4 Ingredient Pizza Burrito

Ever have a to-do list that doesn’t get done at all because you are having such technical difficulties. That is my life right now. I am wanting so badly to put some things on my new blog, but it is being very testy with me. I had to step back, go work out, and come back to it so that I didn’t throw my computer across the room. HA!

However, I was able to put together this tasty little treat and it’s so easy so I just had to share so in all it’s glory, I give you …

The Pizza Burrito

I just have to share that I’ve been working on my photography skills, and this is a “food” setting. It basically makes food colors really vibrant, and I’m not sure that’s my jig. Nevertheless, here’s the simple ingredients:

  • 1 low carb wrap (Trader Joes Brand)
  • 2 oz 99% lean ground turkey (if you refer to my meal prep then I always have this on hand already cooked)
  • 1 laughing cow garlic and herb cheese wedge
  • Hunts pizza sauce (2 tablespoons)

How to:

  • Put a piece of aluminum foil on a cookie sheet and lay down wrap
  • Make pizza
  • Bake on 350 for 10 minutes (the crust will get crispy and yummy)
  • Roll into burrito

I mean really, it’s that easy. I always cut the laughing cow cheese into little slices onto the pizza. Yes, I use a tablespoon to put my sauce down. I count macros. So, yes that’s what I do.

Macros: 20 P // 13g C // 5g F

With love and pizza,


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