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I'm alive! I'm alive! I hate going long periods of time without blogging. It's such a great release for me with all the things that I want to share in fitness and my life, and then when I come back, I'm like "Oh I missed this" but you all know how the holidays get and with my brother/sister/cousins in town, I've really tried to be spending more time in touch with the people around me. You know what I mean. Like truly setting my phone to the side and focusing on the moment. I try to do that. I find that I've become overly stimulated and I don't like it. I find that because I have so many clients that I love, I feel almost pressure to keep up 100% all the time every day, be their friends, be the friends of all of my instagram friends, facebook friends, and I've had to take a step back and realize that time with my husband, my family and my real life friends is so vital. 

(My mom and family may be the only people interested in this post but I thought I would share anyway so bear with me and refer to the bottom for the planned posts for this week!)

I think it's easy for us all to get swept up in all of it but you aren't doing any good for anyone if you are spreading yourself too thin. I want to love the ones around me so wonderfully, and I feel I haven't been doing a good job of that. I think a good example of that is that I'm never this far behind on Christmas shopping but I am because I've put real life to the back burner with all that I'm doing with my business. 

Okay, I'm done. Now to tell you about this weekend. This post will be long, but you missed me right? Haha! :) 

My brother and Juleigh flew in on Thursday evening, and I took them to a spot by our house called Wogies. It's bar food, but amazingly good bar food and it's quiet with a stop by Wall Street and the stock exchange which is close to our apartment. I wanted to show them my real life and touristy life while they were here, which I think we did. 

matthew nad juleigh.jpg

I also think that my brother hated it (hahaha). I should have known though that NYC was not his thing. He hates crowds, walking and flights so the best thing was the food for him which I can agree was pretty amazing this weekend. 

On Friday, we got up and hung out for awhile, went and got lunch until Jacob and Heather arrived then headed to the Staten Island Ferry! After Staten Island, we headed to midtown. I'm not gonna lie, I don't think I would ever take anyone back to midtown one week out from Christmas again. WOW! I kept sounding like a broken record "I promise it's not normally like this. I promise it's not normally this crowded. I promise the subways aren't normally this bad and the lines not this long..." but really, that's how it was. Lines wrapped around buildings that I've never seen before!

We went to Bryant Park which is BEAUTIFULLY decorated for Christmas with all this cute Christmas shops and an ice skating rink (but you can't shop when it's that crowded). I then took them to Times Square, and we literally were like walking with I don't know how many thousands of people. ABSOLUTE MADNESS! :/ So, you know my brother was about to have a come apart. But, I think Juleigh thought it was beautiful :) 

We ended up having dinner at a nice pub and then went to see the huge Rockafeller tree! Jacob and Heather seemed to absolute love the city and all the bright lights so that was fun to show them all of it. We all went out that night to Wogies again, and it was a blast!! We celebrated Heather's birthday and had way too much fun! :) 

The next morning, we all slept in (kinda). We let Heather and Jacob sleep while we went to Shake Shack which is the most yummy burgers and fries you can ever imagine! You MUST go there if you come to the city and I hope one day that chain expands to the Carolinas ;) 

From there, we went to Union Square for the holiday market! Again, the market is super cute homemade items from tons of vendors but it was just too much this close to Christmas. The second we started walking into it, I was like "Oh lordie, Matthew is going to hate this" and he did (haha) so we just kinda exited right out of that and found a Barnes and Noble to camp out in until Jacob and Heather caught up to us! 

Next, was FAO Scwartz and Columbus Circle! Y'all, I'm not kidding....the worst. The lines....oh. my. goodness. The FAO Scwartz line was wrapped entirely around the building but Juleigh wanted to get Jackson a present (understandably) and so her and Matthew waited in line while we got away and went to a Starbucks blocks away and waited on them. 

I won't lie. I was feeling pretty bummed out at this point. My brother HATESSSS that kind of stuff, and I don't want him to hate where I live. Everywhere I was taking them was just a complete flop and I told myself that I was done with the touristy crowded areas, and so I never took them anywhere "iconic" after that. 

Well, except Central Park but THANK GOODNESS, it was empty because it's so cold here now. That was probably one of the best times because it was just beautiful music playing with absolutely breath taking winter wonderland scenery in the park. I was so happy for FINALLY a good spot! I took them to the boathouse and we walked through the park. From there, we headed back home for a bit before dinner! I think everyone loved the park which of course made us love the time there!!

Dinner was at Juniors! ... NOT. IN TIMES SQUARE! Haha! I took them to the original Juniors in Brooklyn so that it wouldn't be crowded and it wasn't. It was a great dinner, and we all split cheesecake after! We also got to see some pretty intense protesting through the city and stopping traffic. "Hey hey ho, these racist cops have got to go."--> if you were curious what they were chanting! haha! Post dinner, we headed to the NYU area for a comedy club! We had such a blast at the comedy club. Laughter is good for the soul, that's for sure. It wrapped up at about 12, and we headed home for some MUCH needed rest. 

Sunday, we chilled. All day long! We didn't do a thing except grab a quick lunch near our house and go to church so we explained how THAT was really what life looked like. I was sad because Jacob and heather got such a short time with us but I think that they will be back (or I hope at least haha) :) We did go to Sprinkles Cupcakes! YUM YUM! 

Matthew and Juleigh were able to go to a really nice anniversary dinner at Tavern on the Green after church which is in Central Park! They said it was beautiful and a great place to go (expensive for just a regular dinner but perfect for those looking for a good celebratory dinner).

They left on Monday at noon, but we grabbed some pizza before they left because you gotta have some NYC pizza and cheesecake while here!! The pizza was A-MAZING and I definitely recommend any pizza joint pretty much in the city! They are all wonderful <3

Time with family and memories like this with Jacob, Heather, Matthew and Juleigh are irreplaceable. I had a blast, and I can't wait to have more hopefully. It was busy and tiring for them, but I think they were also able to see a lot in a short amount of time! :) I just hope they were able to see that we don't live in the craziness so I get partial to my NYC pride. You here all the time "It's cool to visit but I could never live here" and although that is probably the case for many people, it's not as crazy as it seems on a day to day basis. We chill in our apartment and watch football just like everyone else. We live in a family friendly, very quiet, on the water, part of town and I wouldn't have life any other way right now in this stage of our lives <3 

With love and life in NYC,


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