What program is right for me? 

Make sure to click on each of the programs and they give an explanation of what it will include. If you are looking to just lose weight, then most likely you want the meal plan and training program. If you feel that you have some metabolic damage or you just want to increase the amount that you are eating on a daily basis by increasing your metabolism with week by week macro changes, then the metabolic adaptation program would be for you.

Should I do the 30 day challenge or the meal plan/training? What's the difference?

The 30 day challenge is based on population norms. It is not based on macros, and each meal is planned for you. I know that some would rather everything be outlined for you. You will have every single day planned with workouts and meal planning for 30 days. The meal plan and training program will be a flexible dieting program with a macro consultation.

When should I do a metabolic adaptation program? 

If you want to increase the amount that you eat on a daily basis or if you want to lean out first and then increase how much you eat on a daily basis. These are week by week macro changes. The meal plan and training program does not have weekly changes in macros.

What are my macros?

Macronutrients: carbs, fats, and proteins that are calculated for each individual based on height, weight, age, metabolic capacity and professional judgement to reach your goals that you will eat accordingly taught in my program

How much cardio do I do? 

I am training for a marathon, so the amount of cardio that I do is going to be vastly different than anything I would put another person on so I run 4 days per week, but my program has 3-4 days of HIIT training included.

What "ab exercises" do I do? 

I do one ab circuit per week. Some people have more blocky abs. I am one of those people but I get this question every day. I do weighted Russian twists, weighted rope pull downs, weighted sit ups, ab roller, and hanging leg raises. These exercises vary but I normally do 5 rounds, 50 reps each. I believe that you must build your abdominal muscles the same you would build your biceps....with weights.

Can I do installments for the programs? 

Yes you can if you are in a financial bind. Let me know about this and I will set you up on a payment schedule.

Do you have at home workouts or do they all have to be done in a gym? 

I do not have at home workouts just yet althought that is something that I want to offer in the future. I highly recommend a gym membership even if it's a really cheap gym like Planet Fitness because weight training is going to change and challenge your physique however it's not 100% necessary. You can still get results without weights.

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