The Dark Side of Social Media

There's a dark side of social media? Who knew right? Duh, I think we all know this but I just wanted to give my two cents today. I feel so passionately about this that I'm not doing the post I intended to do because this has been weighing on my heart. 

I will try to keep this short and sweet. 

Maybe it's because I'm immersed in it every day with the business that I'm trying to create that I'm noticing these things? Maybe it's because I've tried to dive head first into the Word and noticed so many discrepancies on the way that I feel that life should be lived, and the way that we are living it. 

But I'm going to try to put religion to the side for this. This is much bigger than that. 

Do you know that I get emails from 13 year old girls asking me about their maintenance macros or deficit or surplus caloric intake? THIRTEEN! I was asking to write on processed foods on my SAT and I wrote about McDonalds because I didn't even really know what a calorie was in high school. Ignorance was bliss, and we are exposing teens without maturity and discernment to well being to this far too early. We are portraying ONCE AGAIN that the size of your body determines your worth. Oh how I wish I could save their innocence. It breaks my heart.

What is worse is that we are trained now that when we look at women's bodies, we not only need to see nice and lean but instagram portrays that we now need like HUGE GAINTASTIC muscles. WHYYYY? My vision of the way that a woman should look is even so distorted when I look back at pictures of myself and think "ew" when at the time I thought I looked great. What the heck happened to us all? I'm not saying muscle isn't beautiful because OBVIOUSLY I think it is. I'm saying that when did our visions become so accustomed to seeing some perceived notion of "perfection"

We see people who look almost perfect who claim they are embarassed and gotta get back on track. We see people who post pictures and critique their torsos, their hair, their glutes, their calves, and how they are just "striving to better themselves" when really I think it's more than that. And we teach that to a younger generation that this is normal.

All thoughts aside about body image because we all know that media (whether social or not) messes with our ideas of what the body should look like. We have become literally NUMB to privacy of our bodies, of our lives, and of our relationships. I see "fitfam" people have break ups and feel they have to explain themselves. I see people who literally almost show their VAGINAS (let's just put it out there) as I'm scrolling through my feed, and I want to vomit. CHILDREN OF AMERICA ARE LOOKING AT YOU RIGHT NOW. I am starting to hear all this hog wash about how we should be able to portray our bodies in any way that we please, and that if these girls want to show off their bodies then let them. Yall, really? WHAT. HAPPENED? When did the things that you were supposed to save for your husband on the night of your marriage just displayed for the world to see and claim that it's fitness. I JUST CANT.

We start to make friends on social media and that's cool and all to find those that we can connect with but I also think that we form this congregation of people who just root us on "yea girl do what you want. you take those clothes off. you show off that hard work." 

All I can hear are the whispers of Jesus , "No sweet girl. Your body is beautifully crafted. Keep it private. Save that for your husband. He will delight in you one day. Just wait." I know I said no religion, but just sharing what I think. 

Moving away from body image and body portrayal, let's just talk about life. When did it become okay to be so "dedicated." We see all these people who devote their every second of their every life to the fitness world claiming "balance" because they count macros, and don't see the harm in this. They push away friendships, they don't go to parties unless it fits, and they definitely don't go out to a bar. I'm definitely not sitting here saying I'm not guilty? When did my life becoming a walking fitness platform? Why can't I go to a party while holding a glass of champagne without someone saying "Does that fit your macros?" WHOMP. WHOMP. 

Can we just live but live in a healthy manner? Can we just eat? Eat enough, eat well, nourish our bodies, nourish our souls? Can we be completely dedicated to our sports and athleticisms without being "obsessed" and just simply dedicated and passionate? 

To be quite honest, what is normal anymore? I know nothing is going to change. I simply want to rant I suppose. I'm honestly not even trying to critique the way that people live their lives because that's not my place to judge either. I just simply wish people would put their clothes back on and love themselves and stop focusing on macros/the scale/their bodies so much that they aren't even involved in this life that is so epically beautiful in every way! Is that too much to ask? 

K done. Out. 

With love and rants,



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