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Hey guys! 

This week has been a doozy. You've probably been wondering where I've been on the blog, or maybe you haven't at all! hahaha! Either way, I don't like taking even a few days off from the blog. My goal is to have constantly flowing information coming to you at all times whether that be recipes, my life, or new data I'm figuring out.

I just wanted to share today what my goals are for my business, where you know that I stand with things and why I do things the way that I do to be able to stand behind my business, and be proud of it.

I want to bring you the most content, at the most affordable price, but I have realized that as my numbers increase, that's not fair to anyone, including myself. I was churning out programs faster than I could think, working all hours of the day coaching and never being able to grow any other aspects because I'm constantly in my email. ( I want to be transparent as always) And I felt I was cheating the girls as I was answering their emails and questions, but I just want to be more invested in each individual in changing them from the inside, out.

None of those goals are changing, but I'm just going to approach it differently. For those that want coaching with me, I want those to be serious during the number of weeks that they work with me, and the number of weeks will be more clearly outlined. Right now, it's a "vague 12 weeks" and I have different variations of levels. You can have a program that you can "check in if you wish" or I have a program that has weekly check ins. 

Below is a progression over months of one of my clients, and I just love seeing pictures like this where you truly commit, and the results that you can see from this, but that's outside the point of this post ;) 

Here is what I want to move to: 

Every client that is coached by me will be coached hardcore, with weekly check ins. 

If you don't want that, then you can have a one time macro consultation with no check-ins and explanation of macros, or you could buy an instant download of how to calculate macros my way (as I am very different than other coaches I feel like sometimes). There will also always be the challenge group as well. I will continue making different E-books as time goes on with some of my ideas for those including : All inclusive How to Prep for a Bikini Competition, Marathon Training and Lifting, Marathon Nutrition, Holiday Recipe Books, Southern Healthy Recipe Books, Fit after pregnancy, Fit during pregnancy, my mind is constantly going and I write down all of these ideas. 

Some other ideas that I want to expand into is: public speaking, product launch of Embrace&Empower tank tops, designer workout log (I want this to be sold in boutiques so it would have that element to it). 

The biggest program launch that I'm doing soon is a program that focuses on the inside and out. I will outline every thing you need to know about macros as this will be a program that you can calculate them yourself. It's a 2 month long program that will help you to have a moment of a reflection every day as well as your workouts and eating. It will hopefully leave no loopholes. If you need at home, it'll show you how to do that. If you are going to the gym, it'll show you how to do that, and it will show you how to eat based on macros that you will calculate yourself and then if you don't want to calculate them yourself, then I will have groupings to show what if you are between what height and what weight, what your macros approximately should be. You can see a small sneak peak below! :) 

I want you to look at my programs and say "She is a professional" not just a girl who created a word document. I want to have videos, private password protected forums for my team subscribers, and pictures of all workouts. All of this, I am CONSTANTLY and I mean CONSTANTLY working towards and learning to manage things. I am in the process of growing pains, which I think is normal, but I'm learning my way and trying to produce things that I'm proud to have my name stamped on.

My biggest desire is that I'm different in some way. I don't want to be just another coach. I want to change you from the inside, and give you a new perspective on fitness and one that is life long lasting. I want you to leave training feeling changed in the way that you view yourself and what the world has to say about that. 

Tanner and I eventually want to turn this into health coaching where we manage disease states and training in a clinic setting as I've mentioned previously but that is far future thinking as there are many many things to be worked out.

I know this is a lot, but I guess I just wanted everyone to see what happens behind the scenes. I'm working so hard to produce products and programs of value, of worth, and those that change your life and I hope to be a light in the industry ( a girl can dream right? :) ) 

Thanks for believing in me and supporting me on this journey! 

With love and Katiesfitscript, 


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