Dairy Free, Gluten Free, No Sugar, No Soda New Year

How many times have I heard this? 

I'm going on a detox. 

I'm eliminating dairy, gluten, sugar, soda, and gum. I'm only drinking water, no caffeine, and I'm going to eat mostly fruits and vegetables. 

Normally the new year is a good time to start the Whole 30! 

I personally think we just like to torture ourselves unnecessarily. 

I'm kidding (kinda), but I'm so huge on this. As we begin the New Year, why don't we make realistic expectations of ourselves? Don't cast yourself out of all social settings because you can't have this or that. You HAVE to be realistic or things are NOT going to work out. You will quit before you've even started. Results = commitment. We want to see results. If we aren't seeing some of the results that we want then we are going to want to quit because what is the point in the torture if we don't see the fruits of our labor. 

I don't want to be a butt hole, but I just want you to walk through this? 

When should you give up gluten?

If you would like to hear more on my opinion of this, read HERE

  • If you have celiacs
  • If you have an intolerance (which is actually very uncommon)

When should you not give up gluten? 

  • You think this makes you healthier 
  • You think this will help you lose weight 
    • Most of the time gluten free foods have higher calories 

When should you give up dairy? 

  • If you are lactose intolerant 

When should you not? THE SAME reasons as above! Many times in competition prep, people give up dairy and I did my first prep and I remember asking WHY (because that's what I do) and no one could give me an answer. It's just this thing that people do because they think that their body responds poorly to it when they would be just fine. If you have allergies or intolerances to any of the above then OBVIOUSLY avoid them. I AM NOT PICKING ON PEOPLE WITH ALLERGIES! I just want your goals to be realistic 

When should you avoid sugar? 

  • There are many studies on the harm of sugar so avoiding sugar is not a bad thing. The thing is, if you start out on a "healthier" diet then you are going to get a reasonable amount of sugar that is not in excess that will be FINE. There is no reason to torture yourself with the no sugar rule which would eliminate so many great foods that you could have in moderation 

When should you avoid soda? 

  • Obviously, soda is not GREAT for you. If you would like to know my opinion on aspartame, you can read more on that HERE
  • I'm not saying that you should drink diet soda, my point is that diet soda is not going to hurt your health if you have one here and there. If you try to avoid it completely then you are just going to be thinking about it all the time and then if you have one, you'll be down on yourself and then think that the whole thing is a wash and just quit. 

I have seen this happen time and time over again, and even in myself. I've realized that when I want to quit a bad habit and pick up a new one, it has to be gradual. If I'm thinking about giving it up, then I won't give it up. Willpower is a muscle and you shouldn't fatigue your muscles before you get some muscle maturity.

My view is that you should just start by trying to switch one thing out for something healthier. Once you get that under control, then move onto the next. Don't do it all at once and be miserable. Healthy living is NOT miserable. It's actually quite enjoyable and I get defensive of my healthy lifestyle when I hear people say things like "Well I can't do that because I like to eat" or "All healthy food is nasty" or "I just couldn't do it!" It's not meant to be hated or torturous! Let's commit this 2015 to becoming healthier in a realistic, flexible way! 

With love and flexible living, 


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