Thanksgiving in NYC

So, as you may have seen, I spent this holiday and will be spending Christmas here as well. This is mostly because of Tanner's job. Even though he had thanksgiving off, he doesn't have the days surrounding it off so therefore there is no way that we could get to home and back and of course I want to spend the holidays with him. Although, it sounds sad, Thanksgiving in NYC was amazing and I imagine Christmas to be the same. I'm going home the weekend after Christmas and staying for 5 days so I'm really excited about that! 

I've heard that Christmas day is magical because places shut down and there aren't many times that the city is completely quiet. Thanksgiving may have been this way, but we threw ourselves to the wolves going to the parade.... #worthit 

We got up at 5am and left by 6am to head to the upper west side which is where the parade starts. We ended up on a bus with the people who were on the float with Meghan Trainor ("Cuz you know I'm all about that bass ... "). We, of course, didn't know this until they passed during the parade. That's our claim to fame. 

I think we got there just early enough so that we beat the insane crowds, and we were able to get a spot like on the second row. There were MOUNDS of people once we left. Take note of the people, not the float, below. Thank goodness, we got there early.

We got there by 7am and Tanner and I stayed until 10am. It ended at 10:30am and Brandy wanted to stay for Santa (haha) but I was STARVING and my toes were frozen so we decided to cut out a little early and find food. The floats were really cool to see in person along with all of the famous people on floats. It's just surreal to see something in person that you've watched on TV for your entire life.

The famous people on floats were Meghan Trainor, Nick Jonas, Kiss, and Lucy Hale. Miss USA was on a float, and we even saw Western Carolina! They were the first float and we were like WAIT WHAT? haha! Apparently, they won some competition so that was cool. 

We left at about 10:30 and Tanner and I headed back to prepare our little apartment for our friends. We hosted friendsgiving, and it was such a blessing. I love love having people in my home. Everyone got there at about 3:30 and Tanner was SO excited for his bird.

We brined it overnight, and then he added all kinds of spices and it was SO amazing. When everyone came, we had wine, beer, and fellowship and it was a blast. We also played Cards against Humanity and y'all know that's always a crazy time.

We ate tons of great food as expected, and then we all laughed and talked and watched the football games! I am blessed, I am happy, and it was a really neat experience to spend time with the friends that you love during the holidays. We compare NYC to adult college and considering all I did was study during college, it's really fun for me. It's so big, but yet it's so small. We all hang out like .... every night ... but yet we all have big people jobs and lives that we have created here. It's hard to explain the atmosphere here, but in the past 2 months my outlook has DRASTICALLY changed, and I absolutely love it here. I think it takes you some time to get over the culture shock of the city, and then once you get over the petty things, you realize how beautiful and blessed your life really is. I still can't believe I live here sometimes. And although, it seems so crazy for a life in the city, you also just realize that once you're settled in these big sky scrapers, life is just about the same as it would be anywhere else and I want to fill mine with love, happiness and friendship.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families!! 

With love and holidays in NYC,


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