Friday Favorites #2

I just love this post. To be honest, it's easy for me to put together so that's nice and it's so fun to scroll through all of my favorite blogs and see their favorites. One of my favorite bloggers is my good friend, Bridgett at SweatStretchEat so I look forward to seeing her favorties post! 

Without further adieu, 

1. Cute Planners

I'm old school, and don't like to put my to-do's in my phone or electronically in any way. I still write out grocery lists. I still write out to-do lists, and I still want a planner. I got the Kate Spade this year from my husband for Christmas. I do love it, but I think that next year I'm going to ask for the Simplified Planner by Emilyley. They are oh so expensive, but I'm obsessed. I try to take the price and divide by 12 months so really I'm only paying $4.80 per month and that's not so bad right? 

2. Friday Diner Dates 

We have a ritual now that we go to the same Diner, called Squire's Diner, every Friday. It's so quaint, and pretty small but their menu is miles long and their prices are similar to North Carolina. We just love it. 

And this is right outside so it's such a beautiful area

And this is right outside so it's such a beautiful area

This is another diner called George's that we love that gives you chocolate chip bread! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR GOOD!

This is another diner called George's that we love that gives you chocolate chip bread! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR GOOD!

This is my meal everytime! Huge Egg white omelete and hashbrowns

This is my meal everytime! Huge Egg white omelete and hashbrowns

3. Central Park 

We kept saying that we were going to go because we hadn't even been since we moved this summer, so we went and I think fall was the perfect time to go! It's so beautiful. The people are so beautiful. It's just such a scenic dream like you would imagine

4. Living in New York City 

I went to North Carolina for 10 days, and I think it was good for me. It's good for me to leave the city. It's good for me to come back to the city and appreciate every second that I get here. I honestly love this city (or obviously I wouldn't have moved here). I just wanna soak up every single second of my time here.

5. Monograms and Design 

I have two personalities. Part of me wants to get muddy and messy and go hiking, camping, and rock climbing. Then, there is the girlie part of me that takes over. I follow tons of interior design bloggers, and just designers in general and I have a serious obsession. I just wish I had a streak of creativity and that would help me out a lot! 

Hope y'all enjoy these posts too!! 

With love and happy Fridays,


How can you eat ONE cookie?

I get asked a lot how I can possibly have the willpower that I do? I open an oreo package and I have one oreo. My husband gets fries, and he always knows that I'm going to have ONE fry. 

So how do I do, you ask? I will admit that I have always had this little thing called willpower for the larger extent of my life. When I was 5, my brother kicked and screamed to do his reading with my parents. I personally thought it was cool, and meant that if I learned this now then I could read later, and I really wanted to be able to read. 

Delayed gratification. 

Sopheefit wrote on this other day and I couldn't agree more so I wanted to give my spin on it. 

Willpower is a muscle that you learn to exercise more and more as the years go on. I guess you would call it willpower, but I hardly find it to be that anymore. Once you get past willpower, you learn how healthy makes you feel and you don't want to do any differently. I see people who say they ate 5 doughnuts or a huge burger and a plate of fries or a row of oreos. I literally feel nauseous just thinking about that. I know when I'm dehydrated and I know when I've ate bad and it doesn't feel good so willpower becomes much easier. 

Every day we have choices that we make. We have choices on how we are going to better ourselves, and we can ALL make excuses. Excuses are really easy to come by, and we can always validate or justify what we are doing. "I deserve this because I work so hard." "I shouldn't go workout because I'm feeling a little headache coming on." "I could never run further than one mile so I'm certainly never going to do a half marathon" 

tieing shoe.jpg

Let me tell you how many times I wanted to quit pharmacy school. I never like actually wanted to quit, but I hated it so much. However, I knew about delayed gratification. You work hard now. You get reward later. That's the way it goes for anything. 

You work hard in your diet now. You have a cheat meal at the end of the week. You put in the work for school now. You have a good job later. You work hard in your training now and you get the euphoric feeling of crossing the finish line or standing on stage with competitors who know how hard you worked to get there. You value your marriage and treat each other well, then you look back at 80 years old and you are with the same person. It's not cliche when they say that anything that you are going to have, you are going to have to work for. That's the truth. Things aren't just going to be handed to you in life. There will ALWAYS be an easier way out. You are have to be stronger mentally. You have to want it more than the next. You have to work like no one else works so that you can have what no one else has. 

I'm team #noexcuses. I'm also #teamselflove and if you are my client, then just know that you are going to get loved on quite a bit. I want you to be tough and not have excuses but I also want you to realize that we all goof up and it seriously is not a big deal. That's why God created 24 hour segments, and 4 seasons because he knew that we were all going to have ups and downs in life and need new little places to start fresh. He created that for you to realize that you CAN start fresh and it's okay to mess up. The point is that you keep working that muscle called willpower and get better at it everyday. 

If I have something naughty, you can almost bet a picture will be taken ;) 

If I have something naughty, you can almost bet a picture will be taken ;) 

So, when I'm presented with a basket of cookies then I take one and I'm done because I know that a) I'll be able to have another one tomorrow instead of all of them today and b)I know that I'm able to continue pressing towards my goals without even thinking about that cookie. I know that I can enjoy things. I know that I can enjoy things every single day. I just know that I enjoy them in moderation, and can know that with delay gratification, I will be able to stay fit and healthy for life. 

With love and delayed gratification, 


Half Marathon Training Plan Release

Today's video comes to ya from the good ole iPhone while my computer is currently making updates to its video!!

I've been working on many different things, but a half marathon and lifting training schedule has been one of them. That is ready for you to purchase now! You can find that under the products page if you would like to pick that up on your way out! It's an automatic download.

I realized my first two videos were on my katiesfitscript youtube channel and my other ones were on my Katie Raines youtube from long ago. Lord, I've lost my mind! HAAA! They will all be under katiesfitscript channel now :)

With love and running,


Confessions of an Entrepeneur

Today's post will tell you my heart, but I'm hoping it will help yall keep me accountable!!

Ever since I've been a little girl, I've been an entrepreneur which is why it's ironic that I went into medicine when I truly look at how I view the world. All throughout school, I did things on the side to make a little extra money. Some people worked jobs, but I didn't feel I had the time for that, so I would just always make and sell things and make my own way. 

As I became interested in fitness, I knew I wanted to turn it into my job. The most amazing discovery is recently how I want to combine my doctorate and fitness. I want to open a clinic with Tanner one day to manage patient's disease states and medication management while also giving them diet and exercise to follow. I believe that if they can get the last two on track that they will have much better success at reducing their medications. I love to be a pioneer in this field as it essentially does not exist. The number of ideas that rocket off with this are unreal, and I find myself constantly thinking about it. I find myself constantly busy. I will go ahead and give the disclaimer that I am essentially at the very start of a brand new business so therefore there is A LOT that goes into that. I won't go into all that I do behind the scenes and how much my husband does, but just know that it is so much and I can't thank him enough. 

I am a big dreamer. I know that i'm not some big please(not even close) . But, I want to be if that counts for something. However, I want to step back two steps and tell you my confession of something big that's been on my heart lately. I'm not going to make big changes in my branding or my name but I wanted to share this so that you know where my heart is ... 

The name of my business is "Katiesfitscript" and I like that. I think that it flows well, it's what everyone calls me now hilariously, and I think that will be perfect for the clinic and we can always call our plans Fitness Prescriptions. It works. 

But, I feel so narcissistic. This is not about me. This is not about my success. This is not about how big I can make my business, how many followers I can obtain, how much money I can make to help pay towards my school loans, or how big of an audience I can reach with my blog. 

This is about my God. I truly mean this. I'm not just blowing smoke. I truly want to reflect His presence in all of my work. I want to do His will in my business. I want it to be done well and for His glory and not for my exposure. I want to do it for His name's sake to be known and not my own. I am just at the start of everything, so I want to do that now instead of looking back years later and wishing I had not ignored these feelings that I've been having. I have been so busy with creating something that I have let my relationship with Christ slip to the side, when He is the reason that I am where I am. 

