Rome wasn't built in a day

[gallery size=full columns=1] How often do we forget that this isn't a 12 week program? This isn't a 10 day detox. As cliche as it sounds, this is a lifestyle change. I don't think that many realize how much you destroy your metabolism by going on crash diets to give up and then just go back to eating normal. Your body does not like that inconsistency at all!!! In all honesty, it would be better for you to never go on the "diet" in the first place if you aren't planning on making the change for good in terms of your metabolism.

Your body is always striving for a state of homeostasis, so if you force extreme measures upon it, it's going to respond and probably not in the way that you will want. It is proven time and again that you will end up gaining weight if you go on a crash diet and restrict to crazy caloric deficit and then go back to eating normal because your body doesn't trust you. In other words, pretend that your metabolism is your boyfriend.

Your boyfriend breaks up with you. He stops calling you, won't answer your texts, and completely ignores you for a month. Then he comes back and you have a long talk with him, and he says that he was wrong and that he wishes that he hadn't done those things and that he wants to be together again. That first week back, you have MISSED him so you crave him, you soaks up every moment with him because in some small ways you may not TRUST him that he won't cut you off again like he did the last time. Think if he did this multiple times....each time you trust him less that he won't cut you off again so you cling on for dear life when he is there for you.

Okay back to reality because all my ladies BETTA NOT LET A MAN EVER TREAT YOU THAT WAY! ;) However, I was trying to make a point. That is how your body responds. It holds onto all the food and excess water from the carbohydrates that you start intaking again, and you gain weight immediately most of the time.

Weight loss is slow and grueling for most (especially women), and it's hard. The most important thing is to remain consistent week in and week out and it WILL happen. Far too many times, women say "okay I'm tired of feeling this way. I am committing NOW and never looking back" so they cut BIG time. They basically fast and they may lift weights but also do an hour of cardio per day and then at the end of two weeks, he/she has not lost one single pound. Plain and simple: Your body does not trust you. It does not know how to handle yet another crash diet.

Changes may be about to happen in the coming week. Just hang in there. I hate when I see so many women right at the finish line to turn around and walk the opposite direction because they aren't seeing it fast enough.

I know it's hard. Believe me, I've been at this game for about 7 years now. The picture above demonstrates that it takes TIME to build muscle. It takes time to build your metabolism. It's not easy, and takes a lot of determination and consistency but if you learn that it just takes time and to be patient, then it's all worth it in the end. You take care of your metabolism and it will take care of you.

With love and metabolism,






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