Injury Prevention

In the past few months, I have been asked a lot about doing a blog post on this. I say this in the video but it's actually kinda funny for me to speak on injury prevention because 

1. I haven't prevented them. 

2. I'm not a PT, so really I have no formal education on this topic. This is just simply things that I've learned along the way that are pretty self explanatory but I think can really help to avoid potential injuries. 

Something that I didn't mention is the "blues" or "funk" that can happen from not listening to your body and doing active injury prevention. It is REALLY hard to deal with the fact that I have races planned and things that I want to accomplish and just when I found something that I'm really passionate about, I can't do it. I enjoy all forms of fitness, and I also enjoying resting (ha) so I have enjoyed this time during the holiday season to not worry about getting my runs in but it's also really hard. And I think because I love it so much, I have dreams about it (I know...ridiculous) but I just want to be out there performing and getting better and faster and I can't. So, in the meantime I'm having heavy heavy leg days which I haven't done in a long time. I know this just graces the surface, but I really would encourage everyone to protect themselves.

I could have probably brushed my hair (HA), but regardless.... 

With love and injury prevention,


The Dark Side of Social Media

There's a dark side of social media? Who knew right? Duh, I think we all know this but I just wanted to give my two cents today. I feel so passionately about this that I'm not doing the post I intended to do because this has been weighing on my heart. 

I will try to keep this short and sweet. 

Maybe it's because I'm immersed in it every day with the business that I'm trying to create that I'm noticing these things? Maybe it's because I've tried to dive head first into the Word and noticed so many discrepancies on the way that I feel that life should be lived, and the way that we are living it. 

But I'm going to try to put religion to the side for this. This is much bigger than that. 

Do you know that I get emails from 13 year old girls asking me about their maintenance macros or deficit or surplus caloric intake? THIRTEEN! I was asking to write on processed foods on my SAT and I wrote about McDonalds because I didn't even really know what a calorie was in high school. Ignorance was bliss, and we are exposing teens without maturity and discernment to well being to this far too early. We are portraying ONCE AGAIN that the size of your body determines your worth. Oh how I wish I could save their innocence. It breaks my heart.

What is worse is that we are trained now that when we look at women's bodies, we not only need to see nice and lean but instagram portrays that we now need like HUGE GAINTASTIC muscles. WHYYYY? My vision of the way that a woman should look is even so distorted when I look back at pictures of myself and think "ew" when at the time I thought I looked great. What the heck happened to us all? I'm not saying muscle isn't beautiful because OBVIOUSLY I think it is. I'm saying that when did our visions become so accustomed to seeing some perceived notion of "perfection"

We see people who look almost perfect who claim they are embarassed and gotta get back on track. We see people who post pictures and critique their torsos, their hair, their glutes, their calves, and how they are just "striving to better themselves" when really I think it's more than that. And we teach that to a younger generation that this is normal.

All thoughts aside about body image because we all know that media (whether social or not) messes with our ideas of what the body should look like. We have become literally NUMB to privacy of our bodies, of our lives, and of our relationships. I see "fitfam" people have break ups and feel they have to explain themselves. I see people who literally almost show their VAGINAS (let's just put it out there) as I'm scrolling through my feed, and I want to vomit. CHILDREN OF AMERICA ARE LOOKING AT YOU RIGHT NOW. I am starting to hear all this hog wash about how we should be able to portray our bodies in any way that we please, and that if these girls want to show off their bodies then let them. Yall, really? WHAT. HAPPENED? When did the things that you were supposed to save for your husband on the night of your marriage just displayed for the world to see and claim that it's fitness. I JUST CANT.

We start to make friends on social media and that's cool and all to find those that we can connect with but I also think that we form this congregation of people who just root us on "yea girl do what you want. you take those clothes off. you show off that hard work." 

All I can hear are the whispers of Jesus , "No sweet girl. Your body is beautifully crafted. Keep it private. Save that for your husband. He will delight in you one day. Just wait." I know I said no religion, but just sharing what I think. 

Moving away from body image and body portrayal, let's just talk about life. When did it become okay to be so "dedicated." We see all these people who devote their every second of their every life to the fitness world claiming "balance" because they count macros, and don't see the harm in this. They push away friendships, they don't go to parties unless it fits, and they definitely don't go out to a bar. I'm definitely not sitting here saying I'm not guilty? When did my life becoming a walking fitness platform? Why can't I go to a party while holding a glass of champagne without someone saying "Does that fit your macros?" WHOMP. WHOMP. 

Can we just live but live in a healthy manner? Can we just eat? Eat enough, eat well, nourish our bodies, nourish our souls? Can we be completely dedicated to our sports and athleticisms without being "obsessed" and just simply dedicated and passionate? 

To be quite honest, what is normal anymore? I know nothing is going to change. I simply want to rant I suppose. I'm honestly not even trying to critique the way that people live their lives because that's not my place to judge either. I just simply wish people would put their clothes back on and love themselves and stop focusing on macros/the scale/their bodies so much that they aren't even involved in this life that is so epically beautiful in every way! Is that too much to ask? 

K done. Out. 

With love and rants,



Family in the Big City

I'm alive! I'm alive! I hate going long periods of time without blogging. It's such a great release for me with all the things that I want to share in fitness and my life, and then when I come back, I'm like "Oh I missed this" but you all know how the holidays get and with my brother/sister/cousins in town, I've really tried to be spending more time in touch with the people around me. You know what I mean. Like truly setting my phone to the side and focusing on the moment. I try to do that. I find that I've become overly stimulated and I don't like it. I find that because I have so many clients that I love, I feel almost pressure to keep up 100% all the time every day, be their friends, be the friends of all of my instagram friends, facebook friends, and I've had to take a step back and realize that time with my husband, my family and my real life friends is so vital. 

(My mom and family may be the only people interested in this post but I thought I would share anyway so bear with me and refer to the bottom for the planned posts for this week!)

I think it's easy for us all to get swept up in all of it but you aren't doing any good for anyone if you are spreading yourself too thin. I want to love the ones around me so wonderfully, and I feel I haven't been doing a good job of that. I think a good example of that is that I'm never this far behind on Christmas shopping but I am because I've put real life to the back burner with all that I'm doing with my business. 

Okay, I'm done. Now to tell you about this weekend. This post will be long, but you missed me right? Haha! :) 

My brother and Juleigh flew in on Thursday evening, and I took them to a spot by our house called Wogies. It's bar food, but amazingly good bar food and it's quiet with a stop by Wall Street and the stock exchange which is close to our apartment. I wanted to show them my real life and touristy life while they were here, which I think we did. 

matthew nad juleigh.jpg

I also think that my brother hated it (hahaha). I should have known though that NYC was not his thing. He hates crowds, walking and flights so the best thing was the food for him which I can agree was pretty amazing this weekend. 

On Friday, we got up and hung out for awhile, went and got lunch until Jacob and Heather arrived then headed to the Staten Island Ferry! After Staten Island, we headed to midtown. I'm not gonna lie, I don't think I would ever take anyone back to midtown one week out from Christmas again. WOW! I kept sounding like a broken record "I promise it's not normally like this. I promise it's not normally this crowded. I promise the subways aren't normally this bad and the lines not this long..." but really, that's how it was. Lines wrapped around buildings that I've never seen before!