(Before I begin the next paragraph, this is me telling my inner thoughts. Like honestly, I do not really believe much in putting myself down nor do I believe in pity parties so PLEASEEEEE don't take it that way.)

Then, there is that lovely thing called comparison. I feel like sometimes I'm just doing something wrong. I always see people just explode on instagram, twitter, facebook, blogging, getting invitations here and there, and I'm so happy for truely! (well if they are good people hahaha). I just feel like I keep taking 2 steps forward and then take 4 backwards. I'm being raw so that you know that we all have these feelings but I always feel my programs aren't good enough, that I'm not helping people enough, that I need to offer more, do more, grow my following more, be there for people more but reach more people to expand my business. I feel I want to be something in the fitness industry but then when I do interviews there is always this line for awards and recognitions, and I have nothing to offer. To be dated.... 

With all of that said, I'm so positive about that too. I see those things not as something to put myself down but rather something to drive me. It fuels my fire, and makes me push hard that I forget my purpose, His will, His desires..... 

I have always struggled with knowing if I'm truly seeking God in my decisions or if I'm seeking my own and then pretending it's God sprinkled because it works out. 

My friend Andrew on the right is always giving me heck about my fitness, so he will be so excited to be on the blog! HAHAHA! Hey Andrew ;) 

My friend Andrew on the right is always giving me heck about my fitness, so he will be so excited to be on the blog! HAHAHA! Hey Andrew ;) 

So, my honest prayer from here on out is that I take a breath before each new adventure and seek God's honest direction. I hope to remember to again, take a breath and say a prayer for each client as they begin my program because we all know that weight loss is mind, body, and soul and more emotion and stressors are involved. I want to pray that the direction of my business is not for my own exposure and growth, but for His name to be shown through every step that I take in the fitness industry. I know my business is called Katiesfitscript but just know that if you see that name, it means so much more than anything I could ever do on my own. 

With love and faith, 


"She's a health nut"

I just wanted to touch on the topic that lately has really grinded my gears, and once I'm back in New York, I promise to provide you with quality recipes, good scientific based data and workouts but for the time being, I'm just going to share my opinions. 

I always and forever will ask you to take it or leave it and know that I never mean to step on anyone's toes. However, I think it's worth noting my view on what I believe health ACTUALLY IS versus the way that it is portraryed which is mostly geared towards sex appeal and the way that we look especially with the mass amount of people that social media has reached...including teenagers. 

I refuse to work with anyone that is younger than 19 because I don't feel comfortable. It also always makes me a bit sad when girls are asking me about dieting at 16. I just wish it wasn't thought about, but unfortunately it's the sad truth.

However, I just wish that we could switch the mindset.  Everyone has their different opinion on the way that they want to approach health and fitness so this is just how I address mine. I want to be healthy. I want to be fit. However, I do not want this to affect other things that I do in life or the relationships that I have. Then, on the other hand, I don't think that you should say yes to everything and just YOLO on your diet when you don't have some goal in mind. I just truly believe in taking care of yourself....all the time. So, this doesn't mean going on "diets." This means that the 10 year old child would be eating fruits and veggies from a young age because that's just what they know and then diet was never discussed. Health then takes care of itself and body image never becomes an issue.

I don't think that you should just take care of yourself because you have some show in your future. I don't think that you should take care of yourself because you have some beach trip that you are going to take. I think that you should take care of yourself because you value the one life and body that you have been given. I think that all of this goes back to the one thing that I hate and that's body image. I feel that health and fitness get so misaligned with body image that it sucks. Being healthy and having a good body image go hand in hand but one does not equal the other. You could have great body image but not be healthy or vice versa. People say "I wanna get healthier" when what they really mean is "I wanna lose weight and look different." 

I think that an off season has become the normal now and not just for bodybuilders but for everyone in life. The "normal" population wants to get "skinny for summer" and then kinda let loose in the winter time and holidays. This is fine, but it's just not what I think of when I think of a healthy person. I just wish we could re-invent the mold. Think about the title of this. It's thrown around so nonchalantly but that's the way that people portray the type of person that I want to be...a nut. A health....nut.

So, essentially, I'm a weirdo because I value health on an every day basis. I'm not saying this is something that I've felt I've experienced. I'm saying that's the way that our culture portrays it. It's as if you can't be healthy without explaining yourself.  Last night at the wedding, I had a glass of wine, and someone said "You can't drink that though can you with how healthy you are?"




Do people think I just chew on lettuce and carrots all day? Live your life. Live a beautiful life. Just live it in moderation and it will take care of itself. Yes, I skip fast food on most every occassion. Yes, I skip pizza basically all the time. I skip alcohol many times. If i'm having a salad, I skip dressing if a healthy option is not given. But, I have Chickfila and I have pizza and I have wine. You just can't have them everyday. I think people view health in an all or nothing fashion and I'm just so tired of it so I'm defending health. 

Stop viewing it as a diet. Stop viewing it as something dreadful. This is not about your body. This is not about your off season. This is not about how big you can make your booty. In my opinion, this is about how refreshed you feel every morning; how passionate you feel about the workouts that you are performing and getting better at them. This is about having one body that needs to be taken care of so that you can live a long, full, and healthy life void of injury and disease. Instead of body image, think about hiking a mountain with your grandkid because you are still kicking booty at 70.

It's also not all about our bodies either. It's about mind, body, and soul transformation from the inside out. When you feel that change, you'll know it. Take care of your soul. Be nice to your sweet soul. The world beats you down so so much, and doesn't need anymore help with it. So be kind to your soul.

Stay consistent. Keep balance. Love everyone and your journey along the way.

With love and being a health nut,


Friday Favorites

Many bloggers do Friday Favorites, so I'm certainly not the first but I just had to start it because I look forward to my favorite bloggers Friday posts, so I wanted to just follow in their cute footprints. 

1. I think we can all agree that fall flannels are the best. Fall has definitely arrived this weekend!!! My sister in law said "You look like you're actually from Shelby" when I wore this. Guess that's okay hehe ;) 

2. Hole in the wall coffee shops with my husband <3 I miss him terribly as he is in NYC and I'm in Shelby visiting family! We are visiting the Adoronidack Mountains this coming weekend when I get back at a bed and breakfast and hiking and fishing and having coffee and I just could bust I'm so excited.

And no, we have no reason for these side trips that we do. We just love going places essentially all the time <3 

3. Getting my competition pictures finally! YAY! They couldn't locate my name with my number so they were having a hard time matching it up. I'm going to put up a comparison of my first show last July to this October! I'm so proud of the progress not physically but mentally that I've made. If you knew how much more I eat now it would blow ya mind! haha! I'll take it and not have a rib pokin out ;) 

I hate the right is so blurry! BOO! 

I hate the right is so blurry! BOO! 

4. My Team <3 

I wish I had some cute pictures of us all together to share, but I don't but I just wanted to share that it's so wonderful that all of the girls that sign up with me are good people. Like, really good people. They radiate this in our facebook group, and we become like a family. There is no judgement, no arguing, but just friendship, love and encouragement !!

5. Visiting family and friends in Shelby and just being blessed to be here for 10 days

I steal him away every chance I get except when I have a fever which has been all week...uhhh!!! 

I steal him away every chance I get except when I have a fever which has been all week...uhhh!!! 

Absolutely love this girl! <3 So excited for her opening her own boutique! 

Absolutely love this girl! <3 So excited for her opening her own boutique! 

Best Fransss <3 Love these two so so much and so glad I was able to be home for Kayla's wedding!!!! 

Best Fransss <3 Love these two so so much and so glad I was able to be home for Kayla's wedding!!!! 

What are your favorites? I would love to hear about them!!! 

