Tips for Getting Abs

I get this question over and over again, so I thought I would share a few little tips on how to get there :) If you have any questions on any specifics, feel free to comment below <3

I also talked in circles, and really could stand to clarify a few things so watch the video below and then read the comments below!

When I said girls before were restricting and binging and then they reversed dieted was a GRAVE overgeneralization. That is not what everyone does but many times pictures are posted with calorie intake of 1000 calories and then a comparison to eating 3000 calories and they look leaner, there is most likely more to the story. 

Also, you do NOT need to do a show to get lean nor have painful calorie deficit (that was a dumb statement haha) but just know that to get the "coveted abs" that normally you aren't going to be eating more. You probably need to do a cut first then reverse diet up.

Hope this clarifies that a little! I probably do better writing! haha :) 

With love and abs,


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