What they aren't telling you about supplements?

So first let us clarify what supplements are? Supplementation to the diet. This can include vitamins, protein powder, and then all of those fat burners, blah blah blah. 

I get this question ALOT! Do I use supplements? The answer just to be bold and honest is no. 

I have done extensiveeeee research on a lot of different products, and the end result is always the same. The data is not there. For a product to be on the market, there has to be testing done on this as we all know. If you want to know if something actually works then you go to the source right? The study that got the product approval for the indication that it is said to help you do. 

This is all my personal opinion, so I'm definitely not pressing this on anyone. I see tons of people swear by supplements on instagram and all of that, but I just wonder if it's because they are sponsored by the company or because it actually works. I feel like that sounds so negative and I don't mean it to be rude, but the data is just not there. 

I could address specific ones, but most every supplement is tiny tiny studies with no controls, and no specific inclusion and exclusion criteria of patients. They are hardly even real studies. For example: You can't say that green tea extract and raspberry ketones show weight loss if you don't first show me that these patients don't have other patient specific factors that are making them lose weight. And on the note of these two products, the studies done on them show VERY small changes in the patients that they did study and I mean REAL small, and then Dr. Oz advertises it like this miracle drug. 

The fact of the matter is, you have to work hard. You have to diet appropriately with balance, and you have to workout. I wish it were different. I wish that I could help others by saying "Take this pill" but it's just false advertising and it's sad to see people fork out so much money when if they just did the more simple things, they would see results. 

The products that I use are protein powder and my husband uses creatine as this has valuable data behind it. 

I will say again that I know this is controversial, so I don't want to just be bashing the way that people do things but I also want y'all to know what I've found from all the research that I do. 

Hope this answers the question of whether I take supplements <3 

With love and supps,


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