Weekend Getaway Hunter Mountain

This weekend, oh my goodness. My mom (who has a birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) always told me growing up that when all of the people that she loved were gathered in one place, that is where she was the happiest no matter what she was doing. I think that she rubbed that off on me. This weekend was wonderful. The coolest thing about the quaint little house that we got was that there was only one small TV in the upstairs and there was hardly any signal so we all so easily just ACTUALLY engaged with one another. It was incredible. It was really cool to get out of the city for a bit too. I will admit that I missed all of our friends SO MUCH that couldn't come!!! We hope to make this an annual event so NO FEAR FRANS!

Tanner and I left early on Friday morning and picked up our friend Zach on the upper east side (see guy above beside me in red hoodie). We were the ones that had booked the house so we just needed to get up there and get the key and wanted to get the house warmed up and hot tub going before everyone arrived. PLUS, we wanted to go hiking. So, let's start there. 

The hike was amazing, adventurous but oh so torturous. Elevation was 4040ft in elevation over 2.26 miles. So, if you don't know about elevation, that meant that it was pretty flat for the first 0.6 miles then the rest of the way was climbing stairs. So, we climbed stairs for about 1.5 miles....on top of snow....and ice....and rock. It was cray cray. I have to admit that I had NO idea that this was going to be so tough so I was like in my huge snow boots (that weigh like 5 pounds each) and in jeans and my knee was hurting. I was NOT that into it 2miles in! haha! Tanner INSISTED we continue. It was worth it. SO BEAUTIFUL! 


At the very top, there were some slippery rock scrambles and it was scary going up but fun to navigate also. It turned into an adventure. The very top turned into narnia. I can't describe how beautiful. If you've ever doubted a creator, climb to the top of a mountain. WOW. On the way down was much easier because we just kinda ran/slid on our boots the entire way down.

Once we got back to the house (after a trip to Walmart), our friends were just arriving and so we all just started having a blast. It was also my friend, Bridget's birthday and so I let her know how much I love her and gave her a little something and then we waited for everyone to file in later. We all hung out, talked, ate food, played games and just had a blast until about 2 in the morning.

Andddd, then we wanted to be on the slopes first thing in the morning so that was a shocker when 7am rolled around. YIKES! We were all exhausted, but Brandy had picked up breakfast for all of us at Walmart on the way in (Thanks B!) and so Brandy and I cooked eggs, bacon, biscuits and cinnamon rolls for 16 hungry people1

They are going to just love that I am posting all these, I'm sure! Sowwy guys! Y'all are just too cute though.

We all headed out in different cars in rounds to Hunter Mountain and there was actually a wreck that happened right as we were leaving (and we were first out there) so it took a little longer than expected to get out there!

Once, we were out there, it was game on and I just can't describe how much fun I had!!! I only fell twice the entire day, 30 seconds apart, but let me tell ya, that was luck and I WIPED OUT those two times. HA! I never ventured over to the black diamond slopes but all the boys and the rockstar skiier, Miss Taylor did as well. The newbies did AWESOME and everyone had a great time (I think haha).

The slopes closed at 4pm, and they had no night skiing which is depressing but we had some chili planned for everyone! Brandy made the mild soupy chili, I made a more watery Turkey chili (aka I made up the recipe off the top of my head while at walmart), and Brittany made a really unique chili that was paleo, spicy, no beans made with meat and veggies!

I'm glad we had three because every ounce was ate! We did have 16 really hungry mouths to feed. Brielle and Jena got smores and wanted them to be super legit, so they found sticks and some put them into the fire in the house! 

So, then it was 8:30pm and seriously, everyone was going to sleep. There were a few that said NO WAY JOSE and woke us all up (I promise it wasn't just me this time going to sleep!). So, then we had some more fun. The girls ended up having a girls talk and shut the boys out. HAHA! It was a blast. Sunday morning, we made breakfast again but I think everyone was exhausted and ready to just get back home. We all cleaned up and Tanner and I left last at about 10:30-11! 

Soooo, long story short, I LOVE THESE PEOPLE <3 <3 

With love and weekend getaways,


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