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like Oprah, but with a meat head twist <3 Here is just a few product reviews for those that may not want to forgo the extra penny without knowing something about the product. These are some of the things that I use on a daily/weekly basis. Image

1. Cellucor Pre-workout: I personally believe that C4 is the best pre workout on the market. I've tried many others, and just nothing compares to the way that it makes you feel, before, during and after. You don't get the itchy skin or the jitters and you don't get the crash afterward. It was rated in 2013 on bodybuilding.com as the #1 fan rated pre workout.

image (15)

2. Skinny Pop: 39 calories per cup, 15g of carb for FOUR CUPS! Is this real life? It's totally processed, but talk about guilt free snacking at night. Go to your local walmart and snag a bag of this. Not gonna lie, I add extra salt. But what doesn't need extra salt, right? #guilty

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3. Mrs. Dash Table Blend: Eh...table blend is alright. The reason that I am able to have this in my hand is because my FAVORITE flavor is out because I use it much more. Try Mrs. Dash garlic and herb! I put it on my prepped chicken every week, and it almost makes it taste like crusted! YUM!


4. The naughty version of Mrs. Dash, Cavenders Seasoning: It's a high sodium Greek seasoning but for any fish, chicken, meat that you want to season, this is our family go-to. It is AMAZING! LOVE LOVE! <3 We buy it at Walmart (although kinda pricey at about $3.67)

image (17)

5. Milk Chocolate Caramel Seasoning: Need I say more? It's guilt free, and you can find it in the popcorn seasoning section. I use this a lot in my recipes, and mostly in my oats in the morning!! You can find it at Walmart.

quest bars

6. Quest Bars: Is it even necessary to discuss? I mean really. To name my favorite 3 (which is pretty consistent across the board for most people I've talked with)--> Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and White Chocolate Raspberry!

image (18)

7. About Time Birthday Cake Protein: I'm not going to lie, I was disappointed at first in this. I used it for the first time when all I had to add to it was water though, and we all know that didn't end well. I use it now in pancakes, and it is SO good. The biggest benefit I see to it is when you don't have as many macros left, and this is 0 carb and delicious! I will say that I like Isopure better. It's a little bit more expensive (not much) but it is good no matter what you mix it with!

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8. Poweraid Zero: The blue is my favorite and I have one everyday unless they have sold out and the pink runs a close second.

photo 4

9. If you've never tried it, you really should. But only flavors Vanilla Maple, and Cookies and Cream. This is an ice cream substitute and quite expensive ($4.99 per pint) but it is only 150 calories per pint and about 30g of carb for the entire pint. You can absolutely sit there and eat the entire pint. This picture is in order from best to worst (Cookies and cream, chocolate is okay but chocolate PB is really just not good at all).

photo 2 (1)

10. Spray Butter--> If you know me, you know that I love spray butter. I put it on just about everything. Toast, sweet potato, butternut squash, anything... 0cal/c/p/f (My husband jokes that it's so processed that it's probably awful chemicals that are radiating through my body and lets be honest, he's probably right haha)

photo 1 (2)

11. Okay, this is a joke, and I kinda wish I was kidding. But #haveyoueven? It's out of this world. You may judge me, but when you try it, you'll change your tune.

With love and favorites,


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