We went to Bryant Park which is BEAUTIFULLY decorated for Christmas with all this cute Christmas shops and an ice skating rink (but you can't shop when it's that crowded). I then took them to Times Square, and we literally were like walking with I don't know how many thousands of people. ABSOLUTE MADNESS! :/ So, you know my brother was about to have a come apart. But, I think Juleigh thought it was beautiful :) 

We ended up having dinner at a nice pub and then went to see the huge Rockafeller tree! Jacob and Heather seemed to absolute love the city and all the bright lights so that was fun to show them all of it. We all went out that night to Wogies again, and it was a blast!! We celebrated Heather's birthday and had way too much fun! :) 

The next morning, we all slept in (kinda). We let Heather and Jacob sleep while we went to Shake Shack which is the most yummy burgers and fries you can ever imagine! You MUST go there if you come to the city and I hope one day that chain expands to the Carolinas ;) 

From there, we went to Union Square for the holiday market! Again, the market is super cute homemade items from tons of vendors but it was just too much this close to Christmas. The second we started walking into it, I was like "Oh lordie, Matthew is going to hate this" and he did (haha) so we just kinda exited right out of that and found a Barnes and Noble to camp out in until Jacob and Heather caught up to us! 

Next, was FAO Scwartz and Columbus Circle! Y'all, I'm not kidding....the worst. The lines....oh. my. goodness. The FAO Scwartz line was wrapped entirely around the building but Juleigh wanted to get Jackson a present (understandably) and so her and Matthew waited in line while we got away and went to a Starbucks blocks away and waited on them. 

I won't lie. I was feeling pretty bummed out at this point. My brother HATESSSS that kind of stuff, and I don't want him to hate where I live. Everywhere I was taking them was just a complete flop and I told myself that I was done with the touristy crowded areas, and so I never took them anywhere "iconic" after that. 

Well, except Central Park but THANK GOODNESS, it was empty because it's so cold here now. That was probably one of the best times because it was just beautiful music playing with absolutely breath taking winter wonderland scenery in the park. I was so happy for FINALLY a good spot! I took them to the boathouse and we walked through the park. From there, we headed back home for a bit before dinner! I think everyone loved the park which of course made us love the time there!!

Dinner was at Juniors! ... NOT. IN TIMES SQUARE! Haha! I took them to the original Juniors in Brooklyn so that it wouldn't be crowded and it wasn't. It was a great dinner, and we all split cheesecake after! We also got to see some pretty intense protesting through the city and stopping traffic. "Hey hey ho, these racist cops have got to go."--> if you were curious what they were chanting! haha! Post dinner, we headed to the NYU area for a comedy club! We had such a blast at the comedy club. Laughter is good for the soul, that's for sure. It wrapped up at about 12, and we headed home for some MUCH needed rest. 

Sunday, we chilled. All day long! We didn't do a thing except grab a quick lunch near our house and go to church so we explained how THAT was really what life looked like. I was sad because Jacob and heather got such a short time with us but I think that they will be back (or I hope at least haha) :) We did go to Sprinkles Cupcakes! YUM YUM! 

Matthew and Juleigh were able to go to a really nice anniversary dinner at Tavern on the Green after church which is in Central Park! They said it was beautiful and a great place to go (expensive for just a regular dinner but perfect for those looking for a good celebratory dinner).

They left on Monday at noon, but we grabbed some pizza before they left because you gotta have some NYC pizza and cheesecake while here!! The pizza was A-MAZING and I definitely recommend any pizza joint pretty much in the city! They are all wonderful <3

Time with family and memories like this with Jacob, Heather, Matthew and Juleigh are irreplaceable. I had a blast, and I can't wait to have more hopefully. It was busy and tiring for them, but I think they were also able to see a lot in a short amount of time! :) I just hope they were able to see that we don't live in the craziness so I get partial to my NYC pride. You here all the time "It's cool to visit but I could never live here" and although that is probably the case for many people, it's not as crazy as it seems on a day to day basis. We chill in our apartment and watch football just like everyone else. We live in a family friendly, very quiet, on the water, part of town and I wouldn't have life any other way right now in this stage of our lives <3 

With love and life in NYC,


Tuesday (later today)- some more testimonials from team members!

Wednesday-Video Post on Staying fit During the holidays and keeping balance

Thursday-Injury Prevention and Injury Blues

Friday-New Holiday Recipe 

Saturday-Some cool new workouts to try

True Balance

Hey guys! My brother is coming into town in T-minus 2 hours, and so that means I won't be blown much nor will I be answering emails as rapidly, but I wanted to address something I see all the time especially during the holidays: 

Questions such as .. "My family is coming into town and I can't count. What do I do? My family has this dish they make and it's terrible for me..should I try to count and how do I track the rest of my day? Do I cut for a few days? Do I go to maintenance right after?"

I know about sticking to macros diligently because even through most every weekend, even when I go out with friends, I normally still track in some form of guesstimation.

However, I have a rule for myself and that is that no matter what my nutrition consists of, I will never inconvenience someone else and I will never hurt someone else's feelings because of something that they made for me. 

We live this life once. I know it's cliche but honest to god guys, we live this life ONCE. I think that macro counting has liberated so many girls and I know the feeling of that. I know how amazing it feels to be able to fit a cookie into your day and not have a thought about it because "it fits" but what is true balance? When does it stop? 

Flexible dieting is about being flexible in your life. It's about enjoying time with friends and family, especially during the holidays WITHOUT thoughts of food....without having to go to a specific restaurant because they have something that can fit. 

I'm a no excuses type of gal,so that's not what I'm saying here. I'm telling you to STOP. Like literally, while you are reading this,stop and think about your life and your family. Aren't those things much more important? Your grandmother doesn't care that you are trying to reverse diet. She doesn't understand, and all she knows is that her sweet granddaughter is not eating her once favorite chocolate pie because she doesn't know the carb/fat content. 

I get it. I do it. But I'm just wanting you to look from the outside for one second. Your diet/nutrition will be waiting for you, always. 

I'm also telling you to listen to yourself. How did we lose touch with ourselves so much? 

Are you hungry? Are you full? Okay, eat and don't eat. Moves and countermoves ;) Become in touch. Don't just eat crap. I'm DEFINITELY not giving some 'free card to gain 10 pounds during the holidays'. Eat well. Nourish your body and nourish your soul but just put myfitnesspal aside (besides tracking your coffee because #letzbehonest, I wanna keep my streak). 

I know what you're thinking "But Katie, this is deeper than that. I would be better off and more at peace in my mind if I just counted. It'll make my thoughts go crazy and I'll be upset with myself....." 

Then I haven't done my job and I'm not done working my magic ;) hehe! 

I'm learning more every day how what I want to be in life is a good wife, a good sister, a good friend, and a good mother and grandmother one day. I want to look back at 85 years old and not have a thought in the world about the damn (excuse me) diet that I followed and macros that I counted. I'm passionate about this. I mean it. 



Cookies & Cream Protein Cheesecake

My, oh my what I have for you today. I don't claim to have made up this recipe for protein cheesecake in general, but I just put my twist on it, and I made it, and then I consumed it. Ha! It's so easy honestly and really doesn't take any time at all so I highly encourage it. It's also incredibly sparing on the ole calories so that's helpful as well. 

If there is something that I'm going to make for myself, you can always count on two flavors: 

  • Cookies & Cream 
  • Pumpkin

I'm pretty predictable. Regardless, let's get right to it. 

Go ahead and preheat to 250 while you mix all of your ingredients! 


  • 2 containers fat free cream cheese
  • 3 containers fat free Plain Greek Yogurt  
  • 3 tablespoons baking stevia 
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 
  • 2 scoops Cellucor Cookies & Cream Protein Powder 
  • a pinch of salt 
  • 2 egg whites 
  • 2 whole eggs 

Messy fingerssss (I'm the messiest cook, it's kinda a problem)

This is my new favorite whey! I got it on a deal on groupon and honestly I don't normally like protein powders, so this is exciting to finally find one that I like.


