So, you probably saw us go to Boston last weekend. We decided that while we are in New York, we aren't going to just take advantage of New York but also those places that are close by. Boston is only a 3 hour ( in reality 4 hours on a China Town Bus) away and we could just do a quick day trip because Tanner had never been there. 

Our plan was just to enjoy ourselves and each other all day. I will admit however that from marathon training and the fit camp I had been to the day before, my legs were toast. I was in such pain all day so I think that took away from my experience a little. 

First stop, HARVARD! 

The campus is so huge, but it's beautiful. The entire time I was looking for a sign that had harvard on it. I know, cliche right? HA! We found one!!! I also wanted to stop every person that I saw and ask them about their experiences. There were tons of really smart looking people (you know the kind ha) and then there was like guys with backwards hats and bookbags and I'm like "yo, do you go here? Cuz Imma need to know that story" .... not to say that boys with backwards hats can't be Harvard smart. 

Next, we walked to MIT!! It was hilarious to see the different schools. MIT is so pristine and looks very techy like engineers put it together whereas Harvard is more old, traditional type buildings. Typical for each school I believe. We, of course, discussed how cool it would be to go to these schools. 

It worked the first time so we were like "Hey lets do that again" HA!

It worked the first time so we were like "Hey lets do that again" HA!

From there, we walked and walked and walked. We came to the bridge that separates the colleges from the actual city. I was so excited to show Tanner how beautiful the city was! And of course I tried to capture a selfie on the bridge... 

When, we got to the city, we stopped at a coffee shop. We ALWAYS ALWAYS go to a local coffe shop in the cities we visit. We like to have a piece of culture. Apparently this coffee shop "The Pavement" is ranked top 100 in the United States (I think it's #16). I was dumb. I got hot coffee and it was a hot day. Rookie mistake. I was just thankful to SIT!!! So I sat, and then I fell. No literally, I fell in the floor. My chair was on a slight incline so when I turned, it dumped me in the floor. AWKWARDDDDD. Hahaha!

I think it was the combo of walking so much and my training lately, but I literally thought I was going to eat my arm off. I had been stuffing my face all day but I was SO HUNGRY. So it was 4:30 by this point so we thought we would just go to early bird (after a quick stop in the Boston Marshall's of course). I know it's dumb to go in a Marshall's in a city you are visiting but you HAVE to go to this one. It's the biggest, most great Marshall's I've ever witnessed. 

Onto dinner!! We went to the North End which you must visit if you go to Boston. It's so great. It's mostly just restaurants but Boston is just so beautiful! There was the final Redsox and Yankee's game that night which we had no idea about so it was quite crowded and we were so thankful we got there early. 

Throughout the process of restoring my metabolism, I have had some pretty awesome moments. That night was one of them. I looked at this plate and thought "well, I'm gonna need to go ahead and prepare for a pretty miserable night ahead." Yall, I was hungry an hour later. IT. WAS. AWESOME! I ate like 2 more times that night. I didn't feel crazy water retention or bloat like I used to when I ate "normal." It almost brought tears to my eyes I felt so awesome. HA! And no, it wasn't tracked. This entire day, I just was a normal human being. 

So, since I was feeling awesome we went ahead and topped off the night with some dessert! :) 

Mike's Pastry is famous in Boston but because it's super famous, there is always an insane line. So, we hit up the next most famous place. The line was still outrageous but it was so worth it for this pumpkin cheesecake. We also got a kahlua truffle and dipped waffle cones but the pumpkin cheesecake was where it was at.

The day was short considering the ride is 4 hours so right after dessert, we had to head to the bus stop for the ride back. For all of those that have never rode a China Town bus, they suck. End of story. Haha. They are always so gross and always late (like hours and hours late), but they are extremely cheap so we sacrifice that kind of thing for experiences.

We just love going to new places and we saying how now we have officially gone to Boston, New York, Washington DC, Knoxville, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Jamaica and Mexico together. It's going to be fun to watch that list expand over the years. Spoiler alert: We are going to Europe in January or February!!! :) 

With love and adventures,


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