Top 10 Tips for Traveling Fit

As you all know, I have traveled to North Carolina for 10 days. I am so so excited to be here with family. To be honest, I am at a point where I could care less about sticking to my nutrition while I'm here but I wanted to share that I have not always been this way nor do I expect everyone else to be. Many times as people start along their journey or fitness, they find these loopholes of places to give up. They may have a trip planned and after 10 days of whatever, they just essentially give up thinking it's not worth it anymore. It's so cliche but honestly, once you learn how to eat appropriately (not diet but just a healthy lifestyle) then it becomes so much easier to make it a "lifestyle." I used to be this same person, but many times people will say "It's a lifestyle" as they bring their prepped food on the road with them. That is not a lifestyle. 

All i wanna do is snuggle with this one!!! :) 

All i wanna do is snuggle with this one!!! :) 

Are you going to do that when you have children? To each his own but I personally don't want my kids to see mommy eating food separate from them and if they did then the only thing their young minds would be able to comprehend is that 'mommy does this to be skinny therefore being skinny is what I should strive to be too.' This could be an entire blog post separate but I do want to say that I feel it's so important as a future mother to adopt a healthy lifestyle that you incorporate into your children's lives not yoyo dieting or other disordered eating. With my past, I believe it's a nature and nuture thing. I never want to cultivate an atmosphere that nutures that in my daughter(s) or sons for that matter. Spoiler alert: part of the reason I haven't wanted to have kids yet (and this is only part of the reason) is because of wanting to get myself 100% right first. Then once I got better, I had big goals that I wanted to reach, adventures I wanted to have with my husband and places I wanted to travel before I threw a baby in the mix :) Soooo, now you know ;) 

I guess I inserted the completely non-relevant paragraph above is I feel that it's important to make a point of traveling and staying on track appropriately is something that many must face with children and I just wanted to share how I approach things. 

1. Sit back and relax

The cortisol you build up with thinking about the trip and worrying about what you are going to eat is not going to help the situation. I wish I didn't even have to type these things, but I get emails constantly about women worrying about the vacation that they are going to be taking in a month or two from now and freaking out about what they will do. 

It is your vacation. RELAX. 

The girls in my family :) :) 

The girls in my family :) :) 

2. You'll never get that week back.

Again, do you honestly want to think about your trip to wherever you are going, and think that you even thought about food?? If you think about food, then you should think about it in the mindset of enjoying it. The diet that you are on is going to be there waiting for you when you get back. Your happiness in the moment of your trip is not. Enjoy it. 

3.With enjoyment comes self awareness

Unfortunately, binge eating especially on vacation is very real. If you are in the midst of building your metabolism then it is CRUCIAL that you don't lose control on vacation, or you are going to lose a lot of hard work in building your metabolism. I know it's so much easier said than done, but genuinely tap into the side of you that remembers when it's hungry and when it's full. She's in there. You just have to search for her. 

4.Look for healthier options

I felt this was a gimme, but there is always going to be a better option. This is not to say that you shouldn't enjoy some other things, but if your choices are a huge bowl of pasta or chicken parm then just choose the chicken parm. It may still have pasta under it, but it's not just going to be a massive bowl of straight carb. 


5. If you really want to stay on track, then still chart things in myfitnesspal

Admitably I do this mostly because I know that I won't eat enough if I don't. I end up snacking on cottage cheese and making egg whites (this literally happened yesterday when I didn't track) and so I end up eating like 200g of protein and 100g carb. That's no fun, so I try to chart things so that I can be like "okay katie, go eat some bread" 

6. Don't inconvenience anyone else.

This is something that I'm big on. No one else cares about your weight. No one else cares about your goals. No one else cares about the lifestyle that you are trying to live. That's fine. Your goals are not their goals. That doesn't mean that you should give up your goals. However, that also doesn't mean that you should hinder them with your decisions. Don't be THAT GUY saying that you can't eat somewhere. You CAN find SOMETHING on the menu. This has taken me a long time to realize but food is important to people. Food is VERY important to people and it can be offensive if you are always saying you can't eat at certain places.

7. Build your metabolism if you have a vacation approaching. 

Many people will contact me with the intent of getting all sexy to wear a bikini on a beach. They want to cut HARD so they can look good. I feel this is a recipe for disaster. If you go on vacation after being in a caloric deficit, then you are going to hold onto everything like it's going out of style. You're going to have water retention and feel like a buffalo. If you know that you are going on vacation and instead go the opposite direction and build your metabolism, then you will be like me, and sometimes feel like you lose weight. It's hard to get in 200g of carb when you aren't in your own kitchen. 

8. Don't stop working out. 

This is a personal belief but I just feel that you are going to get nowhere if you keep finding excuses to not work out. One of the biggest things that helps me to always stay on track is I have events and goals that I'm striving for. There is no way I can stop working out while I'm here. I have a marathon in 6 weeks therefore I MUST train. Don't give yourself options and escape routes and don't come up with lame excuses. I don't like excuses. HA!

9. It's okay and you shouldn't be ashamed to have healthier options that you bring.

If you are bringing tuna packets because you are terrified of eating anything else, that's an issue. If you are bringing tuna packets to just add onto a quick salad to get some extra protein in for the day then ROCK ON SISTER! There's nothing wrong again with being self aware. I find that ground turkey travels well so i normally bring that with me. I eat lots of protein bars as I'm in airports. Airports always have POP chips which I love and so I'll grab a diet coke and pop chips and be a happy little fitness chick :) When I get to Shelby, I normally make a grocery run. I get lots of foods that will keep me on track for the week and that is OKAY!!!! 

10. Don't be ashamed!!

I still have a hard time with this. I come from the country where everyone eats all things fried. Again, no one cares about the lifestyle that I live. I used to get scared people would judge me, and even cry about jokes that people would make towards me making fun of my lifestyle. Then I don't know but over time and talking a lot with my mom, she said something to me that for some reason stuck. This is what she said "If you are going to choose to live this, then you need to OWN IT. OWN THAT GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD." 

She is so right. This is my decision, and my life. Therefore, I want to live it with confidence to show others I enjoy. If you cower, then it looks as if you are ashamed and why should you be ashamed for taking care of yourself. You shouldn't. 

So, I'll leave you with this... 


With love and vacations, 


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