Good fat, bad fat, short fat, long fat

Okay let's talk fats. Put your thinking caps on. I'm gonna keep this short, simple, sweet and to the point! Side Story: I used to be so afraid of peanut butter because it was so dense in calories that I would buy the packaged nab crackers, and scrap the peanut butter off and eat the cracker. Wow, how simple knowledge of nutrition will change you!

What are your bad fats?

Saturated and trans fats otherwise referred to as solid fats. These can be found in red meats, butter, and other packaged products. These fats have been shown to increase your LDL ("bad cholesterol") and lower your HDL ("good cholesterol") leading to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

What are your good fats?

Unsaturated (monounsaturated or polyunsaturated) or omega-3-fatty acids are your good fats and these are liquid at room temperature. These fats include oils, nuts, seeds, avocados, fish, etc etc. Good fats are shown to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol and triglycerides, help keep insulin and blood sugar levels controlled, and also possibly shown to help blood pressure.


AVOCADOS FOR THE WIN RIGHT? Okay, let's delve deeper. Why do we care?

I'm gonna just be honest here. Do you care about your cardiovascular health or do you care about your physique? I care about both, and so I try to keep the balance but I'm also 24 years old, and I don't think that all of this matters. If you are someone at high risk of cardiovascular disease or you are someone who has had issues with your cholesterol, then YES you should pay attention to this.

However, if you are walking through the grocery store, they will put NO TRANS FAT on their potato chips and without even realizing it, you subconsciously think, "Oh that's healthier, so I should buy that." You know that's not going to do ANY difference for you, right? Side Note: No food has trans fat so that's just marketing.

I am 100% about health and focusing on labs, but I'm also about the truth and the truth of the matter is "health" and "body image" are a blurred line. Do you HONESTLY care about your LDL level? Let's be real.

I probably will never eat an avocado again. I just don't LIKE them so what is the point? I think we torture ourselves with these things that we feel we are "supposed" to eat. Delve deeper into the WHY!!! This doesn't mean I'm going to eat ONLY trans and saturated fats however it does mean that I know that if I eat those, it's not going to hinder my progress and I know I have a balance so I'll remain healthy.

Last but not least, avocados have "healthy" fats so everyone's all about the guac these days but do you knowwwww how much fat. It's unreal. An avocado has 29g of fat!! That's the same as 6 oz of steak so is that even a real question of which I'd rather eat?? HA!

So what is my recommendation? Balance. As usual, that's always going to be the answer. Eat natural oils, almonds, and guac. When you have the juiciest delicious steak, it's not going to affect you any differently than the raw unsalted whole natural almonds that taste like chewing on a piece of bark did.

And if you don't have blood pressure issues, eat some dang honey roasted almonds and enjoy your food!!! HEALTH IS NOT MEANT TO BE MISERABLE!

With love and peanut butter,



P.S. For all the haters, trolls, or otherwise wise guys out there, I'm aware that a stable insulin levels are shown to increase fat loss. I also know that unsaturated fats help to stabilize insulin and should be noted in diabetic patients. So feel free to enjoy your bark, I'll take my steak ;)

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