"She's a health nut"

I just wanted to touch on the topic that lately has really grinded my gears, and once I'm back in New York, I promise to provide you with quality recipes, good scientific based data and workouts but for the time being, I'm just going to share my opinions. 

I always and forever will ask you to take it or leave it and know that I never mean to step on anyone's toes. However, I think it's worth noting my view on what I believe health ACTUALLY IS versus the way that it is portraryed which is mostly geared towards sex appeal and the way that we look especially with the mass amount of people that social media has reached...including teenagers. 

I refuse to work with anyone that is younger than 19 because I don't feel comfortable. It also always makes me a bit sad when girls are asking me about dieting at 16. I just wish it wasn't thought about, but unfortunately it's the sad truth.

However, I just wish that we could switch the mindset.  Everyone has their different opinion on the way that they want to approach health and fitness so this is just how I address mine. I want to be healthy. I want to be fit. However, I do not want this to affect other things that I do in life or the relationships that I have. Then, on the other hand, I don't think that you should say yes to everything and just YOLO on your diet when you don't have some goal in mind. I just truly believe in taking care of yourself....all the time. So, this doesn't mean going on "diets." This means that the 10 year old child would be eating fruits and veggies from a young age because that's just what they know and then diet was never discussed. Health then takes care of itself and body image never becomes an issue.

I don't think that you should just take care of yourself because you have some show in your future. I don't think that you should take care of yourself because you have some beach trip that you are going to take. I think that you should take care of yourself because you value the one life and body that you have been given. I think that all of this goes back to the one thing that I hate and that's body image. I feel that health and fitness get so misaligned with body image that it sucks. Being healthy and having a good body image go hand in hand but one does not equal the other. You could have great body image but not be healthy or vice versa. People say "I wanna get healthier" when what they really mean is "I wanna lose weight and look different." 

I think that an off season has become the normal now and not just for bodybuilders but for everyone in life. The "normal" population wants to get "skinny for summer" and then kinda let loose in the winter time and holidays. This is fine, but it's just not what I think of when I think of a healthy person. I just wish we could re-invent the mold. Think about the title of this. It's thrown around so nonchalantly but that's the way that people portray the type of person that I want to be...a nut. A health....nut.

So, essentially, I'm a weirdo because I value health on an every day basis. I'm not saying this is something that I've felt I've experienced. I'm saying that's the way that our culture portrays it. It's as if you can't be healthy without explaining yourself.  Last night at the wedding, I had a glass of wine, and someone said "You can't drink that though can you with how healthy you are?"




Do people think I just chew on lettuce and carrots all day? Live your life. Live a beautiful life. Just live it in moderation and it will take care of itself. Yes, I skip fast food on most every occassion. Yes, I skip pizza basically all the time. I skip alcohol many times. If i'm having a salad, I skip dressing if a healthy option is not given. But, I have Chickfila and I have pizza and I have wine. You just can't have them everyday. I think people view health in an all or nothing fashion and I'm just so tired of it so I'm defending health. 

Stop viewing it as a diet. Stop viewing it as something dreadful. This is not about your body. This is not about your off season. This is not about how big you can make your booty. In my opinion, this is about how refreshed you feel every morning; how passionate you feel about the workouts that you are performing and getting better at them. This is about having one body that needs to be taken care of so that you can live a long, full, and healthy life void of injury and disease. Instead of body image, think about hiking a mountain with your grandkid because you are still kicking booty at 70.

It's also not all about our bodies either. It's about mind, body, and soul transformation from the inside out. When you feel that change, you'll know it. Take care of your soul. Be nice to your sweet soul. The world beats you down so so much, and doesn't need anymore help with it. So be kind to your soul.

Stay consistent. Keep balance. Love everyone and your journey along the way.

With love and being a health nut,


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