NYC Marathon Weekend Recap

I called it a recap because I'm a cool blogger right? That's what bloggers do that run marathons, so I thought I would even though I didn't run the marathon. So, don't be fooled. I didn't run that marathon. However, I will next year if my life depends on it. I'm so inspired, determined and still on a high from last weekend. 

The NYC marathon is the biggest in the United States, and I knew this but I had no idea how much the city gets into the race even when they aren't even into running. It's so cool to watch the city pull together for all these thousands of runners (approximately 70,000 to be exact). Everyone talks about Boston marathon but there are only approximately 17,000 at each race to give you an estimate how much bigger NYC is. 

We stood at mile 8 on a hill so all pictures will be from that area! I went with the coolest kids in NYC! ;) 

To start the marathon talk, it's appropriate that I mention the happenings on Saturday morning (the day before). My friend Bridget (( SweatStretchEat )) and I went to an Asics blogger Tweet Up. It was really cool to hear about all the runners, their nerves, the number of previous marathons that they have run, and connec to them on social media to be able to start following their blogs! Bridget linked all of them up so you should check out her post on the Tweet Up because they have some really great running blog if you like runners! :) 

We also landed it on Runner's World online! SAY WHAT?? Okay, don't act like you can't see me. Oh yeaaaaa, right there in the back!

Part of the tweet up was that we went to the new Asics store, and it was super cool. They have a restored subway cart in the store. It was used back in the 80s in NYC then was shipped to California for movies and dumped and was found in the desert, brought back to NYC and restored. 

The day before the Tweet Up, Tanner and I went to the NYC Marathon expo. It's funny when the last expo that we went to was at the Arnold Classic because everyone there is huge and have their tank tops on showing off their crazy muscle. Everyone at this expo was well....smaller .... and less vain. Side note: It's interesting becoming part of both of these "worlds" because they have VERY different sets of people that are involved in each. I will save that for a later post. `

This is the line for the expo that we THOUGHT we had to wait in, and we were like "uhhh we are going home" but that was the line to pick up the packets to run (sorry runners!) and I swear that line was miles long, so I had to snap a picture that doesn't do it justice. There are two types of expos: 

1. You pay to get in (Arnold Classic) and you get tons of free samples. 

2. You get in for free ( TCS NYC Marathon) and then you have to pay for everything at the booths. 

I kinda prefer the Arnold because even though I pay to get in, it just feels worth it to get tons and tons of samples. This expo was just like walking around a mall, and it's all the full priced things and if you know me, you know I will literally never pay full price for something! 

One sample I did receive was Power Crunch protein powder, and oh my goodness. If they only had water in it, then I am convinced to buy it because wow, it was so so good but I'm almost convinced they had to have made it with milk! haha! So creamy and delicious but it made me want to buy it so good marketing! 

The day of the marathon was so awesome! We left at 8 and went to a coffee shop to get some coffee with friends before we headed over to the party at mile 8!

After that, we headed on over and honestly I would have never thought that I would literally cheer and dance for the next four hours....solid. Like literally, I never stopped. From the very first wheelchair to the very last walker, we cheered for every single person. It was really cool to know that I saw every runner pass. It was cool to see the big wigs come through averaging 8 min miles.

The girl (Kenyan) that is the tiniest itty bitty thing in the middle of the pack won! :) She finished in 2 hours 25 minutes and 7 seconds. Holy. Mother. Of. Pearl. This pack stayed together until mile 22 and then the Kenyans (in my mind at least) said "Well that was fun pacing with you slow pokes, we are going to go win now. Peace." Sara who is the girl on the right front in the blue won 3rd place and the girl on the front left got second. 

These guys and girls absolutely blew me away. There was like a 90 year old lady who looked paralyzed from the hips down just wheelchairing through....for 26.2 miles. No big deal. If that won't make you move your butt in gear well then you're hopeless ;) 

This was the front runners for the men. I'm actually not as sure about placing with them :) 

One of the girls that I follow religiously on her blog and on instagram was running as a guide. I spotted her and started freaking out, so I snapped this picture ... (There needs to be more people like her. She is an absolute sweetheart and athlete doesn't even begin to explain how athletic she is.)

After all of the runners went through, we had a block party. The street was still pretty clear of cars and they allowed us to fill the street and just have an insane dance party. It was ..... top 5 most fun times in the city. Is that weird? I don't know why but I had a DANG BLAST! I also loved that no one was drinking either and still living it up! 

After we left, we met up with our friends Bridget and Matt for grilled chicken salads and coffee (typical haha) and I just could not stop talking about the marathon and was just thinking about how passionate it makes me about running.

Last weekend was definitely one of the best and I owe that to all the festivities with the marathon. I absolutely can't wait for next year. I also can't wait until Philly in um, 15 days. WOW. I also can't wait for this coming weekend and all that we have planned. My love for this city right now is semi off the charts. 

With love and #TCSNYCMarathon,


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