Grocery List

Happy Monday! 

I wanted to give encouragement to start each Monday with a renewed mind and renewed spirit. I think all too often even if we don't drink, we wake up on Monday with a spiritual and emotional hangover. We live each week for the weekends. I have started waking up just a few minutes earlier to spend some quiet time walking outside. I know it's silly, but I would say my entire outlook on life has pretty drastically changed in the past month. 

Onto my grocery list because that's why you're here right...get me off my pedestal right? HA!

Grocery List

You should be able to click on the grocery list link above and download what it would look like if you didn't have one grocery item in your house and decide to imitate mine. We are all so different, and have tons of different things that we enjoy but these are the staples that stay at our house and I probably could add some more!

I thought I would add a day in the life of what it looks like when I'm not really being as strict and just enjoying life with friends ( something that I have strived for for about 7 years now).

Breakfast- Normal Protein Waffles (I linked up the recipe so just click on it) with coffee and 2 mini Reese cups (this is a tried and true tradition at this point)

I went to church and then went to brunch with friends but didn't get to eat again until 2! This is not normal for me. I was HUNGRY.

Brunch-Unlimited coffee and split a Chicken Quesadilla with one of my bests, Jena

She was curious what the macros were because I had kinda decided not to count it at all but then I thought it would be fun to see so we each had half and our half was 13gF 23gP 22g C and we were satisfied.

{{ Tip: She mentioned that we should have got steak and eggs because that meal seemed much more "clean" when our friend got theirs because ours was all the cheesy goodness. However, this is what I've learned. It's all about the balance. 

The eggs were not white therefore lots of fat on top of steak which is fatty already and probably cooked with butter so my guess is that it would have saved you in carbs but probably would have been about 30g fat, 30g protein and the balance is much better  }}

I came home and was hungry by the time I got there ( it takes like an hour to get everywhere haha ). Now I'll just name what I had the rest of the day 

1/2 cup Sea Salt Caramel Arctic Zero with a cake cone 

Quest Bar (cookies and cream) 

2 rice cakes with peanut butter

Another round of waffles ( I recognize I have a problem-first step is admitting) 

Egg white and cheese wrap 

2 oz ground turkey with butternut squash and asparagus 

Grilled chicken salad

Homemade Ground turkey pizza

Lots of peanut butter on everything (the usual)

Chocolate Chip Mini Muffin 

I just want to encourage you that it is totally possible to eat out with friends and still stay on track for the day. I think as you get further and further into macro counting, it becomes much easier to see how everyday life fits in perfectly. No, the restaurant did not have the nutrition and yes, I was probably off by a good bit but I still didn't look at yesterday and say "Screw it, I ate bad at brunch so I'm just going to have a crazy day" which is what I would have done in the past and what I see all over the internet with girls unfortunately. 

Relax, breathe deep, enjoy life, and eat good food in moderation!


With love and the daily living,



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