Competing as a Christian

The topic today is actually going to be interesting. I feel it can be very controversial. I, in no way, think that I’m some great mighty Christian that has the answers. I’m simply a Christian wife that is sharing my experiences and beliefs.

First and foremost, you gotta check your intentions at the door. If you are going into this wanting to shake your booty on stage and get some attention on instagram, then yes your heart is in the wrong place. Another thing that I forgot along the way and that I think is worth mentioning is anything that you put before your time with God or make into an idol means that your heart is not in the right place. Obviously, this is something that I definitely struggled with. I went into my shows originally wanting to give it my all but giving it my all ended up turning off friends and family to this day to the idea of competing (but that’s an entirely different topic).

Second, I think that everyone is different. I think that some are going to view competing as wrong just like some are going to think that tattoos are wrong in the church setting or drinking alcohol is not okay. We all have our sins so let’s not cast stones before we check ourselves too ;)

Third, I think that it’s a world that people aren’t familiar with and so they view it negatively when the idea of bodybuilding is not meant to be sexualized. They are missing the mark, and even MANY MANY girls that do competitions are missing the mark. This is a FITNESS AND BODYBUILDING competition. Bikini is based on many more things than just your body composition however at the end of the day, this is not meant to be sexual. This is meant to be a judge of muscular development.

I also think that we are taking it out of context because of the world of instagram. If someone is scrolling through their feed and they are in line at the grocery store, it’s almost embarrassing when girls post pictures of their glutes especially but even ab selfies can be like “oh my gosh, let me hide my phone so people don’t think I’m looking at soft porn” and I get that. The world of competing itself though is just like when someone goes to the beach. If you walked into a grocery store wearing a string bikini, then people would stare. If you walked onto the beach in a string bikini, no one would bat an eye. If you walk into a swimming pool in the middle of summer in a huge coat, people will stare. If you walk into New York City in the winter time with a huge coat, no one cares. It’s the same with competing. All the guys are wearing speedos. Everyone is wearing bikinis. Everyone is showing their muscular development and it’s not weird. It’s not sexually portraying your body on a stage (or not meant to be) because everyone else is doing it.

So, as a Christian wife, how does my husband view this? He is super supportive. He understands my goals and he is in line with all of the thoughts that I just mentioned. He watched bodybuilding and Mr. Olympia way before I got into lifting and so he knows about this world and that is SO nice to have someone who ACTUALLY. GETS. ME. When we talk about me and bodybuilding, it’s always something to the effect of where I can build my quads or how I can make my delts cap more. The conversations are far from sexual.

Again, I do not want to step on any toes and I know that everyone is going to view this differently however I believe that if your intentions are pure, your heart is right, and you aren’t trying to get on a stage just to be hot and sexy in a bikini then I think it’s okay to want to pursue goals, athletic, aesthetic, muscular development goals. But then again, I have a tattoo that says “Walk by Faith” and I drink alcohol on the weekends occasionally with my friends and I’m a libertarian ;)

Lastly, the last time that I stepped on stage, I did feel a pull of God saying “your time is done here.” I felt that I wasn’t glorifying God in the way that I was competing. I felt that I was taking time too much out of life, and away from family and friends and that was never my intention. I felt that I scored worse then girls who were being a bit more provocative, and I refused to be that. However, as time as went on, I see that it’s not competing. It was me. I was NOT glorifying God, however that does not mean that God is absent from this world or that God can not be exemplified through competing. This isn’t some cult where we all are awful sexual people. So, my goal the next time that I will step on stage is to have a different mindset, a different outlook, and a different approach.

With love and competing,


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