How can you eat ONE cookie?

I get asked a lot how I can possibly have the willpower that I do? I open an oreo package and I have one oreo. My husband gets fries, and he always knows that I'm going to have ONE fry. 

So how do I do, you ask? I will admit that I have always had this little thing called willpower for the larger extent of my life. When I was 5, my brother kicked and screamed to do his reading with my parents. I personally thought it was cool, and meant that if I learned this now then I could read later, and I really wanted to be able to read. 

Delayed gratification. 

Sopheefit wrote on this other day and I couldn't agree more so I wanted to give my spin on it. 

Willpower is a muscle that you learn to exercise more and more as the years go on. I guess you would call it willpower, but I hardly find it to be that anymore. Once you get past willpower, you learn how healthy makes you feel and you don't want to do any differently. I see people who say they ate 5 doughnuts or a huge burger and a plate of fries or a row of oreos. I literally feel nauseous just thinking about that. I know when I'm dehydrated and I know when I've ate bad and it doesn't feel good so willpower becomes much easier. 

Every day we have choices that we make. We have choices on how we are going to better ourselves, and we can ALL make excuses. Excuses are really easy to come by, and we can always validate or justify what we are doing. "I deserve this because I work so hard." "I shouldn't go workout because I'm feeling a little headache coming on." "I could never run further than one mile so I'm certainly never going to do a half marathon" 

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Let me tell you how many times I wanted to quit pharmacy school. I never like actually wanted to quit, but I hated it so much. However, I knew about delayed gratification. You work hard now. You get reward later. That's the way it goes for anything. 

You work hard in your diet now. You have a cheat meal at the end of the week. You put in the work for school now. You have a good job later. You work hard in your training now and you get the euphoric feeling of crossing the finish line or standing on stage with competitors who know how hard you worked to get there. You value your marriage and treat each other well, then you look back at 80 years old and you are with the same person. It's not cliche when they say that anything that you are going to have, you are going to have to work for. That's the truth. Things aren't just going to be handed to you in life. There will ALWAYS be an easier way out. You are have to be stronger mentally. You have to want it more than the next. You have to work like no one else works so that you can have what no one else has. 

I'm team #noexcuses. I'm also #teamselflove and if you are my client, then just know that you are going to get loved on quite a bit. I want you to be tough and not have excuses but I also want you to realize that we all goof up and it seriously is not a big deal. That's why God created 24 hour segments, and 4 seasons because he knew that we were all going to have ups and downs in life and need new little places to start fresh. He created that for you to realize that you CAN start fresh and it's okay to mess up. The point is that you keep working that muscle called willpower and get better at it everyday. 

If I have something naughty, you can almost bet a picture will be taken ;) 

If I have something naughty, you can almost bet a picture will be taken ;) 

So, when I'm presented with a basket of cookies then I take one and I'm done because I know that a) I'll be able to have another one tomorrow instead of all of them today and b)I know that I'm able to continue pressing towards my goals without even thinking about that cookie. I know that I can enjoy things. I know that I can enjoy things every single day. I just know that I enjoy them in moderation, and can know that with delay gratification, I will be able to stay fit and healthy for life. 

With love and delayed gratification, 


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