Our Love Story

Be advised. There may be mushy readings ahead. However, if you are nosy and want to know the story of Tanner and I’s quick engagement then here is where the gold mine is!

The first day I ever saw him, I thought he was super hot. He was the president of Rho Chi in pharmacy school and spoke to our class on orientation about how we should work hard. Blah blah. hehe ;) I remember thinking what a hot nerd he was, and I leaned to my friend and said “I’m gonna make him my husband” but of course that was all in good fun.

I think things turned out pretty well.

That day I friended him on facebook, but that was the end of that.

Months later, we both had a similar mutual friend who said that he thought we were made for each other. He insisted that we meet. He gave me Tanner’s number but what was I supposed to do with that? So, in true girly fashion, I debated for a week on whether or not I should text him to which I didn’t. However, he popped up to “ask me a question” on facebook that Wednesday and we joked around for like an hour.

Then, we all had this grand idea. There was another couple that was being semi set up that night, and we decided to have a dinner together. That couple is now married and just had their first child so that was quite a magical night! Of course, the girls tried to look all domestic and we made cookies and they made pasta, I think.

I do however remember that I had burnt my lip on a lean cuisine a few days prior and I looked as if I had herpes. So, I suggested to Brandy before we arrived to jokingly bring up my “herpes” so I could tell my story of how I burned myself so that the real truth was out. Girls gotta stick together, nom sayin?

We had dinner. We had laughs. Tanner and I kept doing that awkward “we made eye contact but look away because we are embarrassed thing” and then he says “I see you have a blackberry. How ironic? I do too. I should get your BBM.” Let us recall this was in front of everyone so it was like “HELLO, I’M ASKING FOR HER NUMBER!!” I was, to be honest, embarrassed. I don’t think I spoke another word to him the entire night because I was just a scared wheenie.

He texted me after we left.

Girls, you know about those texts. Your heart flips. You’re like doing a little jig while tryin to keep it cool.

It read “I didn’t get to talk to you as much as I wanted to tonight. Would you mind if I stopped by your house?”


So, I agreed. He came over. We talked for literally 5 hours until 1am and then I made him leave.

The next day he came over again. It was awkward. We had nothing to talk about. So, he left after 20 minutes.

He texted me later asking if something was wrong, and I said no. It’s all a blur but from what I remember, we decided to meet up and talk again. This time, we couldn’t stop talking again. After three days of non stop talking (we still talk way too much), he came to my house and I opened the door and he breathes deep and says something along the lines of “I know this may sound crazy, but I think you are the person I’m meant to be with forever. Are you okay with that?” To be honest, in these moments, I was kinda like “uhhh, ehhhh, I’ve been hurt before, I don’t know, I like you, but am I that serious, but you’re serious….” These are all thoughts in my head of course.

AND HERE BEGAN THE GAMES. Y’all know the games? I see him in school. He looks at me. Did he mean to look at me? Will he text me again? He walks with me to get coffee. Does that mean he likes me? Or was he just walking? Or maybe he just wanted coffee? I don’t know. I don’t have time to waste time. He told me he was serious, and now I’m not sure if he is.

When we laugh about these times, he says that all he could think about was me. Ummmm, he was not very clear. So, lesson to the ladies, guys just suck at this kind of thing.

This only lasted for a month then he was texting me constantly. We look back, and were a bit obnoxious and in puppy love so we were a bit immature with the texting. I mean it was NON STOP. That went on for a while so I’ll spare you the details.

On Christmas eve, he came to visit me and that night he asked me to be his girlfriend. Then, he left Christmas morning to go back to Bristol. Even though, it was a really bad snow storm, after he visited with his family Christmas day, he came BACK to Shelby. What can I say? I rope the fellas in. Kidding, we were head over heels.

Our first pictures together in January after we started dating

Our first pictures together in January after we started dating

Fast forward 4 months of puppy love, we had this serious conversation about our future. When you are that serious, that fast, I think everyone has to be on the same page. So, we talked about if we thought that marriage was an option for us. We both agreed it was the only option. I told him if we were going to do it, then we were going all in. Typical me. What I meant by that was that we had talked about getting married before my third year of pharmacy school (I was currently in my first) and I told him I wanted a normal engagement time for showers and all of that and I wanted time to plan. I had always dreamed of that time and I didn’t want to rush that…..which led us to ….. the proposal had to happen sooner rather than later.

