Friday Favorites # 7

These are my favorite! Well duh, but I mean favorite posts to do! Again, it just truly allows me to reflect! 

1. My Team

I feel I've done this before but my team keeps growing and I don't know what it is but for the most part, I always get the sweetest people that I work with. It's such a blessing. I used to be scared every time that I checked my email (because I'm really hard on myself at times) because I was afraid I wasn't doing a good job and that there would surely be someone mad in my inbox. There never was. This was seriously a fear every day, even though it had never happened. So, now I'm over that and just so thankful for a huge community of almost 300 girls who trust me and love on one another constantly. 

2. Training for an ultra with Tanner

I'm gonna be honest and have admitted to Tanner that sometimes it's hard for me to train with other people. I just have a really unique way that I do things. I'm lazy in some aspects but I always get it done. I never want to stop if someone else is in pain. I want to go my own pace. I KNOWWWW that all of this is mean and awful and I should be nicer, but it's just how I've always been in sports. I train alone because I just can't with others even my husband. So, this is really good for me to seriously snap out of my silly ways.

Dude, it's freakin cold outside and we do not play around ;) hahaha! 

Dude, it's freakin cold outside and we do not play around ;) hahaha! 

3. New Foods 

So I was talking to Tanner last night how much my mind has changed in the past year regarding food, and how I don't know if it's possible without God because I mean I have TRANSFORMED from the inside. However, I get comfortable in the same foods that I eat day in and out and it's not that I'm scared of other foods at all. I just forget about them. So, with the new year, I wanted to challenge myself to cook more and branch out. These foods are not cooked foods, but foods that I enjoyed this week that are very much outside of my box. Beefaroni (depressingly) is now disgusting to me. Like, did I really eat this every day of my life back in the day? haha! Yep, I sure did followed by Swiss Cake Rolls (which are still good FYI ha). Apple Pie ice cream however is THE BOMB.COM! YOU MUST TRY IT!!!! It was on clearance so I was like I'LL TAKE TWO.

4. The snowwwww 

Holy cow, I'm loving this winter season. I bundle up appropriately and I have yet to get uncomfortably cold. Outfit below includes: tank top, long sleeve, sweater, small coat, big coat, big scarf, head wrap, neck wrap, leggings then pants on top, snow boots and gloves! BOOM!!! That's my system and works like a charm ;) 

watching the blizzard this morning!! YIPPIE!

watching the blizzard this morning!! YIPPIE!

5. Date Night

I always like to update yall on good NYC restaurants. This wouldn't be a top pick. It's called DOJO in East Village. It's cheap and has a really cool atmosphere, and the miso was AMAZING. However, the dishes were not that great and maybe it was just what we picked but neither of us liked ours so that's not good. haha! However, we stopped on the way home for pizza and insomnia cookies! HA! #truestory #fattiesatheart 

I also love every single night that Tanner has off because he works evening shift and we don't get many dinner dates together! We try to take advantage and visit new restaurants!

6. She Reads Truth

This app is seriously amazing. I love it so much. It's helping me to really stay on task with reading the bible. I'm doing the 365 plan this year, but I encourage you to really do any of the plans. They are all wonderful and the images are just very modern and beautiful! Highly recommended! 

I hope that you guys have an amazing Friday! 

With love and Fridays, 


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