Gluten-Free or Faux?

glutenI would like to preface this blog post by saying that many who read this have Celiac's disease. The diagnosis of Celiac's disease is when a person is having abdominal discomfort, pain, flatulence, diarrhea or constipation and they go to the doctor. The doctor will do a duodenal biopsy and test for "anti-transglutaminase antibodies." If these are positive, an individual is started on a gluten free diet to eliminate the cause of the irritation to the stomach. Other individuals have what is called "gluten sensitivity" This means that they may not have the antibodies or the positive biopsy but have noticed that when they ingest foods with gluten, they have those same symptoms.

However, if you think that becoming "gluten free" makes you healthier or that it will help you lose weight, this is just not the case.

Eliminating gluten from your diet will have about the same effect for someone who is not allergic to gluten the same way as someone eliminating peanuts when they have no peanut allergy. There is absolutely no point.

Gluten is simply a product that gives elasticity to dough helping it to keep it's shape. Gluten can be found in many products that we are all familiar with such as bread, cake, beer, cereals, baked goods, normally wheat based products. Those that believe they should eliminate gluten immediately X these foods from their diet. Many start eliminating things such as rice cakes or brown rice without knowing that rice is a CARBOHYDRATE which does not automatically mean that it contains gluten.

If you start eliminating gluten, most of these products are carbohydrates therefore low carbohydrate diets equals fat loss. This does not mean GLUTEN FREE equals fat loss in any way. Gluten is not the enemy!!! Gluten free products ( most of the time ) have MORE calories, and are not absorbed any differently than your normal carbohydrate sources and quite frankly they are expensive.

I would never want to offend anyone but it bothers me also when individuals claim that they have an allergy but they don't realize that gluten is in most all salad dressings, soy sauce, candy, pickles, vitamins and mineral supplements, and un natural meat sources such as deli meats and hot dogs so they may eat these with no complaints.

Recently in 2013, a study was released that shows that the reduction of FODMAP's are the reason for why individuals feel better when they eliminate gluten, which is exactly what I stated above. FODMAP's simply stands for carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed in the small intestine so therefore when gluten is eliminated, so are all of these other carbohydrate sources which is the reason for the gastrointestinal relief ( lower carb ).

I'm not saying that eliminating gluten doesn't make individuals feel better. I know that it upsets stomachs, and causes discomfort however strictly from a fat loss and "becoming healthy" stand point, there is absolutely no reason to eliminate gluten from your diet unless you have spoke with and been tested by your physician. Eliminating gluten provides no addition health benefits. It is strictly eliminated for the purposes of people that have an allergy and get upset stomachs from eating products that contain gluten.

I also have a friend that has Celiac's and not to say that it bothers her, but it does because she knows the TRUE struggle of not being able to eat gluten products and it's a hassle. It's extremely difficult every where that she goes. It's not something to self induce upon yourself.

With love and gluten,


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