Happy New Year

Wow, what a year it has been! I just can't even believe it's over and it's officially 2015! Yall, it's 2015. I feel like when I was a kid, I thought we would certainly just be casually flying to space by now and robots would be controlling our lives. HA! I guess they officially a 3D printer that they can print tools in space now, so that's reaching weird levels. Anywho, I love a new year! It's so cliche but who stinkin cares? It gives you such an amazing opportunity to look back on your year behind, change some things, keep some things the same and then write out new goals for the new year. It's an amazing fresh start!! I just wanted to highlight some of the exciting things that happened to me in 2014, and then my goals for 2015! 

Currently, my husband is dusting while I write this because we have friends coming over in a few hours. What a cutie! That's not the point here so I digress. 

January-Officially decided we were going to pursue NYC and Charlotte and see what happened with jobs. We applied in both places, and I immediately got hired by Walgreens in NYC. That's where it all began.

February- Spent a month in Belize with my best fran, Brandy working in a pharmacy in a village

If you would like to read more about my experience there, just click HERE for that. Synopsis: I wish I could go back!

March-The craziest month of my life 

It was a whirlwind coming home from Belize and by the end of the month, I was entirely moved from Raleigh to New York. Tanner's job wanted him immediately so we fly up one weekend to find a place then drove back the next weekend to move in and then I crashed on a friends couch for the remainder while I was also completing a rotation. My preceptor said at the end of the month: "I think you would have done much better, but you had a lot going on." hahaha! oopssss! 

This was us right before we met our broker that we ended up not using because SHEESH, they want all your money ;) 

This was us right before we met our broker that we ended up not using because SHEESH, they want all your money ;) 

April-Competed in NPC competition in North Carolina and placed 6th (6 is officially my unlucky number that I have received 3 times just BARELY missing national qualification). I decided from that moment forward that I would start increasing my metabolism, no matter how much my weight increased and my life forever changed. I want go into details, but you can find a lot of details HERE on that. 

This is an increase for about 800 calories with no weight gain 

This is an increase for about 800 calories with no weight gain 

May-Graduation from Pharmacy School & The Big Move to NYC 

We graduated May 9th and I moved on May 10th! We had to get up here for a class for board exams, and I wanted to see that husband of mine after 6 weeks apart! 

June/July-The craziest months of my life where I slept about ... none. 

I started working as an intern in the Bronx which is an hour commute, studying for boards, and trying to successfully start up a business. I probably should have put the growth of my business on hold, but it was doing so well, I didn't want to stop it. Every weekend, we would spend one day having fun and those were just the best days exploring the city that was so fresh to me and I was loving every minute of NYC. In late July, I started to dislike New York (the Bronx and Walgreens were really hard for me) and dislike the direction my life was going.

August- Made the biggest decision of my life to quit Walgreens and start pursuing Katiesfitscript full time. This was only made possible by my husband to vow to help us make it with his job if mine flopped, amazing people trusting me with their nutrition and a Father who knows all things and protects me always. At this point, we decided we were going to make this our one year adventure and then move home ... (keep reading because we aren't moving lol) 

September-Business was BOOMING! I had never run a business before, and so I spent almost every moment on it from the time I woke up until bed (I basically still do). I am so blessed, so grateful. I could go on and on. My nephew was born also on September 5th which is one day before my birthday and it's the best birthday present I could have received. 

October- I launched my new branding, kicked off my blog officially and really started pursuing different business opportunities. It has been such a learning experience in which I still continue to learn. It was during this month that we had a few really great times in New York and the Lord started to work in our hearts. He let us see how much he had grown our faith in the past year, and how that was only the beginning. He asked us to trust Him and to stay another year. We couldn't imagine leaving the friends that we had made so soon, and we knew that we were just rushing things to get back home. The things that we complained about were trivial like laundry and rude people and these are all things that a slight adjustment in attitude can change everything. It was this month that we truly started to flourish and even our marriage was better because we just started being more positive in general. I didn't tell my family until this past weekend because we mulled over this for a LONG time and wanted to make sure this was the decision we were going to stick with!