A picture while we were dating. We joke that we have to date forever because we didn't get very long of it.

A picture while we were dating. We joke that we have to date forever because we didn't get very long of it.

I know it all sounds bizarre and ridiculous and maybe it was and we even knew that people would think that we were crazy but we knew that once we hit three and four years together, people would start believing us. This year will be four years. I honestly love him WAY more now if that’s possible. It’s a more mature love. It’s a love I would never question and a love of picturing him as the father of my children and the grandfather of my grandchildren and the man I build my house, my hopes and my dreams with.

Man, I love this guy! 

Man, I love this guy! 

So, how did he propose? Ironically, and probably not surprisingly, it was in New York City. I came here for an internship the summer after my first year in pharmacy school. I actually planned this before I met Tanner or I probably wouldn’t have gone which is immature to say the least, but we had puppy love at it’s finest. Nevertheless, we spent a month apart. I had a feeling the proposal would happen when he came to visit me halfway through the month. When we were boarding the plane to come, Brandy said “Katie, I’m just being real with you. He talked with me and just thinks it’s too fast. He thinks people will just think he’s crazy so I know you think it will be this trip but it’s not going to be so I don’t want you to get your hopes up.”

I am SO glad for a best friend who will lie to me. It made me question things, but that was good for me. I needed the surprise.

Two weeks into my trip, Tanner comes to visit me. It is of note that I lived in a place that didn’t even allow men to grace the doors so Tanner just came busting in, and got scolded. There is an entire back story with Tanner but of course, I didn’t know all of this at the time. All I knew is that he had caught an earlier flight and was there in time for dinner.

So, we set out for dinner. We decided we would just walk until we found a place we wanted to eat. Tip: Never do that in NYC. You never end up anywhere. You end up frustrated, and not eating what you want to eat. We ended up at American Burger. Tanner was hangry to say the least.

I knewwwwwwwww without a doubt that if the proposal would happen on this trip, it would be after a nice dinner. Boy was I wrong? Again, this was good for me so that it was a surprise.

We venture over to Times Square and meet Brandy. I worked in Times Square so it was cool to show Tanner where I work and introduce him to some people. We then went to take pictures. Brandy looks at the camera after we take a picture and says “Tanner, your eyes were closed. That’s not a good picture. Do it again.”

That was that picture. HA! 

That was that picture. HA! 

This was when Brandy turned on video, and Tanner grabbed both my hands. I remember almost fighting his hands like “What are you doing? Face the camera” when I realized what was happening. He, of course, said lots of mushy things and then got down on one knee!

And my reaction….

I said yes of course.


It was happy happy moments. The video is cute because halfway through his proposal this man walks over, takes a picture, and then walks away. I’m sure he was a tourist documenting a proposal in Time Square, but I wanted to ask him to email that picture. Ha! I did not unfortunately.

The back story was that Tanner was at rotation when they called him and told him his flight had been delayed until midnight and he wasn’t going to get there until the early morning hours of the next day. He had plans of proposing of course, so he freaked. He asked if there was an earlier flight and they had one that left in like 2 hours. So, he left rotation without asking, where he awkwardly met his preceptor at the door and said he had to leave. Thank goodness, she was understanding (the things we do for love). He had left the ring at home. He was in Durham and had to drive 30 minutes to Raleigh to get the ring and 20 minutes to the airport. I’d say he was a basket case.

From that moment forward though, we had a blast. I loved every minute of being engaged and wouldn’t trade that time for the world.

We had a year and one month of blissful engagement, until the day we said I do. The two years of marriage that we have seen only seem to get better with time. I’m super excited to see what our future brings with careers, children, settling down, and building a home together. I pray to be a better wife daily and many times I fail, but I will wake up every morning to love him better through the love that Christ has for both of us. Keeping our marriage on the foundations of Christ makes all the difference.

If you’re still with me then you get a cookie. Forreal, go have a cookie. That was long but I hope you enjoyed it!

With love and fairy tales can happen,


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