting someone so that helped. Justin is a friend I met through running, and has been a competitive runner for 11 years throughout college. He of course slowed down for me, but I was so thankful for someone who is very used to running through weather. We headed out for 12 miles. I was still so sore and it was stressing me out. We chatted about all things running so I just tried to forget about it. He also just did a half ironman too so we talked about triathlons. I'm so thankful for fit running friends! I'm also thankful for being able to live a fit life while also that being such a small part of who I am.

 I headed back home to the boys just waking up of course, and we got ready and went to Shelby Cafe for breakfast. Their breakfast is the BOMB! While the boys paid, I ran over to see my girl Molly at her boutique. I told her she needs to sell online because I'm just obsessed with her stuff! SO CUTE! SHELBY PEOPLE-She just got her new winter stuff in!! 

Garbage Plater = 2 biscuits, eggs, bacon, hash browns topped with gravy! I wish I could say it was mine, but I'm not this crazy-this was Tanner's but of course I ate some. haha!

Garbage Plater = 2 biscuits, eggs, bacon, hash browns topped with gravy! I wish I could say it was mine, but I'm not this crazy-this was Tanner's but of course I ate some. haha!

We had planned on going hiking, but it was raining (because apparently Shelby is now Seattle).  We hung out at the house for most of the day catching up, watching Netflix, and it was perfect! :) At 3, we decided to go see the new James Bond movie. I hate boy movies, and want to like them. I ENJOYED IT! YAY!! The cinema is on the way to Charlotte, so we left from there to go to dinner in downtown Charlotte. We went to Cowbell. Y'all, if you live in Charlotte, you HAVE to go to this place. It's a gourmet burger place...and now I have told my whole family I have to take them back. I took a selfie in the bathroom. See below hahaha! 

Booties or wedges with skinny jeans is like my all time jam this year! LOVING it! 

Booties or wedges with skinny jeans is like my all time jam this year! LOVING it! 

From there we went to the Epicenter which could almost be compared to an outlet mall that goes up and the stores are bars and clubs. It's hard to explain unless you've been, but it's really cool. Unfortunately the entire world though it was cool. It was so insanely crowded at every bar so it was kinda a big WHOMP! We ended up at a pub with a 90s band which was awesome but we left pretty quickly. I wanted froyo at the place next door, and it was not closing for 10 more minutes, and she wouldn't let me in. I was very genuinely actually upset and mad. I was internally coaching myself "Katie, this is not a big deal. It's froyo." hahahaha! 

We got home at midnight which is like perfect for this early bird (I CANNOT do the 3am outing junk). I'd actually prefer 10pm, but I won't be that guy. I woke up Sunday morning so proud of myself for getting that run in the Saturday rain, and could enjoy my Sunday. 

Andrews snap chat-haha! I can wife up sometimes ;) 

Andrews snap chat-haha! I can wife up sometimes ;) 

I made breakfast (bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits with hash browns), and then we headed to church. Our church here is so similar to my church in NYC, I knew they would love it. They are such good guys they would tell us they loved it regardless, but they got in the car and immediately started complimenting it. It just always makes you feel so good when you have friends who can build you up. I, too frequently, desperately miss NYC. We moved back so soon mostly because of Tanner's job, and that makes me feel guilty that I sometimes don't tell Tanner how much I miss it. I can't even let myself think about it really. And that does NOT mean I don't love Shelby and North Carolina. I do. I really do. I just feel I'm in my final location at 26, and I'm very much a wanderer so it just doesn't sit with me right....which is why we travel and will be going back frequently!! :) (And yes, Tanner applied to about 47,000 different positions but with the union, it wasn't happening and he was very depressed with his current situation there.) Who else is like me? I would rather buy ZERO new clothes or things, and spend every time on experiences! I've had the same car since I was 16 and Tanner like begs me to get a new one, and I'm like NOPE! She runs great! 

