Peanut Chicken Alfredo Pasta

This recipe is proof that healthy eating does NOT have to taste poorly. It's a matter of taking the time. I think we get comfortable in our "comfort foods" when if you just make some easy changes, you would feel SO much better. Pasta is great and all that, but why not try a little twist and see if you can cut out some calories (like truly, HUNDREDS of calories). 

If you haven't Tofu Shirataki, you should. I know it sounds weird. Ew, ew. I can't eat healthy. Do me a favor, please? Just make the recipe then give me your opinion. I promise you'll be pleasantly surprised. Have an open mind with your choices. It's funny how many people I know who are like "EWWWW QUINOA!!!" I'm like "DUDE HAVE YOU EVEN TRIED QUINOA. IT TASTES GREAT!"

Alright, I'm off topic. Quinoa has nothing to do with this recipe, but tofu does.


Here's all you need: 

  • Steamed veggies 
  • One bag Tofu Shirataki
  • Light Classico Creamy Alfredo Sauce
  • Pre-prepped chicken 
    • I normally have chicken and ground turkey on hand all the time for recipes such as this throughout the week. See my easy meal prep HERE.
  • Optional: Peanuts

And here's what you do (seriously this is so easy it's silly it's kinda ridiculous-ha!): 

  • Microwave Frozen Veggies for 3 minutes
  • Pour out 4 oz tofu (this will be about half of the bag-no I don't measure) 
  • Microwave "noodles" for 1 minute 
  • Add microwaved veggies
  • Add 2 tablespoons classico sauce & 2 oz chicken 
  • Microwave for 30 more seconds

Voila! BOOM SHAKALACKA! Instant gourmet lunch or dinner or both. Then, I add about 1/4 oz peanuts just to give it a little kick (because I like to pretend I'm a chef and all that fun stuff). 

Here is the nutrition: (Most all of the calories are from the chicken and this is without the nuts)

If you would like to add the nuts (which I would recommend, then you would add 3g fat, 2g carb, 2g protein!)

With love and yummy lunch for me,



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