With love and all my favorite things, 



Fitness is not One Size Fits All

The trend that was started on instagram about a year ago and i truly believe the reason that the competing industry has taken off so much is because of all the fitfam posting about competitions. It leads people to believe that they are not "that fit" unless they reach that level of conditioning. Many people email me saying "I don't want to compete but I want to get in shape." It saddens me that there is even a disclaimer statement. It's totally okay just to want to get in shape for no other reason then your health and wellness. 

What comes along with the mass of instagram competing is what it takes to compete and that is a very strict diet and lifting weights. This is not just lifting casually. The trend is to see who can be the toughest, who can lift the most, who can be THE MOST BADASS. I'm so guilty. I want to lift the most, run the fastest, be the most athletic and I think everyone feels that a little deep down. I love the idea of being strong, and I think that many women love that too. 

I also believe that the fitfam has saved many girls from vicious eating disorder cycles. Metabolic adaptation in my opinion in life changing for so many, and I believe that instagram is the reason that it has become so popular. I think that lifting weights gives these girls an escape route. They begin to feel empowered and strong and learn to tailor their diet to actually feed themselves appropriately, gain weight in a slow fashion so that they can psychologically deal with it, and they are able to live normal lives. 

However, personally, I believe that this has gotten out of hand and created a mindset that one size fits all and it just doesn't. It's wonderful that we are accepting of women becoming stronger, but that look is not for everyone. I guess I'm not like the normal fitfam girl, but I don't want to make gains. I feel this has just created another outlet that girls can never be satisfied and that they are never good enough. I know this is not the case with everyone and I'm making generalizations here, but I just want the girls out there who don't want huge delts to be okay with that. 

I don't want for my arms to get any bigger. I don't want to bulk. I don't want to cut. I don't want really care that much even if my glutes get bigger even though that's always nice just because I wish I could bottle up what I have, but I'm just content and I want that for others too. I truely don't want to change anything. This does not mean that I think I'm perfect by ANY MEANS but I just want so badly for girls to get to a point where they are comfortable in their skin and can just accept who they are. 


You have to tailor your goals to your training and nutrition. That's partly why I started training for a marathon because I realized that I was doing things in my training that were based on my aesthetics and not my overall dreams and goals. That made me feel hypocritical. On top of that, there are so many women out there who do not want the ripped, shredded muscular development that seems to have taken over the world. Maybe they just want to lose some weight and get leaner but not have defined capped shoulders or massive quads. That is totally okay, and their training should be different based on those goals. 

Weight training works to shape the muscle. Weight training works to build muscle therefore increasing the metabolic rate which is ideal for everyone essentially. I'm able to eat a lot more food now at the same weight because I have replaced fat with muscle. However, it should be of note that girls don't need to be trying to deadlift 300lbs or shoulder press 50s unless they truely want the muscular development that goes along with that. The "skinny fat" look is so hated on and personally, I think that look is beautiful too. I think crazy muscular development is absolutely gorgeous as well on a female. I think my point is that we are shoving heavy lifting and no cardio down everyone's throat and that just simply doesn't align with everyone's vision of what they want to look like.

I lift heavy for my size. I do about 12-15 reps on my sets because I just want to hit the muscle groups and maintain what I have. I love hitting PR's on deadlift when I'm not in full marathon mode because that makes me feel empowered and strong, but I don't increase weight at all anymore with any of my other lifting days. I run ... a lot.  Some people hate running, and that's cool too. 

To wrap this up, if you love to run then run. If you like to lift, then lift. If you like to play tennis then play tennis. If you like yoga then do yoga. Our bodies will all look very different based on how we train and that's okay. There is no right way. There is no wrong way. The most important thing is that we are all staying healthy and moving.

With love and personal goals, 


Tips for Getting Abs

I get this question over and over again, so I thought I would share a few little tips on how to get there :) If you have any questions on any specifics, feel free to comment below <3

I also talked in circles, and really could stand to clarify a few things so watch the video below and then read the comments below!

When I said girls before were restricting and binging and then they reversed dieted was a GRAVE overgeneralization. That is not what everyone does but many times pictures are posted with calorie intake of 1000 calories and then a comparison to eating 3000 calories and they look leaner, there is most likely more to the story. 

Also, you do NOT need to do a show to get lean nor have painful calorie deficit (that was a dumb statement haha) but just know that to get the "coveted abs" that normally you aren't going to be eating more. You probably need to do a cut first then reverse diet up.

Hope this clarifies that a little! I probably do better writing! haha :) 

With love and abs,


My Favorite Fast Food Picks

I made a post about how I appreciate different fast food restaurants having options for me to eat on the go, and I wanted to share some of my favorite choices at some of these places when I'm out and about and busy that I fit into my macros. This is not to say there aren't other really awesome options on their menus that work well. These are just my go-tos :) 

Quick Tip: Some things are not going to be exact, and so this is something that you have to be cognisant of if you really are wanting to be strict. For example, Wendy's has their Asian CASHEW Chicken Salad listed with 3.5g of fat. I haven't had this salad, but my guess is that if it has cashews on it then it's much more than 3.5g of fat! 

Taco Bell

  • Fresco Grilled Chicken Soft Taco 3.5g F // 16g C // 10g P 
  • Fresco Grilled Steak Soft Taco 4.5g F // 16g C // 12g P


  • Short Pumpkin Spice skinny latte 0g F // 25g C // 7g P 
  • Regular Oatmeal (add my own flavoring)
  • Blonde Roast with 2 pumps sugar free vanilla and 1 Sweet N Low 

Dunkin Doughnuts

  • Pumpkin Munchins 9g C // 3.5g F // 0g P 
  • Hashbrowns 15g C // 7g F // 0g P (I didn't believe this fat count at first until I realize that they don't put their hashbrowns into a deep fryer the way that other places do) 
  • Egg white Turkey Sausage Wake Up Wrap 6g F // 14g C // 9g P (Be advised that this is very small) 


  • Side Salad and I add my own protein 
  • Grilled Chicken Wrap 25g C // 10g F // 19g P 
  • Chilli 23g C // 7g F // 23g P 
  • Jr Chocolate Frosty 32g C // 5g F // 5g P


  • Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap (no dressing) 13g F // 30g C // 36g P
    • I always only eat half of this and save the other half for another meal
  • 6 piece Grilled Chicken Nuggets 3g C // 3g F // 17g P
  • Breast of Chicken Soup 17g C // 3g F // 8g P 
  • Grilled Market Salad 17g C // 5g F // 23g P 
  • Fried Chicken Nuggets (4 count) 5g C // 6g F // 14g P


  • Oven Roasted Chicken Salad with all veggies, no cheese, and salt and pepper 

I think we all know this but salad dressings are just not worth your time. I wouldn't bother with them when you could spend your money in another store if you know what I mean ;) 


With love and fast food, 


Top 10 Tips for Traveling Fit

As you all know, I have traveled to North Carolina for 10 days. I am so so excited to be here with family. To be honest, I am at a point where I could care less about sticking to my nutrition while I'm here but I wanted to share that I have not always been this way nor do I expect everyone else to be. Many times as people start along their journey or fitness, they find these loopholes of places to give up. They may have a trip planned and after 10 days of whatever, they just essentially give up thinking it's not worth it anymore. It's so cliche but honestly, once you learn how to eat appropriately (not diet but just a healthy lifestyle) then it becomes so much easier to make it a "lifestyle." I used to be this same person, but many times people will say "It's a lifestyle" as they bring their prepped food on the road with them. That is not a lifestyle. 

