Confessions of an Entrepeneur

Today's post will tell you my heart, but I'm hoping it will help yall keep me accountable!!

Ever since I've been a little girl, I've been an entrepreneur which is why it's ironic that I went into medicine when I truly look at how I view the world. All throughout school, I did things on the side to make a little extra money. Some people worked jobs, but I didn't feel I had the time for that, so I would just always make and sell things and make my own way. 

As I became interested in fitness, I knew I wanted to turn it into my job. The most amazing discovery is recently how I want to combine my doctorate and fitness. I want to open a clinic with Tanner one day to manage patient's disease states and medication management while also giving them diet and exercise to follow. I believe that if they can get the last two on track that they will have much better success at reducing their medications. I love to be a pioneer in this field as it essentially does not exist. The number of ideas that rocket off with this are unreal, and I find myself constantly thinking about it. I find myself constantly busy. I will go ahead and give the disclaimer that I am essentially at the very start of a brand new business so therefore there is A LOT that goes into that. I won't go into all that I do behind the scenes and how much my husband does, but just know that it is so much and I can't thank him enough. 

I am a big dreamer. I know that i'm not some big please(not even close) . But, I want to be if that counts for something. However, I want to step back two steps and tell you my confession of something big that's been on my heart lately. I'm not going to make big changes in my branding or my name but I wanted to share this so that you know where my heart is ... 

The name of my business is "Katiesfitscript" and I like that. I think that it flows well, it's what everyone calls me now hilariously, and I think that will be perfect for the clinic and we can always call our plans Fitness Prescriptions. It works. 

But, I feel so narcissistic. This is not about me. This is not about my success. This is not about how big I can make my business, how many followers I can obtain, how much money I can make to help pay towards my school loans, or how big of an audience I can reach with my blog. 

This is about my God. I truly mean this. I'm not just blowing smoke. I truly want to reflect His presence in all of my work. I want to do His will in my business. I want it to be done well and for His glory and not for my exposure. I want to do it for His name's sake to be known and not my own. I am just at the start of everything, so I want to do that now instead of looking back years later and wishing I had not ignored these feelings that I've been having. I have been so busy with creating something that I have let my relationship with Christ slip to the side, when He is the reason that I am where I am. 

(Before I begin the next paragraph, this is me telling my inner thoughts. Like honestly, I do not really believe much in putting myself down nor do I believe in pity parties so PLEASEEEEE don't take it that way.)

Then, there is that lovely thing called comparison. I feel like sometimes I'm just doing something wrong. I always see people just explode on instagram, twitter, facebook, blogging, getting invitations here and there, and I'm so happy for truely! (well if they are good people hahaha). I just feel like I keep taking 2 steps forward and then take 4 backwards. I'm being raw so that you know that we all have these feelings but I always feel my programs aren't good enough, that I'm not helping people enough, that I need to offer more, do more, grow my following more, be there for people more but reach more people to expand my business. I feel I want to be something in the fitness industry but then when I do interviews there is always this line for awards and recognitions, and I have nothing to offer. To be dated.... 

With all of that said, I'm so positive about that too. I see those things not as something to put myself down but rather something to drive me. It fuels my fire, and makes me push hard that I forget my purpose, His will, His desires..... 

I have always struggled with knowing if I'm truly seeking God in my decisions or if I'm seeking my own and then pretending it's God sprinkled because it works out. 

My friend Andrew on the right is always giving me heck about my fitness, so he will be so excited to be on the blog! HAHAHA! Hey Andrew ;) 

My friend Andrew on the right is always giving me heck about my fitness, so he will be so excited to be on the blog! HAHAHA! Hey Andrew ;) 

So, my honest prayer from here on out is that I take a breath before each new adventure and seek God's honest direction. I hope to remember to again, take a breath and say a prayer for each client as they begin my program because we all know that weight loss is mind, body, and soul and more emotion and stressors are involved. I want to pray that the direction of my business is not for my own exposure and growth, but for His name to be shown through every step that I take in the fitness industry. I know my business is called Katiesfitscript but just know that if you see that name, it means so much more than anything I could ever do on my own. 

With love and faith, 


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