We will forgive but not forget

I hardly feel worthy to even write an article about this, but I wanted to remember the moments that I spent in the midst of the memories, in the heart of the memorial.

To catch you up to speed, I live in Manhattan. I actually live in Battery Park City. I actually live literally in walking distance (like 0.3miles) from the 911 Memorial. Every day almost, I have to walk through the tourists at the memorial and while it was cool the first 100 times, it becomes less cool fighting the crowds everyday.

However, I woke up today and it stopped me in my tracks. I can’t stop thinking about that day.

Maybe you’ve thought it through a thousand times about the memory of where you were, but take it a step further and imagine what it must have been like for those individuals with lives lost and affected.

Today, I just thought on my 8 mile run about the victims the entire run. At 10:28, I heard something. It was a horn in the harbor. The NYPD were all over the harbor in boats, and I tear up just writing about it and certainly did on my run. They blew this horn for a solid minute which marked when the second tower fell. The first tower fell at 9:59 and the second tower at 10:28am. I actually then thought about the terrorists and their families. I feel as if not everyone will agree with me on this, but I also feel as if we should forgive them. I would hope that the families could forgive so that they could have peace within their souls.

After my run, I headed to the memorial. They have it blocked off for the day except for close family members. Close friends of those lost are not even allowed in. I have to admit I was very disappointed, however I deeply respect the decisions of those who know better than I. They have flowers everywhere, and a wall painted close by. There are NYPD literally everywhere forming almost a grid lock around the entire perimeter.

This year is different for me. This year, I will probably never forget. The impact of being around the pride of America, and the somnolence of the city is something that I can’t explain. The weather even is overcast as if it may rain.

Tanner and I spent some time in our quiet times praying for those families lost, the ones that are still dealing with the aftermath, the police officers on the scene that deal with the pain of what that all looked like and also for the terrorists.

May God sweetly bless America on this unforgettable day.

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