My Favorite Bloggers

I just want today's blog to be light hearted and fun! 

As a blogger, you become really obsessed with blogs. I know people don't really know much about the world of blogging but it's seriously amazing. There are some INCREDIBLE and TALENTED women in this world. There are some men, but let's be real, us women like to get out all of our talking and maybe through our fingers helps a little. 

I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite blogs. You'll see that they are not really fitness related most of the time. I absolutely love a Christian lady who can inspire me to do great things and I adore interior design. I look at interior design blogs constantly and dream about when we aren't in tiny NYC spaces and the beautiful things I will do (which I could totally do now but I'm a wee bit cheap so I have to find the perfect things on a budget). 

I have huge dreams for "The Passionate Life" section of my blog, but I also know that people come to my blog for fitness so I try to keep y'all happy hehe ;) 


All of my friends had to know this was coming. Seriously, in the past week, I've become obsessed. Like, where has this blog been my entire life. She's a mother of 6 (4 from Ethiopia), a heart of gold, beautiful fashion and beautiful home. I. CAN'T. DEAL. 


She's a healthy lifestyle blogger, her birthday is tomorrow and she just so happens to be one of my besties. But I'm 100% serious, her blog is legit and you should check it out. She is a HUGE reason that my photography has improved, I have learned how to edit and photoshop pictures, and she constantly tells me about new opportunities in the blogging world. She never does any of this expecting anything in return. She just simply helps me with that true Christ sistership! 


As if she needs people to rant about her. haha! She's incredibly successful, and based out of NYC. She just talks about her life, and I just watch and want to be apart of it all. 


I put them together because they are best friends, and doing incredible things. They dabble in a little of everything that is design oriented, and they have a seminar that I would love to go to one day if I could save my pennies in Chapel Hill. They have ABUNDANT faith and it shines through everything they do. 


Their blogs are very similar in context and I'm online friends with both of them, so I truly love reading about their marathon running and their lives and their vegan/vegetarian eating. I have this weird portion of my brain that wants to eat vegan, but I really like eggs and steak and chicken so it's this battle I face. So, I like to read their blogs and dream about days that I could be vegan. 


Funny story, she is the first blogger I ever followed. It has been YEARS now, and I loved coming back and catching up on all the fun projects that she had done. I used to search "websites like sarah dorsey designs" because I knew there were more out there, but I didn't know how to find them. HAHAHA! It's so funny thinking back how I was in desperate need of some bloggers in my life, and just didn't know that's what it was :) I love it.


I come across blogs constantly that I love, and I could go on all day. I'll probably do a feature of some more blogs that I love in the very soon future, and I'm going to start having some guests on my blogs as well. I want y'all to experience the joy that is bloggers.

With love and blogging, 




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