Stick Six

I hope y'all enjoy the video from today! I'm so proud of where I live (clearly, I'm kinda obnoxious right? haha) 

Today's video is very short and just a little inspiration to really have patience with your workouts, and enjoy those workouts! If you aren't enjoying them then you are much less likely to do them, so find what your passion is and find what you love and do that with all of your heart. Forget about all the body image mumbo jumbo, let's just focus on that inward self love and taking care of ourselves! :) 

Stick six! At least stick six weeks to a program to be able to let it fully work. Stick six has become mine and Tanner's mantra! We have entered into the sixth month together in the city, and we are officially over the culture shock of all the little things that annoyed us (that were so silly) and now we are loving every moment here and cherish all of our time with our friends! <3 

And with that, I hope you like the view (and don't mind the wind noise...yikes!)

Feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel if you are interested, but most all videos will be posted on this blog as well so if you want to subscribe to this blog, then you can just put your email on the side as well!!! I promise to continue giving you content, science, lifestyle, recipes, nutritional advice and workouts for years to come! I'm in it for the long haul :) 

With love and love of Battery Park,


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