Advanced Endurance Athlete Coaching


Advanced Endurance Athlete Coaching




    I am a firm believer that nutrition is what is going to take athletes to the next level. The moment my clients start changing their nutrition to fit their needs, their times change drastically! This program is going to be that for you. 

    • Customized macronutrient goals (carbs/fat/protein)

    This will be based on your height, weight, age, metabolic capacity but also your training. We will take the first two weeks to get to know one another and from there, I will specifically give you macros to follow every single day of your training. Every day is very different for an endurance athlete, and you should have different needs for your performance.

    I will create a table for you to follow with different needs for every day and we will hopefully increase your metabolism over time during this to be able to handle more and more so that you perform better. 

    • Appropriate if : lean out while performing
      • Macro planning based on goals 
      • Race Day Nutrition 
      • Long Run/bike/swim nutrition 
      • Electrolyte Information 
      • Micronutrient Information to perform your best 

    It is important to realize that the peak of marathon or ironman training is not the best time to lose weight. I never want to mislead anyone, and want this to be something that truly makes you the best athlete. We will do things in a timely manner, leaning you out to make you faster, and better. 

    Workouts are NOT included. If you are interested in one on one coaching for marathons/half marathons, please let me know as I'm in the beginning stages of offering this service. 

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