After church, we headed out to my brothers for the Panther's game, grilling, and shooting guns. We ended up not shooting but Andrew at least got to hold him a gun, which he was so cute about. What a game for those Panther's fans! THANK GOODNESS we won! My husband and brother were seriously about to lose their freaking minds, and I can't handle that mess over a football game. Yes, huge fan. But even when I play the sport, I'm like "okay calm down it's not that serious" lol! I got to love on my sweet nephew too of course. He is talking more and more! I love watching his little mind form language and think things through! Babies rock! (but I'll still hold off on my own).


Peter had to leave to get back to Atlanta at that point, so we headed back home and to tell him bye. It was somewhat of an emotional goodbye, but he is coming up to NYC in December so we can all be reunited again! Then our other friends are getting married in Nashville on New Years and we are all going! The rest of the evening was me cooking and cleaning and watching Kevin Hart! We laughed our butts off to the point of tears. Laughter is so good for the soul. 

Friends are so good for the soul. 

Weekends are so good for the soul. 

However, I've realized for me, structure is also so good for the soul. I love jumping into a routine. I love needing to get things done. I don't like to be bored. I like to accomplish things. So, we are off to another week and I wrote out some goals for the week this morning! Tapering is upon me now, so I hope I handle it well as tapering always makes you a little crazy. I have a HUGE volume ahead of me in preparation for my first 50K so I'm going to embrace this taper FULLY! 

What did you do this weekend? Anyone racing next weekend also?

Friday Favorites

I always feel like this sounds like the cheesiest thing, and maybe it is but there are some things that I just want to share with you because I think they are awesome and you should know. This isn't just filler space and like "oh I like lip balm this week" or something but genuine people and things that I've been crushing on this week. Also, it is of note, this is not an all inclusive list.

Let's start with my favorite Running bloggers: 


  • Sweat Once a Day

    • ultrarunner and beer drinker-she's so chill about it yet so inspiring to follow so it makes you feel like you can do anything
  • My Heart Races Blog
    • mom of 4 who just talks about everything running and i love it
  • Fit and Faithful
  • NYC Running Mama
    • Super well known so you may already follow her blog, but I love it and I'm super excited for our brunch date in NYC when I go in December!

Favorite Instagram Pages: 

  • @ahappypace - her photos are seriously so beautiful!

  • @runtrimom-She's 9 days away from her first Ironman!!!!

  • @babfitrunlife-duh she's my bestie-HA-but she just had a photography shoot and the pictures are so unreal, y'all have to go see them and she's got like 2 weeks worth so stick around
  • @alexis.belbel and @samanthabelbel-they went from fitfam to food/fashion bloggers and I'm obsessed with their pages now-all about a beautiful instagram!!!!
  • @kellykroberts-yall she's a HOOT! So fun to follow in the running world!

Favorite Books:

I have been a reading MACHINE lately! I read on the treadmill, and then I read before bed and I can't seem to stop every night for like an hour!

  • Life without Limits - Chrissie Wellington's autobiography in the ironman world as world champion 
  • Born to Run - there is a group of people called the Tarahumera tribe that live reclusively in Mexico. They are able to do like 400 mile races, and this man sets out on a quest to figure out how they do this - I just started this yesterday!
  • Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World - such a great read for really learning to rest in Jesus! It's so hard in our world, but I've always loved a peaceful, meek woman just not focused on herself at all but just seeking the Lord. I've always felt I'm too "loud" and so I always try to hone in my inner Mary! :) 
  • Running on Faith - Ultrarunner who moves away because he feels that his life's purpose is just to run all the time and spread Jesus's name through it. He has a "lab" in Hawaii where he is the experiment. I mean I would never, but I think it's cool and inspiring to hear his story!

Favorite Foods: 

  • Lean beef wraps (2 oz 93/7 beef, 50g sautéed onions and tomatoes, 1 tablespoon queso in an Ole Extreme wrap-every day this week lol)

  • 2 chocolate chip Mini Muffins with 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk (with a stevia packet in the milk to sweeten it)-every single day I have this! SO good! Only 12g C 6g F 2g P 

  • Kemp's Cookies & Cream Froyo-yall have to try this brand, it's out of this world 
  • Wendy's chicken nuggets-they are all fat and no protein which means they are processed garbage and yet I can't stop! HAHAHA! 4 nuggets = 12g F 10g C 5g P 

Favorite Shows: 

I never watch TV but I've been really trying to now that I have more down time at night. It just feels really good to have a show, and then you can talk to girlfriends about your "shows". How ridiculous that I have to make myself have a show! HAHA!