I also competed again with NO prep, high high carb, and in the middle of marathon training for the first time in NYC. It was a fun experience, but kinda confirmed it wasn't for me and again, I got 6th which is one placement away from national qualification. WHOMP.

November- I ran my first marathon after a quad pull 3 weeks out and then a joint sprain in my foot 1.5 weeks out. I vowed that I would crawl through the thing if I had to because I had been training since August. 

I did it and you can read about that HERE but it was a day that I will literally never forget. The emotions were unreal, and I not only finished by qualified for Boston. My foot hurt from Mile 2-26.2 but I just got comfortable in the pain and took a month off from running after it was over.

December-Holiday Fun! I just enjoyed the city during the holiday season. I'm going to do a post later about the holidays and what you can do for fun when you come visit during this time but it's magical and there's nothing like it! Ah, bliss for the Christmas spirit that runs in my blood.


There is seriously beautiful trees everywhere. Top left: Liberty Square in Tribeca; Top Right: Wall Street/Stock Exchange; Bottom Left: Rockefeller; Bottom Right: Southstreet Seaport

So, how can I top this year? I'm not really sure honestly. It was full of fun, hardship, laughter, goals met and so much more. But, I have a huge list going and I'm sure it'll continue to grow. Here are my athletic goals, business goals, travel and personal goals! 


  • Start Rockclimbing 
  • Sprint Triathalon 
  • Adventure Race with Tanner (Spartan Beast?)
  • March 16-NYC Half (I got into the lottery-YAY!!) 
  • March 29-We are hoping to do a marathon (no time goals) for preparation for our ultra so there is one in New Jersey we may do 
  • April 25-Sybil Ludington 50K Ultra 
  • May 16-Brooklyn Half Marathon
  • June-Queens 10K
  • September-Bronx 10miler
  • October-Staten Island Half Marathon
  • October-Marine Corp Marathon 
  • Nov 1-NYC Marathon

Business Goals: 

  • Re-vamp all programs to a higher quality/standard (always improving them) 
  • Release Marathon Training Program 
  • Release At-Home Workouts 
  • Release New Recipe Ebook 
  • Start personal training in the Hamptons
  • Blog 4-5x weekly 
  • Better photography--> Photoshop Classes, Photography Classes
  • More recipes and workouts and organization of all categories on blog 
  • Start Ambassador Program
  • Empower & Embrace Apparel Line Release


  • Adirondacks & Catskills for skiing/hiking 
  • Hike once monthly 
  • Plan March Europe Trip 
  • Pittsborough (one of the closer cities we haven't seen) 
  • Chicago in the spring 
  • I can't imagine all the traveling adventures we will get into so I'll just leave it at this

Personal Goals: 

  • Daily Devotional, Read the entire bible & Spend more time genuinely pursuing the heart of Christ
  • Become more organized
  • Become a more "present" wife/sister/friend/daughter
  • Cut back on Diet Soda and Arctic Zero for money reasons (I have huge loans to pay and every little bit counts)
  • Read more Books (hopefully 2 per month)
    • Lord of the Ring Series 
    • Lineage of Grace-Francine Rivers 
    • Southern Perfection-Casey Peeler 
    • Reread Harry Potter series 
    • Two from Galilee
    • Gone Girl 
    • Leaving Time-Jodi Picoult 
    • Portraits of Devotion-Beth Moore 

I know this looks intense and it is. I try to legit think about the things that I can ACTUALLY achieve and then I make valid efforts to do it. I don't like to say that I'm going to do something and then not. I used to be that way but I like to write things down, check lists, and execute. 

I hope you've enjoyed hearing about my year end review and my goals for the new year. I hope you have a fantastic New Years Day with your family and friends. Now it's time for me to go CLEAN MY HOUSE for friends to come over in an hour and a half! HA! 

Rang in the New Year on the FREEZING Brooklyn Bridge watching fireworks in Staten Island and Prospect Park in Brooklyn!

Rang in the New Year on the FREEZING Brooklyn Bridge watching fireworks in Staten Island and Prospect Park in Brooklyn!

With love and New Goals and Adventures, 


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