  • Preheat oven to 250 degrees. 
  • Mix all ingredients
  • Spray Round pan with non stick spray 
  • Bake at 250 for 30 minutes
  • Continue to bake at 300 for 45 more minutes for a total of 75 minutes

The outside gets crispy and the inside cheesecake-y. I let mine cool then refridgerated for about 2 hours until I couldn't take it anymore and then had a slice! :) I topped mine with mini oreos but the possibilites of toppings are ENDLESS!!!


The macros are off the charts (a little different than I originally put on facebook ha), but still amazing!! I'll be making this all the time!

With love and healthy cheesecake,


Training Log

If there is one area that I don't show enough of, it's telling what I do for training. I just forget, so I thought that it would be a good idea to start letting you in on my training log. I'm starting an official one for 2015, and writing down all of my workouts so that I can look back at how much I've increased over the years and all of that.

I want 2015 to be the most epic year of workouts!! I tend to switch my focus and whatever my focus of training is, I forget to be intense in the other areas. I think that I've finally started to get used to lifting and running (and then I hurt my foot haha). 

I went to brunch with friends yesterday with one of them being blogger at and we became friends through blogging, and we were laughing about how we both love to superset everything. It gets a good sweat going. Our men were letting us know that we are silly because we won't make gains this way. I don't think either of us want to make super crazy #gainz however, I have been thinking with my injury that I want to start trying to go super heavy on leg days to break my normal routine and make things more difficult. I hit a PR on deadlift last year of 225, and I'd love to beat that. 

So, I ask Tanner to write me up some programming. He's actually really good at this, and he makes excel spreadsheets for me that have percentage build up so that I can put in what my max is, and it will calculate the percentage of my max that I should lift during the workout and how to increase that over time. HE'S.DA.BOMB. And one day soon, I hope to provide this for others.

I'm going to have two leg days: 

  • Monday-heavy squat day (today) and high rep, lower weight deadlifts 
  • Friday-heavy deadlift day and focus on higher rep, lower weight squats 

My other days are pretty consistent and how I outline my workouts for others as well, but I will outline what my rotation looks like, if I was to be running because I know it's not as interesting as I'm having to do elliptical right now to hopefully keep some endurance. 

  • Monday-Legs
  • Tuesday-shoulders/HIIT/sprint work 
  • Wednesday-Back/Abs
  • Thursday-Run Midweek Run (anywhere from 6-12 miles depending on training)
  • Friday-Deadlift focused leg day
  • Saturday-Biceps/Triceps/Run
  • Sunday-long run 

Okay, this is intense with no rest days. This doesn't normally happen, and I know that I need rest. There is normally a workout that is missed because of time, and then I normally try to make that workout up the next week. If anything, I normally miss Saturdays and just go on my long run and don't worry about it. My biceps and triceps grow like weeds, so I don't always hit them. I also am always training for something different. Right now, I want to start increasing deadlift and squat max, but I'm also not training for a run. If I'm training for a run, then I cut out the second leg day (and I cut out all leg days once long runs hit 14+ miles this past marathon).

Everyone's training is going to be different according to their goals. My goals for 2015 are: 

  • PR in 5k (current-18:20) 
  • PR in half marathon (current-1:45 which was a long time ago before I cared lol) 
  • Run my first ultra (April 25th) 
  • PR on Deadlift and Squat (DL-225; Squat-185) 

My races for 2015 hopefully are: 

  • January 25-Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon (in Central Park) 
  • March 16-Hopefully NYC Half if I get into the lottery and I find out this week 
  • March 29-We are hoping to do a marathon (no time goals) for preparation for our ultra so there is one in New Jersey we may do 
  • April 25-Sybil Ludington 50K Ultra 
  • May-Brooklyn Half Marathon
  • June-Queens 10K
  • September-Bronx 10miler
  • October-Staten Island Half Marathon
  • October-Marine Corp Marathon 
  • Nov 1-NYC Marathon

Yes, I'm aware that it's absolutely crazy but I love it and it probably won't all happen. I'm just dreaming here, so let me dream! I really do want to do them all though, but we will see what my body allows. I like to get better with time, but I'm one of those that would rather just run them all versus increasing time, as dumb as that sounds. Also, they aren't all that long of a distance. When you are training for a marathon, you run at least a half marathon every weekend so doing multiple halfs isn't going to be as difficult as it sounds.

Some things that we want to do in the future, but maybe not this year: 

  • Half Ironman
  • Full Ironman 
  • Rim to Rim (run from one rim of the Grand Canyon to the other rim and back-42 miles)
  • Run/Walk the perimeter of NYC (32 miles) 
  • Adventure Runs
  • Ragnar 
  • Tuna 200 (with only 6 people to split the mileage) 

Anywho, for now, while I'm injured, I'm going to focus on heavy deadlifting and squatting and I'm doing elliptical 3 days per week for 45 minutes (miserable but I read a book lol) to try and keep up endurance. 

If you want to be better at something, then the only way to do that is to do it!! Get in there, and fire up that passion and set some goals for yourself. You'll never reget it!!! I know I've never been so thankful for health as I am during this time when I can't do all that I want to!

With love and passion for training,


Future of Katiesfitscript

Hey guys! 

This week has been a doozy. You've probably been wondering where I've been on the blog, or maybe you haven't at all! hahaha! Either way, I don't like taking even a few days off from the blog. My goal is to have constantly flowing information coming to you at all times whether that be recipes, my life, or new data I'm figuring out.

I just wanted to share today what my goals are for my business, where you know that I stand with things and why I do things the way that I do to be able to stand behind my business, and be proud of it.

I want to bring you the most content, at the most affordable price, but I have realized that as my numbers increase, that's not fair to anyone, including myself. I was churning out programs faster than I could think, working all hours of the day coaching and never being able to grow any other aspects because I'm constantly in my email. ( I want to be transparent as always) And I felt I was cheating the girls as I was answering their emails and questions, but I just want to be more invested in each individual in changing them from the inside, out.

None of those goals are changing, but I'm just going to approach it differently. For those that want coaching with me, I want those to be serious during the number of weeks that they work with me, and the number of weeks will be more clearly outlined. Right now, it's a "vague 12 weeks" and I have different variations of levels. You can have a program that you can "check in if you wish" or I have a program that has weekly check ins. 

Below is a progression over months of one of my clients, and I just love seeing pictures like this where you truly commit, and the results that you can see from this, but that's outside the point of this post ;) 

Here is what I want to move to: 

Every client that is coached by me will be coached hardcore, with weekly check ins. 

If you don't want that, then you can have a one time macro consultation with no check-ins and explanation of macros, or you could buy an instant download of how to calculate macros my way (as I am very different than other coaches I feel like sometimes). There will also always be the challenge group as well. I will continue making different E-books as time goes on with some of my ideas for those including : All inclusive How to Prep for a Bikini Competition, Marathon Training and Lifting, Marathon Nutrition, Holiday Recipe Books, Southern Healthy Recipe Books, Fit after pregnancy, Fit during pregnancy, my mind is constantly going and I write down all of these ideas. 

Some other ideas that I want to expand into is: public speaking, product launch of Embrace&Empower tank tops, designer workout log (I want this to be sold in boutiques so it would have that element to it). 

