Starting a Ringley Family

So, you may have come to this page for a number of reasons with a number of thoughts. 

1. You are nosy (This would be me. I'm so nosy HA) 

2. She does NOT need to share this. It's her personal info. 

Our first picture together <3

Our first picture together <3

But, really, I get asked this question at least 5 times a day (not really, but really) and so I thought what better way to answer everyone then to write a blog post, right? 

I get asked mostly while in North Carolina because in NYC people just think I'm extremely weird that I'm already married ;) 

People keep thinking it's going to happen every day and that soon Katie will make the post that her and Tanner have started a family. I'm sorry to make you guys wait, but well, I'll just break the news, you guys are gonna have to wait. 

We aren't ready. And I've felt guilty about this. But, I think it's okay for me to write this and admit it and be proud of it. 

Let me be clear. I love babies. I want babies. I want tons of babies. We talk about babies all the time. I want more babies probably than Tanner (hehe). However, we have talked mostly about having 2 of our own and adopting one (I kinda wanna adopt 5 but that's beside the point). My point of this is that we have nothing against having children. 

But, we aren't ready. And that's okay. 

We know if we "wait until we are ready then there will never be a good time" and that's the truth however, here is why we haven't yet. Clearly, we have thought and pondered over this or I wouldn't even be writing this. I know that you'll think "You really don't have to make excuses. No one cares when you have kids" but people ask us all the time, so I thought I would give the reasons.

1. We live in NYC

  • There are many incredible parents in the city, and I realize with living here more and more how it totally is possible but boy, do I have respect for parents in the city with infants. WOAH. **Shopping for baby necessities, carrying the stroller in and out of the subway stop, baby crying on the subway, baby in the snow and freezing cold** I have SERIOUS respect for parents in the city but it's not for us. And we absolutely love the city for this time in our life and marriage and don't wanna move yet.

2. We want to travel, explore, and do more athletic events. 

  • I could list for days all the things that we want to do, places we want to see, and we know that we can eventually do these things again with kids which we are SUPER excited about. We talk about taking our kids camping/hiking/fishing/hunting/mountaineering/running probably about every other day. It's the cutest little visions, but we want to do some of that on our own first. 
  • I qualified for the Boston Marathon in April 2016 and so I'm going to be training for that and I also want to do an Ironman. An ironman as a mom is the most intense thing ever and I plan on doing it, but I want to have my first go at it without that priority.
  • Tanner is just getting seriously into mountaineering and that can require a month away from home on trips. I want to climb some incredible peaks with him and we can't do that with kids.

3. I'm an entrepreneur now which takes up most all of my days, every day.

  • I know that I may just seem like "just another one of those people" selling fitness programs, and maybe I am but my vision is WIDE. My goals are HUGE and I really would love to utilize my years in the city for exposure and opportunity. There is a WORLD of opportunity here and I'm working day in and day out to try to make it in the industry. I know I'm not nearly as big as many people, so I truly am working really hard.

4. We have the REST of our lives to be parents. 

  • Even if we don't have kids until we are 30-35, we will still be parents for 70 years (I plan on living to 100 if you didn't know-that's a joke so don't get all serious on me). So, we just don't see the utility in rushing it now when we get to have them forever.

5. We are too selfish right now.

  • This one is hard to admit but oh so true. We like to travel, we like to explore, we like to do things all the time and we kinda wanna keep doing that right now. I had never thought of it like that until recently and realized that's truly part of it and I'm okay with admitting that because our time will come.

6. We want to date one another more.

  • We rushed into engagement (5 months dating) and then all the married things happened (showers, wedding, honeymoon, planning, etc.) and then all the school things happened (pharmacy school, rotations, residency, board exams) and then we JUST got settled into life. Right now, Tanner works evening shift (3pm-11pm BLAH) and so we hardly even get date nights. We have to take lunch dates which is fine, but I want to be able to date him more and learn him inside and out before we throw a baby in there and forget about each other (ha). 

7. We seriously have so many flaws. 

  • I know we will always have flaws, but we would like to think that we are truly working on ourselves right now in this season of life. We recognize some things that we do in our home (not always doing our devotions, getting too overly emotional about unimportant things, focusing too much on work related things and not quality time, forgetting to brush my teeth). That last one was a joke of course, kinda, I really should work on being better about it. All jokes aside, we truly want to really get our junk together and grow together as one, loving and respecting one another day in and day out so that we can raise our children in a wonderful home.

8. We want to truly be right with the Lord.

  • This semi goes off the above, but we have grown SO much in our faith in the past year that we just want that to exponentially grow. We want to raise our children in an environment where the love of the Lord just burst through our hearts without even having to try so hard. We want our internal joy to exude out so our kids can see that day to day. 

Okay, I think that's all. Haha! Believe me when I say, I am NOTTTTT saying any of the above are like reasons we think other people shouldn't have kids. Lord, have mercy, no. Every time someone posts that they are pregnant, I jump for joy and text Tanner that I want to start trying. I get jealous of all the new mommy pictures. I can't wait to be a mom. Like, I absolutely cannot wait. But, I'm never patient so I'm really trying to listen to what I know is right for us right now and be patient and wait for the best time. I also have the sweetest nephew ever (that I don't get to see enough with living in NYC) that I can pretend with for now when I get to go home.

Now, when I get asked, I'll just sweetly reference my blog post. Haha!! 

With love and babies,


Please reference below for cutest pictures to be recreated: 

My dream is to have twin girls (Emma Grace and Lilly Kate) but we will see!

My dream is to have twin girls (Emma Grace and Lilly Kate) but we will see!



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