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If there is one area that I don't show enough of, it's telling what I do for training. I just forget, so I thought that it would be a good idea to start letting you in on my training log. I'm starting an official one for 2015, and writing down all of my workouts so that I can look back at how much I've increased over the years and all of that.

I want 2015 to be the most epic year of workouts!! I tend to switch my focus and whatever my focus of training is, I forget to be intense in the other areas. I think that I've finally started to get used to lifting and running (and then I hurt my foot haha). 

I went to brunch with friends yesterday with one of them being blogger at and we became friends through blogging, and we were laughing about how we both love to superset everything. It gets a good sweat going. Our men were letting us know that we are silly because we won't make gains this way. I don't think either of us want to make super crazy #gainz however, I have been thinking with my injury that I want to start trying to go super heavy on leg days to break my normal routine and make things more difficult. I hit a PR on deadlift last year of 225, and I'd love to beat that. 

So, I ask Tanner to write me up some programming. He's actually really good at this, and he makes excel spreadsheets for me that have percentage build up so that I can put in what my max is, and it will calculate the percentage of my max that I should lift during the workout and how to increase that over time. HE'S.DA.BOMB. And one day soon, I hope to provide this for others.

I'm going to have two leg days: 

  • Monday-heavy squat day (today) and high rep, lower weight deadlifts 
  • Friday-heavy deadlift day and focus on higher rep, lower weight squats 

My other days are pretty consistent and how I outline my workouts for others as well, but I will outline what my rotation looks like, if I was to be running because I know it's not as interesting as I'm having to do elliptical right now to hopefully keep some endurance. 

  • Monday-Legs
  • Tuesday-shoulders/HIIT/sprint work 
  • Wednesday-Back/Abs
  • Thursday-Run Midweek Run (anywhere from 6-12 miles depending on training)
  • Friday-Deadlift focused leg day
  • Saturday-Biceps/Triceps/Run
  • Sunday-long run 

Okay, this is intense with no rest days. This doesn't normally happen, and I know that I need rest. There is normally a workout that is missed because of time, and then I normally try to make that workout up the next week. If anything, I normally miss Saturdays and just go on my long run and don't worry about it. My biceps and triceps grow like weeds, so I don't always hit them. I also am always training for something different. Right now, I want to start increasing deadlift and squat max, but I'm also not training for a run. If I'm training for a run, then I cut out the second leg day (and I cut out all leg days once long runs hit 14+ miles this past marathon).

Everyone's training is going to be different according to their goals. My goals for 2015 are: 

  • PR in 5k (current-18:20) 
  • PR in half marathon (current-1:45 which was a long time ago before I cared lol) 
  • Run my first ultra (April 25th) 
  • PR on Deadlift and Squat (DL-225; Squat-185) 

My races for 2015 hopefully are: 

  • January 25-Fred Lebow Manhattan Half Marathon (in Central Park) 
  • March 16-Hopefully NYC Half if I get into the lottery and I find out this week 
  • March 29-We are hoping to do a marathon (no time goals) for preparation for our ultra so there is one in New Jersey we may do 
  • April 25-Sybil Ludington 50K Ultra 
  • May-Brooklyn Half Marathon
  • June-Queens 10K
  • September-Bronx 10miler
  • October-Staten Island Half Marathon
  • October-Marine Corp Marathon 
  • Nov 1-NYC Marathon

Yes, I'm aware that it's absolutely crazy but I love it and it probably won't all happen. I'm just dreaming here, so let me dream! I really do want to do them all though, but we will see what my body allows. I like to get better with time, but I'm one of those that would rather just run them all versus increasing time, as dumb as that sounds. Also, they aren't all that long of a distance. When you are training for a marathon, you run at least a half marathon every weekend so doing multiple halfs isn't going to be as difficult as it sounds.

Some things that we want to do in the future, but maybe not this year: 

  • Half Ironman
  • Full Ironman 
  • Rim to Rim (run from one rim of the Grand Canyon to the other rim and back-42 miles)
  • Run/Walk the perimeter of NYC (32 miles) 
  • Adventure Runs
  • Ragnar 
  • Tuna 200 (with only 6 people to split the mileage) 

Anywho, for now, while I'm injured, I'm going to focus on heavy deadlifting and squatting and I'm doing elliptical 3 days per week for 45 minutes (miserable but I read a book lol) to try and keep up endurance. 

If you want to be better at something, then the only way to do that is to do it!! Get in there, and fire up that passion and set some goals for yourself. You'll never reget it!!! I know I've never been so thankful for health as I am during this time when I can't do all that I want to!

With love and passion for training,


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