The biggest program launch that I'm doing soon is a program that focuses on the inside and out. I will outline every thing you need to know about macros as this will be a program that you can calculate them yourself. It's a 2 month long program that will help you to have a moment of a reflection every day as well as your workouts and eating. It will hopefully leave no loopholes. If you need at home, it'll show you how to do that. If you are going to the gym, it'll show you how to do that, and it will show you how to eat based on macros that you will calculate yourself and then if you don't want to calculate them yourself, then I will have groupings to show what if you are between what height and what weight, what your macros approximately should be. You can see a small sneak peak below! :) 

I want you to look at my programs and say "She is a professional" not just a girl who created a word document. I want to have videos, private password protected forums for my team subscribers, and pictures of all workouts. All of this, I am CONSTANTLY and I mean CONSTANTLY working towards and learning to manage things. I am in the process of growing pains, which I think is normal, but I'm learning my way and trying to produce things that I'm proud to have my name stamped on.

My biggest desire is that I'm different in some way. I don't want to be just another coach. I want to change you from the inside, and give you a new perspective on fitness and one that is life long lasting. I want you to leave training feeling changed in the way that you view yourself and what the world has to say about that. 

Tanner and I eventually want to turn this into health coaching where we manage disease states and training in a clinic setting as I've mentioned previously but that is far future thinking as there are many many things to be worked out.

I know this is a lot, but I guess I just wanted everyone to see what happens behind the scenes. I'm working so hard to produce products and programs of value, of worth, and those that change your life and I hope to be a light in the industry ( a girl can dream right? :) ) 

Thanks for believing in me and supporting me on this journey! 

With love and Katiesfitscript, 


Egg Nog French Toast

Soooo, yea. I think the title says enough. Don'tcha think? 

Shall we dive in? It's so easy, and basically the same as a previous french toast recipe which goes to show, this recipe is really extremely versatile and you can throw in a little somethin somethin to make it taste the way that you want and have yourself something holiday-ish and amazing! I found this egg nog at Whole Foods, and it's made with coconut milk so the macros are much more do-able at 90calories // 16g carb // 2.5g fat // 0g protein and today, I'm only using 1/8 cup ( 2 tablespoons) so not bad!

It's super easy! I only use one egg white for 2 pieces of bread.

I then just poured in 2 tablespoons of egg nog ( 22.5 calories // 4 g carb // 0.6g fat // 0 g protein)!

Cover each piece! Make sure to not use an excess on the first piece. One egg white should be enough for the bread, so just make sure to use even amounts!


I had a little helper for this recipe. He could sense how good it was gonna be ;) 

Then, I just put it in the skillet, and cook both sides until the egg is done! Simple as that! 


  • 1 egg white 
  • 2 tablespoons coconut milk Holiday egg nog 
  • 2 pieces of bread ( I normally use SaraLee 45 cal and delicious) 


  • Break egg white and mix with egg nog 
  • Cover both sides of bread 
  • Cook on high in skillet until egg is done

Macros (for both pieces of bread): 144 calories // 23g carb // 8.5g protein // 2g fat

With love and simple, healthy french toast,


Science Behind Breaking Habits

Have I ever shared where I began my fitness journey? ... at the bottom of a McDonald's bag. 

No really, I used to eat AT LEAST two meals per day fast food, and a large coke with every meal. I played tons of sports, and didn't think at all about food so I stayed thin but nevertheless, I was extremely unhealthy. I always had visions of being healthy, but would always joke that I hated anything green. I liked all my foods white. My road to health was not your typical huge weight loss story, but that doesn't mean that changing my habits wasn't just as difficult. 

My taste buds were, and still are, made for a crinkle fry and pizza. 

So, what's the science behind changing habits? I think that we have all heard that it takes 21 days to break one. It takes a lot shorter time to form one. I can form a habit so quickly such as eating peanut butter immediately when I wake up now. It's weird, I kinda wish I would stop, but it's what I do. This is like before coffee. HA! I'm a creature of habit (as I think we all are), and I have an addictive personality (shocking I know?). I drink too much diet coke, and too much coffee ( jk there is never too much ;) ), and I could probably stand to read my Bible more. 

Your habits are formed in your basal ganglia. Your decisions to do those habits are made in the prefrontal cortex. Your brain is so complex, but after repetition, your brain turns those decisions into something that takes no conscious thought moving from the prefrontal cortex into the basal ganglia. This forms the "habit loop". You have a general routine that creates a trigger (step 1), you do the habit (step 2), and you experience the reward from this habit (step 3). The cycle continues. ( ) 

How do we change these things? 

I think that this time of year always has us thinking about what we can do better in the coming year. We all have this innate part of us that wants to be better, to do better. I looked up the science behind this, and there's not much data. The idea that a habit can be broken in 21 days is not based on scientific research but merely a book that was written during the 1970's that became popular from a man with an idea. Some of us may takes much more time (sometimes many months) to break ours. Some may truly be addictions, and then those are even harder. 

My grandmother found she was able to get over smoking and kick her addiction almost before she was able to quit her habits. She always drank coffee with her cigarettes, so she realized that she also had to quit drinking coffee to get over the habit. She had to get over the HABIT of having something in her mouth. Habits are much more ingrained in us than we believe, therefore we also shouldn't give ourselves such a hard time if we goof up.  

I just wanted to share a few things that I believe can help us break those nasty habits whether those be about health and fitness, or just other things in general: 

1. Become aware. 

You are never going to be able to get over something until you consciously are aware that you are doing something that you want to change although I think that's a gimme. I do think that sometimes we know and chose to ignore though so it has to be something that you make an effort to change. 

2. Have an action plan.

These sound so easy, but REALLY. If you are binge eating, then you can't just tell yourself that you are going to stop. It doesn't worth that way and we all know that things in health are much more mental. You must have a plan that you do when you are going for that extra cookie past your macros. I used to take walks when I was trying to break habits and about to give in (I've had some nasty ones to kick). 

3. Know the reason why 

If you don't have a valid reason that you want to break these habits, you aren't going to be able to convince yourself in the hard moments of why you want to stop. Write it down somewhere when you start, and read this in the moments of weakness. 

4. Baby steps 

This can go for anything. If you are trying to run a marathon and you just stepped off the couch, then don't expect to be able to run even 5 miles. Praise yourself for the steps along the way. We ALL are at different points in our journey. If you are trying to break a diet coke habit, then praise yourself for making a day without it. 

5. Stop thinking about it 

Oh my goodness, I feel this one is huge. The more you think about something, the more that you are going to want it. I know when I first tried to give up my gum addiction last year, it was impossible. The more that I tried to quit, the more that I wanted the gum and I just thought about gum all the time ( weird, I know ). It took me just NOT focusing on it to be able to only have a piece here and there and not an entire pack everyday. If you are trying to lose weight, stop thinking about it so much as hard as that is. Just have a game plan, follow that game plan and try to not think about it. It'll make the process so much easier and time will pass quicker. 


I can't stress this enough. If you are wanting to change your life for a healthier version then stop writing yourself a to do list of all the nasty habits that you are going to kick. The reality of it is that this is not going to last. You will get fed up much quicker than if you just take one habit at a time, slowly make changes and then when you have that one kicked, try the next. Don't quit smoking and soda at the same time. Like, no. You most likely won't be successful. 

7. Change your settings

This one is big also. Habits are shown to occur in your natural settings, like while you are at home in your normal routine. Quitting smoking or changing your health routine is actually best when done when you are away from home, because then your surrounding change and it becomes easier without those triggers to cue the habit loop. So, if you are trying to break a habit at home, then change up the way things look at home, change up the way that you do other things (that aren't already habits but maybe just your daily routine) so that you don't have those cues triggering the habit. 

Habits are hard to break, and will always be hard, but there are ways that you can fight it and it's also shown in clinical trial that no matter your age, no matter your stage in life, no matter how long you've had the habit, habits CAN be broken and I think there's hope and encouragement in that fact! 

So, what are your habits? Mine are really weird sometimes, and I tend to form a new one everyday. Do you wanna change some habits?

