Macros in Your Favorite Alcohol

The alcohol topic gets brought up a lot. I made a post one time about how to count macros with alcohol which can be found HERE.

Today, I wanted to just make it super easy and name some alcoholic beverages and what their macros were and how I calculated that so maybe it would be easier to count. 

I'm going to stick with the basics today (Beer, Wine, Vodka, Champagne) but I think it'll give a better understanding of how to count! The label doesn't tell you everything.

Basically, don't pay attention to the carbs that they give you. That's not going to tell you the full story. 

You can do this two ways. Alcohol has been shown to be metabolized like carb or fat. So, you can split the calories between both or just use it towards one. {Disclaimer: They don't know 100% how it's metabolized and it definitely dehydrates you so it's not something that you should have all the time, but if you want it, you can still fit it in.} 

144 calories in PBR / 4 = 36 g CARB  


144 calories / 9 = 16 g FAT 


144/2 = 72 calories ; 72/4 = 18g carb AND 72/9=8g fat

Michelob Ultra is advertised as the healthy beer and basically at 95 calories, it has ~24g CARB. 

OR 95/9=10.5g FAT 

Or, as I said you can split the calories in carbs and fat. 

95/2=47.5 calories for each; 47.5/4~12 g carb AND 47.5/9=5.3g fat 

VODKA IS A FREEBIE RIGHT? Yea no. That's what I used to think. How does it have 0/0/0? Well, all the calories are from ethanol and again we have to calculate that. 

64 calories / 4= 16g C (in one shot; 1 shot=1 oz = 30mL) OR

64 calories / 9 = 7g fat OR split it 


32 cal / 4 = 8g carb AND 32/9=3.5g fat

I loveeee champagne! And in comparison with beer and wine, it's a better option unless you wanna drink straight vodka. YUCK. I will say that my new favorite drink is diet tonic water and whipped cream vodka! BOOM SO GOOD! 

Okay, time for the math. 

78 calories / 4 = 19.5 g carb OR 

78 calories/9 = 8.6g fat OR

78/2=39calories in each ; 39/4=9.75g carb AND 39/9=4.3g fat 

Last but not least, WINE! 


5 ounces is typically the size of a normal wine glass although they are all very different, however that's what I did this based on. I prefer white, but for you red lovers, you would do the same thing. 

{Note: All wines, all liquors and all drinks are different. If you are drinking whipped cream vodka as opposed to regular, there's going to be more calories and carbs in that from the sugar. So, first and foremost if counting your alcohol look it up in myfitnesspal, and then calculate from there.} 

100 calories / 4 = 25g carb OR 

100/9 = 11g fat OR 

100/2 = 50 ; 50/4 = 12.5 g carb AND 5.5g fat 

I get A LOT of questions about alcohol, and even when I refer to my MACRO BASICS FOR BOOZE post, I feel that people are still confused so I wanted to break it down in the simplest way possible.

I would also like to give the disclaimer that I never drink alcohol...ever. Hehe jk! ;) But really, I don't drink very much at all. HA! 

If you'd like to know more about how you can eat this and anything else that you please and still get results, see these posts or my MACRO RESOURCE LIBRARY

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