Friday Favorites #6

So it's been way too long since I've done this post! 

I have actually realized it's a good reflection for me to do this post. It allows me to see what I'm grateful and thankful for! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas with their families and are excited to start back with full force in 2015 with new goals! 

1. The New Year 

There is just something about a new year that gets me so excited. I always set New Year's Resolutions like the rest of the world, and it feels good that none of those have to do with weight. I don't want to gain. I don't want to lose. I don't want to change my body. Now, I just want to be able to eat as much food as possible and train like a maniac. I'm going to do a separate post on New Years so I won't tell you all of my goals now! hehe! Here is a short list.

  • Run an ultra & 2 more marathons including NYC 
  • Run all halfs in NYC
  • Read more books 
  • Expand Katiesfitscript 
  • Blog more recipes
  • Become more organized 
  • Read the Bible (could I actually do that this year? I'm starting to annoy myself HA) 
  • Be a better wife (like actionable plans to do this)

2. Hometown Food

Nuff said. I'll just leave it at that. 

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

3. Time with family

I miss my family alot with living in NYC so it's always so nice to spend time with them. It's always so nice to be away from the hustle and bustle and just dwell and let life move a little slower. I'm in Shelby now, but I'm also really excited to go to Bristol to see my in-laws as well. If you have never been to Bristol, TN then I would encourage it. It's such a beautiful place with mountains and the lake. I could just sit at the boat dock for hours looking out at the beautiful scenery. 



When I said family, I really meant pizza. Just kidding, I meant family. Okay...both.

When I said family, I really meant pizza. Just kidding, I meant family. Okay...both.

4. Coffee

I should probably not even call it a favorite but more like a habit I need to break. I've noticed my water consumption go to about zilch and my coffee consumption go to about 5 cups per day. OOPS! New Year's Resolution to kinda just calm down a little but in the meantime, I'll share some of my favorite coffee shops in the city (not dang Starbucks) and I could probably do an entire post on this.

  • R&R (South Street Seaport)-They play 90s music, don't have tons of seating but it's never too crowded and their coffee is great! The staff is like OVERLY nice which makes the atmosphere that much better
  • Mud Coffee (East Village)-It's almost like a restaurant, and you can order food but it has the coffee bar and barista at the front so you can easily stop in for just a cup of coffee. I got the Americano and oh my goodness, it was to die for 
  • Gas Alley (SoHo)-This is literally just a drop in place with hardly any seating. They have a bolder flavor but with no aftertaste which means it's a really good roast!
  • Grounded (West Village)-Tons of seating and tons of workspace! Great place if you have work to do!
  • Ground Central (New Grand central)-Super cool atmosphere like a speak easy almost with couches and recliners in the back but always such a popular spot so unless you get there super early, you'll never find a spot 
  • 71 Irving (Union Square) - CUTEST. PLACE. EVER! I'm obsessed. They also don't have internet which is actually a really good thing so that you can just focus on what you are doing without distractions (unless of course you need internet). The coffee unfortunately wasn't my favorite, but it's a cute enough place to make up for a mediocre brew.
  • Think Coffee (Union Square)-Massive, popular, and no internet. I still really like the place and it's super easy to get to from Union Square and huge but I normally need internet and i'ts not as cute as 71 irving so I wouldn't choose it first!

5. Reading 

I was the nerd in elementary and middle school. I won principle of the day with AR points. When I got to late middle school and high school, I became really involved in traveling sports (soccer and competitive cheerleading) and didn't have time to read. Then, I went to college and became borderline obsessive over doing well for pharmacy that I would never allow myself to read for pleasure. If I read, it was studying. If I wasn't studying it was family/friends/fitness in that order. Now, I FINALLY have time to read and it's amazing. My most recent (like within the last month) have been: 

  • 1. Reason for God-Timothy Keller
    • Great book for all the questions that we may have about our faith and puts things into really cool perspective 
  • 2. Storyteller-Jodi Picoult 
    • I'm obsessed with all of her work but this was a really great story!
  • 3. These Girls 
    • Kind of a trash novel (ha) about 3 girls that live in NYC and share an apartment and their relationships and jobs! Fun to read with living in the city!
  • 3. Fellowship of the Ring-J.R. Tolkein
    • My husband is OBSESSED with this series and every book before and after and all the movies. I really like to connect with him on all levels and since this is his favorite, I want to know about it. I'm in the first one and I'm really enjoying it so YAY! :) 

I hope you all have had a wonderful day after Christmas, and that you are ready to jump into your 2015 goals! I'm so pumped for what's ahead! 

With love and favorites,


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