  • Nashville OBSESSION! Did y'all see the most recent ones? Juliet is straight crazyyy y'all. 

  • Scandal- I'm just like hooked in and can't stop watching! Olivia is the bomb!
  • Friends-Tanner and I always have a running quick show we watch on Netflix. It was New Girl for a while, and now it's become Friends. Both are so good! 
  • NCIS- I love a good suspense story! Who used to read Nancy Drew like it was going out of style? ME!!! (and then it did go out of style haha)

Top Places to Travel Next: 

  • The UK-Tanner and I are trying to get some big trips in before we have kids; yes yes I know, kids don't stop life but they can make things harder! We are going to London, Dublin & Scotland in February! JACKED. UP! Of course we will be using Norwegian Air and sleeping airbnb style to make it as cheap as possible! 

  • The West Coast (Oregon)-hoping to go with Brandy (my best friend) sometime in the spring 

  • Puerto Rico-again Brandy and I are talking about a long weekend in March 
  • Chicago-I really just want to hop on a plane, and go visit my friend Steph (@runtrimom) and have been wanting to go to Chicago for quite some time now 
  • Miami-In January Tanner and I are going to go to a crossfit competition to watch those from Koda!! SURPRISE if anyone from Koda is reading!!! This is where I did the seminar a few months ago, loved everyone to pieces, and continue working with all of their clients on their nutrition. I also met Leila there and we have been the best of friends since so I can't wait to see her again!

Now, I'm off to pick up one of my best friends in the whole wide world from the airport from NYC! This should be a really fun weekend ahead! :) 

First week with My Coach

So, I thought I'd give y'all a play by play for the beginning of this coaching gig. It's so new to me, but after one week I'm like 'Why didn't I do this a long time ago?'

My coach and I have been in touch every single day and it's very personalized, which I love. My training is updated to Training Peaks which is a website and an app on my phone which gives my workouts and he gives details on how to do each workout, and then I give him feedback on how things went. I have set up Garmin Connect (username Katiesfitscript if you want to follow along) so that he is able to actually see the workout, which is intimidating but also accountability like woah. I am tech challenged, so it took me a bit, but I've got everything set up now. I had to figure out also how to use my heart rate monitor for my Garmin. Turns out, you put it around you and it records your heart rate. HOW GENIUS RIGHT? ;) 

So, Alec Blevins is my coach (through Complete Human Performance if you didn't see that previously). I will have a separate coach (Mike Fenik) for when I begin training for my full ironman. Alec has been so great, and is an ultra runner with many wins to his name. He's also a pro spartan. How cool right? haha! He's also vegan and has muscle, so I find that incredible too.   He also honestly has just made me feel encouraged, and like that I have potential to be faster. He has given me assessments to do, and I have been shocked at the times that I was able to do.

I told y'all last week but the one 30 minute assessment, I was able to do 4.95 miles.. That's a 6min/mile pace. SAY WHAT? Then, I had to do a test similar to Yasso 800 which just tests your marathon readiness, and how many 800's you could do with increasing speeds. Mine was 12 rounds and I got up to 10.1 mph (I started at 7.9). If you have never done a speed workout like this, just be ready to die. I can run 10.1mph easy on the treadmill, but at the end of this workout I literally thought I could not. It felt as hard as a marathon but I wanted to get 12 rounds in. He told me that from my testing, I should have a 3:05-3:15 for the Charleston Marathon (it's a flat one), and I'm just over here like "GOT JOKES!!!" hahaha! No really, that would be awesome but I'll believe it when my little legs take me there!! 