With love and breaking bad habits,


Thanksgiving in NYC

So, as you may have seen, I spent this holiday and will be spending Christmas here as well. This is mostly because of Tanner's job. Even though he had thanksgiving off, he doesn't have the days surrounding it off so therefore there is no way that we could get to home and back and of course I want to spend the holidays with him. Although, it sounds sad, Thanksgiving in NYC was amazing and I imagine Christmas to be the same. I'm going home the weekend after Christmas and staying for 5 days so I'm really excited about that! 

I've heard that Christmas day is magical because places shut down and there aren't many times that the city is completely quiet. Thanksgiving may have been this way, but we threw ourselves to the wolves going to the parade.... #worthit 

We got up at 5am and left by 6am to head to the upper west side which is where the parade starts. We ended up on a bus with the people who were on the float with Meghan Trainor ("Cuz you know I'm all about that bass ... "). We, of course, didn't know this until they passed during the parade. That's our claim to fame. 

I think we got there just early enough so that we beat the insane crowds, and we were able to get a spot like on the second row. There were MOUNDS of people once we left. Take note of the people, not the float, below. Thank goodness, we got there early.

We got there by 7am and Tanner and I stayed until 10am. It ended at 10:30am and Brandy wanted to stay for Santa (haha) but I was STARVING and my toes were frozen so we decided to cut out a little early and find food. The floats were really cool to see in person along with all of the famous people on floats. It's just surreal to see something in person that you've watched on TV for your entire life.

The famous people on floats were Meghan Trainor, Nick Jonas, Kiss, and Lucy Hale. Miss USA was on a float, and we even saw Western Carolina! They were the first float and we were like WAIT WHAT? haha! Apparently, they won some competition so that was cool. 

We left at about 10:30 and Tanner and I headed back to prepare our little apartment for our friends. We hosted friendsgiving, and it was such a blessing. I love love having people in my home. Everyone got there at about 3:30 and Tanner was SO excited for his bird.

We brined it overnight, and then he added all kinds of spices and it was SO amazing. When everyone came, we had wine, beer, and fellowship and it was a blast. We also played Cards against Humanity and y'all know that's always a crazy time.

We ate tons of great food as expected, and then we all laughed and talked and watched the football games! I am blessed, I am happy, and it was a really neat experience to spend time with the friends that you love during the holidays. We compare NYC to adult college and considering all I did was study during college, it's really fun for me. It's so big, but yet it's so small. We all hang out like .... every night ... but yet we all have big people jobs and lives that we have created here. It's hard to explain the atmosphere here, but in the past 2 months my outlook has DRASTICALLY changed, and I absolutely love it here. I think it takes you some time to get over the culture shock of the city, and then once you get over the petty things, you realize how beautiful and blessed your life really is. I still can't believe I live here sometimes. And although, it seems so crazy for a life in the city, you also just realize that once you're settled in these big sky scrapers, life is just about the same as it would be anywhere else and I want to fill mine with love, happiness and friendship.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families!! 

With love and holidays in NYC,


Apple Cider Pears & Apples

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But man, oh man, do I have a treat for you? If you are looking for a last minute Thanksgiving recipe, then I am throwing this up today so that you can enjoy this! My mother in law makes something similar so I got the idea from her, and then I really just put my own spin on it with what I had available and it's SO GOOD. 


My mother in law makes it with only pears with orange juice, butter, and cinnamon. 

My dish today is super easy!


  • 2 Golden Delicious Apples
  • 2 pears 
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
  • 1/2 stick butter
  • 1 cup Apple Cider
  • Sprinkled cinnamon


  • Cut apples and pears into slices 
  • Melt butter in microwave for 15 seconds
  • Add all ingredients 
  • Microwave for 8 minutes in clear dish with cover

They make for the most delicious sweet treat for any event, but also super fresh tasting! Yes, they have real butter and that's okay ;) 


I hope that you enjoy this recipe, and many more to come in the soon future! I'm going to be ramping up my recipes with tons of fruits and veggies!!  

With love and fresh eats,


Anxiety During the Holidays

I feel this is a common subject that gets skated over because so many girls are afraid to admit it but then I'm flooded with emails with the anxiety that comes with the holidays. 

What will you eat? 

How will it fit your macros? 

How will you schedule the rest of your day? 

What happens when you overdo it? 

I just wanted to give a few tips on how to avoid the anxiety, the approach that I feel is a healthy one and how to move forward after the holidays (or in between them as is the case for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!)

Hope this sheds at least a little light! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! 

With love and holidays,


How to pick a good running Shoe

I should probably write this post entirely to myself. Let me tell you why I have even been looking into this. That is because....I never pay attention to detail....and it bit me in the butt this time around. 

Tanner always fusses at me that I need to take vitamins and I need to take Ibuprofen if I'm hurting and I need to get appropriate shoes. He does this all out of love, but I'm just always so busy that I forget this little minor details. Let's be real, shoes are not minor. And it caused me a quad pull and either a stress fracture or a joint sprain in my foot to figure this out. Either way, I have recognized that this is very important ESPECIALLY when mileage starts getting high for a race like this weekend. 

There are some really good brands and this is not all inclusive but the biggest names right now are : 






All brands have started jumping on board so Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Northface, Reebok, Merrell, and even Sketchers!! 

So, how do you choose? Well first and foremost, you want to pick the prettiest color.

I'm kidding, but let's be real, that's my real first choice. 

So, step 1: Have your foot assessed at a store (REI is a great one because they actually take a video of you on a treadmill so they can assess).

Most all runner pronate which means that you strike with your heel, then as you roll to the ball of your foot, your foot rolls inward somewhat onto your arch. However, people like me, overpronate. In cheerleading, I used to stand in stunts like literally on the side of my foot almost and I run the same way. I strike with my heel and then roll terribly inward. This can lead to knee problems and other injuries (thankfully my knees are okay).

You can always tell what your stride is by looking at a pair of shoes in your closet. You will be able to see where it is worn the most. If you supinate then that means that you roll to the outside, and so you will have wear on the outside edge of the shoes. If your stride is neutral then your shoes will just have equal amounts of wear. 

I have a shoe from Brooks, and I was even fitted for the shoe but it's a neutral shoe and I don't have a neutral footsie. I need something that is going to pull the arch UP so that it doesn't strike straight on my arch. I'm giving you examples of me so that you know why this is important and most are overpronaters like myself.

There are three types of shoes: 

Neutral (or Cushioning Shoes)

Light stability

Stability (or motion controlled)

There is also minimalist shoes, which I love but I have found out that it's embarrassing to even admit in the running world that I wore these when I had my injuries because apparently they are just awful. Oops!

It's pretty simple which shoe that you choose. If you don't have any issues, then a neutral shoe is fine. If you overpronate slightly then light stability or if you haven't used a stability shoe before then light stability is a good start, and then you can move into a stability shoe. If you have terrible overpronation than a podiatrist may recommend that you get orthotics. 

If you have a neutral shoe like myself then you can just get insoles that make the shoe more of a light stability shoe, however I find that insoles never fit in exactly right and I just hate the way they feel. Haha! That's just a personal opinion though, and may be a cheaper route if you already have a shoe.

With love and running shoes,


Spaghetti Squash with Turkey

Y'all know me... 

I ride the easy recipe bus. If I cook something, you'll probably know it. You may think to yourself that Katie is super creative and sometimes, she shares her creative recipes... 

Think again.. 


Actually, I think some people do. And some people plan better..... ANDDDD some people don't live in NYC. It's so complicated to get food here. That's not an excuse to not eat well. It's just an excuse to not be creative. But I digress, today I cooked. And it was awesome.

