True Balance

Hey guys! My brother is coming into town in T-minus 2 hours, and so that means I won't be blown much nor will I be answering emails as rapidly, but I wanted to address something I see all the time especially during the holidays: 

Questions such as .. "My family is coming into town and I can't count. What do I do? My family has this dish they make and it's terrible for me..should I try to count and how do I track the rest of my day? Do I cut for a few days? Do I go to maintenance right after?"

I know about sticking to macros diligently because even through most every weekend, even when I go out with friends, I normally still track in some form of guesstimation.

However, I have a rule for myself and that is that no matter what my nutrition consists of, I will never inconvenience someone else and I will never hurt someone else's feelings because of something that they made for me. 

We live this life once. I know it's cliche but honest to god guys, we live this life ONCE. I think that macro counting has liberated so many girls and I know the feeling of that. I know how amazing it feels to be able to fit a cookie into your day and not have a thought about it because "it fits" but what is true balance? When does it stop? 

Flexible dieting is about being flexible in your life. It's about enjoying time with friends and family, especially during the holidays WITHOUT thoughts of food....without having to go to a specific restaurant because they have something that can fit. 

I'm a no excuses type of gal,so that's not what I'm saying here. I'm telling you to STOP. Like literally, while you are reading this,stop and think about your life and your family. Aren't those things much more important? Your grandmother doesn't care that you are trying to reverse diet. She doesn't understand, and all she knows is that her sweet granddaughter is not eating her once favorite chocolate pie because she doesn't know the carb/fat content. 

I get it. I do it. But I'm just wanting you to look from the outside for one second. Your diet/nutrition will be waiting for you, always. 

I'm also telling you to listen to yourself. How did we lose touch with ourselves so much? 

Are you hungry? Are you full? Okay, eat and don't eat. Moves and countermoves ;) Become in touch. Don't just eat crap. I'm DEFINITELY not giving some 'free card to gain 10 pounds during the holidays'. Eat well. Nourish your body and nourish your soul but just put myfitnesspal aside (besides tracking your coffee because #letzbehonest, I wanna keep my streak). 

I know what you're thinking "But Katie, this is deeper than that. I would be better off and more at peace in my mind if I just counted. It'll make my thoughts go crazy and I'll be upset with myself....." 

Then I haven't done my job and I'm not done working my magic ;) hehe! 

I'm learning more every day how what I want to be in life is a good wife, a good sister, a good friend, and a good mother and grandmother one day. I want to look back at 85 years old and not have a thought in the world about the damn (excuse me) diet that I followed and macros that I counted. I'm passionate about this. I mean it. 



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