All i wanna do is snuggle with this one!!! :) 

All i wanna do is snuggle with this one!!! :) 

Are you going to do that when you have children? To each his own but I personally don't want my kids to see mommy eating food separate from them and if they did then the only thing their young minds would be able to comprehend is that 'mommy does this to be skinny therefore being skinny is what I should strive to be too.' This could be an entire blog post separate but I do want to say that I feel it's so important as a future mother to adopt a healthy lifestyle that you incorporate into your children's lives not yoyo dieting or other disordered eating. With my past, I believe it's a nature and nuture thing. I never want to cultivate an atmosphere that nutures that in my daughter(s) or sons for that matter. Spoiler alert: part of the reason I haven't wanted to have kids yet (and this is only part of the reason) is because of wanting to get myself 100% right first. Then once I got better, I had big goals that I wanted to reach, adventures I wanted to have with my husband and places I wanted to travel before I threw a baby in the mix :) Soooo, now you know ;) 

I guess I inserted the completely non-relevant paragraph above is I feel that it's important to make a point of traveling and staying on track appropriately is something that many must face with children and I just wanted to share how I approach things. 

1. Sit back and relax

The cortisol you build up with thinking about the trip and worrying about what you are going to eat is not going to help the situation. I wish I didn't even have to type these things, but I get emails constantly about women worrying about the vacation that they are going to be taking in a month or two from now and freaking out about what they will do. 

It is your vacation. RELAX. 

The girls in my family :) :) 

The girls in my family :) :) 

2. You'll never get that week back.

Again, do you honestly want to think about your trip to wherever you are going, and think that you even thought about food?? If you think about food, then you should think about it in the mindset of enjoying it. The diet that you are on is going to be there waiting for you when you get back. Your happiness in the moment of your trip is not. Enjoy it. 

3.With enjoyment comes self awareness

Unfortunately, binge eating especially on vacation is very real. If you are in the midst of building your metabolism then it is CRUCIAL that you don't lose control on vacation, or you are going to lose a lot of hard work in building your metabolism. I know it's so much easier said than done, but genuinely tap into the side of you that remembers when it's hungry and when it's full. She's in there. You just have to search for her. 

4.Look for healthier options

I felt this was a gimme, but there is always going to be a better option. This is not to say that you shouldn't enjoy some other things, but if your choices are a huge bowl of pasta or chicken parm then just choose the chicken parm. It may still have pasta under it, but it's not just going to be a massive bowl of straight carb. 


5. If you really want to stay on track, then still chart things in myfitnesspal

Admitably I do this mostly because I know that I won't eat enough if I don't. I end up snacking on cottage cheese and making egg whites (this literally happened yesterday when I didn't track) and so I end up eating like 200g of protein and 100g carb. That's no fun, so I try to chart things so that I can be like "okay katie, go eat some bread" 

6. Don't inconvenience anyone else.

This is something that I'm big on. No one else cares about your weight. No one else cares about your goals. No one else cares about the lifestyle that you are trying to live. That's fine. Your goals are not their goals. That doesn't mean that you should give up your goals. However, that also doesn't mean that you should hinder them with your decisions. Don't be THAT GUY saying that you can't eat somewhere. You CAN find SOMETHING on the menu. This has taken me a long time to realize but food is important to people. Food is VERY important to people and it can be offensive if you are always saying you can't eat at certain places.

7. Build your metabolism if you have a vacation approaching. 

Many people will contact me with the intent of getting all sexy to wear a bikini on a beach. They want to cut HARD so they can look good. I feel this is a recipe for disaster. If you go on vacation after being in a caloric deficit, then you are going to hold onto everything like it's going out of style. You're going to have water retention and feel like a buffalo. If you know that you are going on vacation and instead go the opposite direction and build your metabolism, then you will be like me, and sometimes feel like you lose weight. It's hard to get in 200g of carb when you aren't in your own kitchen. 

8. Don't stop working out. 

This is a personal belief but I just feel that you are going to get nowhere if you keep finding excuses to not work out. One of the biggest things that helps me to always stay on track is I have events and goals that I'm striving for. There is no way I can stop working out while I'm here. I have a marathon in 6 weeks therefore I MUST train. Don't give yourself options and escape routes and don't come up with lame excuses. I don't like excuses. HA!

9. It's okay and you shouldn't be ashamed to have healthier options that you bring.

If you are bringing tuna packets because you are terrified of eating anything else, that's an issue. If you are bringing tuna packets to just add onto a quick salad to get some extra protein in for the day then ROCK ON SISTER! There's nothing wrong again with being self aware. I find that ground turkey travels well so i normally bring that with me. I eat lots of protein bars as I'm in airports. Airports always have POP chips which I love and so I'll grab a diet coke and pop chips and be a happy little fitness chick :) When I get to Shelby, I normally make a grocery run. I get lots of foods that will keep me on track for the week and that is OKAY!!!! 

10. Don't be ashamed!!

I still have a hard time with this. I come from the country where everyone eats all things fried. Again, no one cares about the lifestyle that I live. I used to get scared people would judge me, and even cry about jokes that people would make towards me making fun of my lifestyle. Then I don't know but over time and talking a lot with my mom, she said something to me that for some reason stuck. This is what she said "If you are going to choose to live this, then you need to OWN IT. OWN THAT GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD." 

She is so right. This is my decision, and my life. Therefore, I want to live it with confidence to show others I enjoy. If you cower, then it looks as if you are ashamed and why should you be ashamed for taking care of yourself. You shouldn't. 

So, I'll leave you with this... 


With love and vacations, 


Fasted Cardio

Fasted cardio was a huge fad for a long time, then I think it faded out, but I still see people doing it most of the time during contest prep. 

Many may not know what fasted cardio is. I remember the first time I heard about it, I had no idea. It's cardio when you first wake up in the morning before you have anything to eat. 

Sounds miserable right? Ha. You all know that I'm a fan of cardio, but I am not a fan of fasted cardio. The point of it is that it's supposed to burn fat more because when you wake up after 8-10 hours without anything to eat, your body tends to use fat for fuel and conserves carb energy sources. This way, it burns more fat and the studies have shown that this is the case. Also the idea is that if you eat before then you are going to have to work that off before you tap into fat storage. Essentially, this is true. 

Before, I go any further, I would like to just give my practical point of view. If you are a bodybuilder and you are looking to cut the last bit of fat towards the end near a show then by all means, if you feel it's necessary, do fasted cardio and you might see minimal differences. However, if you are just on a plan for every day then honestly, why torture yourself? It's not worth it. Cardio is going to be effective if it's done.

You also have to look at the fact that most of the time, people are going to do steady state cardio when they do fasted. Time and again, HIIT (high intensity interval training) is shown to be more effective for fat loss so why not just do HIIT later in the day. Again, let's be practical. If you have tons to do and the only time that you can go is in the morning, then sometimes, people get sick if they try to eat beforehand. Well then, on accident, you will end up doing cardio fasted. However, I never ever recommend lifting weights on an empty stomach. If you are lifting, then you are wanting to gain muscle correct? Just as your body is going to use fat for fuel, it is also going to use some amino acids as well which are the building blocks of protein aka WASTED GAINS! hehe!

There are also researchers that have stood by the fact that fasted cardio does show increased fat loss in the beginning of the day when you are doing the actual exercise but what about during a given day. Essentially, burning calories is the name of the game for weight loss and if you are burning the same amount of calories and eating in a caloric deficit, then your body is going to lose weight. When your body is "filled" with something, then the rest spills over. If you wake up and your body utilizes fat in that workout, then that means that your glucose is filled up. So doesn't that mean that once you eat carbs, this is going to spill over, and guess what?... Be stored as fat. 

Also, people will argue that it continues to burn more calories throughout the day. Okay, not to be a debby downer but most people who are doing fasted cardio are doing a little jog on the treadmill for 25-30 minutes. The data shows that the amount of fat burn post workout from this is essentially negligible. 

So, why am I a fan of cardio? I actually hate that word. I know that's silly but I just think it sounds so.....non athletic. I am a fan of cardio because I'm a fan of being an athlete. I'm a fan of being a well rounded athlete. I am not concerned about fat loss, however since we are on the subject of cardio and fat loss, marathon training is not for you. 

