Endurance Workout Split

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So, if you have followed me for any period of time then you know that I have an evolution of fitness. 

I started out running a half marathon. I set a goal and I just did it. I remember the night before my race and just couldn't believe I had even agreed to do it. I didn't feel ready. Today, it just doesn't even seem like a big deal! Haha!

I went on to become a beachbody coach, but decided that I wanted to start my own thing and not be under beachbody. 

I set a goal that I was going to compete. I think it was that decision that really rocketed me to where I am now. I began lifting in January of 2013 and I never looked back. I loved running but the changes my body had with lifting were unreal. I just watched changes happen so fast. I actually got a stress fracture at around this same time so I HAD to stop running. However, I continued to do cardio 5x a week because that's what "everyone did" when they were prepping for a show (so I thought). 

The new trend has become to boost your metabolism that you don't have to do any cardio and just lift and eat in the correct distribution of carbs, fats, and proteins and your body will still look great! And this is true so rock on no cardio girls! 

However, I have always said that I will ALWAYS strive to be more athletic daily. I will always strive to reach crazier goals in fitness. I am not in this for aesthetics. I'm in this so that I can see what I'm capable of. With that being said, here is what my workout split looks like. I am currently continuing to lift to maintain the amount of muscle that I have ( I am happy and content with the amount that I have and do not want to make "gainz" ). I am also training for a marathon while starting to incorporate biking and swimming in slowly as well. 


Tuesday-Leg day and sprint work for normally 3-4 miles ( Keeping the hard days hard to try and not be sore from both)

Wednesday-Back/Abs/Run 2-3 miles

Thursday-Mid Week Run (5-6 miles) 

Friday-Power workout ( This is similar to a crossfit workout if you aren't familiar with my workouts) 

Saturday-Rest Day (sometimes I hit bis and tris since that's not much) 

Sunday-Long Run

I am not saying that this is the way to go however this is about 4 days of running, 5 days of lifting and the best way that I've found works for me. If I'm going out of town, I will tweek some things to make sure that I get all of this in. I also bike just about everywhere at this point. This is not included in my training but is just how I get to and from places. On Thursdays, I'm normally REALLLYYYYYY sore. I work this out in the mornings with a light swim. My apartment complex has an outdoor pool so I won't be swimming much longer as it's getting colder by the day. I may invest in a wet suit because I think it would be pretty awesome to swim when it's frigid outside just to say I did it. 

I don't claim to know everything, and never will but I sure love delving into new parts of fitness I never have before. It makes me come alive. Runners are an amazing group of people, and I'm so excited to get to know more of them as I continue doing more races! 

With love and endurance,


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