We just baked a spaghetti squash for 45 minutes like below: 

It will be very hot, so use a pot holder to turn it over, and remove the seeds.

Each cup of spaghetti squash is 10g of carb. Each cup of pasta is 78g. HOW ABOUT THEM APPLES? Ridiculous. So, yes, I'll take the spaghetti squash because noodles taste no different.

While this was cooling, I cooked some ground turkey (99% lean Trader Joes).


Then, I didn't wanna heat up the entire can of spaghetti sauce. I wanted to save some for later as we were just going to be using some of it. So, I literally microwaved 1/4 cup of sauce. This sauce is a tradition in our family. We have used this same sauce for spaghetti nights at Mawmaws since I was a little girl. They stopped selling it, and so at that point, we went to the manufacturer. I don't use my sauce often, more like ever, because I'm so scared about using it. However, my mawmaw came home from rehab today so I thought it was appropriate.


I weighed out my ground turkey at this point with my old school scale. I really want a fancy one, but am just being cheap as this does the trick.

Then, I mix it all together, and VOILA! Deliciousness!

Hope you enjoy this as much as me. You can use any sauce that you wish! :)

Macros for 1/4 cup sauce, 1 cup spaghetti squash and 2 oz ground turkey is 18g P // 13g C // 2g F !!! You literally can't beat that!

With love and healthy spaghetti,


Philadelphia Marathon Race Recap

I'm so excited that I officially get to do a marathon race recap that I actually ran! 

It's so cool to actually say I'm a marathoner now. Man, I just can't even describe it. I've said I wanted to ran one my entire life and now I have and it's just .... surreal. 

I had a friend who equated it to childbirth (stick with me), and it's so true. In the middle of labor, you are probably thinking how awful and painful it is and that this will be your last child and then when you see that baby, all the pain is forgotten and all you can focus on is how much you love the baby. A marathon is the same way in that at about mile 20-26 you are asking God why in the world he would let you do this to yourself, but then when you cross the finish line, it's everything you could have dreamed and more. I'm addicted, and this is only the beginning. I'm going to be running these things for the rest of my life. I wanna be like 95 running a marathon.

This was mile 13 right after the halfway point when I was going 7:38 pace. I couldn't believe I felt good doing this pace but I did so I just kept going. So, let's begin: 

The start of the race is a gorgeous experience. All of the runners are corralled into their different areas ( I was in the black area). I was trying to look around and see someone that I thought looked experienced (such as a man that had on an Ironman finisher shirt on) and get behind them. The sun was just coming up, and I just took some deep breaths and prayed that my foot would not hurt ( I sprained a week and a half out) and that I would just finish. I had no expectations of time. I wanted that originally but I let it go because I didn't even know if my foot was going to let me finish. God had other plans... 

My feet felt like rocks for the first two miles because I had gotten stagnant in the morning, and it was so cold. I've never run on frozen feet so it was a weird sensation. At mile 2, I got a sharp pain in my foot and thought "Please no! Not this soon...." Tanner told me he was going to be at mile 6. I was looking for him and the roads had some dips in them just from wear and tear, and at mile 5, I rolled my ankle. I yelled a cuss word (sorry, it happened) but I was fine. It just scared more more than anything. 

Tanner jumped on the course at mile 6, hilariously, and ran with me for a minute asking me if I was okay and I told him that I was in pain but was just going to get comfortable with that level of pain and hope it didn't get worse. He told me my pace was fast and just to be careful with my pacing (he totally thought I would burn out lol). Shoot, I did too.

This course was mostly flat, but there were tons of little hills the first half and one massive hill at mile 10. I don't know why, but the way that my foot was in that position felt really good so I passed SO many people on the hills. I was like full steam ahead and then you have the down side once you get up the hill so then you are cruising. I went 7:24 that mile. In retrospect, #rookiemistake because it made me super winded for a good bit. However, I'm SO thankful that I was speedy in the beginning to make up for my ending, but it's also a catch 22 because maybe I hit the wall at the end because I went fast in the beginning 18, but who knows. It's all a learning game.

Mile 9-13 were fun just going through the city and people cheering on all the sides. It makes the time go by so fast, so I really don't remember much during this time. I was anticipating Tanner being at mile 13, so I just looked forward to that. He spotted me and yelled, and was able to get the pictures of me running. The picture below is hilarious. I felt awesome during this time. My foot pain was still the same, but I realized that it was probably going to stay about the same and I could deal with that.

Miles 13-16, I felt strong. I could tell that the aching in my legs was starting but it was fine and I was able to keep pace. My pace was all over the place in the beginning, and that's just inexperience in my opinion so I found a lady that I could tell has run many marathons and was looking at her clock so I knew I could pace behind her. After following her for about a mile, I let her know that I was pacing with her and I was a marathon newbie and if it was okay. She was the sweetest lady and encouraged me so much that I was doing incredible for my first marathon. If you look at my splits above, this is when I was the most consistent. There was another man that was running with us. We passed each other like 15 times during the race going back and forth, and ended up finishing basically at the same minute and it was super cool to bond with these people through the pain that was about to come.

Mile 16-18, I was just thinking how I was about to reach the point that I had never run before, and that scared me. That was basically my thoughts for the entire 2 miles.

Mile 18 was fine, but I lost pace with her. I couldn't really keep up, and I wanted to keep a pace that would allow me to finish. I told her my legs were aching really bad, and she said to take another gu so I did at the next water station. The issue was, Gatorade is normally given first then water. This station was different and they were all mixed, so I missed the water. I was honestly so upset because gu makes you super thirsty, so you will see my time was 8:06 this mile. This is where the pain started that I wasn't prepared for, and have never experienced. 

Mile 20-22, I would like to call the lost, dark miles. My pain in my legs was so awful, and it messed with my mind so much that I was like "I LITERALLY JUST CAN'T EVEN" #whitegirlprobz 

I decided I would walk for just a second to get my feet back, and so I did and this girl named Katilin that goes to UNC Med school (I found this out as we were running together), yells at me "COME ON COME ON, YOU'RE IN LINE FOR BOSTON. DONT' STOP. 6 miles, you can do this"

Want me to tell you my real thoughts? 

1. "Girl, I'm running a marathon here, can I have a hot second to walk" (Remember, my mind is unclear in these moments)

2. "I know I'm tougher than you, so why are you yelling at me?" (I'm so dang competitive, it's embarrassing)

3. "If you only knew about my foot you would think I'm less of a loser"

4. "I would never yell at someone I didn't know in a race."

5. "You are a God sent. Let's just freakin do this"

So, then we continued. I told her I was going to lose pace with her because I just didn't want to hold her back. That was at about 23.

Mile 23, there was a girl that had a sign "Make these last three miles your b***" and admitably, it inspired me. hahaha! 

THREE MILES. I AM GONNA FREAKIN MAKE BOSTON. GLORY TO GOD. SERIOUSLY! I knew by my time, as long as I didn't bonk, start walking and just kept moving, I would make it.

I must have gotten faster because I ran into Kaitlin again at mile 24, and she was like "Oh thank goodness, I needed some inspiration right now" and so we ran together some more. 

At 1.5 miles out, my phone said I was at 25 miles. I knew that I had run the long portion of the race or something and was confused on why but didn't care because either way, I was so close. You'll see I ran 0.5 mile further which actually added 4 minutes onto my time, but whatevs! haha

I hit the 25 mile mark by their standards, and I was like literally gritting my teeth. The people on the sides were saying things like "Katie, you are almost there. Don't give up now" My entire body felt like it was on fire, and my calves were like locking up. I had NOTHING in the all. I ate some more candy (I ate lots of candy during the race and 3 gus).

