Hi! My name is Katie, and welcome to my happy fit space on the internet. I'm a pharmacist, nutrition coach, lifter, runner, triathlete. I hope you can follow my journey and laugh with me, cry with me, and smile with me. My journey is LONG and my passion runs deep. More to come here, but for now, enjoy my story! :) 

I believe in happiness through all things, and a joy from within. I believe in pursuing your dreams with all of your heart so that no one or nothing can stop you. I believe in extreme athletic endeavors with a super chill mindset. I believe in making people feel loved and beautiful which in turn can encourage them to be the person that they were meant to be. I hope to inspire you to try things outside of your comfort zone athletically because there is no better feeling than crossing that finish line. 

My passion, purpose and mission is to change your life from the inside out. I have been through it all, and I don't want to be another coach that puts you an awful diet of eating nothing, and still striving for more. That's not some punch line. Follow me and you'll see, I'm so passionate about this. The passionate life is something that I truly strive for daily in all things. My grandfather always told me that you don't have to do it all, but if you are going to do it then you need to give it your all


Katiesfitscript came alive in the very beginning. I was in pharmacy school (now a pharmacist) and I thought that I would coin the interchange between medicine and fitness. I had a huge dream that I became a famous fitness professional that created "Fitness Prescriptions" for her clients. Every day since, I work towards that goal.

The biggest part of my journey is that it's a ministry. I want to show others how to achieve the body that they want to be comfortable in their own skin while at the same time loving themselves the entire time and glorifying the Lord because your body is a temple of Christ. I believe in treating my clients with love and respect and caring for them. I want it to be MORE than just a plan but an experience and a relationship. You don't have to loathe yourself to work on yourself! :)

I created my best selling ebook about macro counting and I absolutely love seeing the thousands of girls that have been able to utilize this for their own journeys.

I used to be an NPC competitor (I did 5 shows) and I decided after one of them that I was going to run a marathon, and my life was forever changed. I never looked back. I fell completely head over heels with endurance sports, and now I have left the competing world behind and challenge myself in as many events as I can get my hands on. The passion I feel in endurance is nothing like I can ever explain.

It's funny how I continue to evolve, and how now I'm hoping to share another piece of this journey with you and that is how I quit my job as a pharmacist to pursue this blog full time. It's something that I truly believe so many of you can do as well if you are willing to dig deep and go through some of the steps that I'm going to teach you with starting your own blog

Thank you for reading and letting me share a piece of me with you!


Conquer Your Impossible



My Journey

I'm a pharmacist who decided to become a nutrition coach and following wherever my passions lead me daily. I am a weight lifter, runner, and triathlete. I have competed in 4 bikini competitions, countless 5K's winning overall for women twice(19:20), two half marathons (1:32), 4 full marathon (3:15:20), 50K (4:22:17), half ironman and training for my first full ironman.



My Purpose

My hope is that you find your true beauty and potential and working toward simply taking care of your body. My purpose is to help you change inside, finding your purpose, finding what drives you and use that to fuel your passion to succeed.


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