Testimony-Gretchen <3

Hey yall! 

I normally don't post twice in one day but I thought this was a valid reason! I have a client that just finished up 12 weeks with me and has officially made the switch to working 20 more weeks with me on a reverse diet. Her name is Gretchen, and she's a 39 year old mother of two! 

And in case you are wondering....she's absolutely gorgeous

She was sweet enough to write a testimony for me about the past 12 weeks and this is what she had to say ... 

“I can’t even begin to express how much I have enjoyed working with Katie.  She is SO responsive and knowledgeable.  I have been fit for most of my life and even have training in Fitness Nutrition, yet Katie’s program has allowed me to be the most fit I have EVER been at the age of 39!  This process has absolutely been a journey and it took us a little while to find my macro sweet-spot, but Katie was there to help me every step of the way.  When I decided to work with Katie I decided I was in it for the long haul and NOT for a quick fix.


In the 15 weeks I have been working with Katie I went from 140 pounds / 20% body fat to 130.3 pounds and 12.5% body fat and I now have a six-pack for the first time in my life!!!  The macros Katie prescribed for me along with lifting HEAVY yielded these results.  I have been extremely consistent and haven’t missed a workout…I really think consistency is key.


I am a very Type-A person and before I found counting macros I would always find some way to restrict myself… 21 day detox, no sugar paleo, ketogenic diets, etc. which resulted in binging on junk when I just couldn’t take it anymore (and I LOVE healthy food).  IIFYM has been life-changing for me.  My relationship with food has never been so balanced.  For the most part I prefer to eat whole foods, however IIFYM has allowed me to eat a treat every single day which has made me not feel the need to binge on junk food because I know I can have it if and when I want it. 


I am so thrilled with what Katie and I have been able to accomplish together that I am now beginning a Reverse Diet with her.  I am excited to begin this next chapter and continue working with Katie whom I can’t thank enough!”

Her story warms my heart and I'm so happy I could help her but she is definitely a VERY hard worker and that's what I love about her! TIME TO REVERSE DIET GIRLFRIEND! 

With love of clients,


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