I'm doing the 30 minute assessment again today because my mph was all over the place, and he wants to see if I can keep it steady at 10.2-10.3 for the entire time and get over 5 miles. We shall see later on today. I am nervous because I feel like I'm doing a lot of hard stuff leading into my marathon, but I know I will be fine. Every other day, I have a really slow day and heart rate assessment.

after my intervals...I was like exploding sweat (I did this inside). I never sweat! It was crazy! HAHA!

after my intervals...I was like exploding sweat (I did this inside). I never sweat! It was crazy! HAHA!

Assessing your heart rate at different speeds really allows you to see where your fitness levels are. I won't go into all the math of it, but there are different heart rate zones. Let's say that your heart rate was 130 while running 8min/mile pace. Well, that would mean that you could probably go faster because a heart of around 150-160 is generally going to be the place that you will be able to hold right under threshold. If you are running 8min/mile and your heart rate is 180 then that could mean that you are past that threshold and would need to slow down to be able to hold that pace. 

The plan for me right now is to do this marathon, and then my mileage is going to stay high. For the coming months, every single week I have 50-60 miles per week and then one week of 70 miles. I'm training for a 50K in February which means that I'm going to have some weekends where I do back to back long run days. I finished up Chrissie Wellington's book called "Life without Limits" today which is somewhat of my life motto. I found it so amazing all the things that she has done, and at the end of the book she said something that really spoke to me in this time in my life where I'm trying so many new things. We always have this assumption of what our limitations are, and then we get to that place, and we realize that we could go further. That's always what happens with me. I get to these places, and I think 'Well I could be faster. I could go longer. I can do more." and theres always that lingering emotion of "What if" and I don't want to live my life in the What if and never try. 

Here's what my app looks like, and then when you click on it, it tells the breakdown of each workout and how to complete it.

Here's what my app looks like, and then when you click on it, it tells the breakdown of each workout and how to complete it.

You have to be willing to really let your mind wander. You have to be able to get past the fear, and the discomfort of your present moments and to do it more than once. You begin to trust yourself, and your body that you can push through those moments, and you will get to the other side. Those moments will come again but you will have faith and you will have courage because you've been there before. 

My mileage will taper just a little going in Charleston, and after Thunder road (Nov 14), I'm going to kick back up my tri training. I'm going to keep a base of one day per week of both swimming and biking until next year. I will of course have some strength training in there as well. As I've become more and more of an endurance athlete, I've realized that I can't do as many leg days, but honestly at the end of the day, who cares? I know that I want to keep my muscle, but at the end of the day aesthetics is so far from my mind, it's not even funny. I just want to perform, and see how far this endurance sport can take me. 

I'll keep you guys posted as I learn more and more as the weeks continue with my coach! :) He's either going to kill me or make me faster is what I keep saying! I'm hoping for the latter.

What I Eat In One Day

I know this is always something that intrigues people on every blog or youtube so I thought I'd give it a go, and I didn't do the best job. I tried my best, but you know how life is and you get busy and I forget to film every little morsel that goes in, but nevertheless, I hope you enjoy seeing the craziness that I did prepare for you to watch ... :) haha! 

My Response to "I Quit Social Media" movement

So, this just happened this week and I have seen it a lot but not a ton so first, I will explain what I'm talking about. There is a sweet 19 year old girl named Essena ONeill who has made social media her career over the past 3 years. She grew a large following on instagram (500,000 followers) and her youtube videos would get over 100,000 views per post. She was paid upwards of $2000 if she simply posted herself wearing a company's dress. She was signed in LA to a top modeling agency mostly because of her following, and she "had it all" but yet was so unhappy. She went to her instagram, and changed all the captions to words that depicted what actually went into making the photo which is hundreds of different takes to get the right angle and photo, fake happiness, and touched up everything through filters and apps. She talks about constantly seeking the validation of likes, followers, and praise on her stuff. She did a really moving youtube video that I'll attach below. It's long (17 minutes) so I have summarized a lot of it, but it's really moving. I actually ended up crying with her because I feel so much of what she feels.

