Competition Prep with Brooke

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you guys a sweet client of mine named Brooke who I have grown to know and love. If you want to read all about her story and her experiences with me, read below! Brooke is real and raw and her story will inspire you. She is beautiful inside and out and I'm sure a DANG good lawyer! 

I was two weeks into my twelve week figure competition prep.  I was in a bad place on this particular evening that I recall.  It was a place full of uncertainty and anxiety.  I know that two weeks sounds like nothing, but when you are living and breathing something twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week by two weeks it felt like I had been in preparation for much longer. 

I was working with a coach who had given me some of her old, handwritten, photocopied, competition prep meal plans and diets.  They were hard to decipher and so I asked as many questions as possible.  I came up with my own “diet” based upon talking to her and reviewing what she had given me.  I should inform you that I am gluten free, dairy, free, meat free, and supplement free.  I do eat eggs and fish.  The two weeks had been rough, because my coach kept telling me to just eat chicken.  I felt like she did not understand me or respect my lifestyle that predated this competition prep.  I, like everyone else, had seen and followed many young women on Instagram and Facebook that live the IIFYM diet and used it during competition prep. 

Since I was so uncertain about whether the diet I had put together would work I wanted to see what one of these young ladies would recommend my macros be and see how my diet measured up.  I was overwhelmed and did not know which one of these ladies, whom I had never met and may never meet, to choose to entrust with this task.  I set out on a run.  I did not take my Garmin watch or my iPod; it was just me, the road, and my thoughts.  I spent that three mile running praying nonstop.  I prayed that He would calm my nerves, help me find peace, and if one of these ladies was the path to take that He would lead me to her.  He spoke to me.  He told me that it was Katie. 

I came home from that run feeling focused and calm and sent an email to Katie.  Never once did I second guess that decision.  It was not my decision after all; it was Him who brought us together.  Katie got right back to me and we coordinated a time to talk over the phone that worked with my insane schedule.  Katie was so sweet! I felt like we were old friends and I felt like she cared about me and respected me before I had even hired her yet.  I explained my gluten free, dairy free etc lifestyle, my competition goals, my fears, my demanding work schedule.  Katie listened to it all and did not try to sway me about anything.  She was confident she could help me.  So I signed up with her. 

By the time I got my competition package I had nine weeks of competition prep left.  My package with Katie was just for the macros.  I had several trainers I was working with for the workouts in my hometown, so Katie and I just focused on the nutrition aspect of competition prep. 

Immediately upon receiving my macros I began on that Sunday.  This seems like a good time to confess that I am very type A and have OCD tendencies.  I followed Katie’s numbers religiously! Every single day I hit those numbers like my life depended on it and I never once cheated.  Many people have a regular cheat meal during competition prep.  I did not do this.  I think that in twelve weeks I maybe had three cheat meals and they were very clean meals such as ahi tuna and sushi. I also maintained my gluten free, dairy free, meat free lifestyle while still hitting all my numbers.  I did not take any vitamins or supplements.  All natural, baby!  I used My Fitness Pal each day to log what I was eating and it worked well for me.  

My struggles with the competition diet were not those that are most common.  I did not crave “bad” things.  What I missed and craved most were fruits, vegetables, and beans.  Before competition prep I led a lifestyle that was as raw as possible full of fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, and nuts, but I got such a small amount of these things and even smaller the closer we got to competition.  However, by following Katie’s plan I learned so much about food.  I learned about serving sizes, carbohydrates, and fats and I also learned that I must have a good metabolism because boy was my regular diet high in carbs and fat, good carbs and fat, but carbs and fat nonetheless.  Following a macros plan and working with Katie really forced me to get in tune with my body and focus on what it needed for success rather than what my mind was telling me I wanted.  I confess I led a healthy lifestyle before the competition prep and I was in great shape, but this process allowed me to take my health and fitness goals to another level.

Katie did not just send me the macros and then set me free she was there with me the entire nine weeks.  I would send Katie progress pictures over the course of the next several weeks so that she could see how I was doing and she would make adjustments to my macros accordingly.  I felt like I was her worst nightmare.  I would constantly email her with questions about things other people told me, things I had stayed up all night in bed reading about, and about whether or not she thought I was progressing and would be ready.  Katie was a trooper! She never once seemed frustrated with me and was my rock answering all my questions and constantly reassuring me. 

Then there was peak week.  For anyone just starting out, peak week is the week immediately preceding the competition.  It is different from all the other weeks and super specific and detail oriented in an attempt to get you ready to hit your peak on show day.  Katie provided me a peak week plan and at the very last minute I had to change competitions, but Katie did not skip a beat and altered my peak week plan to fit the new competition.

I competed on November 1, 2014, in the NPC All South competition in St. Augustine, Florida.  I placed third out of four in the figure short open category.  This placement gave me a national qualification.  More importantly though, I felt so confident before I took that stage in the package that I brought and I knew that no matter what place I got I did it in the safest, healthiest and most pure way.  There is absolutely no way that I would have gotten through competition prep and the competition without Katie’s guidance and support.  Katie is so awesome that her support did not stop there.  Katie was ready with a post competition plan. 

ith love and my sweet clients,


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