Partner in Crime Benefits

So, I will first hand admit that having a workout buddy is not my idea of the best time. I have always preferred to work out alone. I just feel that i get a better workout and I get it done faster and it's just my alone time. However, I have started training for this ultra and it forced me to run with him {kinda}. I hated it the first few runs. HAHA! I felt that he was lagging behind and that I was having to go slower. Now that he is gaining endurance, he will probably be leaving me in the dust any day now. 

However, I have grown to really look forward to our runs together. I've noticed that there are times when I probably would delay my run or shorten the intensity and he keeps me going, and I keep him going. We joke that we are both so competitive that we never bring it up until later how much the other one pushes us.

And turns out, this is scientifically proven. 

This junk works. 

Having a partner can be really helpful in your overall fitness success. I don't mean that it has to be a significant other at all, but just someone that you can rely on to keep you accountable and for you to do the same for them. 

Here are some reasons that you should work out with a partner: 


I think this is the biggest reason and it's a gimme. You know that if you have someone waiting on you at the gym that you will be. If I know that I'm going to be standing my friend up, that will give me more motivation to get there versus just standing the gym up. 


According to a study done by Society of Behavior Medicine, your performance improves by almost 200% (doubles) when patients were told that their score was based on who worked out the least (they were testing this with time on a bike). When candidates were alone on the bike, they went far less amount of time and they were all told to push as much as they could. Over time with consistently working out with a partner can drastically change your results. 


One study shows and this is hilarious that men and women were tested together for their mood during a workout together. They had different groups. Some were dressed bad, and some were dressed well both men and women. The women with the dressed up men were found to be more relaxed while men that were with the pretty dressed up women were less relaxed. HAHAHA! The men were getting distracted basically, and couldn't workout well. So, the tip here is that if you are a women and you want your man to get buff in the gym, dress down! Science people. Science. 


I notice every single time that I run with Tanner, the runs go by so much quicker. We don't talk all that much (he gets cramps, haha) but I just find that the time just seems to fly by. 

There was an article also that said that if you sweat together, you're immediately the best of friends! hehe jk! I made that up, but it's probably true!! Working out with partners can really help you get that push that you need to get out of the door, work hard in the gym and continue that trend knowing that someone else is counting on you. 

With love and partners, 



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