Macro Misconception

So there's this insta craze that has been going on for a while now, and it's the reverse dieting, fix your metabolism craze. 

It's amazing. It's giving girls their lives back, but I do have one thing that I wanted to share with those who may have questions on it or feels as if you need to re-evaluate your diet and make sure that you haven't destroyed your metabolism. 

I would first like to say that no matter where you are at with your diet, your metabolism can always be increased further, however I think it's become a frenzy to put down others diets and I wanted to enlighten some that may feel that way. 

You need carbs, and you need a good amount of them but you DO. NOT. NEED 400g of carb per day as a female. You simply DO NOT. I'm not saying that this is not fantastic. We would all love to be there, but girls keep emailing me thinking that they have metabolism damage and they are maintaining weight at 1500 calories per day. That's not damage!!! 

If you look back to cultures where humans live the longest, you wanna know the one resounding principle, they had little stress and they ate low calorie diets. I don't mean just that they weren't obese, because we know that obesity causes a host of disease states. I'm talking about longevity of life based on not your body weight, but a low calorie diet no matter your size. When I say low calorie, I mean 1100-1500 for the extent of their lives. 

All celebrity trainers are going to put their clients on 1200 calorie diets for the most part. You can't expect to start someone out at 1800-2000 calorie diets of clean foods and expect them to lose weight. That's ALOT of food if it's not macronutrient dense foods.

Metabolism damage is for the girls that have severely dieted for years on end, and they are eating 1000 calories per day and NOT loosing weight. That was me, and that may be you. At that point, you need to take the next steps towards fixing it if you want to enjoy foods and life a little more and it is possible for anyone if you are willing to be diligent. 

My point of this is to let girls know that if you are eating 1500 calories or even 1200, you do not have damage. You are normal. If you are dieting at these amounts, do not feel as if you are put on a concentration camp diet, this is normal. You have to BUILD your metabolism at a very slow pace to be able to cut at higher amounts. 

Last but not least, this is also not for the girls that now think it's okay to NOT eat. haha! Eating is fantastic. Eating is fuel. Eating is sustenance. Eating provides joy and happiness for everyone. We all love eating. #amiright Starving yourself is absolutely never the answer and will get you absolutely nowhere. 

If you are just lost on this entire topic and not sure if you have damage or what steps to take to fix it, then shoot me an email and I'll help explain further for you specifically. 

Now, go lift some weights ;) 

With love and macros,


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