I don't know why but I literally couldn't sleep after watching this youtube video. My mind is just all over the place. She encompasses everything that I have felt for the past few months, so I wanted to explain my thoughts which of course are going to be on both sides of the spectrum as usual. I hope I'm even able to remember everything that I have to say... 

Our society is really addicted...I mean really really addicted. We aren't just addicted to the people that we think are perfect on instagram or facebook but we want to be them. We so desperately want to be them. We look up to their lives as perfect, and we think about just how happy we would be if we could be that person. We aren't able to see the other side of things. 

Just like with money, it doesn't matter how much you have, you will always want more. It doesn't matter if you are Selena Gomez because she's not Taylor Swift, and I was just curious so I went to Selena Gomez's youtube. She has 7 million followers. Taylor Swift has 16 million. You know that bothers Selena. We are human. It's never enough. I thought that if I could just get to 50,000 followers then I would be able to relax. Nope. My mind wonders what it would be like to be one of the ones with 100,000. 

I have prayed and prayed AND prayed about this, but I'm going to be real with you. Numbers when you are even "at the top" haunt you. Maybe it's just me, and if so then I guess I'll just look silly saying this, but I think that with Essena coming forward, it allows us all to feel a little more brave that we aren't alone. I put myself out there every single day, and many times at night I find myself looking at pages that have a similar following to me that get 3,000 likes on their photos when I only have 800-1000 and wondering what I'm doing wrong. It makes me feel like people don't like me, they aren't engaged, and what can I do that will appeal to people? I justify this because it's my job right? Like 800 likes isn't enough Katie... WHAT THE CRAP? Get a grip.

Vlogging is the new thing, and as much as I love it, I find it to be hard. I find it to be really consuming and that I'm taking social media to a whole new level of completely taking over my life. We are supposed to carry around cameras with us every single day just so that people can get a glimpse into our lives of what they think is perfect. Now don't get me wrong, part of the reason that youtube is hard for me is just because it's A LOT of work but I do love when I have a finished product that I get to share. But every single time I have posted a youtube video, I look at the views and think "Why do more people not watch this like they do the other fitfam girl videos?" It hurts my feelings every time I see the views and lack of followers on youtube. I know it takes time to grow, but I feel like it's this constant battle of building a following to like me. And as I type that I'm embarrassed to say it, but I'm just trying to be transparent in regards to this movement. 

It's never enough. Social media never stops or sleeps. It literally infiltrates into every facet of your life. There's facebook (2 separate pages), instagram(2 separate accounts), twitter, pinterest, blogging, garmin connect, starva, snapchat, email, youtube, vine, and periscope. Somehow we are all expected to be actively available on all these accounts, and all it does is continue to separate us from the communication with those around us. I'm on my phone all the time, and I try to be diligent about stopping but it's just the facts.

Working from home, I have literally started looking into something similar to like seasonal depression because I was curious if my feelings were the same as others that work from home. And I'm definitely not alone. We are MADE for communication, and even social communication is not enough. It doesn't satisfy that need to be with people, talk with people, love people, and it can be hard to not sink into this rut. It makes me want to be introverted, and lay on  my couch every night and work. It makes me have to fight to be social, and it makes me feel depressed and lonely at times. It makes me question my career change, and thinking if working in a pharmacy would leave me feeling this way. I will say I'm very able to look at social media thru the lens that it belongs in and separate myself for the most part. I feel I have a good relationship and I'm able to let it go, but every single thing she says rings true for me. 

Now, I want to talk about the other side of things. She talks about how we see these perfect lives, and we don't know about the depression behind them. While this is true for her, and may be true for others, I think that depression and anxiety is something that a lot of people struggle with but that's more individual. I've experienced this some with being alone and seeking communication with others, but the things that I post are real. The happiness that I portray is how I actually feel, so I never want that to seem like it's all a big show. I do take selfies 100 different times to get the perfect one, but don't we all? I mean it would be weird if we all just took one badly lit selfie and post it. Like of course you are going to continue to try to get a good one!! Sometimes the millions of takes are photography and art, not conceit and vanity.