I saw a clock that said 3:31 and I was 0.4 mile away from the finish from what I could tell. I started to panic. I did NOT work this hard to miss Boston ( I was so just delusional at this point because I KNEW that the clock was not right for me because I had started like 5 minutes after the guns went off just from the amount of people at the start and they clock that ). But, nevertheless it lit a cannon under me. I can't describe the pain but I was sprinting. I can't wait to see my finisher picture because that's when the tears began. 

I looked at my phone and Tanner was FREAKING OUT through text because he had gotten the text that I made Boston with a time of 3:27:53. It took me a long time to get to him because I had to walk through tons of people, and my walk was more....a waddle. This race official asked me if I was okay because I probably looked like I was dying as that's how I felt but I was crying with joy so he was like "woah, crazy lady on deck"

The best thing about this race was that normally I have recollections of all the thoughts that went through my mind and I have tons of topics that I cover in my head from my to-do list to my goals in life to prayers just because you get bored and pass the time, but this was different. I have no memories of thoughts other than mileage thoughts, calculations of where water stations are, calculations of if I was on track to make Boston, calculations of when I would see Tanner next, or calculations of how many minutes I could spare in the end if I lost steam.

I've never been so proud of myself in my life, and can't wait to do it again. Spoiler alert: Tanner and I are thinking about doing a 30 miler through the Adirondack Mountains on April 25th, his 27th birthday. We just want to finish so walk some, run some, and become ultra marathoners together! 

I'm hoping to run NYC Marathon next year, I'm looking into doing probably about 3 marathons next year (crazy I know). I have a half marathon scheduled for January, and in the meantime, you know I'll be lifting like crazy too!!! I love this life, and wouldn't have it any other way. My heart is so full.

With love and love of marathons,


Friday Favorites #5

I have realized that with plans to do videos on Wednesdays and Friday favorites, I haven't been providing the quality information that I want to provide. I want to be a lifestyle blog, but I also want to be a blog that is a wealth of recipes and knowledge on fitness so I'll schedule the next few weeks to focus more on that. The reason this week was busy is that I have been slaving away working on some new products. So, here are my favorites.. 

1. My new workouts! 

I have totally revamped my workouts for Fitness Prescription Customers, and I'm super excited about it. I am now creating a database of pictures to go along with that as well so that the exercises that aren't as familiar have a picture beside of them with explanation. For example: Lateral Raises below


2. This new ornament I bought at Starbucks

And by ornament, I really mean what's behind the ornament that's new too. O em gee, yes! I invested and by invested, I mean that we found a used one on Craigslist at an absolute STEAL.

3. My sweet puppies and the arrival of Christmas

4. My new apparel line

I'm going to start a kickstarter project for in the coming month. I'm really excited about this, and hope that it continues for a long time. It's going to be a flowy tank with old gold writing that says either "Life free" or "Life without Limits"

5. The programs that I've been working on 

... and my media kit. I've been working so hard because I want my programs to be user friendly while also professional and something that others are talking about. Here is a sneak peek of a leg day that you would be provided on my program: 

I asked the girls that I was working with if they would give me some time to work on other projects and it's been an amazingly productive week to be semi out of my email a bit! I have really enjoyed this! I'm hoping to start an ambassador program in the future, but I just want to make sure that the demand is there first before I delve into this. If you would be interested in representing my team, then feel free to comment below! 

With love and business endeavors,


Stick Six

I hope y'all enjoy the video from today! I'm so proud of where I live (clearly, I'm kinda obnoxious right? haha) 

Today's video is very short and just a little inspiration to really have patience with your workouts, and enjoy those workouts! If you aren't enjoying them then you are much less likely to do them, so find what your passion is and find what you love and do that with all of your heart. Forget about all the body image mumbo jumbo, let's just focus on that inward self love and taking care of ourselves! :) 

Stick six! At least stick six weeks to a program to be able to let it fully work. Stick six has become mine and Tanner's mantra! We have entered into the sixth month together in the city, and we are officially over the culture shock of all the little things that annoyed us (that were so silly) and now we are loving every moment here and cherish all of our time with our friends! <3 

And with that, I hope you like the view (and don't mind the wind noise...yikes!)

Feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel if you are interested, but most all videos will be posted on this blog as well so if you want to subscribe to this blog, then you can just put your email on the side as well!!! I promise to continue giving you content, science, lifestyle, recipes, nutritional advice and workouts for years to come! I'm in it for the long haul :) 

With love and love of Battery Park,


Top 10 Things in NYC

Okay, that's a brave topic title. This is going to be so relative to the individual however I think that when people come to the big city, there is so much to do that many just end up wandering around and if you have a game plan then you can really get the most out of your trip. 

I've also lived here only 6 months, so let me tell you how LITTLE I know about the ends and outs of the city, so I just hope to help a little.  

I'm going to name some things I did the first time I came as an example of what we all get suckered into. Then, I'm going to go ahead and give the disclaimer to my mom that my first trip to NYC was everything I could have dreamed of and I'll never forget every moment (so don't get your feelings hurt k? k!) 

We went to the American Girl Doll store. I had an American Girl doll. But I was 20 years old and no longer into them. We stayed in Times Square and went to the M&M store as an actual event. We realized we wanted to do our own thing away from the group so we went to 5th avenue and literally spent an entire day just looking at all the fancy shops! I was jacked up about this, but I look back and there's a much more efficient way to spend your time in the city. 

Brandy gives me heck because every time we would come, I wanted to pack out the trip. I have since learned I'm one of the only ones that would like to go from 8am-8pm with events so resting is good too. This is a very touristy list, and meant to be that way so take that with a grain of salt too. Maybe I'll do a "Favorites that aren't well known" soon.

On another note (I promise I'm going to eventually get to the reason you came to the blog post), you really should not bring heels unless it's wedges or chunkier that you can walk in. If you are coming from anywhere else in the nation, no matter if you are active, you aren't going to be prepared for the amount of walking you will do. It's not worth it. I brought heels my first time, I took this picture with them, and then I took them off ... (and that was the only time I wore them)

And now for the main event ... the cool thing is that the island is 13 miles long. Buy a week long subway pass ($30) even if you are only here for the weekend, and then you have unlimited rides and can just go all over.

1. Go to a broadway play 

This is a given, so I won't go into detail but it's worth the money. If you are coming during the Holiday season and you have to choose between this or the Rockettes, I personally would choose a Christmas broadway play. 

While you are in theater district which can be near Times Square, I would just pop over to Bryant Park. It's not something that you have to stay at for a long time, but it's a beautiful park and something worth seeing. They always have events though, and you can ice skate there during the winter.

2. 911 Memorial 

It's iconic, and you have to see it. It's at the very bottom of the island so this is either a good place to start, or a good place to finish. 


3. Statue of Liberty 

You can spend an entire day going out to see Lady Lib, but you could also just head to the water before or after you go to the memorial, and see it just as good and then you have more time to do other things. This is also where we live so if you wanna pop in an NYC apartment, you just let me know :) With the statue of liberty viewing comes Battery Park, and this could probably be a number in itself but I'll combine it. Walk the boardwalk by the Hudson. It's absolutely gorgeous and most tourists never make it to our part of the city.

4. Top of the Rock or Empire State 

The best part about these is the fact that you are up really high and can see the entire city. You don't need to do both. Top of the Rock is cheaper but Empire State is obviously more iconic.

5. Food

My personal favorite to tell tourists is Stardust Diner. It's where people who are trying to make it to Broadway could possibly start. It's a diner and they sing and perform while you eat so you basically get a show from very talented people during dinner. Anywhere in the city is going to be wonderful, but just make sure that you don't eat at like an Applebees. You can get that at home. Any nationality, any style of food will be found in New York City so just search your favorites. I would recommend doing research before you come on places you want to go or you're going to end up never being able to decide.

