The Secret Life of the Competitor

I have so much passion for competing, but I have to admit, it's hard to figure out what you need to do. What do these girls do? How do they get that lean? Do they starve themselves?

Well, sometimes, especially if they have bad coaches.


The trick to doing it the right way is to start early. The first time that I prepped, I did it for 16 weeks. That's 4 months, and I only had one controlled cheat meal once a week until the last 6 weeks when I didn't have any cheats at all. The biggest key for starting to compete is making sure that you are in a metabolic state that you are ready. It's also important that you are in the correct mental state.

My metabolism wasn't the best to do this, and then I got a bad coach but we all know that story.

METABOLISM METABOLISM! I can't stress that enough. If you don't have any carbs or calories to cut from that you are eating on a regular basis then by the time your show comes around, you will be eating so little that it's not healthy.

Diet is key. And figuring out your maintenance calories and start cutting over 16 weeks until you get to peak week (which is an article for another day). People mostly cut carbs and fat grams and keep protein really high. PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN! Typical meal below (ha!) I won't go into every single detail of diet because everyone is so very different.



Different people respond differently to different styles of cardio. I do HIIT and steady state cardio. Steady state cardio is not the best way to burn fat, as we all know, but sometimes if you hate HIIT and are willing to do 30 minutes per day of steady state cardio, then that's the better option to me. I choose to do 3 days of steady state cardio and 2 days of HIIT, active rest cardio days.

But most importantly, you lift lift lift every day. Heavy lifting. I feel as if this is vague, and people don't know what that means. It's different for everyone but the heavier the better. You are not going to be able to change those muscles if you aren't lifting as much as you possibly can every day.

You do a day of each muscle group. Those include legs (I do a quad day and glute/hamstring day), shoulder, back, biceps, triceps, calves, and chest. There are many examples of the rotation of how to do these online, but if you would like help from me I can help you with those plans too.


Practicing posing is critical. There are specific poses for certain classes, and you have to make sure that you aren't going to look like a fool. You tube is key. See below for classic bikini front pose.


And figure front pose... Nicole Wilkins (Figure Olympia for 3 years)


Bikini suit: 

Now suits. There are many different places that you can get them but the biggest company is Ravish Sands. I'm a huge fan and their suits are absolutely beautiful. They are known for their attention to all the sparkly detail. See below for my new sparkly suit that someone let me borrow. They are VERY expensive. Money discussed below.


Tanning: I tried to go the cheap route and get it done at a normal spray tan and asked them to do 5 layers. It STILL was not dark enough and I looked ridiculous. I finally bit the bullet and just got my tan done at the show even though it's more expensive. The darker the better. The bronzer can come off when you go to the bathroom or drink water or in my case, drool when you sleep. You have to be careful but they will touch it up when you are backstage. They oil you up also right before you walk on stage.


NPC Card-$100 (This lasts for one year)

Most Shows- $80 each

Suits- $75-$1000 (most run $200-400) Yes, insane.

Classic clear stripper heels- $35-$50 (found mine on Amazon for $30)

Tanning-$110 for NC

Hair/Makeup-$100 (I never do this)

Next time, I'll blog on the day of competition! I know bodybuilding is a world that many don't even know about or understand, and so I thought I would shed some light.

With love and muscles,


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