The Passionate Life

Today is different than most, and a topic I would love to share with yall more…my life OUTSIDE of fitness. 

Although I love fitness, I also love my Savior, my husband, my teacup yorkies who just had puppies, New York City, my tiny hometown of Shelby, my family and my friends). I try to be passionate about everything that I lay my hands on, and I tend to constantly stay busy. A good quote from my brother is, “Even though you know nothing about horses, you would probably create some horse restoration camp if you had nothing to do with your time” 

I’m always thinking. I’m always setting goals and making lists. I absolutely love decorating my apartment and I’m really frugal. I love to travel and I’m really getting into photography. I’m SERIOUSLY obsessing over the world of blogging right now and want to really pursue blogging on a more serious level :) 

I’m going to have a separate section on my launch of my new website called The Passionate Life that my husband and I are going to write together and share our lives, our struggles, and our adventures with you! 

Okay, enough about that! Let’s get to the fun of last night! I took an overnight bus from New York City to Charlotte. We thought my brother’s wife was going into labor but that child is stubborn and won’t come out ;) 

I had to leave these cuties behind that have started walking and exploring. Sorry for the blurry puppy pic as they are IMPOSSIBLE to catch without moving!

So, I take a bus right? It was so sketch. Holy cow. There was literally no bus stop. A 10 passenger van pulls up and everyone is smoking on it and they tell me that’s my ride. I’m like WAIT WUT? I started crying (dramatic much). I thought I was going to miss the birth and how would I get home?! When I found someone finally that could speak English, they directed me across the street to the other sketch no bus stop location and a big charter bus arrived. 

I sat beside of a nice lady and we chatted until I knocked out for literally 10 hours. I woke up pretty certain my neck was broken, and my legs so swollen I could barely move (which has never happened to me). When we arrived, I OF COURSE had to stop at Bojangles and my mom had a diet sundrop waiting on me! :) 

exercise on adventures? 

I judge things by what is going on around me. I’m so consistent with my workouts that I know I’ll find a way to easily fit it in on trips. I’m very “hardcore” about never missing however I am HUGE on never inconveniencing anyone. I never talk about my fitness with people if they don’t bring it up first. I’m not going to ask them to go out of their way to make sure I get my workouts in. There’s a difference between being dedicated than just being cray cray. My family time is more important than back and abs day if that makes sense. 

For food, I always have protein bars for on the go. It’s not my favorite way to eat but it gets the job done. I also don’t fear any food. I always look up fast food joints on my phone and find a good macro option. I recently discovered Chicken Fresco Soft Tacos (3.5g F/16gC/10gP) on my trip to New Jersey and enjoyed one of those! :) I just eat the way anyone would eat, making healthy life choices a long the way. When you have taken care of your metabolism, you won’t fall off course because of this.

I get many emails asking what to do on vacation and my answer is always to ENJOY!!! Don’t you dare count macros!! You can’t get that time back. But, don’t get insane either. Just be normal :) 

Okay, that’s enough for today. Hope you enjoyed because I loved writing it. My brain doesn’t hurt as much writing this one hehe :) 

With love and life, 


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