I was going to make this an item in and of itself but I'm going to put it under this umbrella of food. Cheesecake!!

DUHHH!!! We have been connoisseurs since we arrived and our top choice (and would be yours too is Juniors). You can find one in Times Square and that would be a good time to visit there if you aren't staying there. I would advice you NOT to stay there. There are much cheaper alternatives. 

6. Central Park 

Central Park is absolutely gorgeous and I'm really excited to run a half there in January when there is hopefully snow everywhere. I don't even care how cold it is (I may take this back haha). Go there, stop at Columbus Circle on your way up there, go inside FAO Schwartz, then make your way to the park. Make sure to look for the Boathouse which is right by the beautiful fountain! 

7. China Town/ Little Italy 

I put Chinatown on the list but only if you are wanting to purchase something. There isn't much to see, but you can haggle down prices for a fake purse that looks legit. Tell them, "I only have this much" and that seems to work to get the price you want. This is right next to Little Italy so you should go there for either pizza or Italian after you go to China Town

8. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge 

I feel as a first timer to the city, this is always something that is really fun. Once you cross, you can have lunch in Dumbo (I recommend Front Street Pizza for a great lunch spot--> They have amazing everything, not just pizza, they give you a lot of food and it's cheap so it's perfect). Then you can say that you've been to BK too! :) 

9. Soho 

This is where some really cool shopping is, and where all the celebrities go. There are some really expensive shops but there are places like Old Navy also that us normal people can shop at. If you are not a shopper, there's really not much to see in this area so just keep that in mind.

10. Grand Central Station

It's absolutely beautiful and free, and tons of shops to visit.

Many recommend Chelsea Market and while I think Chelsea is awesome, Chelsea Market is just a lot of different stores that you can't afford so it's up to you but I would say you could do other things. Many will recommend museums. Museums are awesome, and they tell a lot about history but just personalllllllly, I know that sometimes this can take half of your day and I'm not sure it's worth your time if you only have a limited amount of time here. The subway seems overwhelming but it's not. You find where you want to go. You find a subway close to that spot, then connect it to a line that's close to where you are currently. If you are here on a Sunday, you should totally check out Apostles Union Square and not because I go there and adore the church, but also because it's a beautiful cathedral with incredibly talented people that lead. That's the beauty of New York. Everyone is so talented.

With love and New York City,


Grocery List

Happy Monday! 

I wanted to give encouragement to start each Monday with a renewed mind and renewed spirit. I think all too often even if we don't drink, we wake up on Monday with a spiritual and emotional hangover. We live each week for the weekends. I have started waking up just a few minutes earlier to spend some quiet time walking outside. I know it's silly, but I would say my entire outlook on life has pretty drastically changed in the past month. 

Onto my grocery list because that's why you're here right...get me off my pedestal right? HA!

Grocery List

You should be able to click on the grocery list link above and download what it would look like if you didn't have one grocery item in your house and decide to imitate mine. We are all so different, and have tons of different things that we enjoy but these are the staples that stay at our house and I probably could add some more!

I thought I would add a day in the life of what it looks like when I'm not really being as strict and just enjoying life with friends ( something that I have strived for for about 7 years now).

Breakfast- Normal Protein Waffles (I linked up the recipe so just click on it) with coffee and 2 mini Reese cups (this is a tried and true tradition at this point)

I went to church and then went to brunch with friends but didn't get to eat again until 2! This is not normal for me. I was HUNGRY.

Brunch-Unlimited coffee and split a Chicken Quesadilla with one of my bests, Jena

She was curious what the macros were because I had kinda decided not to count it at all but then I thought it would be fun to see so we each had half and our half was 13gF 23gP 22g C and we were satisfied.

{{ Tip: She mentioned that we should have got steak and eggs because that meal seemed much more "clean" when our friend got theirs because ours was all the cheesy goodness. However, this is what I've learned. It's all about the balance. 

The eggs were not white therefore lots of fat on top of steak which is fatty already and probably cooked with butter so my guess is that it would have saved you in carbs but probably would have been about 30g fat, 30g protein and the balance is much better  }}

I came home and was hungry by the time I got there ( it takes like an hour to get everywhere haha ). Now I'll just name what I had the rest of the day 

1/2 cup Sea Salt Caramel Arctic Zero with a cake cone 

Quest Bar (cookies and cream) 

2 rice cakes with peanut butter

Another round of waffles ( I recognize I have a problem-first step is admitting) 

Egg white and cheese wrap 

2 oz ground turkey with butternut squash and asparagus 

Grilled chicken salad

Homemade Ground turkey pizza

Lots of peanut butter on everything (the usual)

Chocolate Chip Mini Muffin 

I just want to encourage you that it is totally possible to eat out with friends and still stay on track for the day. I think as you get further and further into macro counting, it becomes much easier to see how everyday life fits in perfectly. No, the restaurant did not have the nutrition and yes, I was probably off by a good bit but I still didn't look at yesterday and say "Screw it, I ate bad at brunch so I'm just going to have a crazy day" which is what I would have done in the past and what I see all over the internet with girls unfortunately. 

Relax, breathe deep, enjoy life, and eat good food in moderation!


With love and the daily living,



Friday Favorites #4

I think we all are constantly changing, but lately I've just noticed a big shift. I view things differently. I pray much more. I don't know what the shift was and it wasn't that I wasn't super happy before or invested in my faith before but it's just been amazing to see the world and what that's like through my new, God seeking, eyes. So, with that, I bring you the favorites I could choose because I have so many. 

1. My grandmother

I could write an entire blog post on her, but she's just an amazing woman. She has knitted and woven our family unit together. SHE is the reason that I have the relationships with my cousins that I do or the relationship with my aunts, uncles, nephew, or second cousins. You know how you learn things early and that's just how they are. That's my family. We were taught early "Family is everything. No questions. No only seeing each other Christmas and Thanksgiving. We will have relationships and we will love through thick and thin, unconditionally." 

2. Investing in people

Oh how this rewards you tenfold. My heart has never been so full with just love and happiness, and it has come from investing in friendships. 

3. The cold weather

Everyone in NYC thinks Brandy and I have lost our minds, and that we will soon regret the giddy excitement of snow. I hope to tell them in February that they were wrong, but I can't be quite sure yet. You know how everyone in NC gets excited about snow. Everyone here puts on their best Grinch face about snow. Apparently it comes....all the time....then piles on the sides of the roads and is gross. I hope to make snow angels in this in 1 degree weather in dark, dirty NYC snow piles (kidding). But really, I think again it's all about how you approach your day and I am STINKIN EXCITED that we may get some next week!


4. Theology 

With this new found more intimate walk with Jesus, I've been delving more into the theology of my faith. I know that I believe. I have always believed. I have always learned little bedtime stories. But what really happened during this time? Noah's arc was not a fairy tale of animals two by two. This is the wrath of God in the old testament literally wiping out everything. I wanna know about that God too! I wanna learn it all. I wanna soak it up and so Tanner and I both have books we are ready right now. I'm reading "Reason for God" by Tim Keller (a pastor that started many churches in NYC) and Tanner is reading "Deuteronomy Project" which is Deuteronomy made into a story format and I've read a few pages, and it looks phenomenal. I can't wait to read it and learn all about it.


5. Photography 

I'm not the best at it. I want to get better for this blog. I want to get better for all the future endeavors that I do. I don't want my fitness things to just be selfies. I want this to be sustainable and something that is appreciated for generations to come.

With love and Friday Favorites until next Friday,