I think many times people start training for long races because running=weight loss right? No. The amount of training that is required is going to produce a lot of cortisol (stress hormone) and in some cases, with extra nutrition, marathon runners will gain weight during training. 

I know that I have not provided you with every detail of research behind fasted cardio, but I simply wanted to give you my logical opinion in that I just don't think that it's going to make that big of a difference and most people absolutely hate doing it, so I just don't see the utility especially in everyday people not bodybuilders.

With love and cardio, 


Life in Manhattan

I have really wanted to write this post for a little while for those that know me personally from North Carolina but also for those that may know me now and what it's like to go from North Carolina to the big city living. 

So, I told you the story of the move. It happened SO FAST. We had the thought of "Okay, let's move" in January and we had moved by March. That should have been a precursor for the time to come. I feel like the past 6 months have been a complete whirlwind. When people laugh and say that everything is fast here, they aren't just making that up except for elevators. Elevators are slow.  When we come back to NC now, even at convenient stores, we are kinda like WHAT ARE YOU DOINGGGG because it seems to take them an hour just to swipe our card. The speed at which New Yorkers have perfected is quite amazing. 

It's been surreal living here. I look out of my window every morning and it's hard to believe I'm looking at the Statue of Liberty and I'm so thankful for that. I'm biased but I feel we live on the best spot on the island. We are right on the water, and right beside of the World Trade Memorial. It is really quiet in our area, mostly families, essentially no night life but that feels nice for what we call home. I can now say that it feels like home. I think that has happened in the past week, so I think that's why it was okay that I finally write this post. 

We always like to describe NYC as the highest of highs but also the lowest of frustrations. There is nothing like walking out the door every day and passing these iconic buildings and on the weekends getting to experience things that most may never experience in their life. We have a big list and we work on checking things off week by week. The amount we have seen in the few months that we have been here has been UNREAL but also we could be here our whole lives and still not see everything. It was amazing when we moved because the first people that we came in contact with were our small group, church family and so we had immediate friends. This obviously made the transition a little easier. 

A common conversation at most new gatherings in NYC are two questions: 

1. What do you do? 

2. How long do you plan on being in New York City 

Almost everyone is a transplant, and so everyone wants to know how everyone else feels about it. Most of the time the conversation goes the same with everyone. Everyone wants to leave, but everyone wants to stay. Let me explain. 


When you move here, all you have done is visit here. You haven't worked here. You haven't been here on bad days, good days, and all the days in between. You haven't experienced people at their absolute meanest and you haven't experienced the pace at which everything goes. You haven't been on a subway that's so packed that with being short, you are forced into the armpit of someone holding the railing above you. I was so busy when I arrived that I slept seriously like 5 hours a night for 3 months. This was also because I was training, trying to successfully keep up with business, study for boards and work full time at Walgreens in the Bronx (which is an hour subway ride from where I live). I was so exhausted. I also worked in a bad area of town and just to keep this story short, people hated the pharmacy before they even walked in the door and added bonus: a small white girl who looks like she knows nothing, has an incredibly ridiculous Southern accent and a complete inability to speak Spanish no matter how hard I tried. 

But I lived for the weekends, and they were glorious. We have been able to go to the beach, kayaking on the Hudson, running by the Hudson, Statue of Liberty, Governer's Island, Coney Island, brunch, diners, rooftop bars, party cruise, dozens of new coffee shops, sail boats on the Hudson, dinner cruises, cheesecake, New York Stock Exchange, Wall street, Times Square, Little Italy, Chelsea, East Village, West Village, broadway plays, live music, bike rides, Brooklyn bridge, Manhattan bride, concerts in Central Park, ferry rides, taxi cabs, Bryant park, Central Park, and famous people. We also have the opportunity of being so close to many other things with a cheap bus system so we have gone to Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Boston. We are going to upstate NY (Adirondack Mountains) in 2 weeks as well. I am thankful. I am blessed. 

However, it's not all glitz and glamour. So, I just wanted to share that aspect of it too. If you live here, you know it's not all glamour but from the outside, I feel it's an illusion. While we live at the best spot, it's also almost a mile to the Subway and we walk that every single day. While we have this beautiful view of the Statue, we also have to wait for extremely slow elevators where we pack like sardines and if you want to do laundry, you have to do this community style. I feel like a freshmen in college again except worse. One load of laundry costs $5. Believe me, this adds up. We had puppies so we had lots of poop and pee on blankets and towels, and it just felt like constant laundry. If you don't get the laundry out the minute it's done, someone will take yours out and put it on the table, or worse, the floor. Every man for himself. 

That's the name of the game here. Every man for himself. No one cares about you. I don't mean this to sound awful but essentially, that's what it boils down to. People want to get from Point A to Point B. They don't care about being nice because they will never see you again. Shoot, I've noticed we do it now too. You become impatient because everything seems to take forever. You get frustrated and angry at the late subway to make you late for work. You get sick of paying $30 just for a quick stop with your husband for lunch. It's really hard giving your entire paycheck to rent when you know there are other things you could do with that. It's REALLY REALLY hard being fit and healthy and macro counters in NYC. Going to the grocery store is so much work and has to be scheduled appropriately so that we know that we have time (the lines are seriously a sight to see, i'm talking hundreds and hundreds wrapped around the building) and you have to make sure that you buy just enough to get by but not too much that you can't carry it back. Remember that mile walk from the Subway. Yep. You have to carry your bags that far. My husband eats over 3000 calories per day and I eat almost 2000. That's 5000 calories per day that we have to somehow fit into 4 grocery bags that we can carry home for the week. It gets annoying. And protein, oh how expensive you are. Tanner has this "protein per dollar" thing he does where he tries to find new items that are cheaper and weigh less so that we can easily get it home. HA!

We have found ourselves frustrated and angry a lot. Then, one week later, we are talking about how we want to stay longer. It's such a paradox. One day we want to leave as quick as we can then the next we are fawning over the ability to have this experience. So, we have come to the conclusion...ENJOY EVERY MOMENT. We don't want to walk away remembering the frustrations. We want to walk away remembering that we lived life like no other and had the time of our lives and held nothing back. It's hard to keep that mindset with Tanner working 3:30-11:30 Monday through Friday and it's hard when someone is mean to me. It's hard when I'm suffering with my groceries on the walk home but I know that I am getting an opportunity that some could only dream about, and for that, I am forever grateful.

With love and Manhattan, 


Grilled Chicken Salad

I always try to aim for really short recipes because I know that long drawn out complicated recipes are unrealistic to make. I'm not sure if you will find this one super easy but I think it makes for an amazing salad and so I have it every single day. Obviously, you don't need much instruction on how to make a salad but I'll just let you see all the ingredients! It's delicious and only 136 calories with the macros below :) 


2 oz chicken breast

1/3 cup cucumber 

2 tablespoons pico de gallo (Trader Joe's Brand) 

2 cups lettuce 

Light feta

Dressing--> mustard and Trader Joe's Rice Vinegar 

How I make it super quick: 

I just grab the lettuce by the handful, break it off... 

Then I cut about 2 inches into a cucumber and chop chop chop 

I grab a tablespoon and scoop in 2 of pico and then add in half ounce of light feta (Trader Joes)

I always have pre cooked chicken so I weigh out 2 oz and then pop it into the microwave for 20 seconds and then cut it up. 

Then I just top with a little mustard and rice vinegar (which I had never heard of until April at a Japanese restaurant and I LOVE IT! It's also calorie free so that helps!) 

VOILA!!! It's so I have it every day

With love and love of salads, 




So, you wanna know how I train? I'm going to give you the breakdown of how I train today and then discuss some different things that you could to maximize your training for your specific goals. 

