Friday Favorites #4

I think we all are constantly changing, but lately I've just noticed a big shift. I view things differently. I pray much more. I don't know what the shift was and it wasn't that I wasn't super happy before or invested in my faith before but it's just been amazing to see the world and what that's like through my new, God seeking, eyes. So, with that, I bring you the favorites I could choose because I have so many. 

1. My grandmother

I could write an entire blog post on her, but she's just an amazing woman. She has knitted and woven our family unit together. SHE is the reason that I have the relationships with my cousins that I do or the relationship with my aunts, uncles, nephew, or second cousins. You know how you learn things early and that's just how they are. That's my family. We were taught early "Family is everything. No questions. No only seeing each other Christmas and Thanksgiving. We will have relationships and we will love through thick and thin, unconditionally." 

2. Investing in people

Oh how this rewards you tenfold. My heart has never been so full with just love and happiness, and it has come from investing in friendships. 

3. The cold weather

Everyone in NYC thinks Brandy and I have lost our minds, and that we will soon regret the giddy excitement of snow. I hope to tell them in February that they were wrong, but I can't be quite sure yet. You know how everyone in NC gets excited about snow. Everyone here puts on their best Grinch face about snow. Apparently it comes....all the time....then piles on the sides of the roads and is gross. I hope to make snow angels in this in 1 degree weather in dark, dirty NYC snow piles (kidding). But really, I think again it's all about how you approach your day and I am STINKIN EXCITED that we may get some next week!


4. Theology 

With this new found more intimate walk with Jesus, I've been delving more into the theology of my faith. I know that I believe. I have always believed. I have always learned little bedtime stories. But what really happened during this time? Noah's arc was not a fairy tale of animals two by two. This is the wrath of God in the old testament literally wiping out everything. I wanna know about that God too! I wanna learn it all. I wanna soak it up and so Tanner and I both have books we are ready right now. I'm reading "Reason for God" by Tim Keller (a pastor that started many churches in NYC) and Tanner is reading "Deuteronomy Project" which is Deuteronomy made into a story format and I've read a few pages, and it looks phenomenal. I can't wait to read it and learn all about it.


5. Photography 

I'm not the best at it. I want to get better for this blog. I want to get better for all the future endeavors that I do. I don't want my fitness things to just be selfies. I want this to be sustainable and something that is appreciated for generations to come.

With love and Friday Favorites until next Friday,



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