Finding The Lack of Balance

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So this may be the spin on the typical blog on finding balance.

There is one group of people, and that is the people that take it too far. I mean for their health though. They think they have to do cardio 2 hours per day and they eat nothing, and it's all to achieve this physique that society makes us believe that we should have. And that makes me sad and I really want to help those who experience this to find balance with friends and family.

However, then there are people (who I like to think that I'm in this category) who just simply freakin enjoy it. I live for this. I wake up with passion, I go to bed with passion, I think about it during the day. I've been that other group so I know the difference. My passion has absolutely nothing to do with my body. I'm 100% and I mean 100% content with my body. I've never been at such peace, but my passion is for seeing how much I can accomplish physically. I want to push myself to depths I never have before. I want to show others to fall in love with fitness and do to the same.

So, here's my point. Not everyone wants it, but I would personally like to say I don't mind not having balance. Now let me explain before you get all huffy!! If this is your life, your passion, your desire then stop making excuses for yourself. Stop not wanting to be the girl at the table getting a grilled chicken salad. OWN THAT GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD!!! 

If someone is into music, we don't ask them to control the amount of concerts they go to. If someone is into cooking and baking, we don't ask them to stop posting pictures of the new cupcakes that they have made or the cooking class they go to. 

If I want to workout for 2 hours per day, then I probably will. This doesn't happen often (at all) but sometimes I fall in love and get excited about what I'm doing. Sometimes runs take 30 minutes. My longer runs might take 2 hours. This isn't about my body. This is about my passion. 

Call me obsessed. Call me unbalanced. I'm living my dreams every day, but I hope you'll join me. I'm tired of being "embarrassed" by it in person with people. I'm tired of thinking I have to explain myself when I get a salad because I just left my house where I ate a huge meal that they don't know about and they think I'm just not eating. 


With love and passion,


**This was inspired by my sweet mom, who in the midst of my tears one night for thinking everyone thought I was crazy, snapped me right out of it with her encouragement to unapologetically OWN IT!!!**

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