The last time that I did a post about what I'm doing, I was still doing leg days. That has changed. I want to do them, but I have noticed that I simply was not recovering for my runs and ultimately that's what is important to me right now. I do like body weight squatting just to keep flexibility but let's be real, that's not building glutes or quads. 

There has also been this little thing called life that keeps happening, so I'll tell you my plan versus what has actually been happening and how I plan to change that so that I can hopefully make Boston Marathon qualifying time at my marathon. 

I put all of my plans in this Kate Spade planner. I don't have a special training log book, but I plan on making one for me and for others ;) Stay tuned.

I put all of my plans in this Kate Spade planner. I don't have a special training log book, but I plan on making one for me and for others ;) Stay tuned.

My Training Plan: 

  • I warm up every lift with 5 min treadmill run (I like to sweat and I feel it gets my heart rate up)

Sunday-long run

  • This week was 18 miles as you know but I alternate long runs with long, long runs so next weekend I will "only" do 14 and then the following week will be 20 miles ( in my hometown of Shelby which I'm actually really excited about to run in the country) 


  • I warm up this day also with burn outs on pushups

Tuesday-Back and Abs with 5 miles of alternating sprinting 

Wednesday-Mid week longer tempo run (typically 8 miles but bumping up to 10 this week)

Thursday-Biceps and Triceps 

  • My biceps grow like weeds so I do about 30 min of this and then add in some shoulders for the second time

Friday-5 miles


As you can see, I only run 4 days out of the week. I feel I'm atypical on this, but I want to conserve muscle mass. To help with this, I also take BCAA's before and after runs (okay, normally after because I have the memory of a 5 year old). I take the tablets not the powder because I'm really weird about liquids. 

For the past few weeks, one of those lifts have been nonexistent, taking 2 rest days, my long runs have happened on Mondays, and I have been doing 3 miles on Fridays vs 5 miles. Yesterday I was not 'mad' at myself but I know I can do better, and I really want to give this my all. Marathon training is just a lot of time as we all know and I keep giving that excuse when I sleep until 7 like every day. If I want it, I'm going to have to put in the work so that's what you'll see from me for the next 7 weeks. 

I like the way that I have my split. I run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays and I lift on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays. I know this routine like the back of my hand so there is no excuse. I don't write out lifts for myself and here is why. I know lifting really well at this point. I feel I waist more time when I have a plan than if I say "Okay, I'm going to lift for 1 hour" or "I'm going to do 5 supersets" If I'm having to look back and forth on my phone for what I planned then I'll inevitably end up answering text messages, emails, you get the picture... 

I also don't listen to music. I'm moving all over the place, and if I don't like a song then I wanna change it and it just wastes time and energy I could be expending in my precious hour there. I don't rest (unless I'm doing huge lifts like squats or deadlifts). I believe in HIIT weight training essentially. However, the supersets that I do will not burn me out. They just always keep me moving. So, if I'm doing back and abs. I do one back exercise supersetted with an ab exercise.

Okay, now to the part that can help you tailor your own training. 

If you are a first time lifter then no matter your reps or sets, if you are lifting as heavy as you can then you are going to get what I like to call "Beginner Gains." You will probably recognize changes you have never seen your body do, and it's pretty sweet.

What is lifting heavy you ask? 

If you get to the end of your set and you aren't struggling, then you need to go up in weight. On squats I'm like shaking to get to the top. On biceps, I feel like they may pop off. Don't injure yourself of course but you know your body and you know if you could be lifting more. If you are squatting with just the bar for 3 easy sets of 15, then you are going to get nowhere. 

These are a few things that you may be interested in.

If you want to build mass, then your rep range should be between 8-10 for each set. 

If you are wanting to "tone up", I normally would say aim for 10-12 reps.

  • Toning up is actually not a thing. You are either gaining muscle, maintaining muscle, losing muscle, gaining fat, losing fat. Normally though, toning up means losing fat and gaining lean muscle

If you are wanting to just maintain muscle but get a good calorie burn and sweat then aim for 12-15 reps. 

  • This is what I do as I am perfectly content with the way that my upper body looks.

I actually don't believe in an excessive bulk. I think that many people use this as an excuse to gain excessive fat and then they lean back out andddddd they look the same or may have gained a few pounds of muscle. You can only realistically gain about a pound of muscle per month (unless of course you are having outside assistance). I believe in a lean bulk where you still treat your body right, you eat according to macros with a caloric surplus. If you are eating a caloric deficit and trying to gain muscle though, that is going to be a hard mix. However, many just starting out say they want to gain lean muscle and lose fat and ultimately if they just lose fat, there is lean muscle under there, they just didn't know they had it. No one is going to lean out and just be a blob. 

There are so so so many different routes and fitness programs that you can do. There are ample amount of different lifts that you can do. There are so many different marathon training, triathlon training and HIIT training that you can do. I simply sharing what works for me and as usual, consult your doctor before you go taking my advice and breaking yourself in half ;)

With love and training,




So, you probably saw us go to Boston last weekend. We decided that while we are in New York, we aren't going to just take advantage of New York but also those places that are close by. Boston is only a 3 hour ( in reality 4 hours on a China Town Bus) away and we could just do a quick day trip because Tanner had never been there. 

Our plan was just to enjoy ourselves and each other all day. I will admit however that from marathon training and the fit camp I had been to the day before, my legs were toast. I was in such pain all day so I think that took away from my experience a little. 

First stop, HARVARD! 

The campus is so huge, but it's beautiful. The entire time I was looking for a sign that had harvard on it. I know, cliche right? HA! We found one!!! I also wanted to stop every person that I saw and ask them about their experiences. There were tons of really smart looking people (you know the kind ha) and then there was like guys with backwards hats and bookbags and I'm like "yo, do you go here? Cuz Imma need to know that story" .... not to say that boys with backwards hats can't be Harvard smart. 

Next, we walked to MIT!! It was hilarious to see the different schools. MIT is so pristine and looks very techy like engineers put it together whereas Harvard is more old, traditional type buildings. Typical for each school I believe. We, of course, discussed how cool it would be to go to these schools. 

It worked the first time so we were like "Hey lets do that again" HA!

It worked the first time so we were like "Hey lets do that again" HA!

From there, we walked and walked and walked. We came to the bridge that separates the colleges from the actual city. I was so excited to show Tanner how beautiful the city was! And of course I tried to capture a selfie on the bridge... 

When, we got to the city, we stopped at a coffee shop. We ALWAYS ALWAYS go to a local coffe shop in the cities we visit. We like to have a piece of culture. Apparently this coffee shop "The Pavement" is ranked top 100 in the United States (I think it's #16). I was dumb. I got hot coffee and it was a hot day. Rookie mistake. I was just thankful to SIT!!! So I sat, and then I fell. No literally, I fell in the floor. My chair was on a slight incline so when I turned, it dumped me in the floor. AWKWARDDDDD. Hahaha!

I think it was the combo of walking so much and my training lately, but I literally thought I was going to eat my arm off. I had been stuffing my face all day but I was SO HUNGRY. So it was 4:30 by this point so we thought we would just go to early bird (after a quick stop in the Boston Marshall's of course). I know it's dumb to go in a Marshall's in a city you are visiting but you HAVE to go to this one. It's the biggest, most great Marshall's I've ever witnessed. 

Onto dinner!! We went to the North End which you must visit if you go to Boston. It's so great. It's mostly just restaurants but Boston is just so beautiful! There was the final Redsox and Yankee's game that night which we had no idea about so it was quite crowded and we were so thankful we got there early. 

Throughout the process of restoring my metabolism, I have had some pretty awesome moments. That night was one of them. I looked at this plate and thought "well, I'm gonna need to go ahead and prepare for a pretty miserable night ahead." Yall, I was hungry an hour later. IT. WAS. AWESOME! I ate like 2 more times that night. I didn't feel crazy water retention or bloat like I used to when I ate "normal." It almost brought tears to my eyes I felt so awesome. HA! And no, it wasn't tracked. This entire day, I just was a normal human being. 

