My Rebuttal-Standing up for the #fitfam

If I'm being honest, when I read the article, I kinda giggled. She makes some valid statements. So, my one statement will be hats off to you for looking at the very surface of all that the #fitfam represents, and let me tell you what you've actually missed. If you aren't familiar with the original article, here's the link:

1. Psuedo Instafame 

That's at least what I like to call it. I'm one of them. I haven't done anything spectacular but yet at the Arnold, I had about 5 different people ask to take a picture with me, and kinda gasp when they saw me. I have friends who you might call "completely average" but they are making a business for themselves and have over 100,000 followers. They had a passion, went after it because social media and 2014 allows that, and while you're eating a cheeseburger, they are making money.

2. They make you feel GREAT for eating bad food. 

Clearly, you don't live in the same #fitworld that I do because the reason we all work so hard, is because we wanna stay looking good at the same time as having the occasional bulk. One of the most famous fitness women is Chady Dunmore who has a burger at least once a week, doughnuts, and laughs at the thought of not stuffing her face constantly. And clearly you haven't been informed of the metabolism adaptation with girls eating over 300g of carb per day (which includes lots and lots of chocolate). You can have your "normal food" and we will have ours, but we will just have good bodies while we do it ;)

3. We think this is sexy. 


Yep, that's right. All of them. Because we don't judge like you.

4. We work out while you are still in bed. 

It's called passion. It's called drive, purpose, determination. Those adjectives may be foreign to you, but we actually care about something, and we love it. So while you are still sleeping, we are grinding. Do you wanna just live your life with the sole purpose of going to work? Choose to do something for yourself.

5. We dont complain about our lifestyle. 

While some might, they aren't representative of the entire fitfamily at all. But good try on trying to make up 11 things. We love what we do. We work out together, when we are together. As shocking as this may come to you, we like it or we wouldn't do it everyday. I'm pretty sure I see my weekly meal prep posts with smiles on their faces. Again, good try though.

6. We send people names of workouts to do, and they have ZERO idea what we are talking about. 

I send workout plans to people, and mostly to people who have never lifted one weight. I always get the confused email of "what's a underhanded barbell row?" "What's a skull crusher?" "How do I do a front squat or a hack squat?" If you, my jealous friend, know these then kudos to you but most don't. So we upload videos to show how easy it is to actually be in shape.

7. We encourage others to eat healthy as well. 

You have the crack pipes in any thing that you will get involved in. The ones that try to give out plans who know 0 science, 0 nutrition and just want to make some money. There are those people, but with Layne Norton's trend right now, if you try and post your little medical jargon with no science behind it, you're not going to be taken seriously. Almost only valid point.

8. Cult? Really? Because we have friends and you don't?

It's not about just camaraderie. We ACTUALLY are friends. Yes, we met on social media. Ever been to a fit expo? Yea, I didn't think so. We hang out. We eat together, lift together, and drink (protein shakes) together. Yes, we cheer each other on. Shame on us for encouraging our friends. Shame.

9. Grey and blue. Your point makes no sense.


10. What's actually sad is that you don't know about IIFYM. Food below sure is sad, and to look good while we eat it. I sure hate that. (insert sarcasm) 



Last 2 pictures credited to Brittany Dawn (IIFYM queen)

11. We actually care about one another. 

Again, good try on the "insert funniest thing about fitfam I can muster" but it falls short again. We get people in the gym by inspiring them. We get people to actually start a lifestyle that they can continue and teach their children so that we can change the epidemic to a new, better one.

As you stated last, it is better than a growing nation of obese people. I work in a pharmacy clinic where I see patients daily who would rather DIE, and have diabetes so bad but would rather eat their food and have their foot amputated then to change their lifestyle. They would rather clog their arteries and pay thousands to have an open heart surgery and then turn around and eat a greasy burger every day.

Hope you're not offended by me directly insulting you. You should understand though.

With love and muscles,


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