It's so hard because as a 13 year old girl, they are not able to look through the lens of how I view social media. They see these girls, and they want to literally be them and sometimes will stop at nothing to try to do just that. People are doing EXTREME things to get famous these days. I think that as she says, instagram has become a business and companies are exploiting big names. While thats true, I think that we all know that (or that we need to make that aware). We all know that when an ad comes up about Wendy's on Tv, we take it at face value. We don't think "Oh the happiness portrayed in this Wendy's commercial is so real." If you see a girl and she's obviously promoting a product, then most likely it's going to be positive statements. Most likely they are going to spend time to get the perfect photo. It's an ad, and you are a popular face that they want on their ad. Leave it at that.

LEFT: North Face Local Post RIGHT: SheIsClothing Post - I think it's pretty obvious when working with companies right?

LEFT: North Face Local Post RIGHT: SheIsClothing Post - I think it's pretty obvious when working with companies right?

I think that we also need to be aware that just like hollywood is not always the best for young people, maybe a career on social media isn't either. But it happens. And if you are one of the "lucky" ones, then I guess the best thing that you can do is to be thankful for the opportunities that it will provide you but also be able to step away from it. A job is a job. I think that if we wanted to, we could all sit here and talk about the woes of our jobs. A pharmacist has to put on a smile every single day while they are literally driven into the freakin ground and yelled at daily. It's a ROUGH ROUGH job, but if someone was active and vocal about how bad pharmacists are treated and made a youtube video about "I Quit Pharmacy", I think the reaction wouldn't be as positive. I know it's different, but I guess I'm just playing devil's advocate here. 

While there are so many things about social media that I could literally rant about for days, I am beyond THANKFUL for the opportunities that it has given me. I have been able to provide for myself while working from home and having a completely flexible schedule. I work my butt off, but if my husband wants to go on a trip, I don't have to ask off. I just take my job with me. When we moved, it was only one person having to find a job. I have been able to work with some big companies, and get lots of free stuff that I've promoted. I am so MOVED by the way that I feel that God has used me in this industry to be able to bring some many women out of the bondage of food fear. I say God using me because honestly I just feel like I'm a vessel, and that I'm just passing on information that I've been so fortunate to learn and how it's changed my life and hopefully in turn change others. I wouldn't want to give that up even in the dark moments of "Lord, why am I doing this to myself? Why do I continue to compare myself? Why is it never enough no matter how many followers or likes? WHY!!!?" 

While there are many fake people on instagram who only talk to you for your following (yes this happens), I have met some of the most incredible people on there as well who get me on the deepest levels. It can be hard sometimes to find people who understand you completely especially in a world like marathon running or ironman training. People think you're nuts, so I've found finding connections through that to be so good for my soul. And while many pages may do things to look like the perfect image of whatever it is they are doing, they inspire me to the fullest extent. I feel as if I wouldn't be who I am as an athlete without this inspiration on a daily basis through youtube and instagram.

I also am slightly confused. She said that she is quitting social media, but she just switched to another form of social media. She created a website where she is going to be real, and that you can give what you think it's worth for the ebooks that she provides or just simply to give. I get it. I totally do. She has to have an income and if she quits this, all of her income completely stops but isn't it just going to become the exact same thing....creating content to please people in order to make money? Seeking validation in likes and followers but just on a  different platform that isn't about your happy life but rather just about finding happiness elsewhere? I'm all about that and in fact, I'll probably support it, but if she's quitting, why are there still videos being produced?

Lastly, because of course, I always think about these things, it brings me to my faith which I know that everyone doesn't have. I think that we will constantly be searching for that validation in life if we don't find it in someone else. Even if we all quit social media, we will always want to feel beautiful and wanted and loved. That's not going to change. That's how we were created, and He gives us the choice to decide if the validation that we seek is in the world or in Him. I choose Him, but it's not always that easy. However, I do think that it completely changes the ball game and I think that if just for one day, we could all see ourselves in the lens that our heavenly Father sees us, and not through the lens of how perfect our instagram is and how many followers we have achieved that day, then we would be a better society because of it.