So, since I was feeling awesome we went ahead and topped off the night with some dessert! :) 

Mike's Pastry is famous in Boston but because it's super famous, there is always an insane line. So, we hit up the next most famous place. The line was still outrageous but it was so worth it for this pumpkin cheesecake. We also got a kahlua truffle and dipped waffle cones but the pumpkin cheesecake was where it was at.

The day was short considering the ride is 4 hours so right after dessert, we had to head to the bus stop for the ride back. For all of those that have never rode a China Town bus, they suck. End of story. Haha. They are always so gross and always late (like hours and hours late), but they are extremely cheap so we sacrifice that kind of thing for experiences.

We just love going to new places and we saying how now we have officially gone to Boston, New York, Washington DC, Knoxville, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Jamaica and Mexico together. It's going to be fun to watch that list expand over the years. Spoiler alert: We are going to Europe in January or February!!! :) 

With love and adventures,


A View From the Outside

So if you don't follow me on instagram, you want to know how I did right? Here's the short answer: I didn't place top 5. It's hard to know where to start with this post because I have so many thoughts but they are all positive so if you are in for a story, sit back and relax. 

The last show that I did was in April and I said that I didn't know if it would be my last. I felt really discouraged by NC NPC and I just felt I embarrassed myself every time by not placing. I felt also that sexiness helped, and I felt that wasn't who I was or what I wanted to represent so I stepped away. I was doing the clean eating thing at the time which I vowed to stop and I did April 13, 2014 and my life will never be the same. I started reversing my metabolism (literally immediately, I had one small froyo but I knew that not binging was so important to my metabolism's success). 

As you all have watched, my life has been blessed ten fold since then and I have never loved fitness more. I was approached by a bikini sponsorship and that was my first moment I even thought of competing again. I felt that I wasn't approached by companies often, I liked this one, but I didn't know what to do if I wasn't planning on competing again. However, I took the sponsorship. Inevitably, I knew that meant I had to compete at some point. 

I knew if I did it this time, I wouldn't prep. I wouldn't water restrict. I wasn't trying to be someone special that could step on stage without all of that but I just don't see the utility in torture, isolation from family and friends for months at a time all for one day that will be gone in a flash. Isn't it funny the way that humans are wired? Think about it. I listen to girls backstage talking about feeling like they may pass out and my heart breaks. WHY? JUST. WHY?

In a class of 30 girls, only 5 will move on and then they are normally left with huge emotional rollercoasters ahead trying to win back their metabolisms, figure out how to enjoy life now that they don't have this day approaching that keeps their entire existence in check. I see girls with baked goods in their bags that they have made for post show. I see them walk off the stage and shoveling brownies into their mouth just wanting to cry out to them that as much as they think they will love that now, they are going to wake up tomorrow with more water retention than a heart failure patient and if they continue for the weeks to come, they are going to gain weight quicker than they even knew possible (some gaining 20lbs in as little as a week). A lot of that is water, but some is not. Each time that they binge, they are pushing their metabolism further and further back. This continues in a cycle. They feel they can't win. They hate their bodies now because they know what it's like to be 'shredded' and an older lady who has been competing for years said that she has destroyed her metabolism so much that "coach" had her at 3 meals per day of chicken and brocolli and she was still not losing weight. AND THEY LAUGH ABOUT THIS. IT'S NOT FUNNY AND IT'S A PROBLEM. 

I told a few girls about my diet. Some were super sweet and wanted to know more. Many, many girls rolled their eyes and got mad almost. I mean, I can understand! I would be mad too if I saw a girl eating as much as I was back stage (including pumpkin spice oreos) and I was not allowed to drink water and I was eating plain rice cakes and starving and feeling like I may pass out. It actually amazed me at the amount of people that did not know about macros at this show. 

So, back to my story, I looked for shows in the area, and found one in Brooklyn. I didn't want to tell anyone because I didn't want to let anyone down if I backed out. I didn't want my family and friends to think "Oh she will say she won't prep, but secretly she is." I didn't want to take my hooker heels ( that's essentially what the shoes are ) out of their box and practice posing because I literally did not want to let myself think about. Reference previous post of always wanting more. I couldn't let myself get wrapped up. I had to just GO. And I did. 

I'm not going to go into the day of competing other than to say, you wait and wait and wait and wait some more and then you wait some more. I will never understand why they don't have the competitors come in stages but bikini is always last and for example. I got there yesterday at 7:45am for check in, the show didn't start until 11:30 and bikini girls didn't go on until 4pm!!!!!!! There's not anything to do really so you just.....chill. I read an entire book yesterday. 

And take selfies of course! Can we talk about how bad the Samsung Galaxy 5 camera is? And everyone raved about how good it is? I don't get it.  I switched it out for Iphone 6 which will arrive in 20 days. Horray! #TeamAppleForeverNow K back on topic...

And take selfies of course! Can we talk about how bad the Samsung Galaxy 5 camera is? And everyone raved about how good it is? I don't get it.  I switched it out for Iphone 6 which will arrive in 20 days. Horray! #TeamAppleForeverNow K back on topic...

However, I also met some really amazing girls with really cool stories. It makes me just love people. This was actually my first show that my husband was able to attend and Brandy was too along with my new friend from New York, Bridget. If nothing else, I was just happy they were there screaming for me. It was so wonderful.

They did top 5. I wasn't in it. They let the top 3 go and then moved the other two girls to the side and then put me in the middle. Essentially, as far as competing goes, that could mean that maybe they decided against those two girls and then put me in the middle so I thought I was 4th or 5th. That wasn't the case. Those two girls still were 4 and 5 and so at 11pm (remember I got there at 7:45am), I walk on stage, they call out 5 numbers and then tell the rest of us to go. 

Normally, all these emotions wave over me. All I had was peace and happiness to be there. It was so incredible. Yea, of course, I was like "Well, that sucks" but then all these thoughts came into my head and I just wanted to share. 

If you are on instagram, you see that literally every girl on there "makes nationals". I see girls from a wide variety in physique and they ALWAYS place. I always get so confused. I'm like "Do they do more than top 5 at yall's shows because not everyone can win" But it's all I see. So, it used to be like embarrassing like ... Is something wrong with my body? My posing? My tan? What? 

This time, I seriously was so relaxed on stage and I straight worked it. HAHA!!! I had a ball!!!! I didn't care especially because I had literally just popped on stage without any prep. That was a win in my book ( and also I FULLY realize that a show with no prep is essentially only possible with bikini. If you are physique or bodybuilding or figure, that's an entirely different ball game). I don't know what it is about me that judges always put at my inevitable 6th place but when I say I don't care this time, I truly mean it. I really just want to be a light for the people that see my journey that your worth is never defined by what others think of you. You could be the most beautiful crayon in the box, and someone is not going to like that color. So, keep shining. Don't let you light die. Never give up. Never stop pushing forward. If you feel that God is closing doors, then you listen. He will open the ones that are meant for you. 

I have learned to do things for fun. Work hard for those things, but enjoy the journey. If it doesn't work out, then it wasn't in your plan and that's just fine. Will I compete again? I'm not sure. Right now, I am so focused on my marathon and endurance training. All I want to do is run. I think about my love for it all the time. That is my passion and always has been. So, why would I be upset about competing? It would have been so arrogant of me. I almost would have been taking a trophy away from a girl who needed it that night more than me, a girl who wasn't interested in other things. It would have been just something to put on my resume of fitness and that's not okay. I want to always do things that spread light and love and happiness, and never giving up on your dreams but let your dreams change if you feel God tugging you in other directions. So, I'll leave you with this....

