Tips for How I've increased my Diet by 500 calories with 0 weight gain

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I know that there are many different tips, and many different ways to do this. I'm simply sharing with you what 100% worked for me. This is the second time that I've tried to do a metabolic reverse and the first time, I gained 10 pounds. I'm going to share some key pointers on how I did it this time. I'm not afraid to share every thing that I do because I know that if you want to work with me and for me to provide a plan for you, then you will come to me because I will care for you and love you and show you every step. I first want to show you that I have the knowledge to get you there.

1. Biggest Key: TAKE IT SLOW!!!

Don't be in a rush even though I know that's hard. Be patient. My reverse has only been 4 months even though it seems longer, and I have only went up by 500 calories in that time. That's not your typical reverse. I feel like that's why I haven't gained. There is no scientific study saying that 10g of carb and 2g fat is what you increase each week, so I only did 5g of carb and 1g fat. Over time, this adds up.

2. I don't have cheat meals.

I'm just being real with you. I've found that I would just rather prefer to fit things in than do some all out feast. If I want a burger, I eat half of a burger and fit it to my macros. If I want ice cream, I have it. If I want cheesecake, I have it. If I want an alcoholic drink, I have it. I normally guestimate on things like fries, pizza, burgers, ice cream and I normally have only a few days per week of guestimation.  This mentally does not work for many people. I find it makes me happier. I don't deprive myself like AT ALL. I just make it fit because if I can then why wouldn't I?

3. I don't increase every week.

The every week increase is something that I think is hyped up too much. This is just something that was given as a relative tool for you. This just simply means that you need to increase so slow that your body doesn't notice. As I've gotten higher in my macros, I have noticed that I don't think that my body has had enough time to adapt to all of the new food so I go another week on the same. The macros I'm at currently, I have been for 3 weeks. I FINALLY feel ready to go up again (based on hunger and the water weight coming off from excess carbs), and so I'll go up again tomorrow.

4. I listen to my body.

I have had so many people say "I had extra protein at the end of the day, so I just chugged a protein shake." Well friends, that's cray cray. And that's gross...I hate protein shakes (ironic, I know). This only happens maybe once per week but there are some days where I'm just like "you know what, I'm so full and sick of eating today" and I don't meet my macros. It's not a big deal. I do the next day and it's fine. Like I stated previously, I don't recommend this every day but if it happens, don't fret. This also goes along with the above. Know your body and know that you feel so full and wouldn't even want to increase if you could so wait another week.

5. I keep my fats lower and protein consistent.

I actually think this has been a big reason for success. I have talked to a few other people who have done this and felt the same way. There is no reason that I need 100g of fat per day. Our bodies just don't absorb fat as well, and it is not utilized for energy in the same way that carbs are, so I just choose to continue to increase carbs at this point but keep fats the same. I also have not went up 1g in protein since I started. I don't think it's necessary ( for me and my goals) to have huge amounts of protein. I treat protein goals the same as carbs, I hit them exactly and don't just 'go over on accident'. Read next tip.

6. I hit macros exactly.

"Wow Katie, you're ridiculous." No, I think it's fun!! It's a puzzle every day and I normally work it out at the beginning of the day. If this stresses you out and you feel controlled by numbers then that is one TOTALLY different issue, but I'm just saying that I see many people say that they hit their macros within like 20g and that's just not what works for me. To do this, I eat many many mini things. If I need more carb, I add 3 or 4 goldfish on my pancakes or 1-2 oreos. If I need 2 grams of fat, then I eat 1/2 teaspoon of peanut butter! hahahaa!! I know, it's cray. But I'm just being transparent.

7. On the note of cheat meals, I do have a 'non tracking day' per week.

This is normally on Saturdays, and like I said before, I guestimate. I don't go crazy. If I have cheesecake at lunch, then I'm not going to have steak for dinner. That's too much fat and not enough carb so I'm mindful of my choices and get balance but I also have whatever I've been craving.

8. I never binge.

This is huge, huge, huge. Your body loves homeostasis. I know this is easier said than done, but those extremes when you binge just confuses the hell out of your body, and it fights you. I've read so much research on how much binging slows down your metabolism, and ever since reading all of that, I'm like NOOOOO THANK YOUUUU!!! Going from one extreme in weight to another then back to the other extreme of weight gain again is so so bad for your body. It's better to stay overweight then to be overweight, super skinny, then overweight again just strictly from a metabolic standpoint. So, again, I stay consistent.

9. I don't miss workouts.

I workout consistently 5-6 times per week and it doesn't matter my schedule, it happens. Some workouts suck, and I have my bad days but I don't make excuses. I get my butt in the gym and I do work.

10. This isn't a tip but to answer my most commonly asked question: How much cardio do you do?

I do more than your average fitspo. This has nothing to do with my metabolism increase, but I want to be an athlete. I want to run a marathon. I want to do triathalons, high ironmans, etc. This is all personal preference. I feel as if people ask about cardio because they want me to tell them that I stopped doing it. Well, I didn't. I do about 3-4 times per week. Two of those days are HIIT. I used to only do one long run day. I'm looking to train for a marathon soon so I've started doing two days of steady state running. One is a midweek run and the weekend is a long run (currently at 8-10 miles). However, I do not put this in my metabolic adaptation program because I do not think that this is necessary to have success. It's just what I prefer and my goals.

11. I don't change my caloric intake based on exercise.

I think carb cycling works and I'm not saying that it doesn't. I'm just saying I don't do it.

12. I never meal time.

I eat when I'm hungry. I fit this to my macros.

13. I am a nazi.

I used to not be a nazi. I used to be a lot more relaxed until I started this reverse. I wanted my body to be a science experiment and it has been. I don't just say "oh this massive amount of pizza is okay because it's just one time" or "I'll just go get drunk with friends tonight." I literally fit everything to my macros. Do I plan on being that way forever? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The entire purpose of this is so that I can get my metabolism so high that I don't track food AT ALL, but it's a very slow process.

To wrap this up, I think the biggest things to note is this: I go really slow, I don't binge, and I stay consistent beyond measure. Lately I have been really discouraged and not wanting to do it anymore because honestly, it's a lot of work and dedication. However, seeing these two pictures beside one another and thinking about the future with my children when I won't have to think about a thing because my metabolism will be so high, that makes this all worth it.

I really want to help anyone and everyone do this. No matter what your weight is, you can start this. Everyone can always increase their metabolic rate, and Tanner is another example of someone who has an incredibly high metabolism but he is working on increasing his because he has seen my success and happiness with it. I have a metabolic adaptation program that is $100 one time fee to work with me for 4 months on increasing yours. You will be taught how to count macros, how to fit fun foods to your macros, and I'll give you macros in a spreadsheet that increase weekly. You'll also get workouts that go along with this and your cardio amount will be 3-4 times per week and HIIT workouts that will decrease throughout time as we work on your metabolism. You'll be provided with all workouts. You can get this at <3

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