Conquer the New Year

How do you make a realistic goal for 2014 and stick to it? Personally, I think mini goals is where to start. Expand from this and write big time goals to get you excited.

Mine would be:

Short Term

1. Fix my metabolism (although a big goal, something that I can work on daily that's obtainable)

2. 30 days straight of going to the gym (start monthly challenges)

3. Start having weekly recipes

4. Start volunteering.

5. Become active in small group.

6. Get everything together to move to New York City <3 Don't waste one second!!!

7. Love often. Love strong. Love everyone.

Long Term

1. Help the poor in a big way. We have been called, instructed, and abundantly blessed in a way to help them.

1. Run a marathon

2. Do a half ironman

2. Get up to 250g of carb per day (essentially the same as fixing my metabolism but it's the BIGGER picture)

3. Make it to nationals in bikini.

4. Go pro (dream big or go home).

5. Continue (as always) working towards complete freedom from body image because of weight gain of metabolism fix.

Yours may not look anything like mine. The point is that you should write them down. I think it gives you a sense of empowerment that says you WILL do these things this year.

Don't be that person that does the resolution for 2 weeks, and then drops it. You are capable. You are strong. You are a fighter. So, do it right and finish strong!!! 2014 is going to be the best year yet for you. I can feel it <3

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