"God created us to be limitless, but we set limits on what we think we can do. We base our expectations on what others tell us and on our fears of what we think we can't achieve. Our inner voice can be like a terrorist whispering to us: "You're not strong enough. You're not smart enough. You're not good enough." ...We have all heard them. They encourage us to find an excuse to give up. They us it's okay to quit this time. What they don't tell us is that with each time we stop before we achieve our goal, it becomes a little easier to quit the next time." -Jason Lester, Running on Faith

With love and new limits, 




My Passion and Motivation

If you want to talk about something that really gets me super excited, let's talk about an iron will. 

I believe I have one. I get asked many times where my motivation comes from, and I think it started young. I have always wrote out huge goals for myself that more often than not, I never achieved but that never stopped me from pursuing those dreams. I think that it takes some time to figure out where your iron will and your God given potential line up before things start to become clear. Mine became clear about two years ago when I started in the world of fitness. I have had so many wonderful things happen since then, my passion and my fire have grown steadily by the hour almost I feel like, and I am bound and determined to hold on for the long haul that this journey takes me.

I'm so candid so I want to share some successes and some intense failures of my heart from growing up and always having the heart to want to pursue more.

I set a goal to get the most AR points in the 4th grade to become the "principle for the day." My mom literally had to pry books out of my hands that year, and I made it. I would sit at home like Matilda with books beside me. I have always been an entrepreneur which is why it's weird how my career ended up other than "the need to feel successful" so I would constantly envision things I could sell. One time I walked around 4 neighborhoods collecting money to give to homeless people just knocking on doors. 

I don't have bad eyesight. I wore these because I thought it would make me look smarter. Hold yourself back fellas.

I don't have bad eyesight. I wore these because I thought it would make me look smarter. Hold yourself back fellas.

In high school, I yearned so badly to make varsity soccer as a freshmen and I did. However, in high school, I also wanted more than anything to be captain of the cheerleading squad, and it never happened. And it hurt me to my core if I'm being candid because of my passion for things that I love. I never told a soul (until now) but I cried so much that night that I wasn't chosen. I wanted to prove I could make a college squad so I literally spent every waking moment teaching myself to tumble (I couldn't tumble until my senior year) and went to try outs at Appalachian State, and by the grace of God, I made it.

I was the same way with boys, and so when I say I get my heart broken in a big way, I mean it. It's quite embarrassing (ha) but with my iron will comes big emotions. If I love you, I love you to my core. That includes friendships. So, whether it be a friend who talked bad about me or a relationship that ended tragically, I have a really hard time moving on. Really. Hard. 

I wanted to go to UNC Chapel Hill my entire life. I have always and will always be the person that it doesn't come easy but I refuse to back down. However, sometimes intelligence is something you can't always force so that was not going to happen. I literally tailored my life to get into that school, and I will never forget the day that I got my letter that I was not accepted. I just couldn't even breathe. It was gut wrenching.

When I was declined my school, I told myself I would never be declined a doctorate. I WOULD BE A DOCTOR. And I became one. I know y'all are going to want to slap me for saying this but sometimes I wonder if my heart was pure in that. Did I want to become a doctor to become successful or did I want to become a doctor to make money? I don't know, but I am one so that's cool. Ha. 

Becoming an adult athlete is actually not surprising at all to be when I look back at my life. My past of disorder eating came from my iron will because I refused to be anything but the best at App for cheerleading which meant being the smallest right? That certainly backfired. 

I never want to settle. I never want to look at something and think I could have done better. It's more than a perfectionist thing (because honestly, I could really pay more attention to detail) but rather more just strictly seeing how far I can push myself mentally and now that I've discovered fitness, physically. Some will never understand me. I get told I try too hard, I am too sensitive, I am too meek, I am too this and I am too that. Honestly, y'all may think I'm exaggerating but I have this personality that apparently welcomes people to tell me how they feel and they don't hold back. 

However, I know the motivation that comes from my soul to fulfill my God designed purpose on my life and I won't back down. I am a pharmacist who is creating a fitness business. Why waste my time right? I have this degree so why would I do this? Because I've found my passion. I've found what wakes me up in the morning and pushes me every day to see what new limits this world has to offer. What's even cooler is that I've brainstormed enough that I am finding how to combine the two!!! The end vision is to open a clinic with Tanner that helps people manage disease states and medication regimes with their diet and exercises. OH SNAP! Stay tuned ;)

I look at the world as a playground. I see so much. I see my dreams and my aspirations like right in front of my face if I could just touch them and each day I just like to give a little bit of my voice. You'll never hear me say all of this out loud because it's just coming from my heart and into my fingers and I mean it. I know the fitness industry is so saturated right now and I'm not trying to become some superstar however I just want to be a small light that says "Hey, I'm here and I really care. I'm really passionate." I want to change the way that we look at fitness. I want to change the way that we look at ourselves in the mirror. I want it to be driven by your God given potential whatever that may be to achieve a goal that you set before yourself, not for your body, not for your appearance but because you have the iron will and the determination to get there. I just want to help people to see what's inside of themselves and pursue that with all of their hearts.

With love and passion, 


Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

I have received this question so many times lately. I don't know what's in the water but apparenly post workout meals are. 

I always feel I have to give this little disclaimer so I'll go ahead and do that. Everything that I share on my blog is going to be my opinion. If you know the world of health and nutrition, you are going to know that everyone is going to be opinionated on something. My husband laughs at me because he says that I'm anal about everything but also very chill. It's a weird combo but here you will find valuable information and also my opinion. 

My opinion is that I think about things practically. Everyone argues over this anabolic window and whether you should eat within this magical hour after your workouts. For this situation's example, let's say that this is true. You can maximize your muscle recovery by hitting nutrition correctly in this anabolic window. What are the percentages that this is going to affect things? I honestly don't think that it's going to make that big of a difference in the long scheme of things so I just eat after workouts because I'm hungry. I don't do some special carb/protein percentages (EXCEPT after my long runs I do), and I just aim to eat more carb than anything else. 

and I still feel like I've been able to obtain gains :) 

and I still feel like I've been able to obtain gains :) 

However, here is the actual good information that is not me blowing hot air.

You want to eat a simple carb source before your workout so that you can access that glucose right now to be able to get energy immediately for that workout. You also want to combine that with a quick acting protein (such as egg white albumin aka egg whites). Simple enough right? I aim to have an egg white, fat free cheese on white bread many times about 30 minutes before. This should be 30 minutes to one hour before your workout. I don't take pre-workout. Many do and if that's what you need to get you "hype" then that's cool but I just am weird about putting all those powders into my body every day so I just stay far away. I just use my food as fuel.

After a workout, the storage of glucose which is glycogen needs to be replaced, and the best way to do this is in the form of a simple carbohydrate source again. You combine this with a fast acting protein (egg whites or whey isolate) and BOOM!!! ANABOLIC WINDOW AND INSTANT GAINS!!! That's what they want you to think at least. This is the reason that "everyone" drinks a protein shake post workout. There is nothing magical about the powders in protein. It is simply a fast acting protein and a fast acting carbohydrate source to replace your glycogen but there are many other foods that can do this as well. If you would like to know more information about protein powders, reference this where my husband discusses this. 

All jokes aside, research does show that you have been muscle recovery and building if you stick to this form of nutrition post workout. There are many different people that will give you exact numbers to follow and that's great however my belief is that it is so variable on the workout that you did, the person that you are, and your metabolism. 

Many argue this anabolic window lasts for one hour. Some studies show that this anabolic window lasts up to 2 hours, and some believe that it doesn't matter at all. But really, can we just be practical and just eat SOMETHING post workout that's not peanut butter. K? K. 

You don't want to have this whole nutritious complex carbohydrate meal normally post workout because sometimes it can take your body up to 2 hours to properly digest this, and you want to get that food to those muscles ASAP!! 

I wanted to keep this simple and to the point but give y'all a better idea of how to supplement nutrition before and after your workouts but also wanted to state that this is specifically for lifting sessions and the way to optimal "gains" because running nutrition is an entirely different animal.

With love and anabolic windows,