Competing Vlog

Hey Y'all!! All of those pictures from competing look super flashy right? Well, I just wanted to do a short video on what it's like the day of. Kidding, it's not short. Sorry, I got talkative.

I hope you enjoy!

I said this in the first video before my dog started barking (haha) but I know that you see pictures on facebook of girls in bikinis and think "Woah that's intense" and almost like that it's hootchie but just as I've explained before. If you went to Times Square in a bikini, that's weird but when you wear a bikini to a pool, it's totally acceptable. That's the same way with competitions. Everyone is in bikinis and speedos and no one is like gawking over the others. It's just the sport and totally normal for everyone to be waltzing around backstage in a bikini!

With love and competing,


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